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Chapter 1

Top model, Mark Antonious Richfield, stared into the lens of a camera.

Wearing leather pants and boots, Mark posed next to a high-powered Italian superbike for his Dangereux Red cologne campaign. Their backdrop was the Pacific Ocean, along Coastal Highway 1 in California.

The ads were for summer, but it was March, and the cold wind whipped his long hair around his face. Because of it, shields had been erected to keep the breeze back.

For nearly a decade, Mark had reigned as the top male model internationally, and had even been selected the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Man’ by a celebrity magazine.

After a full day of shooting, he finally heard, “It’s a wrap. Thank you, Mark.”

Mark rubbed his upper arms, freezing cold. His husband, Steve Miller, approached Mark with his jacket.

“Thank you, love.” Mark put the matching leather jacket on, one he had worn for the commercial advertising campaign while riding the Ducati; all black but for the logo on the chest, which was in red.

“Are they done?” Steve asked, looking out at the view.

“Yes.” Mark zipped the jacket since he wasn’t wearing a shirt at the moment, and put on his sunglasses.

Steve placed his arm around Mark and walked to where they had parked Steve’s Mercedes. Mark dropped down on the passenger’s seat, took his phone from the dashboard, and turned it on.

“Are you hungry?” Steve asked as he started the car.

“Not really.” Mark read his missed text messages. “Alexander’s premier is tonight and I’m shattered.”

“I know, but we have to go.” Steve drove back to their home in Bel Air. It was Saturday and the traffic was light at the moment.

Mark stared at the road ahead, thinking about sitting through yet another movie where his son starred as the gay love interest for the Hollywood elite.

“I should stop on the way home and pick something up for dinner.”

Mark sank lower in the seat. “I would have preferred driving myself. I’m in leather, Steven.”

“You can wait in the car.”

“I don’t know why you insisted on coming. I never have issues with the Dangereux crew.” Mark ran his fingers over his hair as he thought about his modeling shoot at the luxury car manufacturer. He did indeed need a bodyguard for that one. The CEO had sexually assaulted him during his last session. Luckily for Mark, Drew Persley had been forced to sign a contract/restraining order stating he would no longer be allowed within 100 feet of Mark.

Mark’s phone hummed with a text. He raised his sunglasses up to read it.

What are you and Steve doing for dinner?’

“Alexander is enquiring about our plans for this evening.” Mark glanced up at the exit ramp Steve had taken and knew he was indeed going to stop for food.

“Tell him I’m picking something up.” Steve slowed for a traffic signal.

Mark texted his son, ‘Steven and I are out now. He’s stopping off to buy food.

I thought we’d go out for dinner and then head to the premier.’

Mark sighed tiredly as Steve pulled into the lot of a grocery store. ‘Then you tell him yourself. I’m too tired to argue.’ Mark propped his boot up on the dashboard.

“Hey!” Steve batted it down. “Would you let me do that in your car?”

“These boots are brand new, Steven. I haven’t worn them before today.”

Steve parked and Mark heard Steve’s phone chime with a text as he got out of the car. He assumed his son was sending it.

“I’ll be back.”

Mark closed his eyes and tried to rest.

While Steve was gone, Mark noticed the key in the ignition. He turned it so he could listen to music while he waited. Sitting up, scanning through Steve’s satellite stations, Mark spotted a blonde woman with two young children, pushing a cart to a minivan. He focused back on the music and then did a double-take. “Oh, good Lord!” He recognized the woman, took the ignition key, and got out of the car.

Mark jogged between rows of parked cars and startled the woman as she hefted shopping bags into the back of her van.

“Sharon,” Mark said.

“Mark?” She blinked in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

Mark became distracted by two little girls, one seated in the cart, swinging her legs and the other, holding her mother’s jacket as she hid behind her.

“Steven is getting us dinner.” Mark pointed to the grocery store. “Well!” It became awkward instantly since he had left Sharon at their wedding altar… for Steve. “Who do we have here?”

“These are my daughters. That’s Chelsea,” she said, gesturing to the little girl peeking out from behind her, “and that’s Elizabeth-Ann.”

As Mark admired the pretty blonde-blue-eyed little girls, he had a flash of what his life would have been if he had gone through with his marriage to Sharon Tice; if Steve had not crashed their wedding and stolen him in a desperate act of love.

“They’re darling.” Mark moved his sunglasses to the top of his head. “How old are they?”

“Chelsea is seven, and Elizabeth-Ann is three.” She caressed Chelsea gently. “Say hello to Mark.”

The little girl shook her head and stood behind Sharon.

“How are you?” Mark asked, spying a gold wedding set on her finger.

“I’m doing well. I see your face in all the magazines and celebrity gossip shows on TV.”

