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By M. E. Tudor

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"Are you ready to leave yet?" Mary asked her roommate, Ashley Jessup.

"Just a sec," Ashley said and turned back to Courtney Blair, the woman who was having this party. Ashley and had been debating the benefits of getting married for the better part of an hour.

Mary Hanon ran her fingers through her long, dark hair and looked around at the other women in the room. They were the same group of closeted professional women who always came to these parties. All of them worked in professions that required them to dress, act, and socialize in a certain way. Even though they were at a party on a Saturday night, the majority of the women were dressed in pressed slacks and blouses. Their hair and make-up were done to perfection, and their mannerisms and conversations were reserved, despite the fact that most of them were negotiating a bed partner for the night.

Shaking her head, Mary headed to the fully-stocked bar and looked over the selection before choosing a beer. She turned around and studied the group again. Coming to this party had been a waste of her time. She knew all of the women here. She had been out with just about every one of them at least once, except the ones who were married to men. She didn't fool around with women who played both sides of the fence.

She had been approached by several women tonight, but she was so tired of the same old games. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she felt like she needed something more. She hadn't thought about having a relationship with anyone since she graduated college. She wasn't sure that's what she wanted now. But, she did want something more than the safe, unsatisfying sex these women offered.

Ashley had driven them to the party. She promised Mary that they wouldn’t stay late because she had a date at ten. Mary figured she would either hook up with someone who would take her home, or have Ashley drop her at their apartment before she went on her date.

They had been there for almost three hours, and Mary had been ready to go home within an hour of arriving. Mary finished her beer and was just about to call a cab when Ashley rushed up to her. “We have to go! I’m going to be late.” She grabbed Mary’s arm and pulled her out of Courtney’s apartment with barely a goodbye to the other guests.

Thank God, Mary thought.

They climbed into the car. Ashley started it and took off. Mary grabbed the armrest on the door and held on as Ashley raced through the busy streets. Mary stared nervously out the window as they drove through a seedy part of town. They passed biker bars where men and women were fighting in the parking lot. There were some warehouses, and then more bars appeared. They were clearly gay bars, with neon pink triangles or neon rainbow signs flashing from the windows, but they were not the type of bars Mary would be interested in visiting.

“Where are we going?” she asked, looking at Ashley's wild-eyed profile.

Ashley didn't answer but pulled into the parking lot of a leather bar, found a parking spot in the back of the lot, and turned the car off. “Okay, this is it,” Ashley said, unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out. “You take the car. I’ll get a ride back to the apartment later.”

"Are you serious?" Mary asked and watched Ashley rush to the door where women were standing outside smoking. They were dressed in tight leather pants, leather vests and nothing else. The women in front of the bar stopped talking long enough to whistle and call out to Ashley as she approached the bar. “Hey, baby.”

Shaking her head, Mary got out of the passenger side and went around to the driver’s seat. She started to turn the car on, but the keys were not in the ignition. Oh shit, Ashley took the keys with her. Mary turned her head toward the door of the bar and looked at the women standing outside. Dropping her head onto the steering wheel, she looked at the bar again. There was no option but to go in and find Ashley. Ashley is dead if something happens to me in this bar, Mary thought to herself.

She got out of the car and hurried to the front door. “Hey baby, come here,” one of the women called.

“I don’t think I’ve had you,” said the other.

Shit, shit, shit, Mary thought as she pushed her way inside the bar. It was packed with women and Ashley was nowhere in sight. Mary spotted the bar across the room from the door. She made her way through the wall of half-naked women to get to the bar. She was praying that Ashley was meeting her date there.

It seemed to take forever to get to the bar. She’d been grabbed at, pawed on, and pinched along the way. When she finally got there, a woman who would be beautiful if she didn’t have so many piercings on her face was working the counter. “Excuse me,” Mary shouted over the noise. The woman didn’t seem to hear her. “Excuse me!” she shouted louder.

The woman looked up and then looked her up and down. Mary was dressed in tan slacks and a fuchsia, short-sleeved, button-down blouse. Very conservative by these people’s standards, Mary was sure. The woman smiled and shouted over the noise, “Are you lost?”

“I’m trying to find my roommate,” Mary shouted. “Short blonde, she just came in.”

The bartender laughed. “There are a lot of short blondes in here.”

“She’s wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans,” Mary shouted.

Laughing harder, the bartender pointed to the crowd. “So are half of the women in this place.”

