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Taken – The Wrath of Mabon

Episode 5

By Keegan Kennedy

Published by Kennedy-Empire Media

Copyright 2017

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Chapter 1

With his newly-minted electric green eyes, Todd stood slowly, regarding the modest bedroom like it was a never-before-seen land of wonders.

Although his new child seemed surefooted, Mabon took his hand. “How’s your balance, Todd?”

“It’s great,” the ascendant replied. “I feel…strong.”

Mabon smiled. “Blood of my Blood, you are strong now.”

Blood of my Blood,” Todd pondered aloud. “I like that.”

Mabon scanned Todd’s handsome face and ruggedly square jaw as well as his rippling muscles. “You were already magnificent before, but now you are resplendent!”

As he embraced Todd, Mabon relished the feel of the blond man’s warm skin and powerful body. Mabon found himself filled with an incredible sense of pride. But this wasn’t the same salacious pride Mabon felt when he’d deepthroated the twenty eight-inch cock of the Illyrian King, 1300 years ago on the distant world of Riga.


His pride came from the tender place in his heart for his acolyte.

When they parted, Mabon watched him keenly. “What do your new eyes see?”

Todd scanned his bedroom closely. “I don’t see anything out of place or anything I didn’t see before. Now, everything’s so bright, and every color is so alive.” The naked cop studied the pictures on his walls and the clutter atop his dresser. “Everything just jumps out at me. It’s all so beautiful.”

Mabon smiled serenely. “You are beautiful.”

Todd caught his own reflection in the mirror over his dresser. “My eyes!”

“The blood of Rogan, the Erect God, now powers your formidable body. All hexians and mortal ascendants of Rogan’s bloodline have emerald eyes as we do.”

Todd’s gaze fell to the hard cock jutting up from his groin, and he gasped with surprise. “My dick! I’m huge!”

“What about it?”

The cop opened the junk drawer of his dresser, removed a ruler, and measured his dick. “Eleven inches?” His eyes met Mabon’s. “That’s crazy. I’ve been seven inches since I was twelve. I didn’t know my cock would get longer from my ascension. This is fucking awesome!”

“I forgot to mention that.” Mabon wrapped his fingers around Todd’s erection. “And you’re thicker, too.”

“Wow,” Todd muttered. “This will all take some getting used to.”

“You have eternity to do so.” Mabon released his shaft. “You have triumphed over the cruel nature of mortality.”

He turned toward Mabon. “It’s all because of you.”

“I do not wish to sully your ascension by being a braggart,” the short immortal told him.

“A what?”

“An individual who is prone to bragging or boasting,” Mabon clarified. “But what I was trying to convey is that you couldn’t be more stunning even if you’d been born a hexian alpha.”

Todd turned back to the mirror. “I’m glad there were no bizarre changes like suddenly having a second nose or growing a hump on my back.”

Mabon threw his head back and laughed. “I told you we’re not vampires!” He shook his head. “I would never deceive you into becoming something grotesque.”

Suddenly, Mabon felt wobbly and lightheaded. He took a seat on Todd’s bed and closed his eyes.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I believe that I am. I’ve never sired an ascendant, so I had no idea how drained I would be.”

Todd sat beside him and took his hand. “Can I do anything to help?”

Mabon’s fingers squeezed around Todd’s as he looked over at the newborn alpha. “Perhaps you can.”

“Can I still give ya my spunk?”

Mabon chuckled. “Spunk – what a common word for something so primal and superlative.”

“I guess I should’ve said essence.”

“You’ll learn.” Mabon’s hand dropped to Todd’s steel erection and stroked the sensitive skin. “My attraction for you hasn’t changed as I’d feared it would.”

“That’s a great thing,” the cop said brightly.

“Yes, it is. In addition to our mutual attraction, I feel the deeper bond between us now.”

Todd nodded. “You’re right. If anything, I feel more drawn to you than before, Mabon.”

