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BOYS IN LOVE:The Complete Series(Books 1-4)

Rochelle H. Ragnarok

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Game Boys

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The Boy with the Koi Tattoo

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Lyrical Disgrace

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Never Let Go

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Boys in Love: The Complete Series

Game Boys

The Boy with the Koi Tattoo

Lyrical Disgrace

Never Let Go










It was an ordinary day in Tokyo, Japan. The sun beamed on the pavement as citizens of the city rushed throughout the day moving on with their busy lives. This “ordinary” day described what the outsiders were feeling. The gamers had a new experience of the same day. The air filled with unrecognizable excitement. It started a few years ago when the French multi-billionaire Henri Montague created the worldwide game known as Chevaliers de Magie or Knights of Magic but at the time of its creation, it was not as worldwide as the hype made it out to be.

Few heard of it with its antique game play and lack of technology, but it was very addictive for those that did. There were small tournaments, awards, champions, and the world and vibe of it differed completely from that of any virtual game. Although he knew it was a long shot, Henri worked on a campaign to push the game to true worldwide stardom by streaming many championship tournaments on his estate. Since then, everyone was wild about the game and was desperate for instant fame and easy cash within this exciting and competitive world.

Its fame did not take Benjirou Uie by surprise. This newfound fame was the sole reason for his creation of the “Toredo Game Shop” a small shop filled with figurines and collectables lining the shelves ready for trade or sell. The most powerful figures and game pieces stayed in a display case closest to the register.

Benjirou’s close friend and fellow player of the game, tried to give him a friendly warning about opening an antique game shop, especially one focused on a single game when a minority of players knew of the game as a fast fading fad. That didn’t deter him at all. To him the game had potential, even short-lived potential and he could not think of a much better life than surrounding himself with these beautifully crafted figures and the joy of teaching his grandson how to play the old-time games he loved so much.

His investment proved wise when it achieved its well due stardom, and now his once near empty game shop turned into a real business of buying, selling, and trading game figures, collectables, and other antique toys and board games. Although sixteen-year-old Dai Uie hated leaving the calm and quiet life of the sea for the hustle and bustle of city life he settled in and worked at the shop that was now his home.

Dai waved ‘goodbye’ to the last few customers, gave the finger printed stained counter a good wipe, ran his delicate fingers through his silky long black-and-white striped hair, and headed toward the back stairs of the small shop that lead into the main living quarters but before he could go further.

The bell from the opening door rung to alert him that not only did he forget to lock up but also another customer had entered the shop.

‘Oh no, not another one’ he sighed in frustration. He wanted to get back to fixing the broken glass pendant that belonged to his mother.

The two girls browsed the dim lit and fully stocked shelves whispering to one another laughing and giggling about their various jokes and dating tales. After passing the small yet stacked manga section, they made their way closer and closer to the main counter where Dai stood.

“So, this must be it, the game he likes to play.”

“Yeah, oh look at that thing over there. It looks so creepy.”

They continued whispering to each other while pointing out the various grotesque and beautiful demon figures that lined the walls.

“Oh yeah, I have to learn how to play this game, he’s so hot.”

“I know, and he has a cute butt too.” The other giggled.

Dai struggled to make out what they were saying. He noticed that whenever the conversation about a good-looking boy, in school or on the streets would arise he wanted to be a part of it, or at least see with his own eyes the boy who was so highly praised. He always figured it was because he had little friends so any conversation about anything would be great. However, there were boys--

“Excuse me?”

“Huh?” Dai jerked back into reality.

The bleach blond haired soft-bodied girls were standing in front of him at the counter waiting for this shop worker to snap out of wherever his mind was off to.

“May I help you?”

“Yeah, what is this Chevaliers de Magie thing all about? I have to learn about it.” One girl asked.

“You want me to teach you?” Dai asked confused.

“Well, that would take too long, is there a way to pretend I know how to play?”

“For conversational purposes.” The second girl piped in.

Dai’s brow furrowed with confusion, 'why would anyone want to learn to play just to talk about it?'

“Well I guess I can give you some basic information.” He answered.

The girls squealed at the suggestion.

“You play with two to four people and the demons have different attack and defense powers, you summon different legions . . .”

The girls’ attention spans were worthless... “Sounds kinda lame.”

“Tell us without sounding boring.” The second girl sighed smacking on her gum.

Dai stuttered as he explained the finer points of the game, his face moistened as he stumbled over his words.

“Uh, well… each demon has different abilities…. and um, higher demons can summon legions… um.” His eyes darted to the display case. “The legions go to war…”

The smacking of gum sounded over his voice.

“Well the game isn’t dull, it’s fun.” He finally mumbled.

“We're headed to the upcoming championship and there is this hot as hell guy there who wins all the time.” The second girl explained.

The first girl’s eyes beamed as bright as headlights. Dai could have sworn he had seen little hearts popping up around her blond locks.

“His name is Kaito Kane! He’s so hot he’s the only reason I watch!” She said picturing the tall, dark, and handsome boy in all his glory.

“We’re gonna try to meet him and so we need an ice breaker.” The second girl broke in.

Dai had never heard of this Kaito Kane person, but if he had never lost a game, then he must be good. ‘But why have I never heard of him?’ his brow furrowed, eying his expression the gum smacking girl whipped out a magazine, and slapped it onto the counter: KK’s Demon Knight's Gaming Magazine.

“Demon Knights? I think they mean Chevaliers de Magie.” Dai corrected.

