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Chapter 1

Mark Antonious Richfield stood at a lookout point on California’s coastal highway. Wind whipped his shoulder-length brown hair as he stared at the Pacific Ocean.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pants and ignored it.

Seagulls glided on the invisible breeze, weightless, showing off their soaring skills.

Mark touched the black enamel helmet that rested on his motorcycle’s leather seat. After a deep sigh, he placed it on his head, moved the shield lower to cover his face, and straddled his Ducati.

Once he rolled the bike to face the highway, Mark roared out of the parking area, spitting gravel behind him, and raced down the open road.


Steven Jay Miller stood in the kitchen of his and Mark’s home in Bel Air. He wrote a text to Mark, asking him when he was coming home.

Nothing came back.

When Mark sank into depression, Steve worried about him.

Last night was a particularly bad night for Mark. Steve felt him toss and turn, waking up after nightmares, and finally giving up entirely and leaving their bed.

Thankfully last night was a Friday evening and they didn’t have to work today, although, Mark was gearing up for another modeling shoot next weekend.

Steve set his phone down on the counter and opened the door connecting the garage. He already knew Mark was riding his motorcycle. How long he was going to ride was the question.

He shut the door and made a pot of coffee.


Chief of Police Billy Sharpe relaxed in his bed. The week had been exhausting and he didn’t want to move.

As he let his mind wander about his work, he heard Alexander and Tadzio in the kitchen going over lines for their cable TV drama.

Alex had finished another feature film shoot, one that had taken place in Oregon. Much to Alex’s chagrin, Billy didn’t fly to Cannon Beach, didn’t spend time with Alex while he filmed. In reality, Billy hated seeing Alex play the gay romantic lead to yet another young Hollywood stud.

It didn’t matter if it was ‘acting’, ‘simulated’, Billy despised witnessing it.

His husband, twenty years his junior, had a reputation for hunting for sex with the rough gods and bikers on Santa Monica Boulevard.

But, at the moment, it seemed as if Tadzio was keeping Alex in check.


Billy rolled over to his front, crushing the pillow under his head and closing his eyes.


Alex poured two cups of coffee, one for himself, one for Tadzio. The two of them were waiting for Billy to get out of bed before they made breakfast.

Alex sipped the strong brew while staring at their new housemate. Tadzio Andresen was his costar in his cable TV drama. They had memorized their next script and took a break.

He set his mug down on the counter and walked behind Tadzio who was standing near the back sliding door, sipping his coffee, staring at their pool and the view of the Getty Museum.

Alex drew Tadzio’s long blond hair back into a ponytail and ran his fingers through its silky length.

Tadzio glanced at him from over his shoulder, smiling.

Since it was growing warmer with the approach of summer, Tadzio was wearing white Capri pants and a pink short-sleeved top. The Swedish runway model’s androgynous beauty drove all of them to distraction. Alex was growing to adore this young man.

Tadzio leaned against him, still staring out at the view.


Mark rode the motorcycle onto his driveway and then pointed a remote control at the garage. The heavy double-doors rolled up for him. He shut off the engine and parked the bike beside his TVR Tuscan race car. Mark hoisted the bike up on its kickstand, then dismounted and took off his helmet.

He tapped a button by the door to the house, lowering the garage door, and stepped into the kitchen.

A pot of coffee was on the counter, full, and Steve’s mobile phone was beside it.

Mark removed his leather jacket and boots, and as he went to hang up the jacket, Steve descended the stairs.

“How was the ride?”

“Good.” Mark put the jacket on a hanger and shut the closet door. Steve was in a pair of running shorts and white socks. “I expected you to already have run.”

“I was waiting for you.” Steve hadn’t shaved and his dark beard growth made him even more desirable.

“I had a terrible night, Steven.” Mark felt his phone hum again and removed it from his pocket.

“But you had enough energy to get on your bike?”

“Please don’t start on me.”

Steve walked by him, obviously annoyed.

Mark scrolled through his missed messages. While he did, catching up on reading them, Steve headed to the front door wearing his running shoes and holding a pair of sunglasses.

“Do I need my key?”

“No.” Mark glanced up at him.

Steve opened the door and shut it behind him.

Mark headed to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. He relaxed at the table with his phone and his coffee, and sent texts back to the men who contacted him.

I don’t know what our plans are. You and Adam can come here any time.’ Mark assumed Adam and Jack would stop by for dinner, and perhaps sleep over.

Alex, Jackie and Adam may be coming for dinner. I don’t know what Steven had planned with you.’ Mark ran his fingers through his hair, sipped the coffee, and kept texting.

I am happy to meet the man you have selected to model with me for the next shoot. Thank you, TJ. Just arrange a time that’s convenient to all.’ Mark rubbed his eyes and kept checking text messages.

Yes, Arnold, I am aware the cologne company would like to resume my exclusive contract, but I need you to discuss this with Harold Parsons. My boss isn’t happy about losing the car manufacturing advert income.’

Mark set the phone aside and drank the coffee. Weekends weren’t for resting, they were for catching up.

As Mark thought about the miserable night he’d had, he knew…the sleeping tablets were no longer working. He had built up a resistance to them, and needed more and more to shut down. And that, simply had to change.


Steve ran his long ten mile route alone. As he did, he thought about work, his relationships, and a future with a man like Mark.

Since the heat of the day began to warm the Southern California sky, Steve slowed down and caught his breath. He wasn’t standing in front of his own door, he was at Billy and Alex’s.

Their home was a few blocks away, and lately, Steve was spending a lot of time with Billy.

What had been an adversarial relationship had changed to a brotherhood. He and the chief had so much in common their personalities overlapped.

Since he was annoyed at Mark, Steve dabbed at the sweat on his face and knocked on Billy’s front door.

Alexander answered, his expression brightening up as he opened it. “Steve.”


“Just back from your run?” Alex opened the door.

Steve felt the A/C and entered the living room. “Yeah. Where’s Billy?”

“He’s just getting out of bed.”

