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Returning for Ryder (The Returning Series #1)

Returning for Ryder


Noelle Rahn-Johnson

Returning for Ryder

Copyright 2017 © Noelle Rahn Johnson

Returning for Ryder Text Copyright © 2017 Noelle Rahn-Johnson

E-book & Book Publication: 2017

Cover by: Alora Kate

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This book contains mature content not suitable for those under the age of 18. Involves strong language and sexual situations. All characters are fictional. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

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I want to start first by saying Thank You to my Facebook friends and family. Without the constant pushing for this book, it wouldn’t have made it out when it did.

To those who were my constant support, made me laugh, for those who helped me along the way, or gave great feedback and suggestions:

Rebel Ponf-Smith, Ricky Parker, Cree Nations, Johnna Seibert my PA, Allison Harris, Becky Scovil, Jay A. Laurie, Liberty Parker, Vera Quinn, Jolene Huber, Jack Van Den Berg, JD Welsch, Richard M. Knittle Jr., Heather Swan, Phyllis Lopez, Tabitha Hartman, Krystle Smith and the late John Tucker. For, in some way, you’ve all touched me and made this better.

To Debbie Boscia for naming this book with an Awesome title!

For Rebel, Ricky and Jolene, my own personal cheerleaders!!!

*I know I’m missing a huge number of people and I’m sorry.

For my beta readers on this one: Amy Nelson-Lehrke, Kathleen O’Connor Kavanaugh, Jessie Lucia, Becky Scovill and Jolene Huber.

For the updated version- Thank you to Heather Swam, Tabitha Hartman, Phyllis Lopez and Krystle Smith for her extra hard work on editing.

For my mom and grandma for pushing books onto their friends.

For my daddy, if it wasn’t for him and his love of books, would I even be here doing this?

For my daughter for coming up with perfect songs to help my muse to write this book, I love you. And thank you for your support these past few crazy months.

For my boys, I love all three of you. Thank you for your support this few maddening months.

For my husband, GARY. I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for understanding me, for having patience with me, for loving me and forgiving me when I’m not at my best. For listening to me cry over an emotional part in the book and not understanding, but saying it’s okay anyway.

I know I’ve forgotten a huge number of people to dedicate this long-awaited book, and I’m so sorry. I love all my friends, family, readers and everyone who helped, even in the slightest way, to make this possible.

Last, but not least- to my BESTIE. I love you and your great friendship. For without asking you questions, and prying into your personal life, Ryder wouldn’t have had a personality.

Bestie, you’re my own personal Ryder.

**For those that are looking for love, you will find it one day. Or it will find you, in the strangest place. It could be right in front of you or across the street. It will be found. **

Chapter One


I’m lying here in my bed and I can feel him. His hands roaming over my body as he’s leaning over me. His lips brushing down my stomach, grazing over my hip bones and lower still. He skims his lips over my treasure trail and I shiver. I love when he does this. My fists tighten in the sheets and he goes lower.


I can feel his wet tongue lick the over-heated skin on the head of my cock. I look down and his mouth is wrapped around me. I see his eyes. Always his eyes. Never anything but the piercing green. Familiar eyes, from years past, but nothing I can grab onto. Deep green, with flecks of brown, and outlined in a darker green. His pupils are full and black, lustful and wanting what only I can give him.

This lust. This need. This want to be with me. And right now…he’s mine and I’m his. He releases my cock from his mouth with a soft pop and he crawls up to me, face to face. He says, “I love you,” whispering in my ear. His light scruff tickles my cheek and he probes around the shell of my ear with his tongue.

He licks some more, then pokes his tongue into my ear and back out again. I wrap my arms around him, pulling him on top of me, closer, skin to skin. His skin is hot against me and I can feel his chest hair mingling with mine.

I pull my legs up and wrap them around his waist. This feels right, but I haven’t been with another man before. Ever. I know I’m gay, or bi-sexual, whatever. I’ve only been with women but I’m more attracted to a man’s body; and this man, right here, has me wanting him so badly. I’m about to explode against his stomach.

He knows what he’s doing to me, he’s rubbing his cock against mine and I can feel them slide against each other from the pre-cum I’m leaking from the tip. I’m sure he is too. His tongue slides from my ear to my mouth and he completely devours my mouth.

I wish I knew where I know him from. It’s dark in the room and it’s like the small amount of light in my bedroom is focused on his eyes.

I can’t make out his hair color. I can’t see his body structure but I’m feeling it with my hands, and body as he slides against me. I know he’s well built, but not a body builder type. Maybe a runner, with lots of upper torso muscle. His thighs are thick and strong, and his frame is bigger than mine. I’m six-one and two-hundred pounds, he must out-weigh me by at least thirty pounds, and a few inches.

