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Bob Wheeler

The Crisco King

By Ron Williamson


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All characters in this story are over the age of 18 years old.

Bob Wheeler - The Crisco King

Copyright © 2017 by Ron Williamson

ISBN: 9781370280025M

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In The Back Yard

The car was parked in the back yard. We had already tinted the windows, painted a black stripe down both sides of the car, changed the oil and spark plugs, and were now finishing up installing speakers in the rear dash. I was inside the trunk, tightening the nuts on the back of the speaker mounting brackets. I only had a few more nuts to tighten, and we would be finished.

Bob took a drink from his beer, then began playing with my dick, through my shorts.

“My little mechanic stud,” he laughed, “and his big fuck stick.”

“Stop fucking with me,” I snapped, “I’m having a hard enough time reaching this fucking nut.”

Even though I was not in the mood to fool around, my dick began growing out of the bottom of my short pants. Even though I was in the trunk of the car struggling to tighten these last few nuts, how could I not get hard. Bob was teasing my dick.

“Can I have a drink of your beer?” I asked, reaching for his bottle.

“Not until you finish,” he laughed, pulling his beer out of my reach.

“Ha ha,” I snorted, reaching further for it.

“Alright,” he gave in, handing it to me.

I tipped it up and started chugging. I drank the whole thing and handed the bottle back to him.

“Thank you,” I grinned, “Now if you’ll leave my dick alone, I can finish up here. Then you can have all the dick you want.”

He didn’t stop. He continued to play with my dick while I worked. Although I acted like I wasn’t enjoying it, he and I both knew that I was. Hell, at 18 years old, I was a walking, talking, hard on. All I had to do was look at Bob, or be touched by him, and my dick would get hard. He was beautiful. Thirty-five years old. Five feet, 8 inches tall. 250 pounds. Balding head. Dark brown, short beard and mustache. Thick manly chest. Big fat, firm, round belly. Thick arms and legs. Adorable face. Like I said, he was beautiful. And…he loved to get fucked.

With my dick hanging out of my shorts, I finished tightening all of the nuts except one. One that I knew he would be able to reach from outside of the trunk. I handed him the crescent wrench and climbed out of the trunk.

“What’s the deal?” I teased, “Where’s my cold beer?”

He started picking up the tools, and placing them into the toolbox.

“Oh shit,” I said, pointing to the loose nut, “I missed one. See if you can get that, and I’ll run inside and grab another beer.”

I ran into the kitchen, took a beer from the fridge, and set in on the counter. Then I ran into the bedroom, reached underneath the bedside table, and dipped my right middle finger into the Crisco can. I ran back through the house, snatching the beer from the counter, and into the back yard. Bob was bent over the rear of the car, leaning into the trunk, and tightening the last nut on the speakers mounting bracket. I hurried over to him, set the beer down, and began rubbing his ass with my left hand.

“Let’s see how you like being fucked with while you’re trying to work,” I laughed.

“Doesn’t bother me at all,” he retorted. “In fact you can pull my pants down and fuck me, won’t bother me at all.”

“Really?” I asked, teasingly, as I grabbed the sides of his pants and pulled them down to his knees. One look at his big, firm, round, fuzzy butt and my dick was hard as a rock. I wiped the Crisco from my finger onto his tight sphincter, with a smear. I dropped my shorts to the ground and stepped out of them. I put the tip of my dick into his butt crack, then I pushed his buttocks out away from my dick, spreading his cheeks, and I pushed my dick inside of him.

“Ouch,” he grunted, “Not so fast.”

I grabbed my beer, and chugged more than half of it. “Want some?” I asked, holding the beer toward him.

“No,” he grunted, in pain/pleasure, “I just want to finish with this last nut, then I want you to plow my ass with your big fucking cock.”

I downed the rest of the beer, and tossed the empty onto the ground. Bob finished tightening the last nut, and dropped the wrench on the floor of the trunk. He lifted his left leg up and into the trunk, spreading his ass wider for me. I pumped slowly, pushing my dick all the way in, and pulling it all the way out. I watched as it came out, and his hole closed. His hole looked so beautiful closed tightly with the head of my dick touching it. I pushed, and watched as it reopened to swallow my dick again. I fucked him slow and deep, in the trunk of the car, in our back yard.