Steve noticed Tadzio staring at him, looking gorgeous as he always did. “Hey, blondie.”

“Steven.” Tadzio blushed.

“Do you want coffee?” Alex gestured to the kitchen.

“Water would be good.” Steve took off his running shoes and socks at the door.

Alex headed to the kitchen.

“Hey, Steve.”

He perked up to see Billy entering the room.

“You already ran?” Billy, wearing gym shorts and white socks, put his hands on his hips. “Where’s Mark?”

Steve took the bottle of water from Alex. “Thanks.” He chugged it.

“I was going to hit the bag.” Billy thumbed towards the back of the house.

While he guzzled the water, Steve nodded.

Billy opened the sliding door and left through it.

Seeing both Tadzio and Alex staring at him, Steve followed the chief out of the house.

As Billy wrapped his hands to punch the bag, Steve finished the water and set the bottle on a table on the patio. The pool looked refreshing. He didn’t hesitate. He dove in.


Tadzio watched Steve swim underwater to the opposite end of the pool he’d dove into. He licked his lips in excitement.

Before he left the house to enjoy the two men, Tadzio glanced back at Alex. He was texting on his phone. Tadzio slid back the glass door and stepped into the warm sunshine.

He sat beside the pool and was able to see both men. Tadzio pulled his hair back from his face, then let it flow down one side of his shoulder. His feet were bare and his toenails were painted with a light pink polish.

Hearing the thumping beat of Billy batting the punching bag, Tadzio sighed happily. Was there anything more delicious than police officers?


Alex sent his dad a text. ‘Do you know Steve’s here?


He’s in our pool.’ Alex waited but nothing came back from his dad. He held his phone and joined Tadzio, sitting on the patio beside him. “I think Dad and Steve had a fight.”


“Who knows? Knowing Dad it could be anything.” Alex watched as Billy’s muscular body gleamed from his sweat, his back flaring from the exertion of his workout.

Steve surfaced in front of them, wiping the water from his face.

“Did you and Dad fight?”

“What makes you say that?” Steve rested his arms on the white edge of the immaculate pool.

“You’re usually connected at the hip. Or somewhere around there.”

Tadzio chuckled.

Steve didn’t take the bait, turning to watch Billy, his back to the other two.

Alex caught Tadzio’s curious stare and shrugged.


Steve admired Billy as he pounded the punching bag. For a man in his forties, Billy was in excellent shape. Not only was he big and muscular, he was mean. A life in the military and then the police, William Paul Sharpe had seen and done it all, and if not all, most of it.

Billy had attitude, and Steve would not want to be on the wrong side of him in a fight. Jack Larsen may be a gym junkie, but Sharpe was a badass.

He glanced over his shoulder. Alex and Tadzio were mesmerized as they watched the powerful Chief of Police work out.

Mark would love this.

Steve smiled to himself, thinking of Mark being able to admire Billy in top form.

When Billy paused to wipe his face from sweat, the two behind Steve moaned in sexual agony. Steve chuckled.


Billy tasted the salt from his lip and used his forearms to wipe at the sweat. Since the midmorning was heating up quickly, and he’d missed the cool temperatures of dawn, he was wearing out. He took a boxing stance and punched the bag with single shots, making it swing and hit the top of the frame that held it.

He pulled back and nailed it with a right hook, and the bag went flying off the mount.

A chorus of surprise rose up from the two pretty boys.

Billy caught his breath and removed the padded gloves. He picked up the bag and hooked it on the ring once more, then turned towards his admirers.

Steve was smiling brightly at him from the pool.

Billy knew after a workout he was buff and cut. He approached them, dropped his gloves on a chair and toed off his shoes. Once he removed his socks, he stuffed his thumbs into his waistband and lowered his gym shorts and briefs, then dove into the pool.


All right…I’m a little infatuated.

Steve wasn’t immune to Billy’s macho-appeal. Since the reins had let up and sex between partners had been allowed, Steve and Billy had kissed and roughhoused. It had been for the entertainment of Mark and Alex, but Steve didn’t hate it.

Did he want a man like Billy Sharpe to pound his ass? No. But the sight of this testosterone bull gave Steve an erection.

Billy did two laps underwater, pushing off the sides of the pool, then he surfaced next to Steve.

Steve and Billy were close in height. Billy had him by an inch, maybe two. A barbed wire tattoo surrounded Billy’s biceps, one with Alex’s name scrolled into it.

Billy rested his arms on the ledge, his chin on his arms, and caught his breath.

“So handsome.” Tadzio swooned.

In a tease, Steve moved to stand behind Billy, leaning on his back.

“Oh, hell yes!” Alex touched himself.

Billy peered over his shoulder at him. “You wanna fuck me, copper?”

Steve did. He removed his gym shorts, slapping the wet material on the patio and pushed his hard dick between Billy’s thighs.

Alex’s eyes went wide and he crawled to the edge and tried to see what they were doing.

They weren’t doing much. Steve moved his cock between Billy’s thighs but there wasn’t any friction, certainly not enough to be able to climax.


Billy was amused. Anything that made Alex horny was fine by him. And Alex and Tadzio were both trying to see under the water’s blurry lens to what they were doing.

Billy rested his cheek on his arm and closed his eyes. Steve’s gentle thrusting between his legs was soothing. And no, he wasn’t going to allow Steve to penetrate his ass while in a pool.

“What iz he doing?” Tadzio was on his hands and knees.

“They’re not fucking.” Alex had a better look. “Right?”

Billy chuckled and thought about Mark.

Mark Antonious and his police fetish. He knew if Alex told his father that Steve was simulating sex with him, and Mark had missed it, he’d be jealous.

Many times Mark had whispered his secret fantasies to Billy. As well as to Steve.


Mark was obsessed with uniforms, particularly SWAT uniforms.

Thinking about Mark lying spread eagle over the back of a police cruiser getting fucked by men in black gave Billy an erection.

He opened his eyes and managed to turn in Steve’s embrace, facing him. Steve appeared a little shy or embarrassed.

Billy reached between Steve’s legs, finding his hard-on.