I can see a dark patch of skin on his right bicep muscle, maybe a tattoo. I see a few here and there on his body, darker patches of skin, ink, I’m sure. But I can’t make out what the images are.

I know you haven’t done this before so we’re going to make love like this first. I want you to cum, baby. I want you to cum all over our stomachs. I need to feel you. I’ve missed you so much and I can’t wait anymore for you,” he whispers in my ear, while placing gentle kisses against my cheek and ear.

I can feel him grinding harder against me and I pull him closer, as if I could pull him into my body with me. I can feel my cock throbbing and I know I’m close. I can feel his cock getting thicker and he’s close too. I know I love him, I can feel it in my heart, but I don’t know who he is and I wish I knew. I feel so comfortable in his arms and he is definitely comfortable in mine. It’s like we’ve known each other forever.

He holds me tighter and his breathing increases with mine. Our impending orgasms are building. I can feel it. It’s intensifying. It’s tingling throughout my body and I moan. I grind my hips against his stomach and gain more needed friction to cum.

I pump my hips harder against him and he follows my lead. He pushes his hips against mine and our cocks are sliding against each other in a slippery pre-cum mess. He leans back and slows down, focusing on my eyes and I can feel his arousal shaking his body.

I finally let go. “Oh, God! YES!” I grunt and groan into the heated air around us and I cum against our stomachs. He shouts out his release and I can feel him squirt his cum on me as well shortly after with a loud groan deep from in his chest.


I startle awake and shake the sleepy daze from my head as I realize it’s my alarm. I need to get up. Dammit, it was another dream. I wish I could figure out who this mystery man is haunting and torturing me in my dreams at night. I realize that my right hand is still gripping my softening cock and I’ve cum all over my hand and stomach, again. This is the second time this week, and it’s only mid-week.

I use my sheet and wipe away the evidence of my dream off my stomach, chest and hand. I pull the sheet off the bed and throw it in my clothes hamper. Walking over to my bathroom, I turn on the hot water for a shower. I’ve got to get ready for school.

College classes suck in the morning when you work at night as well. The rent and bills won’t get paid on their own if I don’t work and going to school is only going to further my education in the writing world.

I want to be an author and write the best damn books out there. I want to make sure my name gets recognized and be successful on my own, so I’m going for my English Major. Then my English Bachelor’s Degree. I want to write the best books out there so I’m taking courses to achieve that. Writing and computer classes will help. I only have a few classes to go before I’m finished with my degree and graduate.

I signed up right after high school because I knew I wanted to be a writer. I have so many ideas written down in notebooks and saved on my laptop. I want to get them finished and published and get them out there for readers to enjoy.

After I eat, I grab my bike and ride the few short blocks to my first class of the day. After locking up my bike, I walk into the building and find an empty seat in the classroom. While waiting for the professor to begin, I think back to the erotic dream I had. I’m trying to place the gorgeous man filling my body with lust and want.

After a few minutes, the professor walks into the room. I try to wipe away the feelings running through my body again as the professor starts his lecture. For the next fifty minutes, I pound on my laptop taking notes.

When my classes are over for the day after the lunch hour, I ride my bike back to my three-bedroom apartment that I share with two other guys.

I drop my backpack on my writing desk in the corner of my room and plop on my bed thinking again about the man in my dream. I know I’ve seen him before or know who he is, but I can’t place him. His eyes are so familiar. If I could see more of him, his hair, his face, I know I could figure it out. But until then, my brain will continue the sweet torture in my nightly dreams, and in my own hand.

I move from my bed to sit at my desk to do some home-work before I have to leave for work for a few hours. I’m hoping to lessen the work load for when I get home.

I walk to the local grocery store just down the block from my apartment to start my shift from six p.m. to midnight. I clock in and start my shift of stocking shelves and talking to late night customers and other employees.

After my six hours of work, I return to the apartment and take a hot shower. It’s just after twelve-thirty a.m. when I get home and after one a.m. when I finally climb into bed.

The next morning, I sleep in until ten a.m. since I don’t have classes. I need my sleep or I’m a dick. Not like I mean to, but my brain needs the extra sleep I guess. I sit and do some more home-work before the next class day, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. When my home-work is done, I grab my gym bag and ride my bike to the gym for a two-hour workout.

I like to run on the treadmill for forty-five minutes to warm up, then do weights for strengthening and cardio. After that, I jump into the pool for a cool down for thirty minutes. An all-around workout. After my strenuous workout and I’m dripping in chlorinated pool water, I go to the men’s locker room for a shower.

I ride my bike home and my brother calls my cell as I’m walking into the main lobby of the apartment, “Hey Chance, what’s up?” I ask.

“Hey, just wondering how my little brother is? How’s your classes going?” He wonders.