“Let us try something.” Mabon gave him a timid kiss. As their lips gently collided, Mabon felt the familiar stirring of desire for Todd. When he pulled away, he said. “I do not feel that we are parent and child.”

A huge grin came over Todd’s face. “That kiss felt incredible. Every sensation is so much more now.”

“That’s only the first of so many new experiences for you, Blood of my Blood.” His hands ran up Todd’s brawny chest. “How do you feel about us?”

Todd looked down at his engorged erection. “Like I wanna fuck you over and over and over.”

Mabon’s grip tightened around Todd’s curved cock. “Then you shall have me over and over and over again.” Mabon slid off the bed and spread Todd’s muscular legs. After applying a kiss to the flared helmet head, he inhaled Todd’s length down to the root.

“Holy shit!” Todd groaned. “You’re even deepthroating all my new inches! Damn, I had no idea what a skilled cocksucker you are.”

As he bobbed up and down on the ascendant’s prick, Mabon winked up at him.

Todd’s eyes were wide. “Everything feels so much more intense! Your mouth and tongue feel even more amazing. It’s like every sensation is amplified a million times!” He pumped his hips to match Mabon’s efforts. That was when Todd felt it. “My skin’s tingling.” Exhilaration filled him. “It feels like I’m absorbing pure joy and pleasure!”

After a flick of his tongue on the tip of the state trooper’s cock, Mabon looked up at him. “That is exactly what’s happening. You’re absorbing my arousal, my aura, my essence. It will sustain and nourish you, my love.”

“That’s right! I forgot about that. I won’t eat again, will I?”

“No, you won’t,” Mabon said, wiggling his ass as he became wet. “And your precum is already charging me.”

Todd held the back of Mabon’s head as euphoria surged through his body. He was soon on his feet, drilling in and out of Mabon’s mouth. His cock swelled, and his chest heaved. When Todd saw the bright green, orgasmic energy swirling around them—something he’d never seen with his human eyes—he experienced a taste of blissful hexian divinity.

“Gonna shoot!” Todd shouted, ramming his cock in and out of Mabon’s throat. “And don’t waste a drop!”

As Mabon gulped down the bittersweet flood of nectar, Todd felt the true power and potency of his newfound identity. Every cell in his body was nourished, and every need sated. But he didn’t stop cumming after a few spurts—his climax just kept going.

With Mabon still swallowing his essence, the blond man ran his open hand down Mabon’s back until his large finger found the wet hole of the hexian’s entry. Todd soon had Mabon on all fours, ramming his cock in and out of Mabon’s ass. The small immortal panted and moaned from the brutal pounding.

And as Mabon had promised, Todd took him over and over and over again…

Chapter 2

Gram was stunned!

In the flickering light of McCarley’s TV, he was mesmerized by his own reflection in the mirror. His eyes glowed electric blue, bright and shocking. As Gram backed away from the bed, he put his hands to his face.

My father isn’t my father! A blue-eyed, blond-haired demon is! Tom was right! I’m a demon just like my real father!

Having lost himself in the realization, Gram backed into McCarley’s dresser, knocking a lamp onto the floor. Although it didn’t break, it was just enough to rouse the sleeping teen.

The blond football kicker sat up in bed, starting when he saw the intruder in his pool house. “What the fuck are ya doing in my place, Montgomery?” McCarley blasted as he reached for his cell.

Frozen, Gram watched as the wealthy jock opened his phone with his thumbprint. “I’m calling the cops, faggot!”

Gram’s hexian instincts overruled his confusion. The giant quarterback was across McCarley’s room in a second, knocking the phone out of his hand. With strength he’d never known, Gram grabbed McCarley around his neck and lifted him to where his toes were about six inches above the floor. The blond guy gasped for air as his arms flailed at his sides and his legs kicked. The same aggression and predatory arousal Gram had felt while breaking into McCarley’s bungalow returned with a vengeance. His massive prick became as hard as a crowbar under his jeans.

Letmego!” McCarley pled, struggling to get the words out. “Please!”

