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Four Lesbians:
A Love Story

Thomas Handover

Copyright © 2017, all rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction.

All characters are 18 or older.

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1. Cayden

I could hear him breathing heavily. Laying there under the comforter I could still feel the heat coming off of him. He seemed to run hotter than the average man, I don’t know if there was any correlation between that and him fucking better than the average man, maybe I could test this theory out. I let my mind wander as I looked around the room. Making up things about this person that I didn’t know minus our brief conversation at the bar. He definitely had a bachelor pad. All of his furniture was either leather, black, or both.

His breathing hitched and he rolled over and draped his arm over me. Fuck. This was not how I imagined my escape plan. Come on Jess, you gotta figure something out. I thought to myself. Well I guess I’ll make the best of this situation. I did say he was better than average…

I could feel his body pressing up against my back. He was a fine looking guy with a good physique, he fit the mold of tall, dark, and handsome. What I usually looked for in a guy but also with an air of maturity so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in his performance.

I figured I would do what I had to do to get out of his embrace. I started slowly inching backwards so that I could tantalize his junk with my butt when I wiggled it. I grabbed his hand and started slowly inching it towards my face. I started licking the tip of his thumb, swirling my tongue around the tip, imitating a good blowjob while he was still asleep. I felt his dick twitch. I started nibbling on the tip of his thumb and I could feel him get more aroused. I sucked his whole thumb in my mouth and I could feel him awaken.

I rolled over and straddled his hips as he rolled on his back. His cock nestling nicely between my lower lips. I grabbed his wrists and he let me pin them beside his head. I was wet now. Hey, I said I wanted to escape, never said I couldn’t have some more fun while I was at it. My hips began to grind my pussy on his erect cock, lubricating his length by slipping though my folds. We made eye contact, his dark brown meeting my lighter green. My breath hitched as my clit made contact with the ridge of the head of his penis while I was grinding on him.

We continued like that for a few minutes, just keeping eye contact, grinding, getting things going quicker and quicker until neither of us could take it any longer. His grinding was driving me wild. I was soaked and ready to fuck. I released his wrists and sat back on my heels. I took his dick in my hand and teased his tip through my wet folds. He was trying to enter me but I had the advantage in this position. I would sit up a little higher every time he would try to thrust upwards. His hands were grasping at the sheet and now they latched on to my thighs.

He slowly caressed the outside of my thighs until they were resting on my hips. I don’t know who gave in first but I was fully impaled on his impressive cock. I was so wet, it felt so good. His dick was fully inside of me and I left it there while I ground my clit on his pubic bone in a circular motion. I kept this up while I leaned forward and started nibbling his jawline. When I leaned forward, his erection slipped out of me a few inches, he thrust it back in me as I sighed in pleasure.

We continued with the gentle thrusting and nibbling until that got too intense and the pleasure was too much. He flipped me over as he was still thrusting into me in one smooth motion. Okay, I said this guy was better than average, this guy knew how to fuck and seemed to know exactly the next move I wanted him to make. He pinned my arms like I had his earlier and smirked at me. He thrust into me. Hard. He would have knocked the air out of me if it wasn’t already coming out as a moan. He slowly pulled most of the way out of me, just his tip remained inside of me. I was expecting another hard thrust. What I got was a very slow entry. Very. I could feel every ridge and vein as he was pushing inside of me, lighting up all of the right nerves inside of me. Little sparks of pleasure making my legs twitch. He began to withdraw as slow as he had been entering me. But I needed more.

I used my legs to thrust his cock inside of me faster, he knew I was approaching orgasm by the way my legs were trembling. He released my wrists, put his forehead to the bed beside my face and began thrusting at just the right tempo. With each thrust his balls were slapping my ass and his pubic bone would ignite my clit. I was literally on the edge of cumming when he completely pulled out and flipped me over so I was on all fours. It didn’t take long for him to grip my hips and sink his girthy cock inside of me otherwise I probably would have killed him right then and there for not getting me off.