“Oh god, Ron,” he moaned, turning his head so that he could see me, “I love the way you fuck me.”

He looked so good there in the trunk of the car, with my dick in his ass. His bald head glistened from the sweat. It was another hot day in Phoenix, Arizona. I grabbed ahold of his shoulders and rammed my dick harder into his ass. I slid my hands down his hairy back, to his butt cheeks. I spread them apart, and watched my dick going in and out of his hole. Even though he was lubed, there was still a good amount of friction. I never over-lubed. I liked to feel the skin of his hole firmly gripping my dick. I watched as his hole tried to hold onto my dick as I slowly pulled it out. Then I watched his hole sink into his body as I slowly pushed my dick back inside of him. In and out. In and out. His head turned, he liked to watch. The sun glistened on his sweaty head and back. His back hairs clinging to his big sweaty torso. Damn, he looked so good. Big and hairy. Sweaty. Squeezing his ass on my dick. I began fucking him harder and faster. He grunted. I pumped my dick in and out of his beautiful tight asshole.

What a perfect match we were. He loved to get fucked, and I loved fucking him. It had been that way since day one.

Thomas Mall

It was just a few weeks before Christmas, and my mother decided to take me and my two brothers up to Phoenix to do some Christmas shopping. After an hour in the car, we pulled into the parking lot at Thomas Mall. We parked near the Sears entrance, to make finding the car later, easier. I hated shopping, but I loved going shopping. It was an excellent way for me to get away from the family and cruise.

“I’m going to Spencer’s,” I yelled back at my mom, as I took off running toward the mall entrance. She knew I liked that store because of all the cool posters and crazy lights. Strobe lights, black lights, spinning siren lights, etc. I moved fast through the doorway and down the mall into the crowd of people. I looked back to make sure that no one in my family could still see me. That was it, I was free from the pack. I headed straight toward the mall restrooms.

I had never had sex in a public restroom. I did, however, really enjoy seeing a chubby guy’s dick at a urinal. Or looking under a stall door, and seeing some chubby guy’s hairy legs, as he sat on the toilet. Maybe, if I was lucky, I would see a good looking chubby guy stand in front of the bathroom mirror and open his pants, to tuck in his shirt. And maybe, if I was really lucky, he would lift his shirt a bit, and I would get to see his belly. These are the kind of things that I had seen so far. The kind of things that kept me going to public restrooms, hoping to be able to see again.

The restroom door closed behind me, and I looked quickly around. There was no one at the urinals or sinks, so I bent down to look under the stall doors. Empty. Suddenly the door swung open, and in walked a chubby older man. “Mmm,” I thought, “He’s cute.” I headed toward one of the sinks to wash my hands, never taking my eyes off of his reflection in the mirror. He looked at me, and gave me a very friendly head-nod. He went into one of the stalls, and as he turned to close the door, he noticed that I was watching him. He nodded his head at me again, and locked the stall door behind him. I went into the stall beside his, and locked the door.

I pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I could see one of his feet under the stall partition. He was tapping his foot, like as if he was listening to music. I noticed that there was a small hole in the stall wall. I leaned closer to it, and looked through. The hole was very small, and it wasn’t easy, but I could see through it. I could see his upper thighs and knees. Sexy. I noticed his big belly, inside his tight white shirt. “Mmm.” My dick started getting hard. Then I saw his dark brown beard. His mouth and nose. My dick now standing straight up like a flagpole. Then I saw his eyes. He was looking right at the hole. He was looking right into my eye. I pulled away, not expecting that. I was really taken aback. For some reason, it failed to occur to me that he could see my eyeball through the hole. Suddenly I saw his hand reaching under the stall wall. Four cute, chubby fingers and a cute, stubby thumb. They were moving, in a way that made it obvious, that he wanted me to put something in his hand. I lifted myself off the toilet seat, and squatted down onto his hand. I felt my balls touch his hand, and then I felt his hand grab a hold of my dick.