“I’m sure you are glad you are well rid of me.” Mark glanced at the tiny three-year-old as she chewed on a stuffed toy.

“Are you wearing makeup?”

“Oh.” Mark touched his cheek. “I was…” He thumbed behind him. “I’ve come from a shoot for Dangereux.”

Sharon seemed to be studying his eyes. Mark knew he had eyeliner and mascara on them. It made him feel embarrassed.

“You look happy.” Mark thought she appeared overwhelmed, but would never say it.

“I am.” She hugged and kissed little Elizabeth-Ann affectionately.

“Sharon, they are so lovely,” Mark said, “They look so much like you.”

“Thanks, Mark.” She read her phone and then continued to place the grocery bags into the van.

“Can I be of assistance?” Mark moved closer to the cart and Elizabeth-Ann. He touched her little pink shoe lightly. “Hullo there.”

She giggled and hid behind her stuffed toy.

“I’ve got it.” Sharon finished unloading the cart and before she picked up her daughter, she said, “You can help. Can you hold her while I return the cart?”

“Yes! If she’ll let me.”

Sharon asked, “Can Mark carry you while Mommy returns the cart?”

She nodded, still chewing on the hand of the stuffed toy, which Mark could see was a sock-monkey.

Sharon picked her up and Mark reached out, holding her on his hip and bouncing her. They waited for a moment to see if Elizabeth-Ann would fuss, but she didn’t.

Sharon rolled the cart to the return with Chelsea clutched her jacket.

Mark smiled at the little girl. “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes? You are so lovely.” He rocked back and forth with her.

Elizabeth-Ann reached for his hair.

“It is long for a man, isn’t it?” Mark glanced at Sharon as she approached, holding Chelsea’s hand. “Is that your friend? A little cheeky-monkey?”

She nodded.

“Can you strap her into her car-seat?” Sharon asked.

Mark had never done it before, but nodded.

As Sharon closed the back doors of the minivan, Mark waited for her to open the side door for him. Once she did, Mark had a look at the child-seat. “Perhaps not.” He didn’t have a clue.

Sharon helped Chelsea in, buckling her up, and then reached for Elizabeth-Ann.

Mark didn’t want to let her go. He smiled at the little cherub and they stared at each other. Elizabeth-Ann touched his chin and then smiled at him.

Mark reluctantly gave Sharon her child back and watched as she clipped her into the seat.

“Say goodbye to Mark.” Sharon set her purse near the front seat.

“Bye!” Mark waved. “Bye, Chelsea. Bye, Elizabeth-Ann.”

Elizabeth-Ann waved. “Bye! Bye!”

Mark moved away from the van as Sharon slid the side door shut.

“It was great seeing you, Mark.” Sharon brushed back her hair as the wind blew it across her face.

“You as well. Do take care.” Mark felt a dull ache in his chest.

She walked to the driver’s side of the van, started it, and backed out. A last wave was all he received as she drove off.

Mark put his hands into his leather jacket pockets and wondered about choices. When Steve entered his life, his future had veered off course. The life Sharon had now, would have been his.

Mark lowered his head and got lost in thought.

Alexander had come to him at eighteen. Mark didn’t get the chance to be his father as Alex grew up. He looked out at the traffic on the main street and then returned to the car, waiting for Steve.


Alex sat on his bed in his home in Bel Air. Two tuxedos were hanging in his walk-in closet; one for him, one for his Chief of Police husband.

He kept texting his father but Mark stopped returning them. Alex sent Steve one, asking him if he would come to dinner with him before the premier but Steve was evasive as well.

Alex gave up and flopped to his back on the bed.


Hearing Tadzio’s voice, Alex raised his head off of the bed. Tadzio was wearing a red beaded gown and high spiked heels.

“Nice…” Alex rolled to his side and propped his head up in his hands. “You look really pretty.”

Tadzio, his long blond hair cascading down his shoulders, stood near the bed. “Why you look upset?”

“Dad and Steve don’t want to go out to dinner with us before the premier.”

Tadzio stepped out of his gown, letting it fall to his feet, and then carefully draped it over a chair. He relaxed beside Alex, still wearing a matching red bra and panties. “I know why. The paparazzi iz terrible to them. To us.”

Alex stared into Tadzio’s painted eyes.

Years ago, Tadzio Andresen had starred with Alex in his vampire series, Being Screwed, but when that was canceled he left for Sweden, continuing his work as a runway model.

Recently, Tadzio was asked to return to the States to once more star with Alex in his new nighttime cable drama. Since he was alone, and vulnerable, Alex had asked Tadzio to move in.

And… he had.

Alex smiled at pretty Tadzio, who was going to a movie premier for the first time. He dug his fingers into Tadzio’s hair and kissed him.