With his eyes still glowing blue, Gram regarded the mortal with a mocking smirk. “You should’ve never agreed to help Cade!”


“There’s no sorry!” Gram laughed, the sound of his twisted delight vibrating off the walls of the pool house. “I’m going to take what was promised, cocktease!”

Lowering McCarley to his feet, Gram released his target’s throat only to backhand McCarley across the face. The muscular blond’s head snapped to the right, and his body spun, the blow causing McCarley to fall back onto his bed. Dazed, he attempted to crawl across the mattress in an effort to get away. But there would be no escape.

Gram grabbed McCarley’s hips and yanked him back. McCarley fell flat onto his bed with his ass in the air. Not even bothering to remove his underwear, Gram ripped a long slit in the rear of McCarley’s black boxer briefs, exposing his smooth virgin ass.

“What are you gonna do to me?”

“I thought it was obvious. I’m taking what you promised!”

“No!” McCarley whimpered.

Gram separated McCarley’s cheeks and spat on his hole. As Gram kicked his legs apart, McCarley tried to crawl away again, but Gram’s fist landed on the back of the smaller guy’s head. The blow was intense, almost knocking McCarley unconscious.

In the back of his mind, Gram’s true self cried out. That muted part of his brain knew this was wrong, but his hexian nature knew no concepts of morality.

This mortal male wronged me, and he’s gonna pay with his ass!

Gram unzipped his jeans, freeing his thick, freakishly long cock. He was precumming so much that his length was already slick. He decided to show McCarley the same mercy that had been shown him when he’d been brutally beaten and left for dead. So, Gram forced his slick dick into McCarley’s ass—all the way to the root in one long thrust. With his head still spinning, McCarley screamed, but Gram’s hand clasped over his mouth.

The tightness gripped his massive prick as he shifted his weight onto McCarley. Holding him down, Gram hammered his ass wildly—his body feeding on lust, his need for revenge, and the essence he was absorbing from his conquest.

The entire time, McCarley whimpered and pleaded into Gram’s large hand, as he was fucked hard and deep. The wealthy jock had never known anything so painful and invasive.

Gram sank his teeth into the right side of McCarley’s neck as his length swelled inside the kicker’s tight ass. As Gram pumped a steaming batch of his seed into McCarley, the wealthy prettyboy passed out.

After Gram came, he collapsed on top of the blond in a sweaty heap. But with his release, his human side screamed foul, and he realized what he’d done. Pulling out of McCarley’s abused asshole, Gram fell backward onto the floor. Tears filled his eyes, and he screamed out for the only person who would understand. “Mabon!”

Chapter 3

Despite Wilson’s rants and arguments, he was outnumbered.

If it had only been Nathan and Jason wanting to return to Forsaken Cove, the incubus wouldn’t have cared one way or another. After their betrayal, Wilson would’ve delivered Nathan and Jason gladly into Ford’s waiting arms. He was no fool—he knew that his anger and resentment were misguided. But this whole insta-love connection between his distant cousin and his former slave had insulted him deeply, so his bitterness remained.

There was only one reason why Wilson agreed to participate in this suicide mission, and that reason was Jeb. He refused to let his only son stray into the line of fire without being there to back him up.

It was mid-morning in eastern Iceland, and they’d just boarded Wilson’s dual-engine Cessna. The small sixteen-seat private jet had been waiting for them at a small airfield near the remote village of Stoovarfjorour. Wilson was in the cockpit, conducting the run-up prior to take-off. Wilson had forbidden Nathan and Jason the use of the rear bed compartment, so they were talking quietly on the back row of seats near the plane’s door. Jeb and Ryan were in the front row behind the cockpit.

Ryan was staring blankly out the window at the cloudy day and the bleak landscape. Through the fog, he could see the coastal fjords in the distance.

“You’re quiet,” Jeb said from the seat beside him.

Ryan turned and smiled at his husband and master. “We’re all quiet, for the most part.”