“Oh my god,” he gasped, squeezing it, “Nice.”

He stroked it. It felt great. It was very exciting. Thrilling. Dangerous. This really good looking bald, chubby, older man was playing with my dick, right there in the public restroom. The door could swing open at any second.

That’s exactly what happened. Some guy came in, went to the urinals, and started peeing. Meanwhile, I looked through the tiny hole in the wall again. Yep, it was real. There was a beautiful, chubby, older guy, sitting there on the toilet, playing with his dick. I grabbed a hold of mine. Thick, long, and hard. Suddenly he leaned forward, and his head moved toward the tiny hole in the wall, so I backed away from it. I saw the light through the hole go dark, as his eye appeared. I leaned back, making my dick stand straight up, so that he could see it.

“Fuck,” he mumbled, with his head pressed against the wall.

I heard the urinal flush, then noticed that the little hole was once again white. I looked through and saw that he was standing, and zipping up his fly. What was he doing? Was he leaving?

I heard the restroom door open and close. The urinator had left. Suddenly, the good looking guy who played with my dick only a moment ago, walked out of his stall. Fuck. Why is he leaving?

He left his stall, and knocked softly on my stall door. I unlocked it, and he quickly came in and closed the door behind him.

“Hey,” he whispered, very excitedly, “You want to go somewhere else?”

“Sure,” I answered, nervously.

I had never hooked up with a guy in a public restroom, and then left with him. In fact, at that time in my life, even though I knew exactly what I wanted, sexually, I had only had sex a few times. A couple glory hole blow jobs, an awesome encounter with a trucker at a truck stop, and one other experience that I won’t mention. So yes, I was a little bit nervous, but at the same time, I was excited, and thrilled to be hooking up with such a good looking man.

The walk from the restroom, to the mall exit, seemed to never end.

“How old are you?” he asked, looking at my face.

“Eighteen,” I answered, looking all around nervously, for my mother or brothers. Luckily I didn’t see either of them.

“Who are you here with?” he asked.

I told him that my mother, two brothers, and I, were in from out of town to do some shopping, and that we had just gotten there. Hinting that we had plenty of time.

“Cool,” he said, pushing open the mall door, “I just live a few blocks away. Do you like to fuck with that big cock of yours?”

“Sure,” I answered softly.

“This is me,” he said, unlocking the drivers door of a light green Volvo. He climbed in, unlocked the passenger door, and started the car. I climbed in, and closed the door.

He noticed me looking at his hairy chest, and he immediately started unbuttoning his shirt. He opened it wide, and I could see all of his big hairy torso. He looked fucking awesome.

“Show me that big cock,” he said, looking at my crotch, and shifting the car into drive.

He noticed my embarrassment as I reached to opened my pants.

“I can’t wait to get you in bed,” he said, reaching over and grabbing my dick. “I want this mother fucker up my ass.”

I smiled. He let go of my dick, to make a left turn, then grabbed it again. He saw me looking at his belly.

“I know,” he smiled, patting his stomach, “I’m fat.”

“No,” I smiled at him, “You look great.”

I loved telling big guys that they looked good, just the way they are. Not just because it was true, but also because it made them feel better about their size. Not only would I tell them that I thought they looked great, but I showed them that I meant it. They would see me admiring their big manly torso. They would feel me touching and rubbing it. And, I would tell them time and time again how sexy they were.

I scooted over, into the middle of the front seat, my dick sticking straight up from my lap, and he put his right arm around my shoulders. I laid my head on his shoulder, ran my hand through the hairs on his chest, and rubbed his big belly, lovingly. We drove like that for a couple blocks.

“Okay,” he said, taking his arm from my shoulder, “We’re here.”

He pulled into his driveway, while I stuffed my dick back inside my pants.

The Can of Crisco

He locked his front door behind us, and I followed him down the hallway. We walked into his bedroom and his shirt hit the floor. Mine landed right on top of his. He sat down on the edge of the bed, grabbed the waist of my pants, and pulled me toward him. I had my pants unsnapped and was starting on the zipper, when his chubby hands pushed mine out of the way and took over. He unzipped my fly and dropped my pants down around my ankles before I knew it.