He calls me three times a week to check on me. Mom and dad call every Wednesday but Chance calls me more. We’re super close even though we’re four years apart in age. I’m twenty-one and he’s twenty-five.

We look a lot alike too, if it wasn’t for our age, people would think we were twins. We both have sandy light brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m six-one and he’s six-two but he’s bulkier than I am by about fifteen pounds or so.

I think back to the mystery man in my dreams and kind of compare his body to Chance’s bulk. I believe Chance is lighter in body, so that means the mystery man is heavier than the two-hundred and twenty pounds that Chance is. But not by much.

“Dude? Did you hear me?” He chuckles.

“Shit, sorry. My mind wandered away for a minute,” I explain.

“Did your eye catch something to look at there in college life?” He chuckles and is always asking me about men and women here at college. He knows I’ve been with women but he also knows I like men too, just never been with one. We’re best friends, not just brothers and we tell each other everything.

Chance, well, he can go either way. He loves and appreciates both men’s and women’s body types, but he prefers men. He realized he was gay back in middle school when he was fourteen.

He liked both girls and boys but didn’t act on it until he was sixteen with a girl. He was with her for a few months and broke up with her. He investigated the male body at age seventeen with our best friend, Flynn. I don’t know what they did, or how far they went, but I guess they weren’t too comfortable with it so they stopped. Nothing romantic going on, just experimenting. Flynn lived next door from us when we were kids. Our parents still live in the same houses today.

Flynn’s parents own the Irish pub in the city called “Maguire’s Pub,” Irish themed and fun to walk into. His father is full blown Irish and his accent is sometimes hard to understand. The more you hear him, the more you understand, and he’s gotten better at the English pronunciation of words. Until he gets to the Pub. Then all understanding is out the door and I just nod my head at whatever he says.

I tell Chance about my classes for the week, “There’s this guy in one of my classes. He’s kind of hot, in a bad boy way. I don’t think he’s gay though. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s straight. He’s leaning on a new girl every few days.”

I just don’t understand how someone can do that. Doesn’t he want a relationship with someone that you can become close to? To feel connected to someone? To be loved? Relationships are more than two people connecting on a sexual level. Well, to me it is.

“Keep watching him, maybe he’s bi. Let me know later in the week. I want to hear all about this hottie. Hey, I’m expecting a call from a client soon, so I’ll talk to you later kid.”

We say our good-byes and I let Chance go for the day. I sit at my tiny desk and work on my homework for the week. I’m in my last year before I graduate this late spring. I can’t wait. College life sucks and I just want to get out into the world and show people who I am. To get noticed for my stories.

I’m thankful for my parents for helping me thus far with my books that I have out there ready for people to purchase. I haven’t become big yet, though. My books are romance-fiction between women and men, and men and men. It’s what I feel inside that comes out on the laptop and its good. People have said so. It’s what I know, or what I would imagine it would be. There’s sex, romance and a story line to my books.

I take that and use it to fuel my next book. I edit, format and get it all ready to release it. I self-publish my own books and I use the money I do get to pay for what I need. I should be about one-hundred pounds with living off royalties, but like I said, I’m thankful to my parents for funding my books and helping me out.

My parents don’t make a ton of money, middle to upper class, and I have scholarships helping me with my college tuition. My dad works in the sales department at the car dealership in town and my mom works in real estate. Both have been at their jobs forever and love being around people.

Chance is the same way. He loves people and being around them. Me, I’m quiet and kind of shy. I talk to who I have to and make few friends. I go out with Chance and his friends occasionally to the club or bar, but even that is not my thing.

I would rather stay at home and snuggle on the couch with a book or watch a movie. Snuggle with someone I’m in love with. Go to dinners in nice restaurants, candles on the table, low lighting, soft ambiance around us. Quiet conversation between us. Yeah, sounds like the perfect evening. Just being together.

When I find that special someone, I’ll treat them with respect, dignity, honesty, love and tell them I love them every day of my life. I want to be happy with who I’m with and make them happy in return. I want to make sure that someone knows that they mean something to me. That they are needed, wanted and loved by me. I want that in return. To be told that as well.

The rest of the week follows pretty much of the same, work, classes, homework and another call from Chance. It’s Friday night and his buddies from work are going out and they want me to go with them. I agree because for some reason, the mystery man has still been haunting my dreams this week, and I need a distraction.

This might be it. Maybe I’ll find someone to dance with, have a drink with. Chance’s friends are cool and I get along with them pretty well. Men and women alike and they all show up at the bar after ten that evening.

When I arrive at the bar later in the evening, after ten-thirty, they holler at me to join them at the usual table in the corner. I’m not crazy over beer, so Chance hands me a shot of something. ‘Liquid gold,’ he calls it. I tip it back and swallow it in one gulp. Holy shit! The heat of the alcohol burns all the way down my throat, through my chest and down to my stomach. I’m not one for shots.

