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Hockey and Romance

Gay Ice Hockey Romance

By: Tama Alvarez

Table of Contents

Hockey and Romance


After being dumped by his boyfriend who went on to date his best friend, Blake Woods, a NHL star suddenly finds himself failing terribly in his games. His team starts losing badly and if it keeps up, he'll be kicked off the team.

One night, he's taken to a club in the red light district with gay, lesbian and straight strippers and the night ends up with him taking one of the strippers, a male named Trey Emmerson, to a love hotel and they spend the night together. And when he plays his next game, they win by a landslide!

Blake believes that Trey may be his lucky charm so he dates him to keep winning his games but when Trey finds out, what will happen with their relationship?

Chapter 1

“I'm sorry, Blake. You're way too obsessed with your stupid hockey career. You don't pay any attention to me. I'm breaking up with you; I need a man who will love me and give me the attention that I want and deserve. Your friend, Kieran, now he's a piece of man that can keep his promises. No hard feelings. And we can still be friends, okay?”

Blake could still hear those words of his ex-boyfriend, Paris, echoing in his head and it made his heart ache every time. After a four-month-long relationship, he was horribly dumped after his big win in the playoffs. When he returned home to tell his lover the great news, he was greeted with those harsh words along with Paris all packed up and ready to leave. Things got even worse when he was called by his best friend, Kieran, who wanted to check up on him. To his dismay, he heard Paris in the background, giggling and saying incredibly seductive things. He hung up the phone and ignored any calls from Kieran and everyone else.

One of the best members of the National Hockey League (NHL), 28-year-old Blake Woods had a winning streak of 15 consecutive games. Not only was he an incredibly talented player, he was also an intelligent and humble man with devilishly good looks. However, none of that meant anything to him once Paris broke up with him. It seemed like once his love life went down the drain, everything else good in his life went along with it, including his winning streak, which had come to a sudden end.

The playoffs were only five months away so Blake knew that he couldn't afford to screw up but it seemed as though he couldn't help himself. As he and his team played against the Ice Racers, he couldn't seem to focus and made mistakes that rookies wouldn't even make, tripping over his own feet, passing the puck to the other team and running into other players. It was like that for almost three weeks before his coach decided to intervene.

“Listen Woods, maybe you should take some time off until you can get your head back in the game. If you keep going on like this, you'll pull the team down with you. And we don't need that.”

It felt as if once Paris left him, his life had spiraled into madness. But as desperate as he was to fix things, he wouldn't swallow his pride and beg for Paris to take him back. And he doubted that even if he begged and pleaded with all his heart and soul, Paris would take him back, especially since he had apparently moved on rather quickly. One evening, while Blake was watching his team finish up practice for their game on Friday, one of his teammates, Vivian McCarthy, asked if he'd like to go with him to a new nightclub that had opened up in the red light district.

“It might take your mind off of things.” were Vivian's words. An hour or so later, he and Blake were in a place called the Rogue Night. It was filled with loud, pumping music, the smell of cheap perfume and heavy cologne and, in almost every corner of the club, there were male and female strippers dressed in clothing that left little or nothing to the imagination. Blake and Vivian got a table and ordered a couple of drinks. While Vivian played with one of the female strippers with huge breasts, Blake simply drank and glanced around the club with a bored expression on his face.

“Hey, you look like shit.”

The snarky voice made Blake turn his head and he saw a young man with silver hair, leafy green eyes and a frown on his face as he stared down at Blake. He was wearing black booty shorts with straps over his shoulders and his body was slender with enough muscle to not look too skinny. Blake assumed he was no more than 23 years old.

“Do you always approach people with that attitude?” Blake said.

“I'm only saying what I see.” The stripper crossed his arms over his chest. “You'll bring down the mood in here if you keep making that disgusting face.”

Blake rolled his eyes. “I'm not going to listen to you, booty shorts.”

“My name isn't booty shorts, fucker. It's Trey.”

“Well Trey, unless you can find some way to cheer me up then I'll continue to look like this.”