Adam Lewis, Alex’s talent agent, finished shaving his face over the sink in the bathroom. He touched up his hair with a little gel and stared into his brown eyes in the mirror’s reflection. He thought he looked tired. As tired as he felt.

He lowered his head and shut off the light. When he entered the bedroom, he expected to see his husband getting ready. He wasn’t.

“Jack?” Adam searched their Malibu beach house. He found his blue-eyed-blond-gym-junkie-lawyer sitting in front of the TV. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready?”

“I don’t think I’m going.” Jack pointed the remote at the TV and changed channels.

Adam sat beside him on the sofa and leaned his elbow on the back, staring at Jack’s handsome profile. “Do you mind if I go?”


Adam caressed Jack’s jaw affectionately. “Sick of his films?”

“I don’t mind the movies. I just think the premiers are overkill.”

“They are. I’m exhausted. All I want to do is have a quiet dinner and relax.”

Jack glanced at him, smiling warmly. He put his arm around Adam and pulled him closer. “Relax with me.”

Adam rested his head on Jack and shut his eyes. He didn’t want to go either. “Do you think Alex would be devastated if I stayed home?”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

Adam didn’t even want to move to get his phone. He pressed his lips against Jack’s neck and found comfort in him. He always had.


Chief Billy Sharpe waited for the garage door to open while seated in his black Corvette. He rolled beside Alex’s car in the garage, and picked up a pile of paperwork that he had left on the passenger’s seat. Once inside his home, Billy set the files on the kitchen counter and removed his military style black boots. He left them by the door and headed to his bedroom, looking into rooms as he went.

He paused at his bedroom, seeing Alex and Tadzio lying together; Tadzio, in a bra and panties, Alex wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

“Billy!” Alex bolted off the bed and leapt into Billy’s arms.

“Hiya, babydoll.” Billy kissed and rocked him. “Are you excited about your premier?”

Alex kissed him back and then slid down to stand on his own two feet. “No.”

Billy removed his heavy gun belt, setting the keepers, or straps that held it onto his pant’s belt, on the dresser. “Why not?” He spotted Tadzio reclining lazily on his bed.

“’cause.” Alex helped Billy remove the two snapped keepers from the back of his belt.

“Are we eating dinner before? Or waiting for the parties after?” Billy placed the duty belt on the dresser, and unzipped his uniform shirt. He took his gun out of the duty holster and transferred it to another one, one he could snap on his civilian clothing.


He removed his uniform shirt and stared into Alex’s green eyes.

“I don’t want to go.”

“Don’t go.” Billy didn’t want to either.

“Adam will kill me.” Alex sat on the bed and Tadzio held him from behind, resting his chin on Alex’s shoulder.

“Is it part of your contract? Do you have to go?” Billy removed his uniform trousers, draping everything over the back of a chair. He noticed a red dress lying across the seat.

“Oh!” Alex appeared to think about it. “It may be.” He stood and left the room.

Billy continued to undress for the shower. He noticed Tadzio staring at him. “How was your day, blondie?”

Tadzio frowned and shrugged.

“Is that your dress?” Billy inspected the glamorous gown and high shoes.


“It looks very pretty.” Billy entered the bathroom and filled the sink to shave before he showered. He took out a new razor and the gel, seeing Tadzio standing at the doorway watching him. “Do you know why Alex doesn’t want to go?” Billy coated his jaw in shaving cream.


“He didn’t discuss it with you?” Billy shut off the tap and swirled his razor in the warm water. He looked into the mirror to shave, running the blade over his chin. He felt Tadzio’s arms surrounding him from behind, and Tadzio’s cheek on his back. “I take it you want to go.”

Tadzio nodded his head against Billy.

“We’ll go, blondie. Don’t worry about it. Alex probably has to.” Billy focused on shaving, finishing up as Alex returned, talking into his cell-phone.

“I know. Okay, Adam. I didn’t realize it until Billy—”

Billy rinsed his face and drained the sink basin.

“It’s okay if you and Jackie don’t go. I understand. No one wants to.”

Billy said, “Tadzio wants to. And I need to shower.”

“Okay, Adam. Thanks.” Alex held the phone by his side. “Adam said you’re right, I’m contracted to go.”

Billy touched Tadzio’s arms. “Can I shower?”


Billy watched Alex leave the doorway, looking anxious or upset.

“Let me finish up.” Billy patted Tadzio’s arms and he released him. He turned the water on in the shower and took off his briefs. “What do you want for dinner?”


Billy smiled and stepped into the tub.


Mark entered the house through a connecting door between their garage and kitchen. Steve carried shopping bags behind him. Mark placed the canvas bags on the counter and read his phone as more text messages from his son appeared. Mark grew weary of the texting and called him.