“Wow,” he gasped, staring at my dick which was pointing straight at his face. “Kick off your shoes.”

As I slipped off my shoes, and stepped out of my pants and underwear, he did the same. Then he sat back down on the edge of the bed, right in front of me. He grabbed my dick, and plunged his mouth down onto it. Just when I was thought I was about to get a super blow job, he pulled himself off of it. My dick glistened from the saliva that now covered it. He added a little more with one last spit, then looked up at me, watching him, and smiled. He stood up, turned around, then climbed onto the bed, on his hands and knees.

“What’s your name?” he asked, reaching around behind him, and taking a hold of my dick.

“Ron,” I answered, spreading my feet further apart, to steady myself.

“I’m Bob,” he laughed, “Nice to meet you.”

He pulled me by my dick, until it was touching his hole.

“I want that big fucking dick in my ass,” he said, spreading his cheeks with his sexy, pudgy fingers.

I placed my hands on his lower back, and pushed my pelvis forward. I watched my dick split his asshole open, and start to disappear inside of him.

“FUCK,” he grunted and pulled away, making my dick fall out. He turned his beautiful face toward me, “Goddamn man, you gotta start slower. That dick is gonna take a little getting used to.” He smiled, reaching around and grabbing me by my dick again, and placed it against his hole, “Now take it easy this time.”

I pushed slowly, until just the head of my dick was inside of him. He squeezed his ass, and it pushed my dick back out. I guided it back in, and pushed it in a little further this time. He squeezed his ass again, gripping my dick firmly with his sphincter. Wow, that felt really good. I pushed it in a little further.

“Nice and slow,” he said, pulling away just a tiny bit.

Although my dick slid in fairly easy because of the spit, there was still plenty of friction. He ass was pretty tight, and it felt really good on my dick.

I placed my hands on his hips, and pushed my dick further into him.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, “hold it right there for a minute.”

So I stood there, with my dick only half inside of him, and I could feel him squeezing his ass on my dick. He could really squeeze it pretty hard. It felt awesome. I looked down and could actually see it squeezing on my dick. What a turn on that was. I knew then, that this was gonna be one hell of a fuck.

I tried to push myself further into him, but it wouldn’t go. It was like it was stuck. It wasn’t wet enough. As I pushed I could see his asshole being pushed into his body. I tried to pull out, and again, because his ass was stuck to my dick, I was pulling on his hole.

He pulled himself off of my dick, and reached down and under the bedside table. When he brought his hand back up, it looked empty, and I wondered what it was he had just done. That’s when I noticed the 3 pound can of Crisco vegetable shortening.

He came back to his spot on the edge of the bed, grabbed a hold of my dick, and began rubbing Crisco all over it.

“Alright,” he said, “now we’re good to go,” as he backed himself onto my dick.

And right he was. With that Crisco, it slid easily, but still felt like it had more friction that your average lube.

“Hold still,” he said, “let me do all the moving. I wanna work that thing in, nice and slow.”

He began rocking his body, to and fro, nice and slowly, taking my dick just a tiny bit further inside of him with each swing. With my hands on my hips, I watched, as he rocked his way further onto my dick.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was in the big city, Phoenix, in a strangers house, with my dick inside one of the sexiest guys I’d ever seen. Wow. I couldn't take my eyes off of his beautiful body. He was a big, thick man. Fat, but firm. Hairy, but not very hairy. Hair on parts of his back, and on his shoulders, but not thick. Just the right amount of hairy, in my opinion.

That’s when I noticed that he was watching us in the mirror on the dresser. Wow. In the mirror I could see a side view of us. A side view of him on his elbows and knees. His firm belly beautifully curved down, almost touching the bed. A side view of my dick reaching through the space between our bodies and going into his butt cheeks. Now this, was fucking hot.