He didn't realize that the guy would actually think he was serious. Trey suddenly let out an exasperated sigh and looked over his shoulder. “Erick! I'm leaving early. Tell the boss I'll make up my missed hours tomorrow!”

“Gotcha, Trey!”

“You, let's go.”

Trey grabbed Blake’s hand and pulled him from his seat and out the club exit. “Hey, hey! Where the hell are we going?!”

“Where else? A love hotel. Obviously, something shitty happened to you so I'm going to help you cheer up. I swear, the shit I do for people like you...”

Trey led Blake to a nearby hotel and they were able to get a room on the second floor. Inside was a large bed, a silver bucket with ice and a large bottle of booze inside of it…and the room lights were low. Trey pulled Blake inside and closed the door behind him.

“This is a little bit much,” Blake said, glancing back at Trey who went over to pour them drinks. “I know you're a stripper and all but pulling a stranger into a love hotel is just-”

“Shut the hell up and drink already,” Trey said with irritation, as he shoved the glass in Blake's hands, one hand on his hip. “I'm going to cheer you up so just be quiet.”

The next morning rolled around and found Blake groggily waking up with a pounding headache. He sat up, holding his head and groaning. Laying by his side was Trey, sleeping comfortably. The hazy memories of the events the previous evening came rushing back to him and he shook his head, wondering how he had let himself get talked into going into a love hotel with a guy he barely knew. Slipping out of the bed, he quickly got dressed and left the hotel without looking back. He hailed a taxi and made a call to Vivian who had tried to reach him ten times after he left.

“Blake, what happened to you last night?” came Vivian's worried voice over the phone.

“Sorry Vivian, I went to a love hotel with a stripper and slept with him.” Blake rubbed his temples. “I didn't mean to sleep with him but, damn, he was really persistent and forceful.”

He heard Vivian sigh. “Well, maybe now you'll be able to think a bit more clearly. I'm at the rink so I'll let Coach know you're ready to play again. Get here quickly.”

“Got it.”

The taxi brought him to the ice rink. He rushed inside and quickly got changed before heading out to the rink. His coach gave him a look but allowed him onto the ice with the others. Blake was worried but he took a deep breath and readied himself. Once the buzzer sounded, he took off, focused solely on the game. His teammates and his coach were all surprised. Blake was scoring goals, easily avoiding the shoving of the other team and moving across the ice with a nice speed. When the time ended, Blake and his team had won by 25 points.

“Holy shit, Blake, that was incredible!” Vivian said as they celebrated.

“Good game, Woods.” The coach nodded at him. “I knew that if you cooled your head for a bit, you'd get back into your normal flow.”

Blake grinned. “Thanks, Coach…And you too, Viv for taking me out last night.” His mind suddenly flashed an image of Trey glaring at him. “I think I know what caused my great playing.”

That evening, Trey was relaxing on the balcony of the second floor of Rogue Night, a cigarette lit between his fingers. He took a puff and exhaled the rings of smoke. The club had already opened for business but he needed a smoke or two before he started his double shift. A frown fell on his lips and he scoffed, leaning on his hand.

“I have to work a damned double shift because I wanted to get laid by that guy…what the fuck was I thinking?” He took another puff of his cigarette. “Then he leaves me without even saying anything. How fucking annoying…but he really was handsome. Dammit, the first guy I willingly sleep with leaves me hanging like a wet blanket.”


Trey glanced back into the shadowy room, narrowing his eyes. “Who the fuck is there?”

“I'm starting to think you're attitude doesn't get you many customers.” Blake stepped onto the balcony, smiling a bit. “So you were up here.”

“Who told you where I was?” Trey asked.

“One of your co-workers named Dazzle,” Blake responded with a shrug.

“Stupid bitch.” Trey cursed, then leaned his back against the railing. “Well, you don't have that shitty look on your face anymore. So, what do you want?”

Blake took a step forward. “Actually, I wanted to ask you out.”

Trey nearly choked on his smoke, coughing heavily as he tossed away his cigarette. “W-What the hell are you talking about, you fucking moron?!”