His rhythm slowed slightly. Man, this guy was good, he kept building up my arousal, then ebb off just enough so that I wouldn’t cum just to keep building my arousal even higher. The angle had changed so that on every stroke he was brushing my g-spot which changed the type of arousal that was building. His fingers were digging into my hips, letting me know that he was approaching an orgasm as well. I was close but I knew what would put us both over the edge.

On his next thrust, instead of pushing back to match his momentum, I let it push me flat on the bed. Now instead of just brushing my g-spot, he was directly hitting it with every stroke, the angel increasing the amount of friction we were both experiencing. He was pounding into me hard and fast now. He was grunting, I was moaning, it was a beautiful symphony of pleasure.

He grunted one last time as our sweaty bodies slammed together and all of my muscles locked up at once as I could no longer hold off the amount of pleasure he was giving me. The blinding white wave of pleasure swept through me, making my muscles contract and twitch. While I was still coming down from the high, still some muscles twitching, he kissed the back of my neck and pulled out.

I saw the bathroom light turn on and I knew this was my opportunity. I found my shirt and pants no problem. My bra was flung on top of a lamp in the corner of the room, I couldn’t find my panties so I decided to leave them. His little and I do mean little keepsake prize for an amazing night with no strings attached. Clothes mostly back in place, I grabbed my shoes and ran for the front door.

Either my legs were still wobbly from the fantastic orgasm or I didn’t see the single stair stepping down to the entryway of the house, or a combination of both, but I fell. I braced my fall with the same hand that was holding the shoes because the other one was already reaching for the door knob. Needless to say, it slammed on the floor at a weird angle and I heard something crack. Not sure if it was one of my heels hitting the floor or my bone until I tried to put pressure one my hand so that I could stand up. Something was definitely broken in my arm. Debating what to do next, stay and get help from tall, dark, and handsome, or deal with it on my own. I decided to slink out the door as originally planned since I figured he couldn’t be that good looking, that good of a fuck, and be a doctor to be able to fix me up too.

I got my phone out of my purse and scheduled an Uber to pick me up. There were plenty in the city on a Saturday night. Picking up and dropping off at the various bars that were close by. I loved living amongst the bustle. I was home within half an hour.

As soon as I was through my front door, I threw my heels hit the floor and I headed to my bedroom. I had been clutching my left arm to my chest so I didn’t hit it on anything else. It was beginning to throb. I started a hot shower so I could clean off the fun I had earlier in the night before I headed to the hospital. Getting all of my clothes off was a bit difficult but I managed it relatively well.

I stepped under the water in my master bedroom. Oh how I loved the luxury of this room. I guess being a contractor for NASA has its perks. Okay, there are a lot of perks but this bathroom has to be up there. It had one of the showers where the water literally rains from the ceiling and jetting out from the walls. It was my own little slice of paradise in this city but this was not the time to stay under the water for an hour like I may or may not do on a regular basis.

I stood under the water and let it run over my body. Closed my eyes and let the water soak into my hair. I used my good hand to pour some shampoo on top of my head and lather it up as good as I could. I rinsed out the shampoo and I felt the suds slide down my body. I could feel the oh so good aches that had formed earlier in the night melting away. I cleaned the rest of my body the best I could with one arm and got out one of my fluffy towels and dried the best I could. My hair was thrown up in a loose bun with drips still forming at the tips of my wavy brown hair, there was no way I could dry my hair so it just stayed the way it was.

Not sure how I was going to latch a bra with a bum arm, I just skipped it. I’m in my mid-thirties and my boobs still looked phenomenal. Not too big, not too small for my thin athletic frame, they were one of my best features.

I threw on an old sweatshirt, some leggings, a comfy pair of nikes and I was back out the door on my way to the hospital. It was late but not too late, right around eleven thirty. Late enough for light traffic and hopefully early enough that I would beat all of the drunks to the ER. I pulled in the hospital lot, on into the parking garage, and walked through the double automatic sliding doors into the lobby.

Hardly anyone was there and I just had a short wait in line to see the receptionist who did all of the typical things like scan mu ID and insurance card. She told me to take a seat and somebody would call me back. I sat watching some 24-hour news station and flipping through some gossip magazine for about twenty minutes before it was my turn.