It’s smooth, buttery and almost tastes like candy, but with a burn from the alcohol. It’s good. I ask for another and slam that down as well. The slow burn is easier this time but I’d rather not get shit ass drunk in the first ten minutes of showing up. I grab a glass of water and order fries to help combat the effects of future drinks I know I’ll be drinking tonight.

Chance has his arm around a beautiful man with short blond streaked hair. He’s average built, from what I can see from him sitting in the chair across from me. I have a black-haired beauty next to me and she’s been brushing my forearm all night with her right tit. I’ve never seen her before so she must be new to our group of nine.

Amber is on her other side, so I’m guessing those two are friends. I was close to Amber a few months back, and I took her home for the night. In the morning, we decided that we’d be better as friends so I took her home and we’ve been good friends since then. No bad feelings between us. She’s a really nice girl and all, but not for me. We just didn’t click in a romantic way.

As I sit here next to this new girl, she smells of something flowery and soft. I can’t remember her name as she told me a few hours ago and many drinks later. When I drink, I become my alter ego, loud, proud and not me. It’s okay really, but Chance teases me that I should combine the two personalities and I’d be the perfect person. Whatever. Dickhead.

So, this girl, she keeps rubbing my arm with her tit, which is a nice size by the way, and she’s really pretty. Black hair, blue eyes, nice tits and a decent body. In women, I like them a little on the heavier side.

I want something to grab onto and snuggle with. I want to wrap myself around her and feel her pull into me and become one with her. Make it special every time for her. I’m no man whore, Jesus, but I’ve had sex with enough women to know what they like and don’t like.

I want to feel her more but this isn’t the place to cop a feel. I wouldn’t do that, either. I turn to her to continue our talk and I can see that her eyes are glazed over, like mine I’m sure. Not a good combination when drinking and sex comes to mind. I want to make sure she wants me for me and not because the drinking made her horny.

I lean closer to her and look into her eyes. She stops talking and looks at me, like right at me. Into me. She has beautiful eyes. Blue pools of the clearest sapphire. Twinkling. She smiles up at me and flutters her jet-black eyelashes. She seems kind of shy and turns away from me.

I talk to her and get to know her better. She’s what I need tonight. I don’t even care about the drinking. I’m covered in the protection department and I can call a cab to get home. I find out more about her and she tells me that she’s going to college like me but to be a doctor, a surgeon.

I get closer and slowly move into her space. She moves closer to me as well and I know she’s interested in me. I talk to her for another half hour and then I ask her, “Can I kiss you?”

“Yes,” she whispers, just loud enough for me to hear her over the noise of the music and people around us.

I lean in a little and wrap my palm around her cheek and jawline, pulling her closer to me. I lean in the rest of the way and slowly, so softly, touch my lips to hers. Her lips melt against mine and they move slowly, erotically. Her tongue slips out and licks my bottom lip, just for a taste.

I ease away from her and ask her if she wants to go back to her place or mine. She stands up stumbling a little and grabs her cell off the table. Hmmm. Not a good idea if she’s this drunk. Maybe I’ll just take her home and make out for a while, put her to bed and then call a cab for myself to go home.

A few minutes, we find ourselves out of the bar. We walk out to the street, me waving to my brother who’s totally shit faced with his next boy toy hanging on his side, waiting for a cab as well.

A few cabs come up and Chance and his guy get into one, and me and this beautiful girl get into the other. I’ve learned that her name is Courtney. She’s really smart for going to college to be a doctor. She has a few years to go before she graduates. She’s also twenty-one.

We get to her place a few minutes later and it’s an apartment like mine. She told me that she shares the apartment with a girlfriend but she’s out of town for the weekend. We have the place to ourselves.

We enter the apartment and she flips on the kitchen light. I come up behind her and she bends over into the fridge, reaching for two bottles of water for us. She stands up and leans against my chest, tips her head to the side and gives me access to her neck. Hmmm. I love this part of a woman.

She sets the water on the counter and turns to face me. She kisses me and we start making out in the kitchen. I push her against the counter and she wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me closer to her.

I lean against her, making her feel what she’s doing to me. My hard erection is pushing into her thigh and I slowly grind against her. Time goes by with just making out and grinding against her and she pulls away from me. She looks up at me, eyes showing me how much she wants this.

Yeah, I’m ready to go, baby. She pushes against my chest and grabs my hand, pulling me through the living room and down the hall. She turns right and into a bedroom. I shut the door behind us and she leans in for more of my kisses.

We slowly undress each other and kick off our shoes, kissing and feeling each-others bodies as we go. I walk her backwards, closer to her bed and she pulls away from me.

She turns around and pulls back the blanket to her bed. I push against her and wedge my hardness between her thicker backside cheeks, just rubbing my dick there. I would never go anywhere when I didn’t have permission to. I’ve done anal with women before and I’d do it again.