Immediately Steve met his gaze.

“Are you touching each other?” Alex asked excitedly.

“Alskander!” Tadzio inched closer to see.

“Ya wanna fuck me, Miller?” Billy jerked Steve off under the water.

The color of Steve’s eyes were very close to his own; bright blue. With the water reflecting in them, Billy was tempted to do something with this hot former cop.

Steve grabbed Billy’s jaw and drew him to his mouth.

Tadzio and Alex screamed in a cheer that echoed in the warm air.

Chapter 2

Mark rinsed his coffee mug and dried his hands. His phone chimed with another text. It was maddening.

About to ignore it, he leaned over the phone which was on the counter and read, ‘Steve and Billy are going to fuck!

Mark blinked and took a moment to think about why his husband and his son’s husband were in a position to make love.

Steve had obviously taken a detour before coming home.

Mark was placed in a position to either, ignore it, hear all about it from his son later, or rush over to witness it.

“Bloody hell.” He ran his hand over his hair and his breathing heightened.

They’re in the pool! Dad! You have to see this!

Knowing he was going to get a play by play from his son, Mark hovered his finger over the button to shut off his phone, but didn’t.

Two powerful police officers having sex was simply put, one of his ultimate fantasies. Being fucked by many men in uniform was still the realm of his fantasy.

Although he and Steve had role-played many times; Steve wearing his old LAPD uniform, cuffing him up, and dominating him. Jack and Adam had indulged him as well, pushing Mark over the back of his car in the garage and gang-banging Mark.


Mark read his son’s frantic messages and rubbed his eyes tiredly.


Billy released his hold on Steve’s dick. The two men smiled wickedly at each other.

Steve backed up and used his arms to swirl the water around him.

“That’s it?” Alex asked.

Billy dunked under the water and wiped his eyes. “That’s what?”

“I just told Dad you were fucking.” Alex had his phone in his hand.

Tadzio plopped back down on the patio. “No fucking.”

Billy heard Steve laugh. He swam closer to him. “Mark would kill us if we did anything without him. Where is he?”

“He went riding on his bike but he was home when I left for my run.” Steve leaned to the side to peek around Billy at the other two. “He slept like shit last night.”

“We have to get him off those pills.” Billy scooted to the far side of the pool and rested his arms on the ledge, seeing Alex texting and Tadzio gazing at them longingly.

Steve mirrored Billy’s position, giving them both a view of Alex and Tadzio as well as the back of the house. “I don’t know how to get him off of them. I assume he’s addicted.”

“Fuck.” Billy wiped the running water from his face. “What are you guys doing this weekend? Is he modeling?”

“I think he’s modeling next weekend for the cologne company. And, I don’t know what we’re doing. Jack and Adam will probably come by.”

“Any update on the car company gig?” Billy noticed Tadzio trying to read Alex’s communications, leaning on Alex’s back.

Alex finished his text and tackled Tadzio to the patio, lying on top of him and kissing him.

Billy and Steve exchanged glances of amusement.

Steve whispered, “Have you fucked that blond doll yet?”


“Jesus, Sharpe, how can you resist?”

“I fuck Alex. I don’t have to fuck Tadzio.”

When Billy noticed Alex reading his phone while he was kissing Tadzio, he made a noise of disbelief. Then, as if he heard something no one else did, Alex hopped to his feet and ran into the house.

Tadzio, looking dazed, sat up and touched his mouth.

“Anyway.” Billy tore his gaze away from the two pretty boys, giving his attention to Steve. “I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“Me neither.” Steve hoisted himself out of the water.

Billy admired his fabulous build and tight ass. He climbed out of the pool and approached Steve, who took a towel from a stack and was drying himself while Tadzio drooled.


“Hi, Dad.”

“Alexander.” Mark stepped into the house, carrying a bag of clean clothing for his husband. “Well? Did I miss the show?”

“They didn’t do it.” Alex closed the door behind Mark. “Why didn’t you run with Steve?” Alex followed his father to the back sliding door.

“I went riding on my motorbike.” Mark set the bag of clothing down and spotted Steve and Billy naked, rubbing towels over their heads and backs. “My. That is a pretty sight.” Mark opened the slider and stepped onto the patio.

Tadzio leapt to his feet and raced towards him.

Mark opened his arms and accepted Tadzio’s hug. “How are you, my pet?” Billy caught his eye.

“You missed them in the pool.” Tadzio’s cheeks were flushed from his excitement and the warmth of the day.

“So Alexander has told me.” Mark cupped Tadzio’s cheek tenderly and approached his masculine police officers. He folded his arms. “Well. What new mischief are you two up to that my son had to drag me over here?”

Billy looped his towel around Mark and pulled him into his arms.

Steve stood behind Mark, sandwiching Mark between them.

Mark caught both his son and Tadzio staring with anticipation. “Behave.”

“Ha!” Alex said loudly.

Steve reached around Mark’s hips to his cock, massaging him over his clothing.

Billy dropped the towel and nibbled Mark’s jaw and neck. “Fuck, you smell good.” He pressed his nose into Mark’s skin and inhaled.

Steve’s fondling excited Mark. He knew his son and Tadzio were witnessing the contact, so he gently moved out of the middle of this macho-man sandwich.

When he glanced down, he noticed Billy had a solid erection.

The rush to Mark’s groin was instant. He attempted to hide it. “Well…what are we doing?” Mark ran his hand over his hair as he stepped back. It was then he could see Steve’s cock was pointing his way. Mark wasn’t happy about his son and Tadzio seeing it. He pressed his palm over Steve’s cock. “I brought you clean clothing.”

Steve used Mark’s hand to stroke himself.

“Alexander, why don’t you and Tadzio wait inside?”

“Uh-uh.” Alex shook his head.

“Take off your clothes,” Billy hissed in Mark’s ear, causing his skin to prickle.

“Not with the boys here.” Mark removed his hand from Steve’s grasp. “Alex, nothing is going to happen. Please go inside.” Mark picked up a towel and hid Steve’s erect cock. “Steven, please.”

