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Cuckquean Humiliation:

Forced to watch her Husband and Best Friend

(an FFM Bisexual Wife First Time Swingers Erotica Romance)

Betty Bloom

Published on Smashwords

They were best friends all through high school and college—and they shared everything—but now that Liz and Aida are meeting up again can things really be the same?

Especially with Aida’s sexy new husband in the mix?

Before meeting Josh, shy Aida was never all that lucky in love. Liz was always the popular one, the sexy blonde that guys drooled over, and if Aida might have had more than a platonic attraction for her best friend it was something that just never really came up between them. Their friendship was simply too important to risk by exploring secret, buried desires…

But now that the friends are meeting up again—and Josh will be meeting the beautiful and outgoing Liz for the first time—why can’t Aida get the thought out of her head that Josh will want Liz more than his own wife? And why is the thought of her best friend stealing her husband away turning her on more than anything in the whole world?

When two best friends and a hunky new husband get together for drinks and remember-whens, things turn naughty over a game of tipsy truth or dare in this seriously steamy ffm and bisexual cuckquean fantasy.

This publication is strictly for adults only

It contains many steamy, filthy acts including forced-to-watch humiliation, group sex, bisexual ménage, and many more.

Please don’t read if you’re easily shocked as you might find yourself getting seriously turned on by some scorching-hot, extra-tempting stuff. There’s no going back!

Cuckquean Humiliation:

Forced to watch her Husband and Best Friend

© Betty Bloom and Sexy Press 2017

All rights reserved

No part of this publication may be reproduced without express purpose from the author and/or Sexy Press

All characters depicted are over eighteen and unrelated by blood. All acts engaged in are fully consensual

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A Taste of What’s to Cum…

Cuckquean Humiliation: Forced to watch her Husband and Best Friend

Bonus Excerpt: The Cuckolded and Hotwife First Time Swingers Erotica Bundle

A Taste of What’s to Cum…

Dinner was served—Josh’s famous Ragu, which he’d insisted he prepare himself so that Aida would be free to catch up with her friend while he busied himself taking care of things in the kitchen—and more wine was drank. Aida finally began to relax and let things go a little, as those strange ideas of being humiliated and ignored by Liz and her husband finally slipped away, having shown themselves to be the ridiculous nonsense that they really were. And as for the heavy itch of arousal that had gone with them? Well Aida preferred simply not to think about it.

After dinner they had a light desert of fruit salad and Greek yoghurt and then they made their way back into the living room for coffee. After that, Aida did the bare minimum necessary to clean up after their meal, loading the dishwasher with whatever would fit in it and leaving the rest for a later point in time. And then she was back to join the others for more wine. By the time the sun had been down for an hour or two, all three of them had become more than a little merry from the booze.

It was then that Liz suggested they play Truth or Dare.

“Come on,” she said, “remember how we used to play it all the time when we were drinking with the girls at the sorority? Oh Josh, it was just the best of fun, wasn’t it Aida? You’d learn the filthiest, naughtiest things about people and it was always the ones you’d least expect…”

“What do you think honey?” Josh said, raising an eyebrow at Aida.

Of the three of them, it was pretty clear she was the least interested, but what the hell, it could be a bit of fun. And at this stage there wasn’t much either of the other two didn’t know about her anyway.

“Well alright,” she said, “but if either of you expect me to go streaking down the neighbourhood or sneaking around looking for traffic cones to take home with me then I’m kicking you both out of the house!”

“It’s a deal,” Liz giggled.

Josh poured out the final few drizzles from the wine bottle into their glasses and then held it up to the others. “Serendipitous,” he said, “looks like we’ve got our empty bottle to spin with just exactly when we needed it.”

“Ooh,” Liz said, “there must be magic in the air. Spooky.”

The three of them sat in a circle and then Josh, since he was still holding the bottle, spun it. It did a number of rotations, gradually spinning slower and slower until it stopped, pointing… back at himself.

“Looks like it’s you Mr. Hotshot,” Liz said, “truth or dare?”

He didn’t have to give it any thought. “Truth,” he said.

Aida looked from her friend to her husband, both of their faces were a little flushed from the wine and, from the giddy way she felt, hers may well have been too. She loved them both so much, it was just such a pleasure to have them here together with her.

“Have you ever been with someone of the same sex as you?” Liz asked him, smiling naughtily and obviously more than a little bit interested to find out.

“What, you mean with a guy?” Josh said nonchalantly, “sure I have, once. So what?”

What the hell? Aida stared at her husband completely incredulous at this unexpected revelation and he grinned back at her, shrugging. Josh was such a pussy-hound she never thought in a million years he could have done… that.

“It was college,” Josh said, “so what? I was curious, I had a friend who was gay and always coming on to me so one night we got drunk and I thought, fuck it, who knows? Maybe I’m missing out on the best thing in the world. Turns out it wasn’t for me, no biggie.”

“Jesus Josh,” Aida whispered, “I had no idea.”

“Oh Aida,” Liz giggled, “don’t be so uptight, I think that’s really cool.”

“No, I mean yeah,” Aida said, still shocked, “I’m just a little stunned is all.”

“I guess we still have a lot to learn about each other, huh?” Josh smiled slyly.

With that, Liz darted forward and snatched up the bottle, spinning it between them rapidly. It whirled around and around and then settled, this time, on Aida.

“Truth or dare?” Josh said.

“Well gee,” Aida said, “I would have gone for truth but after your one I doubt I could top it, so to hell with it, I guess I’ll go with dare. You just better not make me regret it.”

“Ok,” Liz said, smiling at her friend with a strange look in her blue eyes, “I dare you to kiss me…”

Aida could only stare.

* * *

What the fuck?

Suddenly Aida felt very disoriented, like the wine was hitting her all at once. She looked from Liz to her husband, trying to discern if this was some kind of joke, but they just grinned back at her with almost perfectly-matching expressions—naughty, almost horny, smiles—their eyes shining with brazen excitement.

“Oh come on,” Liz said, “we both know you had a thing for me in college. It was mutual, by the way, if you ever cared to consider that…”

“I don’t… I don’t know what to say.” Aida was utterly speechless. Just what was her friend saying here? You mean, she’d known about Aida’s confused desires all along?

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