He was still rocking his body to and fro, but was no longer working my dick any deeper into him. And I was, after all that time, not yet all the way in. He stopped rocking. There was no movement now, except for the squeezing of his sphincter on my dick. Goddamn it felt fucking good. He really knew how to use that muscle. I placed my hands onto his hips and started pumping myself into him. I wanted to get the rest of my dick inside of him, but it wasn’t sliding in as freely as the rest of my dick did. I pushed anyway, and it went, in spite of the lack of lube at that point. He grunted.

He squeezed my dick, and I fucked his hole, all the while looking at his big sexy body. His bald head glistened with sweat. He moaned, while I fucked. He squeezed. He groaned. I rubbed my hands all over his big manly torso, loving how he looked on his hands and knees. I could feel my balls banging into him. I looked down and watched as I pulled my dick out of his hole. I guided it back in, and I saw his hole squeeze my dick. He groaned. I moaned. He squeezed. I groaned louder, and began pounding his ass harder and faster. He knew I was getting close. He worked that ass muscle of his, and it felt fantastic. I grabbed his hips, and began slamming my body against his as hard as I could.

“Fuck yeah,” he grunted. “Ugh…ugh…ugh…”

He turned his head towards me, and I saw his beautiful smiling face. I glanced in the mirror and saw that he was jerking himself off while I was fucking him. I looked back at his face again, and into his beautiful eyes, and my balls began exploding. “Ahhhhh,” I groaned so loudly that I could no longer hear his grunts. I felt the cum shooting through my dick and into his ass with each pump.

I knew had a few more squirts left to give, so I pulled my dick out of his ass and stroked it. He watched as cum squirted out of my dick and flew right toward his face. He flinched, afraid of maybe getting shot in the eye, and I began laughing. We both laughed, as I finished my load on his hairy back.

“Holy shit,” he said, collapsing onto the bed.

I collapsed right beside him. We laid there, catching our breath.

After a minute, he looked at me, then laid his head on my chest, “that just might have been the best fuck I ever had.”

I doubted it was true, but it sure felt good to hear him say it.

He asked me if I wanted to take a quick shower, and I said yes.

Suddenly the shower curtain opened, “You mind if I join you?” he asked, looking at my dick and stepping in. I couldn’t believe how good looking he was. From the top of his balding head, to the tips of his pudgy little toes. The water poured over his fat body, making all the hairs lay flat and dark against his skin. Sexy.

“What is this?” I asked, pointing to a bag, hanging from the shower head.

“That,” he smiled, “is why you’ll never pull a dirty dick out of my ass.”

I pretended to know what he meant, and finished showering.

“You’re a quiet one,” he said, taking his right hand from the steering wheel, and placing it on my leg. He pulled, and I scooted a bit closer to him. “That sure is one nice dick you have there,” he said, winking at me, and giving the crotch of my pants a gentle squeeze. I blushed. “Here’s my phone number,” handing me a business card, “please, feel free to call me any time. Any time, day or night. I really want to see you again.”

Back at the mall, I was debating whether or not to cruise the restroom again, when I spotted my mom and brothers a ways up ahead of me. I dashed into the Spencer’s store, and started flipping through the rack of posters.

“There he is,” I heard my brother say to my mother.

“There you guys are,” I said exiting the store, “I’ve been looking all over.”

In the car, during the ride back to our town, I sat quiet. Quietly thinking about everything that had happened. I just sat there. Quiet. Smiling. Happy.

The End

But wait. Let me tell you how I came to be fucking Bob in our back yard, while working on my car.

A few years after the Thomas Mall encounter, I ran away from home. Why…is a story for another time. I hitch-hiked, and caught a ride with a trucker, up to Phoenix. And no, nothing happened with the truck driver. He wasn’t even good looking. He was thin.

I stayed in my brothers college dorm, with him and his roommate, for a few weeks, and started hitting the bars. That was fun, as I loved to shoot pool and drink.

One day, out of the blue, I remembered that I had hidden Bob’s business card in one of the compartments in my wallet. I gave him a call. Thirty minutes later my dick was buried deep inside his tight, squeezing asshole.