“Nope.” Alex stepped closer.

“Nope.” Steve licked Mark’s jaw.

Since he was struggling to get control of the situation, Mark backed up quickly and lost his balance. He flailed his arms and landed in the pool.


Billy covered his mouth to avoid an explosive laugh as Mark surfaced and sputtered.

“Nice one, Dad!”

Mark glared at his son.

“Do you have your wallet and phone?” Steve asked, holding the towel in front of his crotch.

“No.” Mark sat on the ledge and dripped.

Billy brought over a towel and crouched beside Mark, taking Mark’s shirt off over his head and wringing it out.

“Don’t do that. It’s silk.” Mark took the towel and dried his face.

Billy shook out the shirt and draped it over the back of a chair. As Mark removed his shoes and socks, Billy shook his head at the hilarity. “Well, it’s the only way to get you to strip.”

“Alex! Get me clean clothing.” Mark shooed him out. “And you help him. Go!” He waved them both on.

Steve used the towel to dry Mark’s back and hair.

“Enough.” Mark held up his hand and appeared exasperated.

Alex and Tadzio entered the house, obviously convinced nothing was going to occur.

Billy hauled Mark to his feet and opened the zipper of his slacks.

“Have no doubt the chlorine will ruin my outfit.” Mark shimmied out of the wet pants. He wore nothing underneath.

Steve made a whimpering noise and Billy tossed the pants on the same chair as the shirt.

Mark wrapped the towel around his hips and tried to act as if he were in control, but Billy knew he was struggling.

“I need a shower.” Mark looked down at himself. “The two of you are impossible.”

“You fell.” Steve wrung out his shorts and briefs, a towel now tucked around his hips.

“How many times must I tell you to not assault me in front of my son and Tadzio?”

“Assault you?” Billy folded his arms.

“Do cover up.” Mark indicated Billy’s cock.

“What the hell for? All of you have seen it, or sucked it.”

“Oy!” Mark swatted him.

“I haven’t sucked it.” Steve shrugged.

“Mark has.” Billy snarled and looped his arm around Mark’s hips, pulling him close.

“Billy, really. There’s a time and a place.” Mark backed away, this time wary of where the pool was. He picked up his wet things, fussing to keep the towel on, and entered the house.

Billy exchanged glances with Steve. “That was fucking hot.”

“I wish I had it on video.” Steve chuckled.

“He’s showering?” Billy perked up.

“What about Alex?” Steve asked.

“Shit.” Billy grabbed his workout clothing. “Never mind.”

“Hey, Sharpe.” Steve held him back.

Billy tried to see into the kitchen, then gave Steve his attention.

“We’ll figure something out.”

“Alex is through filming. I have no idea if he’s scheduled for more auditions.”

Steve patted Billy’s back and they entered the kitchen.


Alex dug through his clothing for an outfit for his father. Tadzio was lying on his belly on the bed behind him, kicking his feet lazily back and forth.

He found a pair of faded jeans and a T-shirt, setting it on a chair, when his father entered the room, holding a towel around his hips.

“Here ya go, Dad.” Alex picked up the clothing.

“What bathroom shall I use, Alex?”

“Use ours.” Alex gestured to the master bathroom.

Mark took the clothing and still looking frazzled, entered the bathroom, closing the door.

“He iz upset.”

Alex sat beside Tadzio. “I don’t know why.”

“His good clothing iz ruined.” Tadzio rolled to his side and propped his head in his palm.

“He’s a downer.” Alex heard talking coming from the hall and sat up. “I wish he’d lighten up.”

Steve and Billy entered the bedroom. Steve pointed to the door. “Mark’s showering?”


Steve tried the doorknob. “Mark? It’s me.”

It opened and Steve entered, closing the door behind him.

Billy turned on his heels and headed down the hall.

Alex stretched to see where he was going. “Nice butt, Chief!”

“Thank you!”

“Why don’t they shower together?” Tadzio asked.

“I told you. Dad’s weird. He’s afraid I’ll be scarred for life if I see him naked.” Alex hopped off the bed and headed to the guest bathroom where Billy was washing up.


Steve dropped the towel to the floor and stepped into the tub behind Mark. Mark was shampooing his hair under the spray.

Mark rinsed the shampoo and allowed Steve access to the showerhead.

Steve held Mark’s hips and brushed their cocks together as he moved by him. “Are you mad at me?”

“No. Should I be? What have you done?” Mark applied conditioner to his hair and then soaped himself up.

Steve lost himself as Mark washed his dick. He closed his eyes as the shampoo rinsed from his hair. Then, he knelt in front of Mark and washed Mark’s cock and balls, using the soap to stimulate him.

“I’m not comfortable doing this here, Steven.”

He looked up. “Why not?”

“Respect my wishes.”

Steve got to his feet and allowed Mark to finish. “You are mad at me.”

Mark wrung out his hair and gave Steve a look of exasperation. “I’m not mad. I’m exhausted!”

Steve held up his hands to deflect the rage and shut off the taps. He rolled back the sliding door, took a bath towel, and stepped onto a mat.

“I’m sorry, Steven. I didn’t plan on a plunge fully clothed.” Mark rubbed a towel over his hair.

“Whatever.” He left the bathroom and looked into the bedroom. It was empty. He wrapped the towel around his hips and searched for Billy. He heard giggling in the guest room and had a peek. Clothing was piled on the rug and the bathroom door was open. Steve stood at the doorway.

Billy had obviously showered because Alex was sucking his dick and Tadzio was eating his ass at the same time.

Before Steve could ask to borrow clothing, Billy went into a climax and gasped.

“Oh! Fuck!” Billy reached for the wall as he came.

Alex jerked off while staring at Billy as Tadzio’s cum coated Billy’s legs.

Once he caught his breath, Billy noticed Steve. “Miller?”

Alex and Tadzio turned to look.

“I…I was going to borrow shorts.” Steve thumbed behind him.

“Dad brought clothing for you. It’s in a bag in the kitchen,” Alex said, smirking, touching himself.

