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By Nell Boye

Published by Saphire Realms

Copyright 2017 Nell Boye

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To Liz,

who sometimes dreams of being straight.

Please, do not interrupt me Nell. Okay?

Now where I was… ah yes.

Very timidly, I rubbed my hand against her thigh again. Made it look unintentional, at least I tried to, as I leaned over for something at the far end of the desk. As before, I heard the softly whispered sigh. I wasn't sure if she was trying to hide it, or actually wanted me to hear it but there was no doubting it this time, she'd definitely responded. I felt my heartbeat hastening. I wasn't sure if I was kidding myself or not but it seemed she was increasing the pressure of her thigh against mine also. Since we were all having to sit so closely together around the cramped table, it was hard to tell. I could feel the seam of her skirt pressing into my tights since her skirt was slightly longer than mine. I could almost swear she was slowly moving her leg up and down, causing it to rub more against me. I was sure there was something going on. I started listening to her breathing, trying to work out if—

"Hey there… Meg?!"

I jumped, spinning my head round to face the speaker. I smiled, my typical nervous, I'm-more-dumb-than-blonde grin.

"The report of the latest sales promotion."

I looked at him numbly, mind still not working.


Slowly as if he was addressing a simpleton. "You have it. Don't you?"

"Oh, yeah… yes." I replied, engine starting at last. And then… Fuck! I did… I mean, I was sure. Here… Somewhere. "Just gimme a sec!!" I added, grinning again. I heard Emershan, my supervisor, huffing as I started digging around in my folder. The woman next to me forgotten, I started ransacking through as quickly as I could. Nope, gobbledygook, oh crap. I realized, I was breathing heavy as well. Grinned some more now on the verge of a panic attack and then…

Ah, thank fuck, here they are! I stood up, accidentally toppling the chair backwards and causing it to crash noisily to the ground.

Oh Bloody-bollocks! I turned round and pushed my chair back in. With what was left of my dignity and professionalism gone, I simply concentrated on not tripping on the uneven floor in my new heels as I walked to the front. I'd bought a whole new suit especially for this meeting; trying to look the 'proper businesswoman', and not the 'young cute thing' people assumed I was. Not saying I'm not cute. Far from it. Anyway… it was the first new suit I'd bought since my interview three years previously, straight out of Uni. The credit card company were still laughing at the interest they were going to make, but I had so desperately wanted to make a good impression at my first proper management review meeting. I'd waited so darn long to be given any responsibility and I'd messed it up before I'd even started. And, a little part of my brain was telling me I had looked a fool in front of the woman next to me and that upset me too. Even though obviously I wasn't actually interested in her in that way!

One would think my mind would be on more important things.

Well, it's my mind soo…

I sighed then passed the file to Emershan, suddenly aware how exposed I felt. I mean, everyone was staring at me. I straighten my skirt and beamed again. It was a light-cobalt skirt-suit which seemed perfectly fine for this instance yesterday, but now I was standing in front of at least twenty middle-aged men, the skirt suddenly seemed a few inches too short and the blouse just a little too open. Ever since I'd shot up to nearly five foot ten tall and my D-cup breasts had developed, I'd spent a good part of my life trying to get people to take me seriously, rather than seeing me as another blonde bimbo. I'd tried dying my hair black then red -what a disaster that was- having it cut gay-short, even wearing brown contact lenses or really geeky glasses, just to try to escape from the stereotype. It hadn't made any difference, so in the end I just let it be and stopped fighting it. You might spend half your day wishing yourself thinner or prettier, but I've found it just meant no one ever sees past it. And the most frustrating, heartbreaking, down-right soul-destroying part of it all is that I find myself living up to the dumb-blonde stereotype. Perhaps some don't think so big a problem, but well this is my story, so it's important!


"Well thank you Megan. That was some excellent delivery work. Now are you going to actually tell us what it says?" I hadn't realized I was supposed to present the details also, that was news to me! I had been involved in the early work, but had no idea how the sales figures had ended up; I'd only been given the reports just before the meeting. Emershan handed me the report a small grin on his face and I cleared my throat before starting. This was a positive thing, I thought. As in my chance to prove myself, to finally show I was more than eye candy! And I was kind of amazed that the most sexist, most arrogant, most sleazy of my bosses had given it to me. I opened the report, and started reading the summary and conclusions.

After only a few minutes, as my heart fell further and further, it became obvious why he had given it to me. The report was awful. The grammar was illegible, the concepts all messed around and the actual promotion had been a complete catastrophe. The saving grace was the report was so badly written it was almost impossible to tell quite how sloppily we had wasted the company's money. However, I did the best I could. I tried to look up from the report and make eye-contact as often as I dared. Which was hard when ninety percent of the room wasn't looking at my eyes in the first place. And a little embarrassing. I had thought about trying the trick of imagining my audience naked, but the thought of all those sweaty middle aged men without any clothes had been a major no-no. And, if I'm honest. I scared myself by thinking I might actually quite like to imagine one of the people at the table naked after all.

At one point I looked over at her. I hadn't had a chance to see her properly earlier; before the accidental leg stroking, we had only said a hasty "Hey or Hi". She was stunning. Absolutely stunning. Maybe in her early thirties, with long brunette hair and a very petite but well-shaped figure. It was the kind of gorgeous but also intelligent look I'd always wished I could achieve. She flicked her hair to one side and smiled at me. My heart skipped a beat, and it was a second or two before I composed myself again. I had no idea what was happening. I'd never been interested in women before. Haven't even thought about it. Not even once. Not before bumping legs with her. Perhaps a year or so of being single was messing with my mind? There, I thought, it's probably that. Abstention brings horniness.


I finished up the report and closed the file. By this point I was almost physically shaking with trepidation at what to expect. This work had been a disaster and I'd been made a scapegoat. Surely I was about to be torn to shreds, even though I'd had next to nothing to do with the actual work. But as I glanced around the table, I saw non-committal nods and smiles from most of the middle-aged men. And I realized that Emershan's plan hadn't been to make me look silly. That would have been strange as I always had the best of vibes with colored men. Perhaps not with him, but most of the remaining black populace and me got along famously. Anyway his plan was apparently to exploit me to distract the attention of male section of the audience, which also got along famously with me as well.

"Any questions?"Emershan asked, and almost immediately added, "None? Great."

"Actually, I have a question." The voice came from near my empty seat at the table. It was her. She flicked her hair back again, and rose to her feet. She looked me directly in the eye. "Why were the sales so far below what you predicted in the young adults section?"

I paused for a second. The honest answer was because we completely fucked up the market research and, speaking as a twenty-five year old myself, I wouldn't have touched the product with a ten-foot barge pole… but before I could think of a better alternative answer, Emershan replied.

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