“I want to go out with you.”

“Y-You…you can't be serious, right? I'm a guy and a stripper! I sleep around with tons of women and I smoke and drink like crazy!”

“That doesn't matter to me. I want to go out with you. I know I left you after we had sex but I was afraid that you would regret what you did. After all, it seemed like it was your first time with a guy. You were really tight.”

Trey went red again. “S-Shut up...”

“But I'm completely serious. You're something else and I want to get to know you better. I want to be by your side and I want to be inside you again. Let me be your lover, Trey.”

The seriousness on Blake's face and in his voice made Trey's face heat up with embarrassment and he turned his gaze elsewhere. Blake could see his hands trembling a bit and the tips of his ears were bright red. “Just so you know, I've never really been asked out before, especially not by a guy. You must have a lot of balls to do this.”

“Well, you would know that,” Blake said with a smirk.

“Shut up!” Trey snapped and Blake laughed at the silver-haired man’s reaction. “You bastard…I hope you know what you're getting into! I'm not some whiny woman and I'm not gonna act like a little bitch! I won't hesitate to punch you in the face if you fuck around or cheat on me!”

“Don't worry, I don't have any intention of cheating on you,” Blake said, coming closer. “You know, you're really cute, Trey.”

Trey's face went red and he swallowed hard. “You're too straightforward...” he murmured.

“So, can I hear your answer, Trey?”

Blake lifted Trey's face and their eyes locked. He could feel the young man shaking in his arms and Trey made a small noise as their faces were brought close together. “O-Okay… I'll...I'll go out with you.”

“Trey, is it okay for me to kiss you?”

“Don't ask an embarrassing question like that when you know the answer!” Trey said angrily, blushing furiously.

“You are really cute.”

Cupping Trey's face, Blake closed the distance between their lips and kissed him gently. Trey shuddered but allowed Blake to kiss him. The ravenette pulled away and smiled at the blushing silver-haired stripper who looked away.

“You're making a stupid decision.” Trey mumbled. “I'm really not the type of guy a person dates.”

“Then let me show you what it's like.” Blake kissed Trey's cheek and handed him a shiny, gold key as well as a small note. “Here, take this.”

“What is it?”

“The key to my home.”

“What? You can't give me something like this!”

“Yes, I can. When you finish with work tonight, come to the address written on the paper. Tomorrow, I'm going to take you out on a date so you better be prepared. I gotta go now. See you tonight, Trey.”

And he left the blushing young man there without another word.

Later on in the evening, after Trey finished work, he ended up following the directions that were given to him. With a key in hand, he approached Blake’s house with slight anxiety. He unlocked the door and peered inside. The house was dark and silent and the only sign of life inside was a small kitten with fluffy, white fur. It looked at Trey and meowed softly, almost questioningly, but Trey was sure he was imagining that. With the kitten following him, the silver-haired young man ascended the steps that led to the second floor.

“Which bedroom is mine?” he wondered aloud.

Choosing the second door on the right, he entered a dark blue-colored room with a fairly-sized bed, a bookshelf with a desk and recliner, and a small balcony. Trey stared in awe, the room was spacious and comfortable-looking. The kitten didn't waste much time before it hopped onto the headboard of the bed and sat down, staring at Trey like it was waiting for him. He frowned and pulled the door towards himself, leaving it cracked open before slowly taking all of his clothes off, everything except his boxers. Climbing into the bed, he was surprised by how incredibly soft and comforting it was. With the blankets up around his chin and the kitten now curled up by his pillow, he drifted off into a deep, deep sleep.

The next morning brought the sun’s bright rays past the curtains hanging over the glass doors, illuminating the room Trey slept in. Rousing from his rather pleasant slumber, he laid there for a moment, reveling in the warmth of the blankets and feeling slightly reluctant to get up. He rolled over to his other side and came face-to-face with Blake who sat by the bedside, watching him with a smile.

“Good morning Trey.” the ravenette said, still smiling.