Steve lowered his head and looked for it.


Mark stared into his green eyes as he blew his hair dry with Alex’s hair products and dryer.

Would he have loved to allow Steve and Billy to ravish him?

Mark shifted his weight as he changed hands to blow dry his hair on the opposite side of his head.

Would he have loved to shower with them?

Seeing his rage building, Mark stopped looking at his reflection and kept drying his long hair.

He was struggling with a growing moral dilemma and Steve and Billy weren’t helping matters.

If Alexander were not his son…

If Tadzio wasn’t like a second child to him…

But they were.

Mark shut off the hairdryer and wrapped the cord. He placed it under the sink and put on the pair of jeans Alex had loaned him. They were skin-tight and torn. Mark pulled the T-shirt over his head, seeing it had printing on it.

Even backwards in the mirror Mark read FUCK HATE over a rainbow flag.

He exhaled and tucked the shirt in, then sprayed a light sheen on his locks and rinsed his hands. Mark folded towels, straightened up the bathroom, and opened the door.

He heard laughter.

Mark walked towards the sound and found them all in the kitchen. Tadzio and Alex were cooking breakfast.

Steve and Billy were standing together drinking coffee, smiling happily.

Mark noticed his damp clothing and took a look at it. He shook his head at the state of his expensive things and folded them up. He pocketed his house key, hoping the dry cleaners could salvage his designer outfit.

He placed the clothing into the bag he had brought Steve’s clothes in, and set it with his shoes at the front door.

Mark brushed his hair back from his eyes and listened to the four men in the other room laughing and teasing each other.

He cupped the key in his palm, picked up the bag of clothing and shoes, and left, walking barefoot back to his home.


Hearing the door, Steve perked up and had a look into the living room. “Mark?” He set his coffee mug down and entered the room.

“Did he leave?” Billy asked.

Shaking his head, Steve said, “He’s not himself. Something’s going on.”

“Do you want to go after him?”

“No. I don’t.” Steve returned to the kitchen.

Alex looked up from tending the turkey sausages. “Let me guess, Dad’s not eating.”

Tadzio peeked into the oven and removed the breakfast quiche he had made, setting it on a hotplate.

“I don’t know what he’s doing.” Steve refilled his and Billy’s coffee mugs.

“He leave?” Tadzio asked.

Alex met Steve’s gaze. “Dad left?”

“It’s fine, Alex.” Steve tugged on Alex’s hair playfully.

“The dude’s uptight.” Alex shook his head. “He’s so worried about appearances. Do you think Tadzio and I care if you guys play around?”

Steve knew Mark would be angry if they discussed this without him so he changed the topic. “When’s your next movie audition, Alex?”


“Are we seeing Mark this weekend?” Adam Lewis asked his husband, Jack Larsen.

“I got a text from him an hour ago. He said he’s game for anything.” Jack took off his eyeglasses and folded the newspaper he’d been reading. They had woken up late and were having brunch after working out.

Adam checked his phone, and then looked out at the ocean through their sliding glass doors. They owned a house in Malibu with the beach as their backyard.

“They could come here. The weather’s gorgeous.” Adam opened up the newspaper and browsed the dismal headlines.

Jack picked up his phone and appeared to be texting.

“We can have a barbecue.” Adam removed the ads from the paper, seeing what was on sale.

“I let him know.” Jack stretched his arms over his head. “I was going to ride Shadow for an hour. Wanna come?”

“And what? Ride double on your horse?” Adam chuckled.

“No. You can ride Mark’s horse.”

“I’ll pass. Horses aren’t my thing. Ask Mark to go with you.”

“Nah. I want time alone.”

Adam raised his eyebrows. “Really? Burned out on Richfield?”

“I hate to admit, I enjoy a drama-free lifestyle.” Jack brought their empty plates to the sink.

“Leave it. Go ride.”

“Thanks.” Jack kissed Adam as he walked out of the room.

Adam folded the newspaper and stared at the waves crashing. He sent Mark a text, ‘BBQ here?’

Nothing came back.


Mark sat on the ground at a lookout point. He was spending a lot of time staring into space. He tugged a long blade of grass out of the ground and snapped pieces off of it.

Rustling noises behind him made him look over his shoulder. His white stallion, Piccadilly’s Phantom munched the tall grass and flapped his lips at Mark affectionately. Mark rose to his feet and petted the big horse, cooing softly. “The flies are terrible.” He brushed them away from Piccadilly’s eyelashes.

“Come, my love.” Mark mounted the horse, taking the rein and walking back to the stable.

He hadn’t bothered with a saddle, sitting bareback on the big equine.

Piccadilly made his way to the barn without Mark prodding.

Mark slid off his high back and removed the bridle, exchanging it for a halter. As he picked up a clean soft rag to use on Piccadilly’s face to apply a lotion to keep the flies away, he noticed Shadow outside of his stall.

Then he spotted Jack, carrying a western saddle, stand next to the black horse.

Since Piccadilly wasn’t tied to a ring, he walked towards Shadow, who Mark assumed was the love of his life.

Jack took notice. “Mark?”

“Hullo, lovely.” Mark found the insect repellant and used it on Piccadilly.

“What’s with the outfit? No britches and boots?” Jack fastened the cinch. “A ‘fuck hate’ T-shirt? Man, that’s not your style.”

Mark ignored him and led his horse back to the stall.


“There you go, my pet. The flies will leave you be.” Mark used a brush to clean his horse’s coat and made sure he was well groomed.

After he finished, Jack was high in the saddle and walked closer.

Mark shut the stall’s lower door and came face to face with Shadow’s big black head. He smiled and gave him a good petting.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked.

“Yes.” Mark walked to the sink to wash his hands.


About to scream, Mark inhaled for calm. “What?”

“Adam suggested you and Steve come by for a barbecue later this evening.”

“Whatever.” Mark rinsed his hands, drying them on the faded jeans he was wearing.

“I…I was going to call you to let you know I was riding…”

“I’ll see you later.” Mark faked a model smile and left the stable.