“Yeah, this ain’t exactly the start of a fabulous vacation by any means.”

Ryan took Jeb’s hand and squeezed it. “It’s all gonna be okay.”

“I’m glad one of us thinks so,” Jeb replied gloomily.

“Are you having second thoughts, Sir?”

“I’m not having second thoughts, and I know that teaming up with Mabon is the right thing to do.”

When Jeb hesitated, Ryan asked. “Then what’s wrong?”

“I’m worried about you.”

“Well, I’m worried about us.”

Jeb gave him a concerned smile. “I know I’m the most important thing to you, but I don’t give a damn about myself. Your safety is my top priority.”

“And I feel the same way about you.”

“I want you to promise me something, babe.”


“If shit goes south, I want you to run and never look back!”


Jeb cut him off. “But nothing! As your husband and master, you will obey me!”

There was no mistaking the serious tone of Jeb’s voice, so tears came to Ryan’s blue eyes. “Yes, Sir, I will obey.”

Chapter 4

“Fuck!” Todd shouted, his cock throbbing inside Mabon’s clenched ass. His herculean body shook as spurt after spurt of his essence sprayed the inner walls of Mabon’s hole. “You’re so wet and tight!”

With Mabon’s legs over his shoulders, he was dripping with sweat. Todd leaned down and kissed him, every cell in his body seeming to tingle from the absorption of Mabon’s energy. Todd had never known that sex could be this incredible or that he could ever feel this sated. And it had everything to do with the beautiful creature handcuffed to his bed.

Since tasting Mabon’s blood, the state trooper had pumped five loads into his sire with no breaks in between. The only pause had been when he cuffed Mabon to the headboard after their third round. More so than ever before, Todd Carlisle was a one-man fucking machine, brutally pounding Mabon, who took all his aggression and begged for more.

Before, cumming five times in a row would’ve been unheard of for Todd. He would’ve been shooting air at this point. But now, his body was producing more semen than he ever dreamed was possible.

In his twenty-eight years, Todd had never experienced such pure bliss, until Mabon. He’d never even realized such pleasures existed. And the way his body fed off Mabon’s was more nourishing and filling than the best of steak dinners.

The memories and emotions he’d seen and experienced while drinking Mabon’s blood were unlike anything imaginable. Distant worlds. Strange creatures. Magic. And more sexual conquests than Todd could count.

Todd already knew what was up. He was in love with Mabon. But he had no plan to enlighten him. Over the years, many women had professed their love for Todd Carlisle, so he knew all too well how repellent an unwanted confession of love could be, and he had no intention of ever letting Mabon out of his sight.

Still unyieldingly hard inside Mabon’s hole, Todd grinned down at him. “Wanna go again?”

Mabon’s green eyes flashed up at him. “Do you even have to ask?”

Slowly, Todd started grinding his hips against Mabon’s ass, pumping his cock in and out of the scorching-hot tightness.

But as his thrusting intensified, Mabon’s body stiffened beneath him, and a worried look came over his face.

Todd slowed. “What’s wrong? Am I hurting you, babe?”

“No,” Mabon replied, his preoccupation obvious. “Something’s happened.”

“Is it that Ford dude?”

“No, it’s Gram. I heard him call for me.”

“Gram? That big kid you’re training up?”

“Yes,” Mabon said, “could you remove the cuffs?”

“Yeah.” Todd pulled his dick from Mabon’s ass before grabbing the keys to the cuffs off the nightstand. As he unlocked Mabon’s wrists, he asked. “Is the kid hurt?”

“No, but he’s scared. His hexian nature has asserted itself.” Mabon sat up. “But Sirlak is closer than we are.”

“Sirlak?” In his mind, Todd scanned through the memories he’d acquired from drinking Mabon’s blood. “I can’t see who that is.”

“Sirlak’s a serpent. He’s a friend of mine.”

Todd’s mouth fell open. “You talk to snakes?”