More typical hospital stuff happened. I was taken to a room, vitals were taken, I declined pain meds and instead took some advil to help with the throbbing since I drove myself to the hospital. So far it didn’t seem to be too bad so I would just deal with it. A dark purple bruise was starting to form on my abdomen so the doctor did a sonograph just to make sure I didn’t have any other internal injuries. I had x-rays taken and was sitting in the room waiting for the radiologist to read the x-rays and get back to the doctor that was taking care of me.

My doctor walked in and said the typical, “I have some good news and I have some bad news.”

“Hit me doc”

He pulled out the printed x-ray sheet, “Well, you definitely broke it. It’s not too bad though, we will be able to fix you up without any surgery and get you out of here tonight so you can sleep in your own bad, at least a little with as late as it’s getting. So that was the good and the bad news all at once. The worse news is it’s broken bad enough that we are going to have to set it and you will be wearing a hard cast for the next 4-6 weeks.”

I frowned. Fuck. This was going to be not fun at all. Four to six weeks with a big bulky, and eventually stinky cast. None of my usual tighter fitting dress shirts were going to fit over the thing, my workout routine would be interrupted, and daily tasks were probably going to take twice as long. Oh well, nothing I could do about it now. The doctor informed me that he was sending in PA and a tech that specialized in setting and casting broken limbs. More waiting for me.

It wasn’t too long, or I had drifted off to sleep since it was now approaching two o’clock in the morning, way past my usual bed time, before the two women knocked on my door and woke me up. At least the next day was Sunday and I had the day off I thought.

I was rubbing the sleep out of each of my eyes individually with my good hand since the other was going to be useless for the next month and a half at least. I thought my eyes were still playing tricks on me when my vision came back from the vigorous rubbing. The PA was drop dead gorgeous. Even in her scrubs which didn’t seem to be flattering on anybody else ever, she was worth salivating over. As she finished up a conversation she was having with a tech who was wheeling what looked like a crane into the room, her eyes met mine. They were the deepest blue I had ever seen eyes be, they were beautiful and I thought I noticed the color towards her pupil darken even more as I was dumbly staring at her.

She wetted her lips and began to speak. I was too distracted by the tip of her tongue poking out of her mouth and licking her lip that I had no idea what she was saying. I was literally dumbstruck. I couldn’t make myself respond to her, it was like time was going in slow motion. She was beautiful. I already mentioned her blue eyes, she had dark brown hair that was in a messy bun (not quite as messy as mine), model-esk facial features but warmer than the average model. Maybe the best way to describe her was a girl next door turned model but she wasn’t, she was a PA in the hospital, which meant she was intelligent too. She seemed like the total package, all packed on an athletic frame that was perfectly proportioned everywhere.

I guess I should mention now that while I like a good fucking, I really don’t care about the gender of the person I’m with. As long as they are good at what they are doing, I could care less about what they have between their legs. I guess some people would call me bisexual, but I tended to avoid labels. My close friends called me an actracto-sexual. Basically coining the term when I told them hot people were hot and I like to fuck with hot people. I could see myself long term with a woman or a man when I wanted to settle down so I guess bi is the closest label I could take if I wanted one. I hadn’t been with as many women as I had men mostly because I had mostly straight friends and we went to mostly straight bars and clubs but on occasion I had been able to pick up a cute girl.

Thank goodness some of the guys I worked with were gay and could help me indulge at the gay clubs too. Not, to say that my straight friends didn’t like the gay bars, my girl friends went mostly so that other women would buy them drinks all night. But my gay friends were the ones to help me scope out the type of woman I was looking for that night. They had a better read on who was into who and who was interested in what at the gay bars than I did. My gaydar was not that good but it was improving the more time I spent with them. This meant that instead of my chance encounters here and there that I could actually seek and find with a little more luck now. They guys were teaching me tricks like to look at a girls shoes, they said that was usually a tell all for girls who liked girls. I was definitely still learning but right now I had a blip on my radar that I was definitely interested in pursuing.

Chapter 2. Jess

Had she noticed me checking her out? I acted like I was still waking up. Smooth right? Anyway, I got my senses back together.