“Alexander?” Mark watched Steve unload the groceries.


“What is it?” Mark tried to find a second wind to go to Alex’s film premier.

“No one wants to go, including me.”

“Alex, you must go. Is Billy not interested?”

“No. He’s okay with it. So is Tadzio.”

“Steven and I will be there. I assume Adam—”

“Adam and Jackie aren’t going.”

Although it surprised Mark, he didn’t show it. “All right, lovely. Let’s not get into a lather over it. We’ll go and do the right thing.” Mark met Steve’s gaze as he folded the bags. Mark shook his head at Steve at Alex’s insecurity.

“So, we’re not eating dinner together?”

“Steven and I just returned from the market. If you’d like, come here.” Steve held onto Mark as he spoke on the phone, holding his leather pants at the hips.

“Nah. I’ll have the limo pick you guys up after they get us. I’ll text you when we’re on the way.”

“Okay.” Mark disconnected the call and stared at his husband. “I need to change and shower.”

Steve ran his fingers up Mark’s sides. “Sex?”

“I don’t think we have time.”

“We always have time.” Steve nibbled Mark’s neck.

Mark read the time on his phone. “Let’s get on with it then.”

“Get on with it?” Steve leaned back to question Mark’s attitude. “Did something happen at the grocery store while I was shopping? You were really quiet on the ride home.”

“Lovely.” Mark tried to sound sweet, but he was dead on his feet. “I’ve just had a photo shoot, and, I am expected to be by my son’s side at a film premier. Have pity on me.”

Steve released him, opening cabinets and setting the table.

Mark didn’t want a battle at the moment and had no intention of letting Steve know he’d run into Sharon. He headed up the stairs to the second floor and removed his outfit, seeing his and Steve’s tuxedos hanging near the walk-in closet.


Steve stopped himself before he threw something. He didn’t know why he was angry, but he was.

He slapped a handful of silverware on the table and headed up to the second floor. The shower was running in their master bathroom. Steve looked at the leather pants and jacket Mark had left on their bed.

He took off his clothing and entered the bathroom, watching Mark shampoo his hair. Steve glanced into the mirror over the sink, seeing his expression of pent up rage. His blue eyes glimmered from the bright lights over the sink vanity.

The water shut off and the glass door slid open.

“Steven?” Mark asked, taking a towel.

Steve waited.

“What is it, love?” Mark stepped out of the tub and rubbed the towel over his hair and back. “Are you going to wash?”

As he stared at Mark; his bewitching, painted green eyes, long, dark, wet hair, and perfect ten body, Steve became exited.

Mark paused in what he was doing, tilting his head curiously.

Steve lunged at Mark, turning him towards the vanity, and pinning him to the marble counter.


Mark braced himself and dropped the towel. His former LAPD police officer husband didn’t like being put off.

Especially when it came to sex.

Mark spread his legs and rested his cheek on his arms on the counter. Steve spit into his hand and then pushed the head of his cock against Mark’s rim.

With his modeling shoots came fasting. Mark hadn’t eaten anything but yoghurt and a little fruit for days. He had finally put both modeling gigs behind him, and could eat more food if he chose to.

Steve placed Mark into a submissive position with one hand on the back of Mark’s head.

“Ah!” Mark felt Steve thrust in. He should know better. But asking Officer Miller about his feelings rarely yielded a lengthy conversation. Then, a thought occurred to Mark; Had Steve seen him speaking to Sharon?

Steve hammered into him.

Mark balled his fists and battled to get his mind to a less vulnerable spot. “Yes. Yes, Steven!”

A low growl proceeded Steve’s climax.

Mark felt him grinding in for the last few thrusts and then Steve pulled out. Mark was left gasping as Steve stepped into the tub for his turn to shower. Mark caught his breath and crouched down, trying to not feel dizzy.

He waited until the sensation past and then used a washcloth to clean up from their quick bout. He met his gaze in the mirror and noticed the eyeliner. Mark used a makeup wipe to rid it, then forced himself to get back on track and dry his hair.


Steve rinsed off quickly. He opened the shower door and took a towel from the rack, drying himself, and stepped out of the tub.

Mark, having taken the blow-dryer out from under the sink cabinet, had paused, his eyes closed.

Steve draped the towel over the shower door and reached by Mark to get deodorant from the medicine chest. Steve applied it and then brushed his hair.

As if slowly coming back to himself, Mark plugged the dryer into the socket.

They met gazes in the mirror.

Mark parted his lips as if he was going to say something.

“What?” Steve waited.

“Are you angry with me?”

“Should I be?” Steve wasn’t.

“Then… you didn’t see—”

“See?” Steve wondered what he had missed. His suspicions about Mark seeming preoccupied after he came out of the grocery store were confirmed.

