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First Printing, 2017

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A Halloween Serenade:

A Collection of Original Halloween Themed Poems

By Edwin Betancourt

Poems In Order

  • “Halloween’s Serenade”

  • “Dear Monster Under My Bed”

  • “My Beloved Jack O’ Lantern”

  • “The Door”

  • “Boo!”

  • “A Special Treat From Witches”

  • “Your Dearly Beloved”

  • “The Colors Of Halloween”

  • “Ashes To Ashes”

  • “My Bloody Love”

  • “This Night”

  • “The Darkness”

  • “Trick Or Treat P.S.A”

  • “Down By The Old Oak Tree”

  • “Halloween After Party”

  • “Sleep Tight My Angel”

Halloween’s Serenade

Halloween is upon us once again,

It’s time to scare a very close friend.

Put the batteries in the talking skeletons and Goblin by the shelf,

Don’t worry about Dolly, at night she moves all by herself.

Make sure the cauldrons are filled to the brim with sugary treats,

Turn up the volume of the radio to blast the haunting beats.

Don’t forget to light the Jack O’ Lanterns and do not stray,

For he’ll make sure to drive away the monsters heading your way.

Once the last lantern blows out, lock your doors tight,

And pray to whomever, that you’ll survive this terrifying night.

“From what?” You ask, trust me don’t ask no more,

It won’t be long now until they start knocking at your door.

Don’t question why they haunt you and don’t be so afraid,

The howls and horrifying screams are just Halloween’s Serenade.

Dear Monster Under My Bed

Dear Monster Under My Bed,

Why are you hiding? Was it because of something I said?

Is it cold down there? Is that why you wear a hat on your head?

Dear Monster Under My Bed,

Why do you cry everytime I close my eyes to sleep?

Is it because you’re lonely or because you have a secret you can’t keep?

Dear Monster Under My Bed,

What do you eat?

Children? Mice? Pets or stinky little feet?

Dear Monster Under My Bed,

How long will you stay there?

I ask because you don’t help clean my room and that isn’t fair.

Dear Monster Under My Bed,

Why is everyone scared of you?

You seem harmless or is that not true?

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