He sat in his car and checked his phone. A text was there from Adam about the barbecue, and one more was on his phone.

Mark perked up at the information. He put the phone to his ear and said, “Well! I didn’t expect that.”

“Me neither. Needless to say, I’m a very happy man.”

Mark smiled shyly and started the car.

Chapter 3

Steve helped clean up the kitchen with the others. He loaded the dishwasher and started it since it was full.

Billy wiped counters and Tadzio emptied the coffee pot of grounds while Alex took out the trash.

Steve dried his hands and checked the time. He didn’t have his phone since he had come from his run. “I should head home.”

Billy tossed the sponge into the sink and put his hands on his hips. “What are you guys doing for dinner?”

“We have tentative plans with Adam and Jack.” Steve noticed a phone on the counter and glanced at it. “Yours?”

“Mine.” Tadzio set the empty coffee carafe in the drain board and approached Steve. “You need my phone?”

“I was just thinking about Mark. I’ll let you know about dinner.” Steve touched Billy’s cheek and kissed him.

Since he’d returned from the trash detail, Alex and Tadzio moaned in harmony at the sexy smooch.

“Later.” Billy reached out to touch Steve as he headed to the door.


Steve waved at Alex and Tadzio and walked to his house, feeling the heat from the rising temperatures. He wanted to spend more time with Billy this evening, feeling a close bond with him that he didn’t feel with either Jack or Adam.

He loved those men, but Jack was a lawyer, knocking heads with law enforcement at times, and Adam was a talent agent. He had nothing in common with Adam at all.

Steve had a lot in common with Billy and the man was growing on him.

He arrived at his home and tried the door handle. It was locked. He knocked, then rang the bell. “Mark?” Steve made his way to the living room window and peeked in. The house appeared empty.

“Are you kidding me?” He didn’t have his key or his phone. He banged louder on the door. “Mark?” Steve threw up his hands and headed back to Alex’s home, knowing Alex had a spare key.


Mark pulled up to an apartment house in West Hollywood. Since the parking was awful, he texted he had arrived.

A message returned. Mark put his car in park and lowered the music, nudging his sunglasses higher on his nose.

He spotted someone waving at him, gesturing to the secure underground parking.

Mark drove closer to the gate and it rolled back for him. He followed directions and parked in a guest space. Mark exited the TVR and put his sunglasses on top of his head.


“I’m a mess.” Mark gestured to the torn jeans and T-shirt. “I was riding my horse.”

“You look amazing to me.”

Mark pocketed his car key and accepted a kiss on the cheek. He touched this man’s large biceps as he did.

“That’s a hell of a car.”

“There aren’t many in the US. I believe it’s considered a high-performance race car to some.”

“Holy shit.”

Mark felt proud as his unique car was admired.

“I’d expect nothing less from you.” He got a wave. “Come inside. It’s getting hot out here.”

“In more ways than one.” Mark smiled flirtatiously.

The secure door was opened for him, and Mark entered first into the lobby.

“Where to, love?” Mark asked.

“Up.” The elevator was called to the lobby, and the two of them stepped inside it.

Mark watched as Stan pushed the button for the top floor.

Stan held back the door for Mark and Mark exited the elevator and waited. Stan led the way down a hall.

Mark knew Stan worked as a limousine driver, since it was how they had met.

Stan unlocked a door and gestured for Mark to go inside.

Mark did, having a look around. The apartment wasn’t large, but it was nicely furnished, with taste and class.

It was filled with sunlight and the furniture was new, minimalist, and colorful artwork hung on the walls.

“Can I get you a drink?” Stan tossed his key on the table.

“Water?” Mark removed his sunglasses and took a seat on a loveseat with a view of the balcony and city beyond.

Stan brought two bottles of water, handing Mark one, and sat across from him on the matching sofa.

“When did you find out?” Mark sipped the water.

“I got a text this morning.”

“I must admit I was surprised to hear from you. Adam Lewis doesn’t represent models.”

“He wasn’t the one who got me the gig.” Stan set the plastic bottle on the coffee table, one that had a stack of glamour magazines as well as picture books. “Before you referred me to him, I had sent out at least a hundred headshots and resumes.”

“I assume you have a non-exclusive contract with Mr Lewis.” Mark brushed his hair back from his face after he placed his sunglasses on the coffee table.

“I do.”

“You’ll love working with them. Dangereux are pure class.” Mark put his bottle down as well, and crossed his legs.

“I love their ads.” Stan held up a magazine. Mark’s latest cologne ad was on the back page. “But, how can you go wrong with a model this hot?”

Mark modestly accepted the compliment. “They did inform me I was going to be paired up with a tough guy,” Mark teased. “You don’t look so tough.”

Stan blushed slightly and shifted on the sofa.

“You’re big…that’s for certain.” Mark touched his lower lip as he admired this handsome man.

“Are you sure I can’t get you anything else?” Stan rested his elbows on his knees.

“I’m sure.” Mark teethed his knuckle as he spoke.

“So, uh…you have a horse?”

“I do.” Mark chuckled.

“I’ve never ridden.”

“I’ve been riding since I was a lad.” Mark picked up the water bottle and drank from it, staring at Stan as he did.

Stan mirrored him, drinking from the bottle and they placed them down at the same time.

“So.” Stan interlaced his fingers on his lap. “I haven’t been sent on any auditions since Adam Lewis signed me.”

Mark toed off his shoes and tucked one leg under him. “No worries, love. He’s a very busy man. He’ll come through for you, have no doubt.” Mark tugged at the threads on the tear on the knee of the jeans. “Do you still drive for the limo service?”

“I do. I need the cash.”

“A day off today?” Mark admired Stan’s broad shoulders and rounded pectoral muscles. He was wearing a tight crewneck top, dark blue, and cargo shorts. He noticed a tattoo under Stan’s upper arm. It was writing, but Mark couldn’t read what it said.

“I’ve asked for time off. I was working on call, and that meant I couldn’t do much without getting nailed for a run to the airport.”