Mark turned on the dyer.

“See what?” Steve asked, leaning closer.

Mark didn’t answer.

Steve tossed his brush on the sink vanity and returned to the bedroom, dressing in his casual attire. He headed to the kitchen and resumed getting his meal ready for most likely, just himself.


Billy shut off the faucets and rolled the sliding door back. He rubbed a towel over his head and noticed Alex and Tadzio waiting. “Yes?” Billy chuckled as he stepped out of the tub.

Tadzio moaned sensually and ran his hand down his sexy flat stomach.

Billy gave Alex a snap of his towel. “If you want to have dinner before we go, you’d better hurry.”

Alex stripped off his clothing and dropped to his knees in front of Billy.

As Alex engulfed Billy’s cock into his mouth, the pretty blond spread Billy’s ass cheeks and burrowed in.

Awwfuck!” Billy adjusted his stance and held the wall for balance. Ever since Tadzio had moved in, Billy felt as if he were the main course for two twenty-something-wolves.

He wasn’t complaining.

Deep in a tantalizing swoon, Billy caught his breath to see both young men were pleasing themselves during the act. He touched Alex’s long, dark hair just as Tadzio pushed a finger inside Billy’s rim. Billy closed his eyes and went into a climax. “Fuck!” He felt Tadzio nibbling his butt cheeks while Alex deep-throated him and massaged his balls.

“Oh, fuck… fuck.” Billy’s head swam with the intensity of his orgasm.

A second later, warm spatter coated his legs as Alex and Tadzio jerked off.

Billy caught his breath and held his chest. “You two are going to kill me.”

Alex moaned and Tadzio hugged Billy around his thighs, resting his cheek on Billy’s ass.

Chapter 2

Alex helped Tadzio enter the back of the limousine. Over his stunning red-beaded dress, he wore a white fake-fur, short jacket.

Billy stood beside the stretch limo, staring down the street towards Alex’s father’s home.

“Billy?” Alex asked.

He acknowledged Alex and climbed in after Alex took a spot on the bench seat facing Tadzio.

Their driver shut the door and they drove to Mark and Steve’s home. Alex sent his father a text that they had arrived. Before the driver climbed out, Billy exited the car, standing by the car door.

Alex noticed Tadzio’s nervous anxiety as he fidgeted and ran his gloved-hands over his dress. He opened his purse and applied lipstick.

Alex leaned down to see if his father was coming. He was.

“Hullo, lovely.”

“Mark. You look gorgeous.”

“Hi, Sharpe.”


Alex scooted over as his father entered the back of the car. “Hi, Dad.”

“Hullo, my pet.” Mark kissed his cheek and sat next to Tadzio. “Well!”

“Wow.” Steve joined them, seated on the back bench facing forward.

Billy returned to Alex’s side and the door was closed for them.

“You are spectacular.” Mark kissed Tadzio’s cheek.

“That’s some dress.” Steve smiled.

“Iz from one of my fashion shows in Amsterdam.” Tadzio held his white clutch purse on his lap.

Alex rubbed his sweaty palms on his thighs and took a deep breath.



“Why are you so nervous?”

Billy answered, “He’s seeing Diesel VanDen for the first time since they wrapped.”

“That’s not why.” It was indeed why. Alex had a brief affair with his costar and regretted it. It wasn’t a secret to anyone but the public.


As the stretch limousine made its way to the theater, Steve watched Billy, who appeared to be a happy man. What more did the forty-eight-year old Chief of Police have to prove? He had achieved the highest rank possible in the department, married a man twenty-years his junior, one- who after this premier, had the earning potential of millions of dollars in a bonus.

Not to mention… the gorgeous blond siren had moved in; one that gave amazing oral sex and appeared as smitten with the powerful cop as Alex was. As Mark was.

Billy paused in the conversation about Diesel and glanced at him.

Steve and Billy had roughhoused and teased each other for the benefit of amusing Alex and Mark. Steve didn’t hate kissing Billy, but Mark was much more his type. Steve had also participated in three-way sex, himself, the chief, and Mark.

“You all right, Miller?”

Everyone stared at Steve.

As if Steve may have given off a vibe that he was not all right, Tadzio, being softhearted and kind, made his way to sit beside him, holding Steve’s hand in his cotton-gloved-grasp.

“Are you sad?”

“I’m fine.” Steve smiled at Tadzio, seeing his light blue eyes widen in empathy.

“Yes. Well.” Mark brushed off his lapels. “It appears the fan club for Alexander is shrinking.”

“Hey!” Alex showed his anger.

“I expected Adam at the very least.” Mark leaned to look out of the front of the car.

“What did you guys end up doing for dinner?” Steve asked.