“In this realm, I can communicate with snakes, cats, wolves, some dogs, and several species of birds.” Mabon got up from the bed. “Get dressed, Todd. I’ll send a telepathic message to Sirlak and send him Gram’s way before the boy does something stupid.”

Never in a million years had Gram pictured his first time turning out like this…

Gram remembered everything. There was no denying that his lust and need for revenge had overruled his conscience. Still, the entire experience had been like watching himself through someone else’s eyes. It had been like he was possessed or as if someone else had control of his thoughts and actions. No matter his mindset, Gram knew nothing excused his behavior.

He had raped McCarley Davis.

Before Gram ventured too far down ‘regret road,’ he remembered that McCarley, Cade, and the others had almost killed him. But, unfortunately, the quarterback didn’t find much comfort justifying one wrong against another.

A part of Gram knew that he could pump another load into McCarley’s tight ass without anyone knowing, especially with the kicker being so vulnerable. The thought made Gram’s humongous prick semi-erect in his jeans, but again, his better sense took hold.

I’ve already traumatized McCarley enough, and I may have literally destroyed his ass with my freak cock. Maybe I shouldn’t add more gasoline to this fire.

When McCarley began coming to a few minutes prior, he’d started mumbling about waking his father in the main house and calling the cops on Gram. Acting quickly, Gram had found a roll of duct tape in the kitchen and went to work securing the wrecked prettyboy. He’d started by flipping McCarley onto his stomach and tightly taping his wrists behind his back. Next came the several layers of duct tape around his mouth. Gram also secured his teammate’s knees and ankles together with several layers of the adhesive.

McCarley was now watching Gram with wide eyes from the bed. Mumbling into the gag while attempting to saw his legs together, the blond jock was doing what he could to break free. “Mmmmmm!” he moaned under the tape gag.

Gram didn’t react to the duct-taped boy.

He paced back and forth in McCarley’s room, hoping that somehow Mabon had heard him, but he wasn’t sure if that were even possible. And he knew better than to expect a call because, during all the tumultuous events of the weekend, he’d failed to get Mabon’s number.

Where’s Mabon? Gram wondered desperately. What if he didn’t hear my call? What if he never comes? Especially after the way I treated him.

I approach, a slow, hissing voice sounded in Gram’s mind.

He snapped his head toward the bungalow’s kitchen. “Mabon?!” he called out.

I am not Mabon. I am Sirlak.

“Sirlak? Who the hell are you?”

Come to the door and see for yourself. But do not strike me, fledgling. I am your watcher, sent by Mabon.

“Fine,” Gram said, giving McCarley a glare. The blond teen writhed on the bed as the tape covering his mouth muffled his words to barely audible groans. “This day can’t get any weirder, so why not?”

With quick steps, Gram moved through the kitchen and flung open the door. At first, he saw nothing but the cloudy night. Then he saw the glowing green of slitted eyes. When Gram took a cautious step back, the large serpent slithered into the pool house. Gram watched in astonishment as the snake coiled next to him and then lifted its head to gaze at Gram at eye level.

“It looks like I spoke too soon,” Gram muttered, his shocked eyes wide, “because this is a whole new level of weird.”

The serpent’s diamond-shaped head was nearly the size of a boulder. Over twenty-five feet in length and two feet around, the green-eyed snake then projected these words into Gram’s mind. I am Sirlak. Do not fear me, fledgling. Mabon chose me as his familiar.

Stunned, Gram stared mutely at the humongous reptile. Finally, he managed. “Congratulations, I guess.”

Thank you, fledgling. I am fortunate. Mabon is wise and powerful. He gifted me with great power so that I could watch over you while he was away.

“Where the hell is he?!” Gram asked urgently.

He did not say. Mabon approaches soon. He comes to your aid, but I was closer.

“Good.” The teen was still very uneasy, his heart slamming in his chest. “So I’d…uh…offer you something to eat, but this isn’t my house and I’d have no idea what to give you.”

