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Cammie Cummins



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It happened the morning after I received the final divorce papers in the mail. For the first time in twenty-one years I was finally rid of Ted, my no-good husband and no-good father to our daughter Shay. Not only was he out of our lives for good, with the divorce final he took a job on the other side of the country. With him went his secretary/bimbo mistress and her daughter, who rumor had it he was sleeping with, too.

Good fucking riddance.

“Day one of the rest of your life, Allison Greenwald.” I reminded myself as I came down to the kitchen to get my morning coffee still half asleep. My slippers whispered across the tile floor as I re-cinched the robe of my red, kimono-style bathrobe. I ran a hand through my shoulder length brown hair with highlights, shaking out the bedhead knots, and yawned.

I flicked the lights on. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee filled the kitchen.

Thank God for brew timers.

I poured a cup of black coffee and brought it over the center island. After a sip, I swirled the hem of my bathrobe over my bare legs and sat on a stool, finding Shay’s laptop open on the counter.

Shay was home from college for the summer. At nineteen she came and went pretty much on her own.

“Wonder why she left this down here,” I mused with my cup in hand.

“That’s strange,” I said noticing a large icon filled the screen. It looked like one of those movie clapperboards. The one’s they snap when the director yells, “Action!”

I tapped the enter button and the icon disappeared.

I frowned. “Oh, shit. What did I do?”

The screen filled with a video image of Shay’s bedroom.

There was Shay’s bed.

I recognized her purple satin sheets and white quilted bedspread. Next to the bed was her nightstand with her clock and her lamp on it. Mr. Fuzzy, her little stuffed elephant sat propped up against the lamp.

From the speakers I heard movement, rustling sounds.

A second ticked by then Shay flopped down on the bed, naked except for a pair of thong undies. Her short brown hair was tied back in a small ponytail. The curved line of several small star tattoos that followed the swell of her outer breast was clearly visible.

That was something I hadn’t seen since she’d gotten inked over my objections two years earlier.

Shay scooted herself to one side of the bed, a smile on her face.

A few seconds ticked by then another person walked into the frame.

It was Daisy, Shay’s best friend since they were little kids. She lived right across the street.

Daisy flopped down on the bed next to Shay, topless, like my daughter, wearing only a pair of skintight, white denim shorts. They giggled and rolled into each other’s arms and started making out.

I felt my mouth drop open. Oh. My. God!

Daisy had this really short, shaggy, pixy haircut. Her beautiful black hair was cut in a way so her short locks flipped in a hundred different directions all at one. A pretty girl, whose narrow nose was maybe a touch too long for her face. She had wide eyes that were set a little off kilter. Her mouth was pinched, with lips that were a bit too full. But when she smiled, which was often, she possessed the most gorgeous, deep, half-moon dimples I’d ever seen.

I watched as Daisy moved her mouth from Shay’s lips down over her full, naked breasts, kissing, making loud wet smacking noises. She kissed and licked Shay’s nipples while Shay wriggled, fisting the blankets under her in the throes of passion.

Not taking my eyes off the screen, I went to set my cup down on the counter and almost missed, spilling coffee across the countertop and down the sides before I caught the cup and slid it across the quartz countertop away from the edge.

“I can’t believe they made a sex tape.” My hand clasped over my open mouth.

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