“We had snacks.” Alex rested his head on Billy. “I guess we’ll go to the party after.”

“I prefer not. I had a modeling shoot, Alexander. I’m not up to it.”

“I’ll go with you.” Steve noticed Tadzio staring at his profile. “Yes?” Steve asked him.

“You are a handsome man.”

“Am I?” Steve glanced at Mark.

“Yes.” Tadzio squeezed his hand.

“Thanks.” Steve held Tadzio’s hand in both of his.


Mark caught a slight edge of resentment in Steve’s gaze. He kept getting a nagging feeling that Steve had indeed seen him with his former fiancée. But, it wasn’t like Steve to shrink from investigating a hunch.

Instead of creating more tension for his son, Mark’s focus was drawn to the open screen at the front of the car. He was trying to see when they would arrive. He wasn’t a fan of these events and dreaded any type of protest over the film’s gay content. Not to mention the paparazzi.

The driver pulled up to the theater’s front, where security guards were keeping back the mobs and red ropes hung creating a catwalk.

Mark ran his hand over his hair anxiously and waited. The driver opened the back door and Alex climbed out first, since he was the headlining star.

Steve gestured for Tadzio to go next, but Tadzio appeared to get cold feet and cowered back.

All of them immediately realized it and Billy said, “Why don’t the three of you walk together?”

“Yes.” Mark crouched low in the car to join Tadzio, while Steve exited the back of the limo. Mark could see him reach out for Tadzio. “It’s okay, my love.” Mark touched Tadzio for reassurance. “We’re right here.”

Tadzio stared into Mark’s eyes for a moment, and then clasped Steve’s hand.

Billy grabbed Mark before he followed. “What’s wrong with Steve?”

“Can we chat later?” Mark patted Billy’s cheek and stood outside the car. A roar of noise hit Mark as he was recognized. Steve, acting like a bodyguard, made sure both he and Tadzio were protected while cameras flashed and fans screamed.

Crowds like this made Mark anxious. He put his arm around Tadzio and walked with Steve to the entrance.

Mark looked for his son and found him being interviewed by a local entertainment show host.

He waited until Billy joined Alex, and then Mark escorted Tadzio into the theater.


Billy allowed Alex to answer questions from the reporters. He gave the crowd a scan, since he was armed and knew with large crowds came trouble. He spotted Diesel with a woman on his arm, waving to the crowd.

Diesel met his gaze quickly and soon became occupied with reporters and fans.

Oddly, Billy didn’t hold any animosity towards him. Why should he? If Alex hadn’t cheated with Diesel, he never would have been given the green light to fuck Mark.

Seeing Alex wrapping up his interview, smiling and waving before he headed inside the theater, Billy held out his elbow for Alex to hook onto. They walked through the lobby, and met with Steve and Mark, who stood back as Tadzio was not only admired for his fabulous gown, he was being photographed for celebrity magazines.

“Christ, he’s incredible.” Billy shook his head.

“Wow, look at the fuss they’re making.” Alex squeezed Billy’s arm.

“He’s stunning.”

“I love you, Chief Sharpe.” Alex kissed his cheek.

“I love you too, babydoll.”


Mark tried not to hover over Tadzio, but he wanted to deflect anything negative, if, it happened.

Tadzio, poised and camera-ready, seemed to fall into his runway-mode, his expression, calm-yet sultry, his posture, perfect.

After hundreds of photographs were taken, Tadzio was rushed with microphones.

“Are you transitioning?”

“Is there any truth to the rumor that you’re living with Alexander Richfield and his husband?”

“Are you and Mark Antonious leaving for Sweden?”

Mark gave Steve an imploring look and Steve hooked Tadzio’s elbow and led him away from the annoying blather. Mark escorted Tadzio as well, holding him on the opposite side as Steve. They entered the screening room auditorium and many heads turned their way.

“Mark…” Tadzio held onto him tightly.

“You realize you’re the most beautiful person in here.” Mark waited as an usher led them to their reserved seats, which were close to the front. Steve entered the row first, then Tadzio followed. Mark glanced back, looking for his son.

He spotted the chief escorting Alex down the aisle.

Mark met his son’s gaze and smiled adoringly at him. Alex sat beside him, with Billy on the aisle. Mark patted Alex’s leg affectionately and focused on the MC, who was standing in front of the group, about to introduce the film.

Mark noticed Diesel escorting a pretty woman to a seat near them. The muscle-bound action hero didn’t glance their way, and Mark wondered if he had told his lady-friend about his affair with Alex, or not.

Tadzio shifted in his seat beside him. Mark glanced at him and realized he was trying to take off his white, faux fur jacket. Both Mark and Steve assisted him, and Tadzio laid the furry coat on his lap, his clutch bag on top of it.

