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Series: Fated Mates

by Mercedes Black

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August 2017

Copyright ©2017 Mercedes Black

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Riley is just passing through town, when he scents his inner wolf’s fated mate. He fights his attraction because he doesn’t think he has anything to offer the beautiful young man, Shane. Riley was thrown out of his pack, and he turned his back on his shifter heritage, but the attraction is too strong to resist. Will one night with his fated mate be enough to make him stay?



Mercedes Black

Riley rode the highway on his Harley. The wind felt good. He could forget nearly everything on his ride rumbling down the highway, but his mind always came back to the one thing he was running from when he stopped. He left his family and his pack behind him in the Eyrie Forest, and now he was a drifter. He had no home, no rules, nothing. For a wolf shifter, his family was everything. It meant leaving his happiness behind him to venture onto the open road.

Riley didn’t ask for it to happen. It wasn’t a choice. He was exiled.

Riley wasn’t looking for a new home. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he planned on riding until he ran out of money.

Riley glanced at his gas gauge and immediately saw he was dangerously in the red. He would have to stop, didn’t want to, but conveniently there was a gas station on the next exit, a little town called Newport. Another two miles and his motorcycle rolled to a stop in front of a gas station. He pulled off his helmet, turned off the engine and began filling up.

He didn’t have a destination in mind, maybe he’d end up in Alaska. He liked the untamed wilderness. In Alaska, the cities were near the forest and he could keep his inner wolf happy by running in the woods and his human side happy as well. A lone wolf wouldn’t be bothered up there. He missed his family but he couldn’t go back. He wasn’t welcome. The packmaster would have to die before he could go back home and by that time, his family would end up dead or gone too. If he had just kept his mouth shut, he wouldn’t be in this mess. That’s what standing up for the weak got him, exiled.

It was an ugly word. A consequence he still didn’t think he deserved.

It might have been stupid, but he had to do the right thing. A shifter wolf was fully mature around 23. He was only nineteen, and he was not at his peak. Standing up to the packmaster now as guaranteed to get him killed until he was strong enough. In the end, he left, and not a damn thing changed.

He shoved the gas line in the tank with more force than necessary, satisfied when he heard metal ring against metal. He gripped the handle letting the gallons fill up the tank while looking around. He may not have a destination in mind but he should probably eat something. It wasn’t a bad little town, sleepy at this hour, but it had all the basics he would need. Newport had a bar, and a restaurant, a nearby lake and a wooded area he could run through if he were inclined to stay.

Riley probably wouldn’t stay. Not until he had to. He wasn’t done running. He hadn’t got it out of his system yet. He had driven for days and he could go for a few more and still not get tired of the open road.

Riley’s stomach rumbled. He probably should get something to eat. He held his stomach for a moment, looking at the restaurant. A few redneck looking cars were parked out front. He could spend a few hours here eating or all day chasing down a rabbit in the woods. He only spent a few moments thinking about it before putting away the gas hose and climbing back on his ride. He muttered, “Why not?”

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