“I’m sorry, excuse me, you must have caught me drifting off, what did you say your names were?”

I reached out my good arm to shake my blip’s hand as she responded, “Oh that’s no problem, I totally understand, I’m at the end of my shift, you are my last patient of the night and it’s late. I’m Cayden, nice to meet you! And judging by your chart, you are Jessica, I hope? Otherwise she booked it out of here and is running around town with a broken arm!” She giggled at her own joke which was adorable as she reached out to shake my hand. Her handshake was firm but not overly, but her skin was very soft. My eyes hadn’t left hers and she smiled at me while we were shaking hands. I got lost again. Her touch, I think made all of the nerve pulses that were supposed to be helping my brain function divert straight to my pussy. It twitched and I was already wet.

We shook hands for what was probably too long. I was hoping that she was just as enthralled by me as I was her and it wasn’t just me being awkward. I knew it wasn’t just me because we were both jolted out of our moment when the tech began setting up the crane-like piece of equipment and two pieces of metal clanged together loudly in the small room. We both looked away from each other’s eyes and then back quickly. We silently giggled at our antics.

Cayden began to speak, “so this wonderful contraption over here is going to help us set the bone in your arm so it can properly heal.”

She picked up what looked like a giant Chinese finger trap and started to explain what was going to happen and what to expect from the process.

“So this giant sock-like thing is going to slide over your arm and we are going to attach this hook here to that piece of equipment over there.” She pointed to the crane. “we will adjust the angle and make sure that your bones are lined up correctly so you will heal faster and get back to your old self. I can see by the sleepiness that the pain meds have already kicked in so we are good to go on that front. So let’s get started!”

“Uh, I didn’t take any pain meds. I’m just….worn out” I responded, not wanting to give away why I was tired.

“This bad of a break and you didn’t take any pain meds? What a trooper! Well I won’t lie to you, this won’t feel good, it’ll probably hurt quite a bit but if you want to stop at anytime, just let me know and we will.”

I nodded in agreement, I really didn’t think it hurt that bad. If that earned me brownie points with this beautiful woman then I would take it! She gently reached for my arm which was still resting against my chest and gently rolled my sweatshirt sleeve up my arm. Every time her fingers would brush my skin, goosebumps would break out, I had a shiver run down my spine.

“Are you cold?” Cayden asked me.

I looked her directly in the eyes and responded, “No.”

I swear I saw the inner ring or her iris darken again. Was this beauty actually into me when I looked like this? I didn’t pay much attention to my makeup before I left my house but It was probably mostly still in place since a lot of it was waterproof. I was thankful I had gone for a more natural look earlier instead of a full face of makeup, otherwise I’d look like even more of a hot mess than I already did with my old sweatshirt, leggings, and messy, really messy bun, I’d look like a raccoon in a trash bag because of my baggy sweatshirt.

Cayden kept working. She had one of the gentlest touches I have ever encountered with a medical professional. Usually it seemed like they just wanted to get the job done and move on. I could tell that Cayden was an excellent PA and that she treated all of her patients this way and while she might be into me too, she treated all of her patients in this gentle comforting manner.

Eventually the giant sock was in place, it came up to my elbow and had hooks on the fingers. It looked like something out of an x-men movie, like I was Wolverine’s cousin or something else weird. Anyways, Cayden instructed me to sit on the bench that was part of the crane while she gently supported my arm. She clipped to hooks where they needed to go and then slowly supported my arm less and less as the hung from this contraption. Not going to lie, my arm started hurting. Cayden was so in tune with me that she got a concerned look on her face and asked if I was doing okay. I nodded and said something along the lines of just get this done quickly.

“This is going to be the worst part. We have two options, we can do this all in one quick motion but that will hurt worse or we can do it in slow increments but it will hut for longer. It is 100% up to you.” Cayden said as she kneeled so she was eye level with me. She put her hand on my thigh as a comforting gesture and I couldn’t remember what she said or I responded anymore because my pussy twitched again but Cayden looked surprised by my choice.

“Ok, I’m going to do a countdown so you can brace yourself a bit. Are you ready?” Cayden asked.