Steve put his arm around Tadzio affectionately.

Mark smiled and paid attention to the MC who was about to signal the start of the film. Mark had an hour and a half to go before he could leave. Knowing Alex had nude scenes, which included full-frontal, Mark tried to keep calm. Luckily, he had a vial of valiums in his pocket in case things went badly.


Around a third of the way into the film, Alex had his first nude scene. Billy shifted in his chair, knowing by now he should be used to it. He glanced at Mark. The only thing Billy had to be annoyed at was Alex’s sex scenes. Mark, on the other hand, was confronted with his son’s full-frontal nudity.

Since Billy would never have children, he could only imagine how distasteful that may be.

Previous to finding out Alex had an affair with Diesel VanDen, Billy liked the actor and his action films. He also had a feeling Diesel hadn’t been the one to initiate the extramarital tryst. Alex had a ‘thing’ for big brawny older men.

There was no doubt in Billy’s mind Alex went for the kill the minute he could get Diesel alone. He hadn’t asked Alex anything about it, not wanting details. But, now, now that he was sitting here witnessing the film’s sex scenes, he grew curious.

At the moment, Billy wasn’t in a position to criticize Alex for anything he had done in the past. Although a current discussion hadn’t been initiated, Billy felt as if he could make love to Mark whenever he desired it, and… Tadzio sucked his dick, usually with Alex present.

Billy glanced down the aisle and noticed Steve had his arm around Tadzio.

He wondered if something had happened earlier. Steve seemed to be in a lousy mood. He whispered into Alex’s ear, “Are you enjoying the movie?”

Alex let out a sigh and then said, “Yes.”

Billy clasped his hand and held it on his leg.


Steve liked the film so far. It was a story about two men in the military, one straight, one gay, who on their return to the States had lost contact. Ironically, Diesel played the gay man, and Alexander, the straight veteran, who, after receiving a Dear John letter from his fiancée, turned to booze for an escape.

The sex scenes were few, and the story was relevant.

Steve glanced towards Tadzio, and could see Mark actually watching the film for once. Some of Alex’s movies had been very sexually charged and Mark struggled to view them.

Though Steve couldn’t relate to watching a son perform simulated sexual acts, he thought about his father having to sit through him having sex with another man. Even though Mark was gay and open-minded, that was still a lot to ask a dad.

At the moment, no one was getting upset, walking out, or covering their eyes. That was in itself a first.


Seeing the film complete, with all the edits and musical score, the color corrections and added scenes, Alex felt proud. He may not be a powerful individual, but he did feel as if his films made a contribution. This one, dealing with veterans, homelessness and alcohol abuse opened up a dialogue.

What surprised Alex the most was his indifference to Diesel. Strangely enough, Alex wondered why he had been attracted to him when they first met.

He glanced at Tadzio, seeing him watching the film, his fluffy fake fur jacket on his lap, his golden hair flowing.

Alex lost himself for a moment, recalling sexual acts from his past. With a high sex drive, Alex had experienced many men, but Tadzio was the only one in Alex’s recollection, to have made him feel like a dominant male.


Since this was the first time Mark had actually sat through one of his son’s feature films, Mark was enthralled. Not only was he impressed with Alex’s performance, he was enamored with Diesel’s portrayal of a gay veteran. Mark hadn’t been a fan of his action films, but knew Steve and Billy enjoyed that genre.

He didn’t know how big the opening weekend would be for this film, but he did know, Alex stood to earn a lot of money if it took off and became a blockbuster.

He heard a sniffle and glanced at Tadzio. The pretty blond was watching the movie and had taken a tissue from his purse, dabbing his eyes. The scene had been emotional, with Alex’s straight character battling alcoholism and the temptation of showing his gay buddy physical love.

Mark peered down the aisle both ways, seeing his son and Steve’s focus on the film. As discreetly as possible, Mark checked his watch. He was tired and wished the timing hadn’t been the day of his cologne shoot.

The end had come, the credits rolled, and the audience applauded.

Mark moved his stiff legs and stifled a yawn. He said to his son, “It was wonderful.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

Someone was waving for Alex and Diesel to come forward to take a bow. Alex made his way with his brawny costar to the MC.

Mark reached out for Billy and Billy moved over, standing beside Mark as they clapped.

“You feel like talking now?”

“Sorry?” Mark leaned closer to Billy to hear him.

“You said we’d chat later.”

Mark could see Steve and Tadzio still clapping as the stars, director, and a producer were soaking in the noise of approval.

“Perhaps later?” Mark couldn’t imagine trying to whisper over the din.

“I don’t want to attend the parties. I want to go home. I’m dead on my feet.” Billy shifted his weight from leg to leg.

“Please don’t leave Alexander on his own.”