“That’s not important! Look at the guy.”

“This is him!” The second girl shouted in frustration at the thought of informing anyone of her “God.”

“Kaito Kane!” The first one’s voice softened.

“Oh.” Dai said while looking hard over the image on the magazine.

He had to admit he was just his type. His mind transported to the times he would flip through sports magazines and find some of the men attractive. Strong arms, lean row of stomach muscles, broad back, and long sturdy legs. Just the thought quickened his groin once again. Dai stared at the boy on the cover finding him very attractive, probably the most attractive than any of the others.

Tall and a little tanning of skin he liked a lot, perfect short black ruffled hair that looked like he had just woken up, and black eyes with a slim physique. ‘Look at those lips; they’re so red and kissable.’ He shook himself of his growing thoughts. ‘Maybe it was the lack of girlfriends . . . or the nonexistence of them?’ he thought.

One girl noted his spaced-out expression at the picture and pulled it away. They laughed at him as he fidgeted, struggling to pull himself together and hide his immense response.

“So, I guess he has boy admirers as well huh?” The first girl teased.

“Of course, he would cause he’s that hot!” The other added.

The girls laughed on their way out of the shop leaving Dai flushed with embarrassment. However, he caught one thing from the girls as they exited the store.

“Did you hear he’s attending Saiyuki High soon?”

‘Wow, a guy as cute as him attending school with me? I wonder if he’ll be in the same class and because he likes Chevaliers de Magie or Demon Knights like me, maybe we could be friends?’ Dai’s thoughts were on cloud nine and for a moment he forgot gender and the lack of friends. He didn't want to think of never meeting this handsome devil; he wanted to see him in person.

“But right now, I have to close shop and finish the pendant!” he calmed his nerves and closed shop.

The Next Day. . .

Dai rushed about his room slipping on his black uniform pants and shirt; he buttoned up the gold colored cuffs of his sleeves, slipped on his black shoes, and buttoning the gold buttons of his shirt until he was the perfect example of a second-year student. Because of his narrow frame, the uniform was a bit baggy, something that always left him sighing at how he never filled it out properly. Although reaching a height of five-feet six inches it did not compare to the boys who were reaching heights of over six-feet before leaving the school.

He grabbed the last item for the final touch, which was taking his long unruly hair and tying it back with a black rubber band. He took one final look at himself in the mirror, aside from his delicate body he was pale of skin with soft gray eyes, long face with a chin he believed was a little too pointy, and although he did not think so he was exquisite. The highlight of his features was soft yet sharp and his lustrous gray eyes blanketed by the thick rows of his dark lashes.

The cold rain poured in a steady stream that didn’t seem as if it would stop anytime soon, but even at the risk of messing up his hair, he ran as fast as he could with his backpack on one shoulder and his sack of games on the other. The weight of the sack was always too much on him but he didn't mind. All he could think about was ‘study hour’ a class where they didn't care what you did just as long as you attended. There he could play all the games he wanted and hoped someone would want to join in, but it never happened and he barely had anyone he could call 'friend.'

He slipped on a puddle of water outside the school and before he even knew what hit him he tumbled to the soaked ground scattering games and papers everywhere. ‘Lucky for me no one was in sight to see that’ he thought as he gathered the items shaking them of excess water before putting them back into the sack making sure the small jewelry box containing his mother’s broken pendant was the first item recovered and tucked away.

At that moment, a black limo screeched to a halt in front of the building, the driver exited the vehicle and held out an umbrella as he opened the back door, for a young, tall, and beautiful man to step out wearing the same dark school uniform as Dai. The face on the magazine made flesh before him as cold and expressionless black eyes lingered on him, 'he was even more attractive than his picture!' Short black hair, tanned skin, strong jaw, tall and lean. His dark eyes narrowed on the boy and the spilled items surrounding him before closing his eyes in a dignified manner, the driver handed the boy his umbrella. He then passed the soaking wet boy without a second glance as he strode with his briefcase in hand into the building.

‘It must be him, Kaito Kane the guy on the magazine!' Dai shakily picked up the rest of his drizzled-on games and ran into the building.

He entered the class and knew by the dead silence that everyone had settled in and was working on their assignment. He walked swiftly down the narrow passage of students and stumbled losing his balance and fell hard hitting his bottom lip on the dirty tiled floor. The teacher turned and noticed Dai picking himself up from the floor.

“Uie! How many times have you been late for class?”

“Uh, too many, teacher.” Dai stood at attention ignoring the wet sensation of the blood pooling from the wound.

“Do I have to call your Grandfather back up here?”

“No, Teacher. I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again.”

Dai took his seat licking the coppery substance and bowed his head low to shield himself from the watchful gaze of his peers.

The teacher knew it was a lie but let it pass. She tried to go easy on Dai from time to time because he was having such a hard time with the other students. Still she did not know how much longer she could take his constant tardiness and daydreaming. Two classmates’ the tall, fair-haired, rock star looking Shouta Sekiguchi with eyes like the sea, and the other who looked like a military kid if not for his long reddish-brown hair Kei Ootsuki quietly laughed about the event, as it was Shouta who tripped Dai causing him to fall on his face. Dai checked his lip for blood once again as he settled in, but there were only a few small drops left. Kei leaned over to whisper in Shouta’s ear.

“Oh look, the fag is here with his stupid game bag again.”

“He’s a loser, and he needs to learn how to be a real man.” Shouta said disgusted as he believed Dai had feminine looks.