Mary turned around and looked at the women crammed in the bar. It was true; there were a lot of blondes, and everyone was wearing black. She was sticking out like a sore thumb.

“Hey baby,” a large woman with short, spiked, dark brown hair said, as she pressed close to Mary. “You’re new. Wanna come play with me for a little while?”

Mary looked the woman over. Her large, pasty white breasts were visible through her open leather jacket. The rest of her outfit consisted of black leggings and army boots. “No, I’m just trying to find someone,” Mary said, leaning away from the woman.

“Aren’t we all,” another woman said from the other side of Mary. She had on a black leather vest that revealed her small breasts that were as tan as the rest of her body. She had tattoos on all of her exposed skin. She even had tattoos going up her neck. The only place she didn't appear to have tattoos was on her face. Her hair was jet black. The short back and sides were slicked back, and the long bangs were formed into an arrow that went down between her large black eyes, stopping just above her bright red lips. She made Mary think of a vampire.

“I was here first, dog,” large woman snarled at tattoo woman.

“She ain’t interested in you, bitch,” tattoo woman snapped back.

A younger woman, closer to Mary’s age approached. Her hair was bright pink and spiked straight up on her head. She had a lot of tattoos and piercings, but not as many as tattoo woman and the bartender. The spiked collar around her neck matched her spiked wrist bands and belt. She had on skin tight black jeans and a black t-shirt that had a picture of a woman pole dancing on it. “What are you two losers doing?”

The large woman laughed. “We’re fighting over this piece of fresh meat.” She ran her finger down Mary’s neck, brushing back her chocolate locks, and continuing down towards her full breasts.

Mary pushed the woman’s hand away. “I’m not fresh meat,” she shouted. “I’m just trying to find my roommate.”

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” a new voice said.

Mary looked up at the woman who had spoken and wasn’t sure if she should be relieved or more terrified. The woman standing in front of her was the UPS delivery person who usually brought stuff to the law office where Mary worked. Even though she was a familiar face, Mary had called her a “dyke thug” just yesterday, so she wasn't sure the woman would be willing to help her out of this situation.

“Back off, Jack,” the tattooed woman said. “This is our new plaything.”

“I don’t think so,” the UPS woman said. “She came in here looking for me, didn’t you, Mary?”

Something in the woman’s eyes told Mary she had better go along with her. “Yes, yes, I was looking for you...Jackie,” Mary said, remembering the name tag the woman always wore on her beige UPS uniform.

“See?” Jackie said, taking Mary’s hand and pulling her away from the three vultures that had her pinned to the bar. Jackie pulled her out onto the dance floor. She put her arms around Mary’s waist. “Put your hands on my shoulders,” she instructed. "You want to make sure they think you are really here with me. You won't be safe otherwise.”

Mary looked over her shoulder at the three women standing at the bar. They were watching Jackie and her intently. She looked back up at Jackie, and then did what she was told.

After they had started moving with the music, Jackie asked, “So what’s a pretty little straight girl like you doing in here?”

Mary swallowed nervously, trying to ignore the arousal that this woman was stirring in her. “Ah, I’m actually here trying to find my roommate, Ashley. She was meeting someone.”

Jackie leaned in closer so she could talk into Mary’s ear without screaming at her. “You should find out more about the places your roommate hangs out before you go into them. You could have gotten hurt in here.”

Looking up at Jackie, who towered over her by at least six inches, Mary nodded her head. Jackie's dark blond hair touched her collar in soft waves. Mary had seen her hair poking out the back of the beige ball cap Jackie always wore, but she did realize it was this long. Jackie's dark blue eyes peered down at her.

Mary looked away and started seeing what was going on around them. She was stunned by the open display of sexual activity. She didn’t see Ashley on the dance floor and wondered why on earth Ashley would be meeting a date here.

They were being bumped and pushed from all sides. Mary clung to Jackie, who pulled her closer. Mary was terrified that she wouldn't find Ashley. What would she do then? Would Jackie give her a ride home? Would she be safe if Jackie did?

For her part, Jackie couldn’t believe she was actually dancing with Mary. When she had first gotten the route that included the law office Mary worked in, she had been thrilled that she would get to see this beautiful woman and her equally beautiful friend, Ashley, on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they had both turned out to be snobbish bitches. Worse, even though Mary was rude to her, Jackie still found herself deeply infatuated with the petite brunette.