Steve, as if trying to be heard, moved closer to Tadzio to speak to Mark. “Can we go?”

Mark watched the stars basking in the crowd’s adoration. When Diesel put his arm around Alex and embraced him, Mark turned to see Billy’s reaction.

Billy witnessed it without expressing his emotion.

“He’s being kind, not sexual, Chief.” Mark touched Billy’s hand.

Tadzio asked, “Are we going home? Or to an affair?”

“What would you like to do?” Mark caressed his cheek.

“I am dressed for celebrating.” Tadzio put his furry coat on. Mark helped him, holding it up. “Thank you.”

“Did Alex tell you what he wished to do?” Mark brushed Tadzio’s hair so it fell behind his shoulder.

“I think he enjoys the spectacle.”

Mark returned his attention to the front and was surprised to see Diesel kiss Alex on the lips, then Diesel waved at the audience as they reacted to the smooch.

Mark met Alex’s worried gaze as Alex seemed to be on edge from Diesel’s public display.


Alex didn’t want to kiss Diesel. He also didn’t know why Diesel had kissed him. Alex reached out to shake hands with a group of fans that had formed around them. The voices became a cacophony of noise in his ears and he wanted to join his husband and family.

“Yes. Thank you.” Alex tried to be gracious. He made his way through the mob, which was on their feet, chatting loudly, and headed up the aisle.

He felt a squeeze on his bottom and glanced over his shoulder. The only person that could have done it, was Diesel VanDen. Alex didn’t acknowledge the act and made his way back to Billy. He fell against Billy and held onto him.

Billy rubbed his back to calm him. “What do you want to do?”

“I want to go home.”

“Let’s go.”

Alex held Billy’s hand and kept his head bowed low as Billy escorted him out of the auditorium.

In the crush to leave the room, Alex felt claustrophobic and gripped tightly to Billy’s hand. The idea that Diesel would seduce him or show him attention if he went to a party after the screening haunted him. He wanted to put that ordeal behind him. He wanted to go home.


Steve witnessed Diesel VanDen touching Alex on his bottom. He glanced at Mark and Billy to see if they had noticed it. It appeared they did not. But, the moment it had occurred Steve read Alex’s discomfort and reaction. Alex went right into Billy’s arms for security.

As their group tried to get out of a packed screening room, Steve held Tadzio from behind, his hands on the white fluff of Tadzio’s jacket at his shoulders. While attendees filed out of the aisles, Billy and Alex became separated from them.

Steve looked for Mark and at the moment he couldn’t find him.

“Steven?” Tadzio asked.

“Yeah?” He kept Tadzio moving to the exit.

“Are we going to a party?”

“I doubt it.” He finally got them through the exit doors into the lobby. “Do you see Mark?”


Steve kept them walking to the theater exit, taking his phone out of his pocket and turning it on.

“Iz too crowded.” Tadzio stayed close to Steve in the crush.

Once they were outside, Steve pulled Tadzio with him to stand by the wall, out of the way. He called Mark and it went to voicemail. “Great.” He kept looking around for him, as well as Alex and Billy.

Over the noise of laughter and shouting, Steve thought he heard Mark calling out to him. He looked towards the street and Mark was standing beside their limousine, waving.

“There he is.” He held Tadzio’s hand and as he walked with Tadzio to meet up with Mark, photographers seemed to just notice them.

Cameras and microphones descended on them from all sides. Steve was stunned as to the reason, when he soon found out.

“Tadzio! Is this your new man?”

“Are you two a couple?”

“What’s the age gap between you?”

“Sir! Sir! What’s your name so we can identify you?”

Steve lowered his head and pulled Tadzio against him to protect him. “Jesus Christ,” Steve muttered, battling his way through flashes of light and microphones stuffed into his face.

Chapter 3

Mark could see a mob of paparazzi suddenly engulfing Steve and Tadzio. He crouched down towards the open back door of the limousine. “Steven is being accosted by the media.”

Billy grew angry and stood beside Mark at the door of the car. “Where is he?”

“Surrounded by those bloodhounds.”

Just as Billy was about to plow his way into the mass of bodies, Steve emerged, escorting Tadzio to their car.

Mark was astonished by the display, not to mention the comments which were bizarre suggestions that Steve and Tadzio were a ‘thing’. Billy helped Tadzio into the back of the car and then gestured for Mark to sit beside him.

Mark did, seeing his son sink low in the leather bench seat. He sat beside Alex and put his arm around him.

Alex rested his head on his shoulder and closed his eyes.

He heard Steve shout something to the horde and then Steve and Billy made it into the car safely.

Billy said, “Let’s go!” to the driver.

The car began to move slowly and then, once they cleared the crowd and traffic it resumed a normal speed.

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