She moans and tips her head back to me, turning it slightly to the side. I push her hair to the side and kiss her neck, licking as I go. Her skin is so soft, like rose petals. And she smells so damn good.

“Are you on any protection?” I whisper to her as I lick around the shell of her ear.

“Yes, I’m on the pill,” she whispers back.

I never believe women who say they’re on protection, I always ask but I carry my own. Can never be too careful and I don’t want kids now. I grab my jeans from the floor and rip open one of the foil packets I find in the bottom of the front pocket. I slide it on and whip her around to face me.

Her breath hitches and she looks down to my hard dick. Yeah, I know, it’s big. I’ve been blessed in that department. She looks back to me and sits down on the mattress, slides back and lays down with her head on a pillow.

I lean over her and whisper to her, “You sure you want to do this? Once I start, I’m not stopping,” I warn her.

She nods her head, yes.

“You have to tell me the words, Courtney, I need to hear them,” I tell her.

“Yes, I want this. I want you,” she heavily breathes out.

Here we go! I kiss the ever-living shit out of her and move her legs apart with my knees. So now I’m between her thighs and rest part of my lower weight against her, rubbing my dick against her clit.

She bends her knees up and I slide right into her center a few inches. Oh god, this girl is so wet for me and ready for action. I slide out then back in, taking my time to make sure she’s ready for me.

Slowly I move in and out of her and she wraps her legs around my lower back, locking her ankles behind me. I’m kissing her and she’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted, and alcohol mixed in with her own taste.

We continue kissing and I move in and out of her, making her moan. Yeah, I like to hear my partner make noises when I have sex with them. It lets me know that I’m pleasuring them while I’m getting more worked up as well.

Tonight, I’m fucking horny as hell, and I have a warm willing person to help me. I picture the man from my dreams and move faster in and out of Courtney. I continue this for a few minutes and I’m just not hitting the sensation I want.

I pull out of her and lean back, I motion for her to flip over on her stomach and she does with a smile. I pull her hips up to me and make sure she’s up on her hands and knees before I slide back into her.

Yeah, this is what I want. We’ve been having sex for a half hour now and I’m ready to release my load into her. I’m pounding her from behind and I can feel it building and my oncoming orgasm is going to be big.

I pound into her harder and faster, my skin slapping against her skin and she’s starting to make more noises and it gets me even harder for her. God, I’m going to cum so hard.

“Fuck, Courtney, you’d better cum fast because I’m right there baby,” I tell her.

With saying that, I can feel her tightening around my cock and feel the fluttering of her inner walls clenching me. She comes hard and screaming around my cock. I pump harder and the grip of my fingers, I know, will leave bruises on her hips in the morning.

I explode with my release, grunting and moaning and cum to the images of the mystery man in my head. Holy fuck!

Chapter Two


I’m starting to wake up and I can feel Courtney next to me, snuggling into my side. My arm is under her head and her face is on my chest. I quietly slide out from under her and walk to the bathroom, naked from the night before.

After another round of sex with her last night, we took a shower and went back to her bed for some much-needed sleep. I get dressed and check my cell phone for the time. It’s Saturday morning, the sun is out and the sky is blue. The time is eight-sixteen and I’m hungry.

Walking to the kitchen, I flip on the music on my cell and pull out eggs, bread and a pan to cook the eggs in. While the eggs are frying, I butter the toast and I hear a noise from behind me. I turn and see Courtney come from the hallway in shorts and a tee shirt.

“Hey, good morning,” I tell her and she slides into my arms for a hug.

“Morning. You didn’t have to cook,” she yawns.

“I like cooking, and I was hungry this morning. I had a work out last night.” I smirk at her and I turn to check the eggs.

“Hmmm. I had a workout too. I was really good because I have a few sore muscles.” She smiles back and pulls the orange juice from the refrigerator.

She pours two glasses and brings them to the table while I plate the eggs and toast. She grabs forks and we both sit to eat our breakfast. After we wash the dishes, I kiss her good bye and catch a cab back to the bar to drive my car home.

When I arrive home, I climb the stairs to the second floor, walk into the bathroom and take a pain reliever for my headache. I climb into bed after taking off my shoes, socks and the rest of my clothes, leaving on my boxers. I cover up my head with the warm fluffy blanket and fall asleep.

My eyes open awhile later and I seek out my phone on the side table. I blink away the sleepiness and check the time, twelve forty-one. I knew I was tired and now it’s lunch time.

I sit up and swing my legs out of bed, hitting the carpeted floor. I grab my tee shirt and jeans from last night and toss them in the clothes hamper and grab fresh clothes out of my dresser. Putting them on, I hear voices from the living room. My roommates, Shane and Mike.