I used to eat only rats and mice, but now, my appetite has grown. Do you have a cow or human that you wish to discard of?

“Uh, no, I don’t.”


“I have a question.”

What is your question?

“How is it that you talk?”

I do not speak.

“Well, how in the hell do I hear your voice in my head?”

Humans cannot hear me. Only hexian-kind can, and you are a hexian.

“I’ve just come to learn that, Sirlak. Can you hear my thoughts, too?”

No. I can only hear the thoughts of my master, Mabon.

“Mabon,” the young man replied darkly, “what sort of curse has he cast on me?”

Curse? Mabon cast no curse on you, hexian. If he cursed you, you would be dead.

“If you’d spent the last day or so in my shoes, you’d think you were cursed, too.”

Are you a fool?

“No!” Gram felt offended. “Why would you ask that?”

Because Mabon is here to help you realize who and what you truly are, fledgling.

“Mmmmmm!” McCarley moaned into the gag from the bedroom.

Sirlak slithered into the other room with Gram following close behind. When McCarley spotted the giant serpent, he shrieked into the gag, his body bucking wildly.

You have bound this human.

“I had to.”

Sirlak shot across the room and then raised his head to get a closer look at McCarley.

The blond football player was terrified, but the layers of duct tape kept his screams from travelling far.

Can I eat this human? He looks delicious.

“No, you can’t eat him, no matter how fitting the punishment.”

Pity. Sirlak’s head snapped toward the window. But fear not, fledgling, Mabon is close.

Chapter 5

“Okay, what the hell’s going on around here?” Mabon asked irritably as he entered McCarley’s bedroom to find Gram, Sirlak, and their duct-taped ‘host’ all looking at him.

Gram crossed the room and embraced Mabon. “I’m so glad you’re here.” The quarterback was nearly in tears. “I’m so sorry I ditched you at the Riverwalk.”

Mabon was in no mood for heartfelt reunions or apologies, so he pulled away from Gram. “That’s irrelevant now.” His eyes scanned the room again. “Tell me what’s happened.”

Coiled beside McCarley’s bed with his head deliberately close to the bound boy, Sirlak chimed in. Master, the bound human smells of the fledgling’s seed.

“Sirlak, don’t call me master. I prefer…colleague or perhaps ally.”

As you say, Great One.

From the bed, jerking and wriggling his taped body, McCarley had to put in his two cents. “Mmmmmppphhh!”

Mabon’s head snapped toward the attempted murderer. “Sleep, mortal!” he shouted, his command shaking the walls of the bungalow.

McCarley passed out immediately.

Dressed in plain clothes, Todd came in behind Mabon. Immediately, he jumped back at the sight of Sirlak. “What the fuck?!”

“It’s okay, Blood of my Blood,” Mabon said calmly. “You must’ve not seen him in our shared memories. Todd, this is Sirlak…my friend.”

“So this is the Sirlak that you’ve been going on and on about?!” Todd exclaimed. “I thought you were talking about some tiny little garden snake and not some giant water moccasin!”

I am not a water moccasin! Sirlak’s tone was snide.

“Todd likely can’t hear you,” Mabon replied to the serpent.

“No, I heard him,” Todd said. “I can’t believe I heard him, but I heard him.”

“I hate to interrupt this little back and forth,” Gram interjected, “but what the hell is Officer Carlisle doing here?”

“Good to see you, Gram,” Todd offered brightly.

“Yeah.” Gram’s gaze shot between Mabon and Todd. “Are you a hexian, too?”

“I am now!” Todd boasted with a huge grin. “Mabon just made me into one so we can be together.”

The teen looked at Mabon with a hurt expression. “Is this true?”

Mabon sighed raggedly. “If I allow a mortal to drink of my blood, he becomes elevated to the status of an immortal ascendant. But none of that’s important right now.”

“But you just got to Forsaken Cove!” Gram exclaimed. “How did you find the time to do all this?”

“It’s been a busy couple of days,” Mabon replied tiredly.

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