Mark gazed around the apartment. “It’s very nice. Cozy.”

“Thanks. Not as nice as your place in Bel Air.”

“I would have enjoyed living in West Hollywood when I was younger.”

“Where did you live?” Stan picked up the water and finished it.

“Well…” Mark toyed with his hair. “I lived at home until I left for college.” He stared at an abstract painting behind the sofa where Stan was seated. “My parents owned an estate up north, in Paradise.” He placed both feet on the floor and sank into the cushions. “Then, I lived off campus whilst attending university with my roommate.” He got lost in Stan’s eyes. “Uh…then after I graduated, I moved into a house with the same man…then…” Mark became distracted by the size of Stan’s biceps. “Uh…then after I married Steven, we purchased the home in Bel Air.”

“You never lived on your own?”


“How long have you been married?”

Mark touched his wedding band, rolling it around his finger.

“That long?” Stan chuckled.

“Yes. Well.” He sat up higher in the cushions.

“That’s not the most comfortable seat in the room.” Stan obviously noticed him fidget.

“Would you believe I prefer the floor whilst I am home?”

Stan patted the spot beside him on the sofa.

“Oh, lovely.” Mark took a deep breath. “That’s asking for trouble.”

“I won’t touch you. Promise.” He held up his hands.

Mark wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t touch Stan. He shifted on the padded cushions again. “Well…I must be going if for no other reason- to change clothing. I can smell Piccadilly on me.” Mark reached for his sunglasses.

Stan rose to his feet.

While putting on his shoes, Mark saw the outline of an erect cock through Stan’s shorts.

Obviously seeing Mark notice, Stan nudged it. “Sorry.”

“No need.” Mark was dealing with his own.

A chime of a phone drew Stan’s attention. As he picked it up to read, Mark tried to get his libido under control. He rose to his feet and adjusted his semi-erect cock quickly before Stan noticed.

Stan glanced at him. “Hey. What are you doing this evening?”

“I’ve been asked to join friends for a barbecue. Why?” Mark placed his sunglasses on top of his head.

“A bunch of my buddies are going to an amusement center. We play paintball and mess around.”

Mark’s mouth watered at the ‘bunch of buddies’ comment. His fantasy kicked in. Men. Buff, muscular brutes in helmets and padding. “Friends of yours? I assume they are young men.”

“Young?” Stan put the phone down on the kitchen counter. “We’re not that young.” He smiled.

Dimples to die for. Mark battled to rein it in.

“I’m twenty-six. What are you, thirty?”

Hearing Stan was younger than Alex, Mark’s enthusiasm died. “Yes. Well. I must be going.”

“I’ll walk you down.” Stan opened the door to his unit.

Mark left first, and waited for Stan. He closed his door and gestured for Mark to lead the way.

They took the elevator to the lobby, silently, Mark brooding. Stan walked with him to the underground parking area and they stood by Mark’s car.

Stan ran his fingertips over the paint. “Love the color. Blue-purple?”

“It changes in the sunlight.” Mark held his key in his palm. “I do wish they were still in business. I would love to upgrade. This is a 2002 model.”

“No!” Stan walked to the front of the car. “Holy crap. It’s sex on a stick.”

Mark opened the driver’s door. “So, my lovely, I shall see you at the shoot?”

Stan approached him, gazing into Mark’s eyes. The intensity made Mark hold his breath. Stan’s eyes were either green or hazel.

“You have my number. You know how to reach me.”

“I do.” Mark licked his lips as he imagined what Stan was like in bed.

Stan hesitantly touched Mark’s hair. The attraction between them was undeniable.

Mark’s pulse skyrocketed.

Sensing a barrier to their connection, Stan allowed his arm to drop to his side. Before he backed away, Mark cupped his jaw, feeling Stan’s coarse beard growth, and kissed him.

Stan whimpered against his mouth and before they got carried away, Mark parted from their kiss. He sat behind the wheel and started the car.

His sunglasses on his nose, Mark backed out of the parking spot while Stan watched him leave.

He spotted the handsome man in his rearview mirror and moaned in agony. “Bollocks.”


Steve slouched on the sofa in their den watching baseball on TV. He checked the time and was tempted to text Mark, but didn’t. They had plans to go to Jack and Adam’s for dinner, but as the evening progressed and Mark was MIA, Steve lost his desire to sit and hang out waiting for him.

He checked his phone to make sure Mark had not sent him a text. He had not.

Since he knew how Adam operated, he sent him a message. ‘Did you prepare dinner already?

Not yet. Why?

Mark’s been gone all day.’

Jack said he was riding.’

“Oh.” Steve said to himself.

Would you prefer rescheduling?’ Adam asked.

Steve listened for any sign that Mark was home. No car engine, no garage opening…

When did Jack ride?’ he asked Adam.

Hours ago. Mark left when he arrived.’

Steve sat up, placing his feet on the floor. He called Adam.

“Hey, Steve.”

“Mark left hours ago?”

“Jack?” Adam obviously was talking to his husband. “When did Mark leave Glendale?”

Steve heard Jack reply, “I don’t know. Maybe one?”

“One?” Steve said, “It’s four!”

“What do you want to do?” Adam asked.

“I hate to leave you hanging.”

“Why don’t we reschedule for tomorrow?”

“Thanks, Adam.”

“No problem. See ya.”

Steve disconnected the call and tried not to be angry. Just as he thought about sending Mark a text, he heard the garage door open. Steve turned off the TV and rose to his feet, heading to the kitchen.

Mark parked the TVR as the double doors closed to the garage. Steve crossed his arms, waiting.

Seeing Mark was still in Alex’s clothing, Steve had no idea where Mark had been. Mark approached him.

“How was the ride?” Steve asked, trying to be civil.

Mark looked surprised. “How did you know I was at the stable?” Then, Mark narrowed his eyes. “Jackie?”

“Adam just told me.”

“I’m shattered.” Mark took off his shoes and headed up to the second floor. Steve followed.

Mark removed Alex’s clothing and placed the items from the pockets on the dresser.