It’s Saturday afternoon and they game every Saturday from noon to midnight as a release from stress and college life. Friday nights they go out to dinner, go on a date together or hang out with their friends. They’ve been a couple for a few months now and Mike moved in about a month ago. It’s nice to have another person help with rent.

I check out my homework for the week, gather it together and tuck it into my backpack, setting it next to my door. I walk into the kitchen and grab a bottle of water from the fridge, chugging it down. The cold, refreshing liquid helps hydrate me from the drinking the night before.

I plop my body in the recliner chair and watch them battle it out on the TV screen. Guns firing, machine guns rattling, helicopters flying, Zombies chasing the army guys: I’ve had it and grab my tennis shoes, cell and my bike and walk out the door.

Pedaling down to the rivers’ edge I find an empty bench and sit and watch the water rush by. My head is getting better but not with all the video game noise. I need peace and quiet.

I check my text messages and see that I’ve missed one from Courtney.

Courtney: Hey, just wondering what you’re doing today?

So, I text her back.

Me: Just got up a while ago and headed to the river on my bike. My roommates were loud on a video game.

Courtney: Want to hang out and watch a movie?

Me: Sure, sounds great! Give me time to bring my bike back and catch a cab.

Courtney: Text me when you get here and I’ll buzz you up. ;)

Me: Give me an hour or so.

She sends me a thumbs up sticker on the cell. I pocket my cell and ride home. I really like this girl. We have a lot in common. But the one thing that hinders me really about going head in is her schooling and her choice of career.

Her being a doctor is great, but I’m selfish and I want a partner who’s going to be around for me, for us and make it a real relationship. I guess I’ll hang out with her and get to know her more and see where it goes first before I have any real doubts.

When I get home, I drop off my bike and grab my wallet, wave goodbye to the guys and walk back down to the street. Here, there are cab’s everywhere so it’s not hard to grab a cab quickly and get to Courtney’s place.

After paying the cab driver, I walk up to the building and buzz her apartment number, it buzzes immediately. Opening the door, I walk to her door and see it open just a bit. I push it open and let myself in.

Courtney’s in the kitchen, drinking a bottle of water. I watch her throat swallow the water and it’s seductive watching her muscles move. I can feel my cock hardening just watching her. I distract myself as I turn and shut the door behind me. Clearing my throat, she lowers the bottle from her luscious lips and wipes off any lingering water droplets with her wrist.

“Hi, sorry, I didn’t hear the door open,” she says.

“I just pushed it open and saw you, so…” I stumble out my words.

She’s an attractive girl with make-up, but today with no make-up and her hair pulled back in a pony-tail, a few strands falling around her face; she’s beautiful.

“What are you looking at?” She whispers.

“You. Today with no make-up, you look different. Beautiful.”

She self-consciously tries to hide her face by looking down and I can see the smile on her lips, just a bit.

“Hey, I’m not trying to make you hide. You’re a pretty girl, but with no make-up, I can really see you. You don’t even need the make-up,” I tell her. I step in front of her and tip her head up so I can see her eyes.

She looks into my eyes and I can see the shyness there. She knows she’s pretty but isn’t one of those girls that flaunts it all over and keeps her comments to herself.

I tip her head up a bit more and she glances at my lips as I wet them with my tongue. She licks her lips in return and I lean closer to her. Pushing her back against the kitchen counter, our lips connect.

Slow, soft, caressing touches between our lips. Not over taking but sensual, and slow. I take my time with her. Her lips are so heavenly and taste like sugar. I want more but I’m not here to have sex with this girl, I’m here to watch a movie and maybe dinner. I want to get to know this girl.

I ease back from her and I can see her hands gripping the edge of the counter for support. I step back and slide my hand down her cheek to behind her ear on her neck, caressing her there with my thumb.

She breathes deep and lets it out in a whoosh of air. I do the same. Her kisses are breath taking. This woman knows how to kiss a man. I tug at her hand and release her neck and walk her to the couch. I sit down with her and ask her, “What movie did you have in mind?” Changing my thought process from having sex with her.

She chuckles and reaches over to the coffee table, grabbing the few DVD’s she has sitting there. I look through them and pick one out, handing it to her. She gets up quietly and starts the movie.

Making her way back to me I get comfy on the couch and she sits next to me, snuggling into my side. This is what I want in a relationship. We don’t have to talk to communicate. We can just set here throughout the movie, just snuggling into each other.

The movie ends and neither of us have said a word to the other. She sits up and looks at me, “Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, do you want to go out or order in?” I ask her.

“We can order in and watch another movie?” She asks hopefully.

“Sure, what do you want?”

“Chinese? There’s one down a few blocks. We could walk down there and bring it back here?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

We both get up and she grabs her cell, her wallet and gets her shoes on. The weather has warmed up over the past few weeks and spring is definitely here. We make our way to the Chinese restaurant while having a good conversation.