I let out a long breath before I replied affirmatively. Cayden was placing her hands in the correct location to place my bones correctly.

“Three” she said. I was thinking about how dumb I was to fall down a single stair and cause this much trouble. All over a good fuck.

“Two” she said. My train of thought led me to how I wish I was on top of Cayden earlier instead of the guy I was with.

“One” she finished. All of the thoughts about fucking left my mind as there was a blinding white hot pain that shot all the way through my arm to my spine as she twisted my bones back to where they belonged. I was seeing spots on the verge of passing out from the pain. Cayden noticed my eyes weren’t focused anymore and she left my arm to hang as she put one of her hands on each of my cheeks as she was cradling my face. I was fighting for consciousness. My hearing and vision kept going in and out. At least the pain wasn’t as bad anymore.

I fully came to. Cayden was eye level with me, using her gentle caresses to push flyaway hairs out of my face and tuck them behind my ears. She looked concerned. Her fingers kept stroking my hair and face.

Her eyes still looking worried, she smiled when I smiled. I may have nuzzled my face into the palm of her had a bit.

“Jess! Jess, you okay?” she asked. Man those eyes, I could stare into them forever.

“I am now.” I responded, “It was a bit touch and go for a second. A lot of pain all at once but it’s not sharp anymore. More like a dull throbbing ache.”

“Ok good!” she smiled at me. “I was worried there for a second. People who elect no pain meds don’t usually elect to do what you just did.”

I was totally going to play the brave card for the cute girl, but honestly, it hurt a lot so instead of talking I just smiled and winked. She smiled back and I thought I detected a hint of a blush across her cheeks.

The rest of my hospital stay went by quickly, Cayden stuck around while the tech casted my arm. I asked Cayden what her favorite color was and got a blue cast because of it. My arm felt better once it was stabilized and supported by the cast. The tech walked out of the room with the arm crane so that I was left alone with Cayden.

“Hey do you have a card or something so I could call if I have any problems with the cast or questions

I can’t think of right now?” I asked, thinking I was being sneaky and getting her number.

“As a matter of fact, I do!” She responded as she smiled and took a card out of the white coat she was wearing. She pulled out a pen and wrote something on the back of the card.

“I’m between a few different offices so if I don’t pick up at a work number, I will be sure to pick up at this number here.” She pointed to the back of the card. “It’s my cell number, use it wisely.” She smirked as she handed me the card.

I grinned at her last remark, taking it as an invite to call her whenever I wanted. She cleaned up the rest of the supplies in the room and walked with me back out to the lobby.

“If you want to hang out here for a second, I will walkout to the parking garage. I just need to change into my street clothes and grab my bag real quick. You shouldn’t walk through the garage this late by yourself even with the hospital security we have.” Cayden warned me. I was all too happy to oblige so I sat in one of the waiting room chairs and waited for her to come back.

It was only about ten minutes later when I met her blue eyes once again as she made her way through the door leading to where I was waiting. She took my breath away again, this woman might be trouble. She had looked good in her scrubs, maybe that was the side of me that was attracted to her intelligence, but she was absolutely delectable in her black skinny jeans and flannel top. She was wearing a pair of black boots and that way all my gaydar needed to set the sirens off. If I wasn’t 100% sure by the way she was acting if she was into me or not (I figured being at work, in a professional setting had something to do with that too), the combat-esk black boots let me know that she was interested in women thanks to my gay friends advice which, being pretty self-confident, made my chances with her pretty good if I played my cards right!

She walked up to me and we made small conversation as we made our way to the parking garage. We got to my car first. I leaned against my driver door, trying to look as seductive as I could in my baggy sweatshirt and giant cast on my arm

“I hope your arm feels better soon” Cayden said.

“Honestly, I had a great PA here, I would highly recommend her. She might like to torture her patients a little bit with some medieval devices, but her bedside manner is excellent while she is doing it. It feels better already!” We both giggled. She was fiddling with her keys like she had something left to say and didn’t wat to leave quite yet. “Seriously though, thank you, I can’t wait to tell all my coworkers what happed this weekend”

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