“I told Adam we’ll see them tomorrow for dinner.”

“Why?” Mark paused before heading to the bathroom.

“What was I supposed to do? You were gone!”

“Steven. Why are you so cross with me?”

“Ya know? I assume weekends are for us to play. You work so much we never have a chance to do anything fun.”

“Fun?” Mark narrowed his eyes at him. “You were happy to swim naked in Alex’s pool. Am I to assume you call that work?” Mark stormed into the bathroom and shut the door.

Steve’s blood pressure rose with his temper. He opened the bathroom door to see Mark waiting for the water to warm in the shower. Mark glowered at him.

“Ya wanna fight every weekend? Huh?” Steve put his hands on his hips. “Ya wanna turn into one of those couples?”

“Get away from me.” Mark stepped into the tub.

Steve’s frustration was piqued. He slammed the sliding glass door open making Mark jump from the crash. “Richfield…what the fuck is wrong with you?”

“With me?” Mark pressed his hand to his chest. “I’m not the one picking fights! Bloody hell, Steven, give it a flamin’ rest!” Mark tried to shut the glass door on him.

Steve prevented it. “Don’t you dare.”

Mark sank to the bottom of the tub, the water pelting him. He covered his face and kept still.

Steve leaned on the glass door. “Mark.”

Slowly, Mark rose to his feet and continued to function, avoiding Steve’s gaze.


“I’m very tired.” Mark rinsed off quickly and shut the taps.

Steve held a towel, ready for him. Mark stepped out of the tub and Steve wrapped it around him, drying him. “Why don’t you take a nap?”

“I intended to.” Mark rubbed a towel over his hair.

“Is there anything I can do?”


“What?” Steve stared at Mark through the mirror’s reflection.

“Give me one decent night’s rest.”

Now he knew. Insomnia was driving Mark out of his mind.

“I’ll let you finish.” Steve backed out of the bathroom and picked up Alex’s jeans and T-shirt. He held them to his nose, and did indeed, catch a scent of Mark’s horse on the pants. He dropped the clothing into the hamper and turned down the bed. Steve pulled the blinds to darken the room and waited for Mark, Mark’s teddy bear on his lap.


Billy read through a few police reports he had taken home with him. His eyeglasses on, he made notes to himself on addressing media relations on Monday, and then took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

Alex and Tadzio were playing in the pool, obviously done with their memorizing.

He picked up his phone to see if he’d missed any messages and noticed one from his former LAPD SWAT buddies. It was an invitation for a beer.

Smiling, Billy accepted the invite. He forwarded the message on to Steve, and then returned the incident reports to his valise and headed outside.

Alex and Tadzio were wrestling naked in the pool.

Billy shook his head and smiled, wondering how many fans of these two would kill to watch this. “Uh hum?”

Tadzio stopped dunking Alex and smiled at him.

Alex slicked back his hair and said, “Yes?”

“I’m going for a beer with the guys later. Just an FYI.”

“We can come?” Tadzio climbed onto Alex’s back and held on.

“Nope.” Billy chuckled.

“Billy?” Alex asked, “We can’t?”

“Just cops.” Billy wasn’t keen on the boiling heat outside and made a move to step back into the cool house.

“Just caps?” Tadzio asked.

“Cops!” Alex shouted and dunked him.

Billy closed the slider behind him and opened the fridge, taking out rolls and deli meats for a sandwich.


Mark finished in the bathroom and stepped into the bedroom. Steve perked up and patted the bed beside him. Since Steve had made the room dim, Mark crawled into the clean sheets and felt the soft gusts from the spinning ceiling fan. He stretched out, so tired he needed to sleep for weeks to catch up.

Steve set the stuffed bear beside Mark and scooted closer, caressing Mark’s hair, trying to soothe him.

Mark closed his eyes, ready to nod off, when his mind became active and his thoughts would not turn off. It was the same frustrating cycle he’d dealt with for decades.

Resolved to at least rest his body, Mark stayed put, hoping Steve’s calming presence would help him drift off.

Chapter 4

Mark stirred after he’d dozed off. He was surprised he’d slept. He sat up and yawned, rubbing his face and eyes. With the long summer days, Mark became disoriented since there was still bright sunshine coming in from around the blinds.

He checked the time on the digital clock and it read ‘6:45pm.’ Mark got out of bed and entered the bathroom, freshening up. He brushed his hair, splashed his face, and relieved himself.

After he had finished, he headed down the stairs. He looked into the den, then the kitchen. Steve wasn’t here.

Mark was about to call his cell-phone when he spotted a handwritten note on the counter by the door to the garage.

Out for the evening’

Mark had a feeling he had indeed irritated his husband. He crushed the note and tossed it out, then took a bottle of water from the fridge and guzzled it thirstily.

He checked his phone for missed messages and had none.


Steve poured more beer from the pitcher into his pint glass. The televisions inside the bar were broadcasting sporting events, everything from NASCAR to baseball.

He held up the pitcher. “Anyone need a top up?”

Billy finished what he had left in his glass and held it out to Steve.

Two of Billy’s LAPD SWAT buddies had joined him and the chief for a beer. After Steve filled everyone’s mug, Manny got the waitress’ attention.

She approached their table.

“Another pitcher, please, and how about more nachos?” Manny checked to see the consensus at the table.

Everyone agreed. The waitress picked up the empty pitcher and plates and left.

Steve leaned his elbows on the table while Bernie continued to talk about a construction project he was doing on his home.

As he dazed off, thinking about nothing in particular, he felt something touch his leg.

Billy had given his thigh a squeeze to get his attention. When Steve glanced at him, Billy mouthed, ‘You okay?

Trying not to interrupt Bernie’s conversation, Steve ran his hand down Billy’s thigh under the table and squeezed back, trying to communicate he was fine.

The waitress brought a full pitcher to their table. The men stopped talking and sat back as she did.

“The nachos will be out shortly.”

Steve asked, “Can I get a tequila shot?” He thumbed at Billy. “He’s driving.”

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