Suddenly my cell rings my brothers ring tone and I answer it as we walk into the restaurant.

“Hey, Chance, what’s up?” I ask him and tell Courtney that it’s my brother. She nods in answer and walks to the counter to read over the take-out menu.

I make quick conversation with him, telling him that I’m busy with Courtney and we hang up, on a promise that he’ll call later. I pull Courtney closer to me with my arm around her waist and we look over the menu.

We order our food and take it to go back to her place. While I’m setting out the containers of food, she brings in forks, spoons, plates and two bottles of water. We sit on the couch and start eating over the coffee table.

After eating our fill, we clean up the containers and our dishes and walk back into the living room to watch another movie. She pops in the DVD and we settle back against the couch to watch.

During the movie, she angles her body against mine and snuggles into my side. I wrap my arm around her shoulder and pull her closer yet. I like her, a lot, she’s a really nice girl. I don’t think she’s ‘the one’ though because I’m attracted to the male body more.

After the movie is over, she gets up to put in another one and I walk down to her bathroom. My phone rings just as I’m drying my hands from washing them and I answer, “Hello?” I didn’t check the ID so I just answered. It’s my brother, Chance.

“Hey dickhead, whatcha ya doin’?” he asks.

“Well, dickhead, I’m hanging out with Courtney. We had Chinese and just finished watching a movie. She’s popping popcorn now and we’re going to watch another movie. Why? What’s up?”

“Oh, just wondering if you wanted to come hang out with the gang? We’re all headed over in about thirty minutes or so.”

“No, I think I’ll make it a quiet evening and watch a movie. But thanks for asking.”

We say our good byes and hang up. I walk back out into the living room to the heavy smell of buttered popcorn in the air. Courtney is just pouring the popcorn in a huge bowl and I grab two more waters from her refrigerator.

“My brother called me while I was in the bathroom and asked if I wanted to go out to the bar with the group, I told him no, if that’s okay?” I want to make sure she wants to stay in as well.

“Yup, I’m good here. Let’s go watch the movie! Missy texted me a minute ago and asked me the same thing. I told her ‘not tonight.’”

We walk back to the couch with the popcorn and water and she starts the movie as we sit and get comfortable. We sit snuggling on the couch, munching on popcorn and enjoying each-others company.

I like being with her. She’s not needy, materialistic or whiney. Well, not yet she isn’t but I’ve only been with her for a short time. She doesn’t seem to be that way. When the movie ends, we make-out on her couch for a while and then I head home. I don’t want her to think I’m only here for sex. I want a relationship.

Over the next few months Courtney and I date here and there. Not exclusive but I like being with her. We’ve only had sex a few times in that time frame. I’m still getting the hot erotic dreams of this mystery man and I still can’t see any more than his eyes.

All the dreams I have are him and me. In the bedroom. In the hallway. In the kitchen. All I see is his beautiful eyes. The dreams are getting more intense and sexual in nature. I feel my body craving his and I don’t even know who he is.

My college graduation is the following week and my parents have planned a party for me at our home. My mom has invited friends, relatives and college friends of mine. I’m not all excited for all the people invited but I’ll deal with it. I can handle crowds of people but not all focused on me. It’s going to help that it will be outside, spilling out into the yard and the garage.

Graduation day comes and goes and my family and I go out for dinner afterwards. Returning home and walking to the house from the car, I notice Mr. and Mrs. Maguire’s driveway next door. Flynn’s house. I can see that there’s a different car in the driveway, a red Dodge Dart. I didn’t notice it earlier. They must have company. They said they would be coming to my party this weekend with their daughter Keelin. She’s my age and will graduate next year from college. Maybe it’s her car.

I continue to the house and think of someone I haven’t in a while. Flynn. I haven’t heard about him in a long time. My brother Chance keeps in touch with him I guess but never talks about him. I never knew why. Something about him having to move to escape from someone here. Maybe it was a broken heart.

He was best friends with Chance, not me. I was the little brother that got to tag along most of the time. He was nice to me and included me in things when he could. Chance, Flynn, and I would drive around for hours after school. They would bring me home before curfew and leave again. Then they did what older teenage boys do, I guess.

I knew that Chance and Flynn were both bi-sexual by the time they graduated high school. I knew I liked girls and didn’t like boys until I was sixteen. It scared me but I talked to Chance about it and that’s all it took. He was experienced at eighteen with both sexes and was enjoying his life with it. Shortly after Chance and Flynn graduated from high school, Flynn left.

For the next week before my party, I find a job and unpack all my stuff from college life. I’ve moved everything back into my bedroom in my parents’ home and set up my writing desk, ready to write with my new knowledge from college.