Trey nearly had a heart attack and fell off the bed in shock. “How long were you watching me, you fucking creep?!”

“Only a few minutes. I saw you sleeping and I couldn't help but think you were really cute.” Blake chuckled at the silver-haired man’s flushed face at his words. “Though if I had told you to go into the master bedroom, we could have slept together.”

“Don't be stupid!”

“What do you mean? We've already done it once before.”

Trey blushed deeply and Blake laughed. “I got you some clothes that I thought would look good on you so you can hurry up and get ready.”

“Ready?” Trey asked, puzzled.

“I told you, I'm taking you on a date today.” Blake stood up with a grin. “Now move your cute, little butt.”

“Don't call my ass cute, you weirdo!”

Blake sat in the living room, flicking through the channels of his flat screen TV. He heard footsteps from the hallway and Trey entered the room, his pale cheeks flushed red. The clothes that Blake had picked out were from the few outfits that Paris had left in his closet, though he didn't know if that was intentional or not. Trey was wearing a loose, dark red shirt with the straps settled on his forearm instead of his shoulders, black pants that perfectly hugged his behind and legs and black designer boots. Surprisingly, the clothes fit Trey really well and made him look incredibly attractive. And the blush on his face was equally adorable, similar to how Paris would blush when he was nervous or embarrassed.

“So, where are we going anyway?” Trey asked with a frown. “If it's lame, I'll kick your ass.”

Blake laughed and stood up. “We’re just going out for a movie, a visit to the aquarium then a nice dinner at a restaurant. Does that sound good to you?”

“Hmph, I guess so…”

“Good, let's go, then.”

Blake locked up the house and he brought his black Chevrolet Equinox out of the garage. Trey climbed into the passenger seat and Blake pulled out of his driveway, speeding down the street. It only took them twenty minutes to arrive at the massive shopping center where the theater was. Blake and Trey both decided on a zombie apocalypse movie. Blake paid for the tickets and their snacks before the two headed into the darkened theater. Taking their seats in the further back area, they had a few minutes to kill before the movie started. Trey glanced at Blake periodically, still skeptical about the two of them dating. They were pretty different people. He looked down at his clothes, touching them gingerly. No one had ever bought him clothes before and he hadn’t known how to react when Blake gave him this gift. It was kind and thoughtful. Maybe dating the man wouldn't be so bad.

“Trey?” Blake's voice brought Trey out of his thoughts, and he was instantly flustered that he was even thinking about such things.

“Yeah, what?” he asked, blushing a bit.

Blake grinned at him. “You're really cute, y’know.”

“I am not, stop saying that!”

Finally, the rest of the seats in the theater were filled and the movie began. It turned out that zombie-filled cities, bloody fight scenes and gory brain-eating dead walkers were a favorite of both men. They laughed, cheered and even shuddered at the same parts. Trey noticed this and found it weird but didn't mention it. The movie ran for an hour and thirty minutes and when it was over, the two men talked about it for another fifteen minutes. The aquarium was their next destination, a place popular with couples and always filled to the brim. Blake and Trey walked along side by side, gazing at the pretty fish that swam around happily. When moving to the deep sea exhibit, Trey was awed when a huge Great White Shark zoomed through the waters, showing off its tremendously large teeth.

While his silver-haired companion stared into the tank, Blake stepped a bit closer and gently took Trey's hand with his own. Trey froze and looked down at their hands. He blushed lightly and glanced at Blake with a questioning look on his face. Blake countered it with a goofy smile.

“We're dating, right? Isn't it ok for us to hold hands then?”

“You're an idiot.” Trey lowered his eyes and Blake felt him intertwine their fingers, their hands now locked together. “Only a weirdo moron would think of something sappy like this.”

“Yeah, I know,” Blake smiled to himself. Perfect.

And finally, their date finished with a delightful dinner at a restaurant called Passions and Roses. With friendly wait staff, calming music, and the smell of delicious food wafting in the air, the place was already a great choice. The food was extraordinary. Trey had never had such tasty food before but that was not surprising considering that he usually ate instant ramen noodles and bread. Blake couldn't help but smile as he watched the excitement in Trey's eyes while he ate, even though his mouth was still set in a stubborn expression.

