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Masterclass, 2

JJ King

Copyright © 2017

Chapter One

Rachel stirred the chowder one last time, raised the wooden ladle to her lips, and gently blew on the thick broth before taking a sip. The savory taste of fresh dill, mixed with the fresh sea flavors of shrimp, salmon, cod, and scallops, exploded on her tongue, making her moan in delight. “Perfect!” she declared to absolutely no one, lifting the pot off the hot burner and setting it aside to cool.

Glancing at the time on the vintage cat clock mounted to the wall just above her kitchen nook, Rachel calculated that she had just enough time left to finish the crepes before her guests arrived. She was cutting it close, but this meal was about perfect execution, not advance preparation.

She heated the skillet and gave the crepe batter one final whisk, then slowly poured a ladle full into the piping-hot pan. She smiled, tilting her wrist to spread the batter, and waited patiently for the crepe to cook to perfection before expertly flipping it over.

She loved cooking, always had, even as a child. It had been the one thing she and her dad could do together without someone ending up screaming and stomping away. It was usually her stomping away, but, occasionally, her dad had made a dramatic exit, too.

They were so different, she mused, yet so alike. Psychologically speaking, that was the core of their issues. Their similarities were too forceful.

She slipped the second crepe from the pan onto a plate and poured another ladle of batter in, glancing again at the clock. She’d invited her best friend Zoey and her boyfriend Bash over for supper, and it wasn’t in either of their personalities to be late.

The doorbell rang at that exact moment, making her laugh. She took a second to glance around and ensure everything was in place, and then dashed across the room to open the door. A bouquet of pretty yellow daisies greeted her, followed by Bash’s handsome face and Zoey’s glowing one.

“Come in!” She motioned for them to step inside and reached, automatically, for their coats, feeling a little like her mother when they piled them in her arms. Rachel carefully hung them in the coat closet then turned back with a smile. “I hope you’re hungry. Supper is ready to go.”

“It smells amazing.” Bash lifted his nose in the air like a hound and followed it straight to the dining table where she’d laid the plates. His eyes grew round with appreciation as he took in the plated meals and Rachel couldn’t help but feel satisfaction. She’d never be like her mom in most ways, but when it came to cooking, they agreed one hundred percent.

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