Bob and I really hit it off, and about a week later I moved in with him. He helped me find a job, and buy a car. Things were great. He loved to get fucked, and I loved fucking him. Bob was the first guy I ever lived with. We fucked every single day, sometimes twice a day. We fucked in every single position you could imagine. I finally figured out what the bag in the shower was for. And he was right, thanks to that bag, he, and I, were always clean.

And that is how I came to be fucking Bob in our back yard, while putting speakers in my car.

Oh, and although that can of Crisco lasted a long time, my fingers did one day scrape the bottom of that can.

And now… The End


Here is a sample of one of my other short stories. Mr. Wallace:

Our regular PE (physical education) teacher was absent. At home sick or whatever, it didn’t really matter. What did matter was that today Mr. Wallace was filling in for him. And after a hot sweaty game of baseball, out in the hot Arizona sun, it was shower time. As I undressed and was putting my things in my locker I noticed that Mr. Wallace was undressing in his office. I wondered what was going on. I had never seen a PE teacher shower with the students before. I guess normally the PE teacher doesn’t need to shower because he usually has another PE class following ours. But Mr. Wallace had to get back to his English class for the next period.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my luck, as I watched while he began to peel his shirt off. I was finally about to see something that I never in a million years thought I would ever see. His shirt tried to cling to his big meaty torso, wet with sweat from an hour of umpiring out in the hot sun. As it was pulled over his head, his big round firm belly was revealed. Then his thick chest and armpits. His chest hairs and armpit hairs lay wet against his dark skin. Fuck man, his body looked awesome. I had to be careful. I didn’t want any of my classmates taking notice that I was drooling over Mr. Wallace. I put my clothes in my locker and got my towel out more slowly, there was no way I was going to miss this.

He sat down and untied his shoes. Bent over like that his basket really bulged. He stood up and peeled off his pants. There he stood in only his white socks and white briefs. Now that was hot. The contrast of his snow white underwear against his dark skin. He peeled off his socks and underwear, grabbed his towel, and headed into the shower. I finally got to see his dick. I have to admit, I was a little bit disappointed that it was bigger than it was. But it still looked cute as hell laying there on top of those big hairy balls. I closed my locker and headed that way.


Here is a sample of my story - Curry Park: The First Time & The Last Time

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Not much,” I answered. “I’m just on my way home from having a few beers.”

“Cool,” fumbling with his crotch again, “what are you looking for?”

“Well,” rubbing my thumb across the bulge in my pants. My dick was almost fully hard now. All it needed was just a little more room to grow. “I was hoping to get sucked off before going home.”

Well, this is your lucky day,” he smiled real big, “cause I love to suck cock and I’m very good at it.”

I smiled and began pulling down my zipper. I noticed the hair sticking out of the neck of his shirt. His dark arms were quite hairy also.

“In fact,” he continued as he watched me pull my dick out, “I want you to fuck my face, with that big ass cock of yours.” His eyes lit up as he stared at it.


“Fuck,” we both said turning to look at the entrance way.

“Shit,” he whispered, “it’s that guy again. I bet he wants to join us. How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t want to share you,” I said softly.

“Perfect. That’s what I was hoping you’d say. I don’t want to either.”

He went over to where the man was watching us through the brush and stepped out. I had just barely lit up another cigarette when he reentered.

“He’s not going to bother us again. Unless someone else is coming, that is. He said he would keep watch for us.”

It was like we were both experiencing a rare happening, and loving every second of it. Every touch. Every smell. Every taste. It really did feel, at that very moment, like we were one being. The heat. The passion. The wild and crazy feelings flowing through our skin. His lips and tongue tasted so good I can’t describe it. The look in his eyes and on his face totally melted me. In his arms I felt complete. Comfortable. Safe. Our bodies began to slip and slide against each other from the sweat accumulating between us. That made it even more erotic.

I could feel his hard dick, with my hard dick, through both of our pants. I could feel the wetness of his pre-cum soaking through our pants. That was very erotic. Just then, at the exact same time, we both grabbed and held onto each others heads while making love with our mouths. Holy fuck. This was the hottest moment I’d ever experienced without a dick being out.

“Oh my God man,” he sputtered pulling his head back and looking at me. “I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re fucking driving me crazy.”

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