Once they finished their dinner and had a bit of dessert, Blake paid the check and the two departed hand-in-hand. Blake brought them back to his place and Trey suddenly tensed, wondering if the ravenette was expecting sex. But that didn't seem to be the case when they entered the house. Blake gave him a smile and a light kiss on the cheek.

“This was fun, don't you think?”

Trey looked confused then looked down, nodding slowly. “We...we'll do stuff like that again...right?”

“Of course. We're lovers, after all.”

“Yeah…we are.”

“You should get some sleep, alright?”

“Okay...” Trey paused for a second. “Hey!”

Blake turned to look at him and was met with a quick kiss. He pulled away, flustered. “I had a really nice time so we should go on another date soon! Goodnight!” And he raced up the stairs without another word. The ravenette stood there with a small smirk slowly crossing his face. That wall that Trey had built around himself would come down in no time, meaning more wins for him and his hockey team.

Chapter 2

A few days later, Blake had another game that went just as smoothly as the last one, with the score ending 4 to 2. His prediction had been right: with Trey by his side as his “lover”, his playing was, once again, phenomenal. It was crazy that someone as stubborn, loud and obnoxious as Trey could have such a good influence on him. Perhaps bringing out more of that cute side that showed itself once in a while would benefit him even more. During the weekdays, Blake was at practice or working out in the gym while Trey went back and forth from the house to his apartment. In the evenings, Trey would work his 9 to 4 shift and, since Blake's place was closer to the club than his apartment building, he often crashed there when he couldn't be bothered to go home. On the weekends, the two would enjoy their free schedules and go on more dates to the roller rink, the park, festivals, fairs, etc. It soon became their daily routine, almost a habit at that point. Trey couldn't comprehend it and he still wouldn't admit it but he was enjoying being Blake's lover. And Blake, well with his winning streak going strong once more, he was definitely enjoying Trey being his “lover”.

Four months passed in the blink of an eye and Blake realized that the anniversary of the day he first met Paris was coming up quicker than he wanted. Everything about Paris had been stripped from his house except for the clothes because Trey claimed they were stylish and he wanted to keep them. But Kieran seemed to be persistent in his efforts to trying to reconnect with his former best friend even though he was dating Paris now. After a lot of text messages, phone calls, and voice mails, Blake finally, reluctantly, decided to meet with him but told Kieran he was bringing along Trey with him. Kieran was fine with that since he was bringing along Paris. They set the date and time for the following Tuesday afternoon in a cafe called Sweet Angel.

“No wonder you came to the club looking like shit,” Trey said with his arms crossed over his chest. Blake had just finished explaining his conversation with Kieran and Trey listened to him without making a sound until he finished. “If it were me, I would have beaten that guy to a bloody pulp. Taking someone else's lover is the lowest shit ever.”

Blake sighed, running a hand through his black locks. “I really don't want to see him or Paris right now but he won't stop pestering me. Maybe he'll leave me alone if I tell him face to face.”

“I don't mind coming with you but if either of those creeps does anything funny, I'll break their hands.”

“You don't have to go that far,” Blake laughed a bit as he sat down beside Trey. “Sorry for dragging you into this.”

“It's alright,” Trey told him, leaning against his shoulder. “I'm used to being pulled in the middle of couples disputes, break ups, all that… Though this is going to be the first time I'm meeting an ex of my lover. It’s so...weird.”

Blake smiled slightly. “You nervous?”

“Shut up.” Trey rolled his eyes then frowned a bit. “So, what was this Paris like?”

“You really want to know?”

“No! Yes. Maybe? I don't know! I'm starting to get pissed off at myself now. Why do I care about your ex anyway?!”