“He doesn’t even look like a man how is he supposed to act like one.” Kei laughed.

They laughed softly but not enough for Dai, who overheard everything and tried to stop the tears from falling. ‘I know what would make me feel better, fixing my mother’s pendant! I’ll start later in study hall.’ Dai thought to cheer himself up. The oval glass and gold trimmed pendant was the only reminder he had of his mother; recovered from her stiffened grip and given to him after her death, the once beautiful jewel was now in pieces. Once Dai left the hospital, he vowed to put it back together as a show of not drowning in the loss of his parents.

Aya Shimoda, a classmate and casual friend of Dai overheard the two boys whispering about him and after giving them the look of death she turned and gave Dai a smile of encouragement. Dai smiled back not able to keep hold of the emotion brought forth whenever he was in her presence. Shoulder length brown hair, dark brown eyes, she looked perfect in the all-white blouse and skirt uniform the girls wore. Dai could have sworn the uniform was made by a perverted old man as it accentuated her large bosom and showed off the perfectly roundness of her legs leading up to her rear. It wasn't attraction he felt but a simple desire to be close to another person.

Later that day the students piled through the study hall door where studying was the least of everyone’s concerns. The noise of the room echoed throughout the halls as students, laughed and played, listened to music, planned their night out, and yakked on their cell phones.

Dai and Aya took their usual seat in the middle of the room as Dai pulled out the box it did not take long for Shouta to come up from behind and snatch it away. This game was Shouta and Kei’s favorite activity as the two fellows almost towered over the smaller Dai and for some reason got a kick out of consistently bringing up that fact.

Dai sighed as his lips pursed and face tightened. “Please give that back to me.”

Shouta’s eyes formed slits and his lips curled, he hated the way this boy looked at him, he hated his face, his long hair, and he hated his attitude, which he believed was haughty and above everyone.

Before he could toss the box once again it was snatched from his grip.

“You boys really have nothing else better to do with your time! Go take a seat and leave Dai alone.” Aya said having enough of their little game.

The two boys listened without fail as they always did whenever the feisty girl took over and they soon settled down at the back of the classroom as Shouta went on and on about a pair of new shoes he wanted Kei looked over at Miu with longing painted across his face. Miu was popular yet so sweet, a petite, pretty, soft-spoken girl with long light brown hair.

Unlike Aya, Miu’s uniform could not accentuate what was not there, but that did not matter to Kei because to him she was the picture perfect ideal woman, smart and beautiful. He could swear he had never seen a prettier girl at Saiyuki High before. This was the only thing he was at a loss of words about, how to talk to her when the fear of rejection from her was near crippling.

As the class settled further into its usual ‘study hall’ routine of people chatting with friends, and small games played here and there, the door creaked open and the magazine picture turned reality entered the classroom. He handed a note to the teacher who looked it over with a bored expression and pointed to the seat next to but behind Dai’s seat. All eyes stopped their various activities as if a siren had gone off in the room directing all of their attention to one spot alone. The girls in the class were soon swooning over the tall, dark, and handsome figure who looked almost imposing in the all black uniform, while most of the boys seethed with jealous; the others, neither attracted nor jealous looked on with fascination at the titled “Demon King” as he walked confidently to his awaiting seat.

Kei’s eyes darted from the slight interruption of a new student back to Miu, who now had her eyes fixated on Kaito Kane and her face flushed a fierce red color.

“Looks like he might take your girl.” Shouta playfully teased his best friend.

Kei was steaming at the thought of anything like that happening.

“I don’t believe this! I saw her first.” Kei seethed behind clenched teeth. ‘How come she never looked at me like that?’ he thought with his face turning an angry red.

“Hey, I think I saw that guy before!” Shouta said.


“Yeah, he’s always riding around in limos and stuff but that’s all I know. Must be some rich boy trying to go to school with the normal kids.” He mocked.

“Ah! Man, she’s still looking at him!”

“Don’t worry I know what can keep your mind off of that.”

Shouta dashed from his chair, ran toward Dai, and grabbed a shard of glass from his desk just as he was preparing to glue it to the partially assembled pendant. Kei laughed as a flustered Dai stormed from his seat to take back the shard. Kei settled down from the quick game of keep away and looked at the shorter boy with pity. ‘Geez, don’t just fall for it every time.’

“Dai, you need to be a man and fight! C’mon take the damn thing from me!” Shouta shouted.

“No! I don’t want to!” Dai pleaded with his eyes “Please just give it back to me.”

Kaito Kane looked at the spectacle played out before him. He could not help but think that ‘what’s his name?’ Dai was pathetic for letting them treat him that way. He watched intently as the small framed boy tried to jump up and grab the tiny shard, the way his small yet firm butt shook with each landing, his soft pleading voice, and baby soft pale skin.

Kane saw that all it would take are a few more inches in height for a slenderer almost feminine shape to appear ‘He hates violence, hm?’ Kane thought to himself. ‘I can do anything I want to someone as pathetic as him and he wouldn’t even fight back.’

Kane’s ruthless stepfather taught him that for pleasure, it was your right as a Kane to take it whenever, wherever, and with whoever you pleased. If you saw anything you want, you take it no questions asked and the more he looked over the boy, the more he felt like putting those rules into effect. He wasn’t even sure if he found him physically appealing, with his long dark hair and white stripes, short stature, a body that looked a bit too skinny even for his height, and skin tone that looked as if he had barely seen the sun. Maybe it was the attraction to his sheer weakness and the thought of having someone to punch around and vent his anger.