She had been stunned when Mary said that Ashley was here to meet someone. Ashley did not seem like the kind of woman who would be caught dead in a sex bar like this. She looked over the heads of the people on the dance floor but didn’t see Ashley. She wondered if Ashley and her date were in the back area, where people went to fuck. She leaned down and spoke into Mary’s ear, “Hold on to me tight, we’re going to look for your friend in another area.”

Mary shivered as Jackie’s hot breath touched her ear. Jackie was cute, tall and muscular. But, she was too butch and too out about her sexuality for Mary’s taste. She was nothing like the professional, closeted femmes that Mary usually dated, but she definitely had a sexual magnetism about her.

Jackie turned and started leading them through the crowd. Mary clung to her, holding her hand and hanging onto one of the belt loops of Jackie's tight blue jeans.

Mary caught glimpses of the people around them who were literally making out on the dance floor. One couple caught her eye, and she stopped to stare. One woman had her leg wrapped around her partner’s waist as the other woman stroked her through her jeans. The woman threw her head back and cried out as she came to an orgasm.

Jackie chuckled next to her ear. “That’s nothing, just wait until we get to the back. Your straight, virgin eyes will see a lot more than that.” Jackie tugged her hand and pulled them deeper into the room.

Jackie had assumed that Mary and Ashley were both straight based on their snobbish attitudes toward her. Knowing that Ashley had a date she was meeting here definitely changed her mind about how straight Ashley was. She still wondered about Mary, even though she had caught Mary checking her out a few times when she was making deliveries to the law office but just assumed it was morbid curiosity. Tonight, though, she had seen the way Mary had looked over her appreciatively and felt her rapid heartbeat as they danced. She told herself that Mary was just scared, as she should be in a place like this. Jackie was not one to force herself on a woman, but all the sex going on around her was making her aroused. She felt like she was losing control. She needed to get Mary hooked up with her friend and out of the bar before she did something stupid, like throw the pretty little brunette up against the wall and kiss her.

Mary pulled closer to Jackie and stared at her back as they moved through the throng of people. In spite of how the spectacle shocked her, her body was on fire from watching those people getting it on. She couldn’t believe they were doing it right there in the middle of everyone. True to Jackie’s word, what was going on in the back area was even more intense. One woman was pressed into the wall with her pants open and her lover's hand in them fucking her. Another woman in black leather chaps was sitting on another woman’s face. The woman on the bottom was lying on a bench and lapping at the lover's open crotch.

Mary squeezed her legs shut. She should be repulsed by all this open sex, but it was turning her on. She looked around and shivered. It was disgusting and erotic at the same time. She stopped in her tracks, forcing Jackie to stop with her when she saw Ashley on her knees in the corner with an older woman who had on leather chaps, a black leather vest and nothing else. Her mouth dropped open, and she stared at her friend’s head as it bobbed up and down as she licked this woman’s pussy.

Jackie felt Mary stop and followed the direction of her eyes. Her stuck-up roommate was pleasuring a woman Jackie knew to be a dominatrix. She watched Mary’s mouth drop open and her breathing became shallow. Jackie recognized the look of excitement in Mary’s eyes. Knowing that Mary was turned on was too much for Jackie. She spotted an empty space on the wall, not too far from Ashley and her friend. Jackie pulled Mary over to the place and pushed her against the wall.

Looking up at Jackie’s burning eyes, Mary could sense that Jackie knew she was turned on by what she was seeing. Mary watched as Jackie moved closer, she pressed Mary against the wall and kissed her hard and deep. Jackie’s mouth moved to Mary’s ear and then she started nibbling and sucking at Mary’s throat. Her hands squeezed Mary's breasts roughly. “Oh my God,” Mary moaned and pulled Jackie closer.

When Mary pulled Jackie into her, Jackie knew she wouldn't be able to stop until she had completely owned this woman. She knew she would be sorry, but she had to have Mary. She relaxed her grip on Mary’s breasts, caressing gently as she pressed her thigh hard into Mary’s crotch. Mary moaned, and Jackie started rocking into her.

Mary gripped Jackie’s hips and wanted her to rub into her harder. She was so hot and excited that she had to have release. She grabbed Jackie’s hand and pressed it into her crotch.

Jackie could feel how wet Mary was. She could tell she was on the edge of orgasm. She unzipped Mary's slacks and slid her hand inside, quickly threading her fingers through Mary’s wetness.