In the middle of his self-caused rage, Trey's face was turned to Blake and the ravenette kissed him gently. Trey froze and his body relaxed as Blake's arms wrapped around him, the kiss deepening as their tongues intertwined and played together. Pulling back, the two looked at one another before Trey buried his face in Blake's shirt, the tips of his ears bright red.

“I hate you so much, you stupid idiot,” he murmured.

“Yeah I know, I love you too,” Blake told him, pushing Trey's silver locks behind his ear.

The day for the meeting between the four arrived more quickly than Blake had anticipated. With Trey by his side and holding his hand tightly, he entered the cafe and looked around for the pair.

“Blake,” Kieran shouted to the ravenette from the booth in the corner by the window, “over here!”

The walk to the table seemed painfully slow to Blake but finally they were there. Introductions and handshakes were exchanged and then they all sat, Trey with Blake on one side and Paris with Kieran on the other. Blake noticed that Paris seemed very comfortable sitting on Kieran’s lap, draping himself all over the man. An awkward silence fell between the group. Neither Blake nor Trey made a move to break it so Paris decided to speak up, directing his words to Trey.

“So Trey, where do you work?”

“Rogue Night,” Trey answered instantly.

Paris looked surprised. “Really? Well, I used to work in a bar in the red light district, I was a bartender y'know.”

“No kidding.”

“It's true. Oh, it was so much fun but I'm having much more fun at my modeling job! You should try out, Trey, you have a great figure!”

“Not interested.”

“Oh nonsense, what are you like twenty-three? Twenty-four? You're perfect!”

Kieran cleared his throat and turned his attention to Blake. “So Blake, how's hockey going?”

“It's going well.”

“That's great. You still got that crazy winning streak going, right?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Man that's so awesome. You know I could never be as great as you are.”

“Don't say that, baby!” Paris butted in, nuzzling his face against Kieran's. “You're amazing at everything so hockey would have been a breeze for you!”

Kieran laughed. “Paris, you're over exaggerating.”

“Maybe a little.” The young man giggled.

Blake turned away, suddenly feeling sick to his stomach. The silver-haired man noticed this and anger suddenly raced through him like a fire in tall, dry grass. Trey glanced at Kieran, staring daggers that made the other man feel a bit nervous. “Can I ask you a question?”

Turning his attention away from Paris, Kieran looked at him and smiled. “Yeah sure, what is it?”

“What kind of bastard are you?”

“Trey!” Blake nudged Trey hard in his side. “What are you saying?!”

“I'm sorry Blake but this is really pissing me the fuck off. This guy who claimed to be your best friend stole your boyfriend and we're all supposed to sit here like everything is fine?! I can't fucking accept that! He doesn't deserve to be your friend and that flirty little piece of shit should never have been involved with you! I really want to punch him in the face for hurting you but I have some control at least. I wouldn’t do something so stupid and reckless even though he is a complete low-life.”

Blake looked embarrassed. “Trey...”

“I'm a flirty piece of shit?” Paris narrowed his eyes. “Who's the slut that's working in a nightclub in the red light district spreading his legs for any guy who asks? I bet that's how you met Blake, am I right? He fucked you and you became obsessed with it. Maybe you should take a look at your own jacked up life, you fucker.”

Trey's eyes flashed with rage and he slammed his hands on the table. “Fuck you! I am not a slut! The only guy I’ve ever done it with was Blake!” Realizing what he said, Trey's face turned bright red with embarrassment and he immediately shut up.

“Trey…? Are you…are you serious?” Trey nodded, confirming his words.

Paris burst into laughter. “What a laugh! Nice find, Blake! A virgin who runs off at the mouth more than you do! How fucking hilarious is that!”

“Paris, don't you think you're going too far?” Kieran asked, with a frown.

“What are you talking about?” Paris turned up his chin. “I told you I didn't want to see him but you kept insisting on fixing your friendship. You pretty much destroyed that when you decided to date me and Blake decided to downgrade to that sorry little virgin bitch! How pathetic!”

Blake suddenly turned his gaze onto Paris and Kieran, his eyes sharp like knives. “There is nothing pathetic about Trey. He's incredible and he's a hell of a lot better than you, Paris.”