Who knows, maybe he was just losing it. ‘I should wait before I act. If I’m going to fuck anything, I want no regrets about it afterwards and it’s my goal not to leave any dogs in my trail.’ Kane thought about his adoptive father Osamu Kane and the many women he had, some were beautiful, and rich, and others were rich and ugly. He screwed servants, both men and women, tall, short, fat, skinny, the drop dead gorgeous to the downright ugly. He did not care where he put his cock and rumors spread within his circle to even mess with children. Kane could not tell if it were just an exaggerated rumor about his sexual prowess or the truth. Osamu brought no children home for sex and he never touched him, and as far as he knew his little brother Satoshi. Kane lived to bypass “The Bastard” at everything and sexually there was no difference. He wanted only the most beautiful left in his trail, his own personal harem of beautiful lovers waiting in various places for him. Honestly, he found none of his sexual “partners” interesting long enough to develop anything close to an ongoing sexual “relationship.” Once his body exhausted, he was tired of them and never saw them again. Kane noticed the fiery girl stepping in and stopping the blond-haired idiot from messing with him.

‘Disappointing.’ He thought as he enjoyed watching his lithe body move. When Dai returned to his seat, reapplied glue to the shard, and gently set it in place as if nothing happened Kane had reached his conclusion. ‘I hate people like him, just a loser to be used up by people like me, anyway. Eventually someone is going to wipe that cheerful expression off his face so why not me?’

It was set and his new conquest began.


After school, Kane hung up his cell and strode across the hall to Uzumaki, a very large senior, so good was his job at accosting kids in the hall, they gave him the hall monitor position; however, whether the job was official was still under debate. Kane knew he was not doing the job for the well-being of the school. Instead, he bullied kids into paying him money for many so-called “services” he forced upon them. He was big, mean, and greedy and that was what he needed. He had a quick search done on Dai, Kei, and Shouta and came away with all he needed for now, their full names and addresses.


The boy spun around meeting Kane’s intimidating gaze. Uzumaki was one tough guy but even he had to admit that the guy in front of him was capable of some harsh stuff. He was never the type to back down from anyone and no one ever approached him for anything other than a job they knew only he could perform.

“What do you want?” He replied in a gruff voice.

“I want to hire you for a job.”

Uzumaki furrowed his brow and tilted his head.

“What kinda job?”

Kane smiled devilishly. “Make sure Shouta Sekiguchi and Kei Ootsuki never bother Dai Uie again.”

Kane’s beginning plan was simple. ‘Get those two losers off Dai’s back and befriend him letting him know I was the one that stopped the bullying. Dai would be so grateful, which will be the start of him feeling obligated to me.’ He knew if he could get that “wimp” to feel a sense of obligation toward him, he could have him and he would be too much of a sucker to back out even if he hated it.

“My services ain’t free or cheap!” Uzumaki pointed out.

“Don’t worry. I’m more than willing to pay.”

“Yeah? How much?”

“How does 500,000 yen ($5,400.00 USD) sound?”

Uzumaki nearly crapped himself. No one could offer that kind of money!


“Would you take a personal check or cash?”

After a long pause, Uzumaki broke out of his spell. For a moment, he could think of nothing else but having that money! Although tempted to haggle for a higher price the thoughts vanished once he looked into Kane’s dark eyes. He was tough but smart or at least he liked to think he was. He survived by knowing whom to cross and who to leave alone and this one was to be left alone.


Kane chuckled at his eager attitude, and the fool was drooling for his pocket change.

“All right. Cash.”

“When do I get it?”

Kane reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a business card between his fingers, and handed it over.

“After the job, go there.”

“How do I know you’ll pay?”

Kane walked away with his hands stuffed casually into his pocket.

“500,000 yen means nothing to me.”

The fall of the sun ended the assigned cleaning duties of the students, they gathered their supplies and headed out the building. A basketball rolled to Uzumaki’s large feet, he picked it up and slammed it against the concrete before catching it in his large hands and tossing it into the awaiting hoop.

Kei and Shouta joked about the classmates and laughed about the various activities they planned to do once they met up again. The toss of the ball stopped them in their tracks and they each had a distinctive clue regarding who it was that interrupted them.

“Where you two goin’?” The grim voice soon followed.

The two boy’s eyes scaled the tower of the man standing in front of them. He was at least close to seven-feet tall and built like a brick shit house.

“Huh, hi Uzumaki, we’re going home.” Kei finally spoke up.

Everyone in school knew when Uzumaki stopped someone, nothing good was coming from the exchange so both boys were in certain fight-or-flight mode, with flight being the prime motivator.

However, flight was over when several footsteps pounded the pavement behind them with others breaking off and moving toward the front. The boys sighed as they had a good idea where this encounter was heading.

“C’mon let’s talk business.” Uzumaki walked over to the boys and placed his arm around Shouta leading them to the back of the school. Butterflies were in their stomachs and their knees nearly buckled from under them as they realized that running away was no longer an option and fighting seemed impossible.

“I want you guys to leave little Dai alone.”

‘What, it’s about that pussy?’ Shouta thought getting pissed. ‘So that little turd hired this guy to keep us off his ass.’

“Fine, we will.” Kei answered. The situation seemed simple enough. Kei was never the type to fight when he did not have to and if agreeing to something as simple as this was enough for him to walk home and not limp home he was satisfied. Shouta, on the other hand, was another story. He was used to fighting and his pride was too high to settle for a simple defeat.