Saturday comes and it’s my graduation party. I get up early, take my shower, and dress for the day. It’s a beautiful sunny, blue sky day. I wander down the steps to the main floor of the house and enter the kitchen where mom and dad are preparing food for this afternoon.

Keelin, Flynn’s younger sister is here as well, helping mom with potato salad. Keelin went to a chef school a year after she graduated from high school. Her chef skills are kicking in today. Her chef jacket is on and her hair is pulled back away from her face in a high pony tail. She’s looking like a professional.

Dad’s placing ham slices on a tray and the buns are still in their packaging. He’s got his easy work to take care of.

“Ryder, glad you’re up. Could you go with Chance and set up the tent in the driveway. I want to make room for people to sit outside and enjoy the day but away from the sun. Pull the sides up so there’s air flow, though, okay?” Mom asks.

“Sure mom. Is Chance here yet?” I ask.

“He should be here soon. He said he left about fifteen minutes ago when I talked to him.”

I nod to her and walk out of the house and into the garage where on the back wall, there’s a tote with the tent in it. I pull the tote down and pop open the lid. There lays the tent. It’s going to take more than Chance and me to do this thing.

We used it for Chance’s college grad party a few years ago, it took four men to set it up. I pull the tent and the poles out, assembling the parts together in piles for the poles. Just then, Chance’s car pulls in the driveway. He puts it in park and shuts off the engine.

“Hey Dickhead. Ready for all the peeps to come shower you with affection today?” He teases, knowing I hate a lot of attention.

“Hey Chance,” I chuckle at his stupid nick-name for me. “Get your ass over here and help me put this thing together. We’re going to need more than you and me to do this.”

After we get the poles put together for the legs, and attach the tent to the poles, we walk into the house to gather a few extra people to actually help get the tent upright. After we struggle to upright the tent in the breeze that decided to pick up, we all walk inside and finish preparing food, filling up the ice chests and bringing them outside. We fill the ice chests full of water bottles and soft drink cans.

Around two that afternoon the invited guests start trickling in and greeting me. People and relatives I haven’t seen in years, and it’s good to see them again. Chance comes up to me a few hours later and asks me quietly, “How you doing, Ryder? You okay with everything?” Checking up on my anxiety, actually looking concerned for me.

“I’m doing okay, for now. Not too many people here at a time, and some have left already too. The food seems to be a hit.” I glance around to see how many people are here. It’s just after four-thirty and about a dozen people are mingling.

Keelin is talking to her parents, Rian and Nicole, sitting at one of the tables. My mom is chatting with her sister, my aunt Maggie. Uncle Bill is eating a sandwich and talking to my dad.

I’m facing the garage next to Chance and I hear foot steps behind me, walking up the driveway. Chance looks behind me and a huge smile breaks out on his face. Someone’s here.

I turn around and I’m met with a friendly smile, and a muscular frame. Reddish-brown hair with coppery highlights, muscular body and a tattoo peeking out from his white tee shirt sleeve. Muscular thighs under tan cargo shorts, and the most beautiful feet in flip-flops.

What causes me to shutter in silence though, is the eyes. The piercing green eyes. I’ve seen those before…

Holy shit!

He’s my mystery man. The haunting torturous sex God in my dreams.

It’s Flynn!

Chapter Three


Oh. My. God. Time has made this beautiful man, Ryder, absolutely stunning! I know it’s him even with his back facing me. Chance looks over Ryder’s shoulder and smiles when I approach the two men. Chance and I talk every few weeks, just to keep up on my parents, my dad especially, and our friendship.

Mom won’t tell me too much, doesn’t want me to worry. Dad on the other hand, says he’s fine. I know he’s not and this is why I’m home now, for good. His stress levels are up and he’s been talking about handing the pub over to me.

He ended up in the hospital a few weeks ago with chest pains. Nothing super huge, but the doctor warned him to eat healthier and less stress.

It’s taken me this long to end and finalize things in Florida to come home. I quit my sales job back in Florida, and now I’ve come back home to take over the pub, for dad. I want him around for a lot longer than his years already. I’ve taken college courses in business management and accounting to prepare me for taking over the pub. I’ve always been a numbers kind of guy and wanted to take over the pub when dad was ready. I’ve just been waiting for dad to let me know when it’s my turn. Well, that’s now.

Focusing now on the two men in front of me, Ryder slowly turns around and his face is in surprise, and recognition for me. He hasn’t forgotten me. I smile at him and he doesn’t smile back. Hmmm. Not sure if that’s good or not.

Just then, his eyes roam over my body. Taking in my chest, thighs, legs and face. I’m decent in size but not over the top. I keep my hair short and trimmed and nails kept clean and neat. I work out and take care of my body and I know I’m a lot bigger now than when I first left seven years ago.

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