“Excuse me?” Paris spat with a scowl.

“Blake, it's fine...” Trey said softly, looking down.

“It's not fine! Trey, you're stubborn as fuck, you're quick to get angry and you can't be true to yourself! But despite that, you have this cute side to you, you can be sweet and gentle. I've seen you playing with my kitten and you’ve even tried to cook for me after I came home exhausted! That's not pathetic to me, far from it… I'm glad that I asked you to be my lover.”


“And you two.” Blake turned to Kieran first. “I'm sorry Kieran. You can try all you want but there's no way I can ever be friends with you again. Stealing my lover without any concern for my feelings was a shitty thing to do but you know what? I'm glad you took him because I was able to meet Trey and see what a bitch my ex is. I think we're done here.”

Paris's face was bright red and Kieran looked extremely sorrowful. Blake and Trey stood from the table and strolled out of the cafe. Sitting in Blake's car, the ravenette looked at Trey who was furiously wiping at eyes.


“Well, that didn't go how I had expected it would,” Trey said with a forced laugh. “What a piece of work those two were. I can't believe you were in a relationship with that guy…makes me so mad…calling me a slut, what a fucking...bastard.”

Blake brought his hand up and moved Trey's hands from his face, cupping his cheek gently. He was able to see the pained expression in the silver-haired man’s eyes and the tears that threatened to fall. Paris's words had gotten to him. No matter how strong he pretended to be, they had gotten to him and they hurt badly.

“Trey, say something. Anything.”

“Are you still in love with Paris?” Trey suddenly asked.


“I can't deny that he's gorgeous even if he is a bastard. I bet that you really loved him, even after he threw your heart out the window. I wouldn't do that. I'm not like that but I'm really nothing special, just a stupid stripper who's stubborn and hard to deal with.”

Blake chuckled softly and brought their foreheads together. “I know, but I like a challenge.”

Trey looked at him then looked down. “Do you really like me?”

“I do. More than I loved Paris. And I would much rather have this stubborn little kitty than him.”

“Who are you calling a kitty, you bastard?!” Trey said, growling.

Blake laughed aloud. “Good to see that your fire has come back. Do you want to go grab something to eat real quick or-”

“I want to go home,” Trey said softly, his hands in his lap. “Can we go home?”

Knowing what he wanted, Blake nodded with a smile. “Yeah.”

The two had barely gotten through the door before Trey was grabbed by Blake, pushed against the wall and kissed deeply. Wrapped in Blake's embraced, Trey went weak in the knees as they made out and the ravenette massaged his chest and nipples through his shirt. Breaking the kiss with a soft moan, his shirt was raised up which revealed his hard nipples. Blake leaned down and began to lick, suck and bite on the perky bud, listening to Trey moaning and whimpering with pleasure. He let his fingers trail down Trey's stomach to the bulge between his legs.

“You got this hard just by me sucking your nipples?” Blake asked, unzipping Trey's pants to allow the silver-haired man’s erection to be exposed.

“S-Shut up,” Trey shuddered, biting his lower lip.

“Even now, you're still so stubborn. Well, that's fine. You're adorable.”

Blake pulled Trey into the living room and sat on the couch with him on his lap, pulling off Trey's shirt. Trey was about to protest but no words came out, only a gasp as Blake began to jerk him off. He covered his mouth, his heart racing as Blake continued to suck on his nipples and leaves marks on his neck and chest. It wasn't long before he reached his climax and came on Blake's hand.

“Lift your butt up a bit, Trey,” Blake told him.

“Ah, okay.”

Trey did as Blake said and he held onto the ravenette's shoulders, his body trembling when he felt Blake inserting two of his semen covered fingers inside of him. Blake thrust his fingers deep inside of Trey, spreading his hole wider and wider.

“Blake,” Trey panted, his body tingling, wanting more. “Hurry. Please put it in.”

“I dunno, the view here is pretty sexy,” Blake smirked, hearing Trey cry out as his fingertips hit a sweet spot. “Ah, there it is!”