“Good.” Uzumaki grinned getting close enough in their faces so they could smell the souring alcohol on his breath.

‘Well at least it seems to be going along smoothly.’ Shouta thought, but now he wanted to go and beat the snot out of Dai.

Before another thought could enter his mind, he was on his knees and the pain in his stomach brought forth the lunch in his belly along with traces of the damaged organ. Shouta clutched his stomach and tried to suck in as much air as possible. Kei soon joined him on his knees in front of the wretched smelling stuff in front of them. The two boys howled in pain as they felt and heard the steel bat connect with their malleable flesh.

“Just a reminder.” He laughed, spitting a glob of phlegm on their bruised backs and walking away.

The Next Day...…

Throughout class, Dai detected something was off but could not quite place his finger on it. The day continued to go by as planned however, there was something different. He looked around the classroom during study hour and noticed Kei and Shouta were subdued during most of the period. None of their usual cheerful boasting, games, and taunts that took up most of his time with them existed. When he paid close attention to the details of the boy’s faces, they looked pale and sickly. Dai was concerned, although he couldn't understand why. He should’ve been happy the two were leaving him alone for the day but he couldn't quite shake this foreboding feeling about the entire situation.

Once class let out for the day Dai gathered this supplies and game bag and dashed for his locker, he sat the large bag on the floor, pulled his sneakers out of the locker, and slipped them on. Soon struck with another presence looming over him he jerked up. His eyes fixated on the figure of Kane, who was walking in his direction. Dai was frozen in place and had no clue what to do next. He hadn’t spoken to Kane since he entered the school and he wanted to strike up a conversation but before any words could escape his lips, he felt someone grab hold of his lapel forcing him into the boy's bathroom.

Before he could scream, a rough hand covered his mouth and his body pushed roughly against the wall. When his body connected hard against the cold tiles, he grunted in pain but could not react as the culprit had him in place. Dai’s eyes instinctively closed and once he calmed down; he breathed in an overwhelming stench of urine. He soon opened his eyes and noticed the tall, athletic, wild blonde-haired boy staring down at him with fury in his sea green eyes.

“So you hired Uzumaki to kick our asses!”


“I have to admit that I didn’t think you had it in ya.”


“That’s okay, cause I’m gonna be waitin’ for you, I’m gonna count the days until school is out for the holiday and I’m gonna find you and kick your ass so hard!” Shouta’s fury echoed throughout the stone tiled room.

Confused as ever Dai could not recall a time he had ever seen Shouta like this, and he looked like a demon that could rip him apart at any moment. The only thing he believed he could do was defend his self as best he could. “I don’t know what you are talking about! I never hired anyone!”


“Uzumaki told us specifically not to fuck with you, but that’s okay I won’t hurt you so you can go ahead and admit it, I’m gonna kick ya ass anyway over the break.”

Shouta turned to leave only for Dai to take a chance and grab the back of his shirt. “Please I didn’t do anything, I would never do that.”

Shouta slapped his hand off and walked out of the room slamming the door on the way out.

Dai rushed to his locker and picked up his bag and game sack, he knew Kane must have been long gone by now but he had other matters to attend and could not think about him right now. He ran outside the building as fast as he could knowing Uzumaki hung out around the side of the building once classes were let out as he enjoyed bullying the club members who left school after dark. Sure, enough he was in his usual location, his “office” he liked to call it, although Dai never understood why anyone could call the area in which the reeking dumpsters where located an “office.”

“Uzumaki can I speak with you please?” Dai asked as Uzumaki’s gang of thugs hastily held him back.

Uzumaki waved his hand dismissing the band of thugs and as the gang walked away giving Dai and Uzumaki privacy Dai stepped forward ready to speak his peace. “I understand you beat up Shouta and Kei and told them I hired you…”

“I didn’t tell them you hired me kid, but I did it for you, so what? I don’t need a thanks.” He said with an air of arrogance as he dismissively waved him off.

“No, I wasn’t thanking you, I just want to tell you to stop it, and I appreciate what you did but I don’t want this.” Dai waved his hands trying to get his point across.

Uzumaki was still waiting for the rest of his big cash payout from this, Kane told him that for every day that Kei and Shouta left Dai alone he could collect his reward, now this little shit would ruin it by calling everything off.

“Look kid, don’t look a fucking gift horse in the mouth, just take the damn good will, and run with it. Now split.” He said getting pissed.

“No… I don’t want it at all, just please leave them alone.” Dai’s voice gained ground hoping that his words were final.

‘Oh great, I guess this fucker is gonna be all sensitive, what if he run off to Kane or something?’ The only thing Uzumaki could think about was the cutoff of his easy cash flow because of one fucking person. There was only one thing left for him to do, at least in his mind. Lucky break for him, Kei and Shouta were once again the last non-club members to leave the building.

“Hey get over here.” He shouted at the two.

The boys reluctantly ran over to see what was up, but neither of them was happy about what could happen next and seeing Dai standing before them pissed them off even more. ‘Great the little asshole ran off and told.’ Shouta thought, thinking he should learn to keep his emotions in check before confronting people.

“Now my good little friend Dai doesn’t think I’m worthy enough for my position.”

“No! It’s not that— “

“Shut up!” Uzumaki cut him off. “I’m more than good enough! I’m the fucking best. I’ll prove to you I can keep these fucks away from you permanently.”

Kei and Shouta braced themselves while Uzumaki picked up his signature silver baseball bat, Dai reached for it fast to prevent him from raising it in use.

