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The Teacher



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Chapter 1

Sebastian was hiding in the closet again, hiding from the older meaner boys who bullied him. Home-schooled for all his life, now at age 18 and going to a private college he'd had a bit of a shock to his tender up-bringing. For the first time in his life he was without his mother, and not only that but he was surrounded by uncouth and ruly boys whose main goal in life seemed to be making his life miserable. They were quite adept at it too.

"Sebastian?" it was Mr. Henderson. Sebastian flushed... the last time Mr. Henderson had found in hiding in the closet things had happened... things that made Sebastian both uncomfortable and excited. He didn't understand it... it was definitely not something his mother had ever told him about. Sebastian knew, dimly, about boys and girls together... but he'd never heard of something like this.

Uncomfortable with the strange feelings coursing through him, he shifted and his body hit the broom. It clattered to the floor and the door opened to show him Mr. Henderson, looking down at him kindly.

"In here again Sebastian?" he asked, his voice soft and gentle, the kind of voice that you would use for a frightened animal. Sebastian nodded and Mr. Henderson sighed, "You know, if you would just stand up to them they wouldn't be so cruel to you."

"I don't know how to," Sebastian said, looking away from his teacher, ashamed that he'd been found once again.

A hand rested on his knee and began to slide up his thigh. Those uncomfortable, exciting feelings started to flutter again in Sebastian's stomach, and his penis started to grow inside his pants. He closed his eyes as the hand moved higher and higher, caressing him, coaxing him. Slowly his legs went down and spread apart, allowing his teacher better access to his pants.

Sebastian shuddered and moaned as the hand rested on the bulge that was now straining against the front of his pants... it felt good. He wanted something, but he didn't know what exactly. When he opened his eyes, Mr. Henderson was directly in front of him, breathing heavily with excitement kindling in his kind eyes.

"It's ok Sebastian," he breathed, "I'll make you feel better."

And Sebastian did feel better... and better as Mr. Henderson's hand opened his zipper and slid inside his pants. Gasping, he arched his back, and suddenly Mr. Henderson was kissing him, the older man's tongue sliding inside his mouth. Sebastian moaned and tensed, but as Mr. Henderson's hand closed around his dick, any thought of protest fled. It was the best feeling in the world... although Sebastian had experimented with touching himself, he had never had the hand of someone experienced in pleasure helping him along.

Practically writhing under his teacher's firm but gentle touch, Sebastian experienced utter pleasure as Mr. Henderson pumped his dick, fingers reaching down to toy with his balls. The teacher's second hand slid under Sebastian's shirt, finding the hard nipples and playing with them. Sebastian moaned into the ever deepening kiss of his teacher, he'd never known that his nipples could be such pleasure spots, that the feel of someone else touching his dick would be so exquisite.

"Oh please," he moaned into Mr. Henderson's mouth, begging without knowing what he was asking for. His hands dug into the older man's shoulders as Mr. Henderson quickened his pace, his hand sliding up and down Sebastian's dick and squeezing both the head and base. 

Sebastian cried out in ecstacy as he began to spurt, his dick pulsing in Mr. Henderson's hand, pleasure consuming his body. It was the best orgasm of his life.

After it was over, Mr. Henderson kindly handed him a napkin and helped him clean himself up. Sebastian was bright red, part of him feeling as though they had done something very wrong... but it had felt so good.

"Feeling better now Sebastian?" Mr. Henderson asked. Sebastian nodded. Mr. Henderson smiled at him, "Would you like to help me feel better too?" He gestured at his own bulging pant front.

Sebastian stared at it, transfixed by the idea that Mr. Henderson had his own aroused member under his pants, and that he wanted Sebastian to do something about it. Taking his student's silence as assent, Mr. Henderson undid his pants and his member sprang free. Long and slender, his balls hung below like heavy fruit. It seemed to hypnotize Sebastian, and without thinking his hand reached out to slide along its length, making Mr. Henderson hiss with excitement.

"That's it Sebastian, hold it, wrap your fingers around it," Mr. Henderson's hand helped him.

To Sebastian it was almost as if he was in a dream, completely under the control of his teacher as he started to pump his dick. His fingers flexed, feeling every curve and bump of Mr. Henderson's dick... it didn't take long to figure out what the older man really liked by the sounds he was making. Sebastian experimented, finding different ways to pull and push on it, different areas to squeeze gently. His other hand played with Mr. Henderson's balls, rolling them gently and tugging on them.

Clear liquid began to gather at the tip of Mr. Henderson's dick, right in front of Sebastian's face. In his dream-like state, Sebastian wondered what it would taste like and leaned forward, his tongue flicking out. Mr. Henderson gasped with pleasure.

"That's it Sebastian," he groaned through his gritted teeth, "Put your mouth on me, just on the top..., you don't know how to do anything else yet..."

Obediently, Sebastian opened his mouth and closed his lips over the mushroom head of Mr. Henderson's dick, feeling the salty sweetness of pre-cum for the first time. His tongue laved against the soft firm skin, tasting it. Suddenly fluid spurted into his mouth, Mr. Henderson's dick pulsing in his hand... in his surprise Sebastian immediately swallowed, sucking on the head of Mr. Henderson's dick. Bitter sweet ran over his tongue and he continued to swallow, seeing the intense pleasure on Mr. Henderson's face, knowing that he was the source of it.

It filled him with a sense of pride, that he could make his teacher feel that way. Then the fluid stopped gushing into his mouth, and Mr. Henderson sighed, his hand stroking Sebastian's hair as his dick softened and fell from Sebastian's lips.

Looking down, Mr. Henderson smiled as he pulled his pants back on, "Thank you Sebastian."

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