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Seducing My Best Friend

Two Girls in Love


Reese Cantwell

Copyright 2017 Reese Cantwell

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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Seducing My Best Friend

Two Girls in Love

Chapter One

When my parents moved to Ohio, I won't mention the city, but it's one of the larger ones, I was in third grade and the first day there, I met Erica. There seemed to be a connection immediately and being the age we were, I don't believe either of us could explain what it was that brought us together but it was there and we each knew we would become very close. It seems one of the mysteries of youth.

We lived within a few blocks of one another so we quickly got to know each others families. We were both only children and within months would even describe each other as 'sisters' to each other. It was special and we both felt it and both knew it.

We knew, of course, that we weren't truly sisters but we were nearly inseparable talking together about all the things girls talk about when they're that age.

They were 'girl' things, of course, what and who we liked and didn't like in school, lots of dish about the other kids we went to school with, almost always agreeing on our perceptions of the other kids, girls and boys, even teachers, alike.

And we talked about life, all those endless years and decades looming ahead of us both, what we hoped to be, me a nurse, Erica, a teacher. Yes, those career ideas have changed, most do from those you had when you were eight or nine years old.

We both knew we would, like our own mothers, be married and become a mom, maybe having two children, maybe three, we did discuss this quite a bit, rather seriously as I remember. We both wanted our children to have another to share their life with. It was obviously a lacking in our own lives that we were each filling for the other.

The years dragged by, like they seem to do for us all at that age, through elementary school, then into middle school where you begin to feel more changes to yourself and these changes were something that Erica and I talked about openly and almost endlessly.

Once Sex-Ed was broached, we each dissected every detail, eagerly adding the particulars we had each picked up along the way, all the street lore, just like we all seem to do. And Erica and I were sharing each and every tidbit.

There was some mention of 'gender-identity' in general terms but Erica and I paid little attention, we knew what we wanted...the husband, the house, the children. All that seemed so sure.

Like all of us, we were well-acquainted with our own sexual make-up, our budding breasts and pussies growing plumper then adding hair, telling, yes, even showing each other the changes we were each having.

But the other sex, male? Oh, we knew about penises, had seen the drawings, even used an old laptop of my mom's to find some pictures though most were of men. We were amazed how big they were and knew, just knew, that they would never fit inside us where we were told they go. But penises still remained unknown and unseen, at least for the moment.

Then into high school, a few dates here and there, mostly with boys that you had to keep pushing their hands away almost constantly. But then Erica found a boy who was nice, who treated her with respect, who seemed worthy of her.

They began going together, a couple, as I continued to sporadically date, never quite finding anyone I felt was anywhere near 'right.'

We were still best friends, of course, though we did spend less time together because of Erica's time spent with her boyfriend...hardly an unusual thing when you're growing up. The two of us remained close, she telling me everything physical that happened between them, usually when we were spending the night with each other, at her house or mine.

Was I jealous of what she was doing with Jeremy? I think my interest was more curious and, well, yes, prurient, I wanted the juicy details, all about what he did and what she did and what he was like...and I don't mean his personality. How it looked, it's shape and size. Most of all, her telling me what it looked like when she masturbated him the first time. She'd kept him mostly at bay until they were both eighteen and now, well, that night in her bedroom when she was describing their first sex, a hand-job, she was so descriptive about how hard he felt in her hand, and the spurting of his cum all over his stomach, that I just had to masturbate.

We waited until the lights were out but there were sufficient sounds each were making to know what we were doing. Neither said anything but our orgasms were not silent and we certainly knew what we had each been doing. This was not the first time, there had been others, just always in the dark, in separate beds, and as quiet as we could do it.

All during this time, neither one ever gave a thought, a sexual thought, to the other, we just had to relieve our sexual tensions in the way all girls do, at least the ones we knew, it was just too easy to discover the pleasure that your own body could give. When we did it together, it was always after the lights were out, we were mostly doing it for ourselves and not to arouse the other. But we did it and weren't embarrassed to do it. And we knew it was happening.

I don't think Erica and I were all that much different from the other girls we knew, especially those pairs of best friends we knew.

Then, one night when I was sleeping over at her house, she took a call from her boyfriend and, this time, went out of her room to talk with him. That seemed a bit odd though I certainly understood and I waited for her to come back, slowly rubbing between my legs just for the pleasure to pass the time.

It was only about five minutes when she came back in, the room was dark, and I asked how he was.

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