“No! I want you to stop it! Please don’t hurt them!” Dai cried out. “I won’t let you!”

“Shut up!” Uzumaki kicked Dai to the wall.

“Shut your ass up and watch.” Before Uzumaki could lift his bat, he felt a swift pain to his groin. He doubled over clutching them screaming in pain. “Motherfucker!”

Kei and Shouta wasted no time, Kei picked up the baseball bat and wielded on him while Kei kicked him in the face and stomped him repeatedly. Both boys were rough and tumble themselves and hardly allowed anyone to mess with them but Uzumaki was practically untouchable. Now that they had a chance they would not let it slip by and they certainly wouldn’t allow a flimsy looking Dai to upstage them. Once the beating was over all three of them ran for their lives and did not stop until they reached a corner where they all had to go their separate ways.

“Wow.” Kei remarked wiping the sweat from his brow and pushing a reddish-brown bang out of his eye. “I ran track for two years and that was the fastest I’ve ever ran.”

Shouta was still catching his breath. “You know we might get killed for what we just did.”

“Fuck him it was worth it.” Kei waved it off.

Both boys looked over at Dai, who bent over with his hands resting on his thighs.

“But you, I never expected anything like that.” Shouta smiled.

“Yeah, you finally got some guts or what?”

“It’s not that I think of you as friends. I just didn’t want him to hurt you guys.”

The two boys smiled, who knew Dai could be so tough. The boys appreciated Dai’s gesture even if friendship was not behind it. ‘But maybe that could change.’ The three thought simultaneously.

“Hey Dai, we’re sorry for everything we did to ya.” Shouta said bowing his head low.

“No, don’t worry about it, I never thought the things you guys were doing were that bad, not when I saw a guy like Uzumaki around doing much worse to people, so forget it.”

The boys chuckled about the situation, soon the sky was near dusk when the three said their goodbyes and headed in the different directions to their homes. Neither of them had a clue regarding what to do about the potential problem they have created with Uzumaki. They all knew him to be the toughest bully in school and leader of his own gang of hoodlums. They had all heard unsavory rumors about him in one form or another. Putting people in the hospital, almost beating a boy to death, rape, and even murder was not above him, he was the lowest of the low.

Sitting in his dilapidated hideout or more accurately an old abandoned warehouse a mile outside the city, Uzumaki steamed over the beating he suffered at the hands of a skinny little weakling like Dai and those two “shit heads” Shouta and Kei. He thought over what he should do to get back at them; it had to be something to make sure they understood whom they were messing with!

“Damn boss, why won’t you tell us what happened to your face?” A medium built boy with unruly colorful hair spoke up.

“Yeah, it had to be an ambush or something, tell us so we can kick some ass!” Another shouted.

“I bet it was that Toshima ward gang, those assholes had been looking to expand in our area for a long time.” The colorful boy spat.

“Shut up! It wasn’t them, it was another group.” Uzumaki spoke up to stop the speculation.

“They were a small group, but they had their shit together, they caught me off guard.” Uzumaki continued to nurse his cuts and bruises with a dirty rag.

Midnight soon approached and Dai had finished his homework and now settled in for sleep.

“Ah, that was hard.” He stretched his tired limbs and pulled the sheets back.

A section of the window of his bedroom soon scattered with a small sound leaving broken glass all over the floor. Dai jumped at the unexpected sound and ran to the window but saw nothing yet he heard the sounds of a car screeching into the distance. Dai was breathing heavy and his heart was nearly pounding out of his chest. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. ‘Why would anyone do this to me?’ he thought, and then it hit him.

“Could it be?”

Dai searched the room carefully stepping around the shards of broken glass and found a rock with what looked like a note wrapped securely with a rubber band. He loosened the note and unfolded it to reveal the message addressed to him.

‘Come to the old Nashimi toy factory outside Tokyo or your idiot friends will die.’

He knew it had to be no one else but Uzumaki, he knew that they would have to pay the price for his actions sooner or later he just hoped it would have been later rather than the same night. ‘I guess they don’t call him the swift hand of justice for nothing.’ He sighed in his inner mind. His new friends were in trouble, he couldn’t just stand by and do nothing, but he had to admit he was scared out of his mind, what they did against Uzumaki was a chance encounter, how could they stand against him now? Even so he had to go; he could not just sit back while his friends got beaten or worse. Dai put on a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt; he tied his shoulder length hair into a ponytail and peeked outside a bedroom to make sure his grandfather still slept. ‘Thank goodness, the last thing he needed now is to be worried about me.’

Dai stepped lightly to the front door of his house and retrieved his shoes before heading out making sure he did not disturb his grandfather resting inside. He rode the trains for almost an hour before reaching his destination and walked for another ten minutes before reaching the abandoned area. He was not an athletic kid unless you call running home from bullies nearly every day a sport. The walk took a small toll on his feet but he was happy he made it. The place was silent and bleak with tall browning grass, and liquor bottles thrown about. He walked along the littered dirt path before reaching the entrance to the massive warehouse. The clown logo of the company was barely visible under the rusted and chipped metal of the once proud factory. This was the last place Dai ever wanted be, he took a deep breath and used all of his strength to slide open the rusted door.

His wide gray eyes peered inside to find the group relaxed in one “living area” on couches that looked worn and torn, most likely thrown out by previous owners. The only warmth and light in the cold dark building was from several large barrels full of fire. One of the scruffy looking boys, a boy with black hair and piercings all over his face took up a bottle of lighter fluid to stoke the fire in the barrel closest to the couches.