Breathing heavily, Trey shot an angry glare at Blake who laughed lightly. “Alright, alright, I'm putting it in.”

He unzipped his pants and his throbbing erection was revealed. Holding onto Trey's hips and ass, he lowered the silver-haired man onto him and slowly pushed himself inside. Trey bit down on his lower lip and moved his hips along with Blake's hands, bouncing up and down at a steady pace. Each time he went down, he took Blake deeper and deeper inside of him until the ravenette was up to the hilt in his ass.

“Blake… So deep… Feels so good...” Trey moaned out.

Blake held Trey tightly, burying his face in his companion’s chest. “I love you a lot, Trey… I really do...”

Trey seemed surprised by Blake's sudden words but he laughed and hugged Blake's head with a content smile on his face. “You idiot, you told me that already.”

“Tell me you love me. I want to hear you say it.”

“I love you, Blake.” Trey suddenly paused and punched Blake in the back of his head, flustered. “That was not a signal for you to get harder while inside of me, you dumbass!”

“Sorry, sorry!” Blake raised his head and the two kissed sweetly. “I love you, Trey.”

“I love you too.”

With one final thrust, Blake released his load inside of Trey's ass and Trey spurted his own load on his stomach. They went another round in the living room, again in the bathroom while trying to clean up, then once more in the master bedroom, Blake's room. It was late in the evening when they finally stopped their sex streak and simply lay in the king sized bed. Blake circled one arm around Trey who had his head rested against Blake’s chest. The TV was on and Blake was flipping through the channels with boredom. Trey, now worn out by the many rounds, was drifting off, though trying valiantly to force himself to stay awake.

“If you're sleepy, go to sleep,” Blake told Trey, noticing him struggling. “I'm not going anywhere, you know.”

“Shut up, moron.”

As Trey finally lost his battle with sleep and dozed off, Blake set down the remote, turning his gaze to the sleeping man. He brushed fallen strands of Trey's silver locks out of his face. Guilt clenched his heart as he thought about the reason he started dating the man beside him. He was a terrible person for having Trey as his lover just so his winning streak would keep going and he knew that he'd have to tell him eventually because now Blake couldn't deny that his feelings for Trey were real.

Chapter 3

A couple days later, after practice for the playoffs, which were only a few weeks away, Blake received a text message from Kieran who repeatedly apologized for the other day. He ignored Kieran and placed his phone in his back pocket, heading out with Vivian.

“So, you ready for the playoffs?” Vivian asked as the two climbed into his car, heading out for a quick bite to eat.

“Hell yeah, I've never been more ready.”

“Hey dude, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“When Paris dumped you, you became a mess. Your plays were horrible and you had a crappy expression on your face all the time; it was the worst. Did that guy you hooked up with that night really change all that?”

Blake sat back and sighed, running a hand through his black locks. “Well, yeah he did. To be honest, that's the reason I started dating him. After that night we had sex, you saw how great I played! I was astonished at how I had gotten back my mojo so quickly! I figured if I kept the guy by my side, my streak would come back and we could keep winning our games.”

“Really?” Vivian gave Blake a disapproving look. “That's a really cruel thing to do to a person, Blake.”

“I know, I know and I really feel shitty about it now, especially after that whole situation with Paris. That bastard never cared about my feelings like Trey does. When I met Trey, he had already built a wall up between himself and the rest of the world. I was able to break in but, after this, he might close up on me again. I have to tell him the truth and apologize and just hope he doesn't get too mad at me.”

“You better hope he doesn't break up with you.”

“Yeah, you're right. I don't think I'd be able to handle that. He's become so important to me.”

They ordered burgers at a fast food place and chatted a bit more before Vivian dropped Blake off at his place. Blake waved to his teammate as he drove off and headed up the walkway, whistling to himself. The lights were on in the living room so he assumed Trey was still home. He unlocked the door and called out to Trey but received no answer. Blake stepped into the living room and saw Trey sitting on the couch.

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