Dai looked over and saw Shouta and Kei held up by two other gang members. Dai gulped and entered the building.

“So, look at what we have here, our little bitch friend actually showed up.” Uzumaki announced over the chatter of the group. There was no point in running away now, as if he thought about doing it, now was the time to enter and take his punishment and hope it was enough to save his friends. Dai walked into the room and slid the door shut making his way to the center of the surrounding group seated and awaiting the orders from their boss.

Shouta and Kei rose their aching heads and the vision through their beaten shut eyes were Dai coming face-to-face with Uzumaki. ‘Shit, why did he come? He could have just stayed at home; I guess he really does think of us as friends.’ Shouta thought as he tried to struggle free.

“Don’t even think about it, bitch!” The near toothless boy who was holding him said before planting his elbow to the back of his neck making him fall on his knees. Both boys, held firmly in place on their knees, helplessly looked on at the situation before them.

“Uzumaki, please take me as payment for what we’ve done and let my friends go.” Dai bowed his head low in respect. ‘I can take a beating if it means my friends are safe.’ He thought, although he couldn't stop the slight tremble in his hands. Uzumaki and his boys laughed.

“All right.” He quickly agreed.

His gang looked at him as if he had grown three heads; they had never known Uzumaki to be a generous person with anyone. Dai tried to hide the contentment on his face, to him as long as his friends were safe he was okay.

“I’ll let your punk ass buddies go free under one condition.”


“Strip naked.”

Dai, Shouta, and Kei looked up in shock.

“What?” Dai spoke up.

“You heard me, strip naked, if you really mean what you say about taking you as payment then I will, so strip.” Uzumaki leaned back in his spot at the center of the dirty couch and smiled.

Dai’s face crumpled as he looked over at Shouta and Kei’s bloody faces and blood spotted T-shirts. He had to get them out of here or there was no telling how long they could hang on with those wounds. Uzumaki gestured to one boy who walked eagerly over to Kei, raised a bat, and brought it down to the front of his skull with a splat, blood gushed from the wound. He crumbled to the floor but not able to rest for long as he felt the pull of his hair that brought his head up, his blood-soaked head lifted and displayed for Dai to see.

“I… I can’t…. feel….” Kei stumbled out the words as the blood stung his eyes causing his vision to blur even more but that did not matter as he soon blacked out before he could say or feel anything else.

“So you see, cause you made the proposal you are responsible for whatever happens to them. If I beat them to death or let them go free, it is all up to you.”

Dai looked away not able to stand the sight of Kei’s wound, his eyes instead diverted to the ground. He was ashamed of his own weakness to do nothing more than comply to save his friends. ‘He really will kill them.’ He thought as his spine shivered and filled with intense horror for the first time since this entire encounter with Uzumaki took place. ‘He truly will murder us.’

Shouta watched helplessly as Dai slowly removed his clothes. First, his shirt to reveal his thin physique, next his pants revealing the slender curve of his legs, and finally his underwear. Now naked in front of the entire room and Dai’s pale body trembled with both fear and the dreadful cold that constricted this building. He tried his best to hide his penis, but he had a feeling it would not last long.

“Remove the hand.” Uzumaki ordered.

Dai took in a deep breath and keeping his eyes on the cold concrete under his now bare feet he moved his hands slowly to his sides and was met with the sound of laughter erupting from the group.

“Well I guess his dick is as small as his body!”

“C’mon give him a break it is pretty cold where he’s standing.” A boy spoke out in a patronizing voice.

“His dick will get bigger when it gets hard.” Uzumaki spoke out among the chatter that soon began about dick sizes and cold weather.

“So then he should make it hard.” The patronizing boy said.

“Please let them go.” Dai spoke out among the chatter of the room.

“After you’re done.” Uzumaki seethed, this boy with his weak demeanor was starting to piss him off, and the fact that he allowed someone like him to get the upper hand over him made him want to crush him even more.

Dai fondled himself; he looked away into the dark empty nothingness of the rest of the room ashamed of what they were making him do. Shouta struggled with his captors but still unable to free himself. Watching Dai degraded as if he were a whore in front of a crowd was too much for him to bear. Although he and Dai had been friends for a short time, he knew him well enough to know he was too good of a person to have this happen to him. One thing was for sure, if he made it out of this alive, Uzumaki would pay big time. He darted his eyes to Kei, his eyes were closed shut, still passed out from the knock to the skull.

‘C’mon buddy, ya gotta open ya eyes.’ He pleaded hoping that his voiceless pleas could somehow reach his friend. If he could find any way out of this, he knew he would need Kei on his feet, even if they were wobbly feet.

“Why won’t you get hard?” Uzumaki yelled.

“I’m trying.” Dai shouted back sick of this debasing treatment. ‘I have to do this for Shouta and Kei’s sakes.’ Dai flashed many attractive people in his mind and the one that stuck the most was Kaito Kane, with his dark hair, smooth skin, and long lean body. Dai allowed his mind to float away thinking only of him performing the sexual acts on him he knew could only be within his wildest dreams. The blood rushed to his groin and before he knew it, he went from stroking a limp member to a hard and ready one. None of the boys could say a word as they were awe struck by Dai’s reckless abandon as he continued to work his member for all it was worth. The coldness of the room along with his visions of Kane made his nipples grow hard and Uzumaki gulped at the thought of having them between his lips.

Uzumaki was soon on his feet and walked over yanking Dai by the hair and out of his warm dreams. Dai struggled and cried loudly with pain as he practically twisted his hair out of the sockets.

“Look at you, you enjoy this don’t you, you sick pervert!”

Dai’s eyes opened wide with shock. “What no! You told me.”

Before he could say another word, Uzumaki threw him to the ground in front of the long couch to the left of the center one where a group of gang members sat. Dai ignored the pain in his knees as he hit the concrete.

“Hey one of you guys wanna get sucked off by this fag?”

The boys looked at Dai, whose head hung low, defeated. ‘It isn’t like fags care about who they suck off.’ Most of them thought.

Every boy in the room was eager to see what would happen next and a few of them felt the pressure within their pants as their members rose to restricted attention but no matter how horny the situation was none of them wanted the title “fag” by volunteering his dick to get sucked by a guy. Uzumaki sat down in his spot on the couch.

“Go on and choose who you want to suck off or we’ll cut off Blondie’s finger. Show him Hoi.”

Uzumaki gestured to a boy who was wielding an army knife, Shouta thrashed about trying as hard as he could to break free from what would happen next. His shouting and grunting woke up Kei, who for a minute thought he was back at home, when he saw the knife coming for Shouta’s fingers he also struggled as wildly as a half-conscious person could.

“Please stop I’ll do it!” Dai yelled.

The gang laughed as Uzumaki ordered the boy to put away his knife. “But break a finger so he knows not to hesitate again.”

“Oh shit!” Shouta yelled as he felt his index finger of his right hand pulled back slowly until it reached its limit and snapped. Shouta cried and howled as loud as his voice would allow, the pain continued to throb as the group of soon to be Yakuza thugs laughed at his suffering.

Dai looked around at all the eager boys each wanted their turn but would not dare to speak up unless it was okay with the group.

‘If I pick a boy then what would everyone think? Would they think I like him, but why is that important? This is bad either way.’

Dai crawled over to an attractive boy in the group, a boy with wavy reddish-brown hair covered with a baseball cap. His black eyes were fierce even more so than Uzumaki and he seemed to view it all with a fair amount of indifference, for some reason it was as if he wasn’t a part of it all and that made Dai feel comfortable choosing him.

He unzipped his pants and paused before taking out his semi-hard cock, the room hushed like never before as all eyes greedily looked on at what was about to happen before them. The boy’s breathing was heavy as he waited to feel the moist warmth of Dai’s lips. The heated wetness came as his lips touched him. Dai did not know what to do, but he did not have to figure it out as a shout rang through the silence.

“Stop!” Shouta bellowed throughout the shabby room.

“You don’t have to do that, not for us!” Kei joined in. “There isn’t a damn thing we have done to deserve this from you.”

“It’s us who should be looking out for you.” Shouta could not stop his eyes from welling up. “We promise to get you home Dai, even if it means we don’t.”

The boys struggled like nothing before, Shouta turned enough to bite as hard as he could on his captor’s leg. The gang was serious again, on their feet, it did not take long for chaos to erupt, and an all-out brawl with the two boys ensued. They put everything they had into every punch. Dai was soon on his feet unashamed and determined not to let them fight alone. His arms swung wildly landing a blow and sending a thug wheeling against the wall, and as he turned to take on another opponent he was tossed into the center barrel of blazing fire spilling the contents over the floor, and crashing into the bottles of alcohol sacked about. The blaze shot up with full fury as the fight was broken up and the boys scurried to put it out.

“C’mon Dai, we gotta go!” Shouta shouted over the commotion dragging Dai to the door. They ran out as fast as they could and once outside they slid the door shut and Kei found a wooden plank to lock the doors in place.

The boys breathed a sigh of relief until Uzumaki crashed halfway out the already half shattered windows, the boys leapt in terror but he could barely do anything as he was screaming and clawing at the glass shards as his body engulfed in flames. Other various loud and pleading screams and banging on the doors and walls of the building ensued, but the boys stood stock still, drenched in sweat and pain and not knowing what to do next.

“Leave them.” A smooth voice behind them spoke.

The boys turned, confronted with the reddish brown-haired boy in the baseball cap. “You better go if you don’t want to be caught up in the middle of this.” He continued with an air of indifference.

Every bone and muscle in Shouta and Kei’s bodies cried for attention, but they had to get the hell out of there and fast before someone calls the police; however, each of them were afraid to make a move because of the wild card in front of them. ‘Will he let us go, come for revenge...?’

“They weren’t with me, I’m from the Toshima ward gang, and I guess I should extend my thanks for getting rid of these sacks of shit for me.”

The boy yawned and turned to walk off. “Oh yeah Dai, is it?”

Dai taken by surprise answered. “Yes.”

“You need to work on your technique.” He said nonchalant as he strolled into the night.

The building now engulfed in flames was fast becoming a death trap for anyone lingering behind. With the help of Dai, the boys limped away as fast as they could from the blazing inferno. The siren of the police cars sang in the distance and the boys did not want to be anywhere close to the scene so they ran broken limbs and all for as long as they could. Once they were a considerable distance away and only the smoke and dim light of the blaze rose in the pitch-black night, they walked. Dai wrapped his arms around himself forgetting his nakedness but still feeling the biting cold of the season lick across his exposed flesh. They walked in the dark and deserted area for at least ten minutes before Shouta took off his bloody white T-shirt and handed it to Dai.

“It would be weird if you rode the train naked.” He smiled.

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