“Oh God!” Mary cried out and pressed Jackie’s hand harder into to her. “Go inside me,” she begged.

Jackie obliged and started pumping her fingers into Mary.

Mary gripped Jackie’s shoulders tightly and buried her face in Jackie’s neck, crying out as she came.

Jackie held Mary as her body collapsed into her. She couldn’t believe that she had just fucked this beautiful woman who seemed to hate her. The irony, she thought to herself and Monday there would be hell to pay when she showed up with UPS deliveries.

Jackie stepped back and let Mary collect herself.

“Mary, what the hell are you doing in here?” Ashley yelled as she rushed over, giving Jackie a hateful look.

“You have the keys,” Mary said, still trying to catch her breath.

“Oh shit. Oh my God,” Ashley said digging into her pocket and getting the keys. “I’m so sorry.”

Mary looked at Jackie, who grinned and then looked away. “It’s okay. I’ll kill you later.”

Ashley laughed, “Okay. I’m so sorry.”

“You coming home?”

“No,” the woman Ashley had been with said. She grabbed Ashley’s arm and pulled Ashley towards her. “We are not finished.”

Mary’s eyes widened. The woman looked familiar, but she couldn't place her. “Okay, I’m leaving then.”

“Bye,” Ashley called, as the woman dragged her back toward the corner they had been.

Mary looked nervously at Jackie, hoping she wasn’t expecting her to reciprocate what she had just done, although Mary would have if Jackie asked. But Jackie took Mary’s arm and said, “Let’s get you out of here.”

Jackie was trying to hurry. She had already done something she was sure she would regret, but she hadn’t been able to resist the aroused look on Mary’s face. She had to get her out of this bar before she did more stupid shit, like force Mary to fuck her, which she would have done with any other woman.

By the time they got to Ashley’s car, Mary was burning with arousal again. She had seen more people fucking, kissing and grinding in that few minutes than she had ever seen in her life. She couldn’t believe how excited seeing all those women fucking each other had made her. She couldn’t believe how hard she had come when Jackie had fucked her in the back of the bar. She turned to thank Jackie, but the matching look of arousal on Jackie’s face was too much for her.

She unlocked the backseat door and pushed Jackie towards it. “Get in,” she ordered. Jackie stared at Mary open mouthed, but she didn’t hesitate when Mary ordered again, “Get in.” She crawled into the backseat and turned to face Mary, who was still standing outside the car.

Mary had no idea what had come over her, but she wanted to taste Jackie in the worst way. “Take your pants off,” she ordered.

Jackie was stunned by Mary’s new tone and her order, but she did as she was told. She unbuckled her boots, slipped them off her feet, and peeled the jeans off her thighs. Mary was in the car before Jackie got completely out of her pants.

“Lay back and spread your legs,” Mary ordered. The scent of Jackie’s arousal was driving her wild. As soon as Jackie had her legs open, Mary kneeled down and started eating her pussy. She sucked and licked at Jackie roughly. She nibbled and bit at Jackie’s clit, making Jackie scream out in either pleasure or pain, Mary didn’t care either way. When she felt the first tremors of Jackie’s orgasm, she sucked her clit deep and hard. Jackie screamed and bucked against Mary’s face. Mary held on to Jackie’s hips until Jackie’s body finally relaxed.

Mary couldn’t believe what she had just done to this woman, who was basically a stranger to her, but she had loved being in control. She wiped her face, opened the car door and got out.

“Get out,” she ordered Jackie.

Jackie quickly pulled her pants on and grabbed her boots. She scrambled out of the car and stood next to Mary. She had never been the submissive one in a fucking session like this and was surprised how much she had liked it.

Mary slammed the door shut and went around to the driver’s side. “This never happened,” she said, glaring at Jackie over the car.

“Never happened,” Jackie repeated. She gave Mary a tiny smile. “See ya Monday?”

Mary nodded, then grinned, “See you Monday, Dyke Thug.”

Jackie smiled as Mary drove away. “Dyke Thug, humph, I bet she’s still burning from tonight on Monday. I know I will be."


Monday turned out to be a very awkward day. Jackie had to deliver packages to the law office where Mary worked, and she wasn't sure how Mary would treat her. After their very hot encounter at the bar on Saturday night, Jackie had no idea what to expect. She wondered if Mary would be cold and aloof, or would she blush with the memory of what they had done? It was going to be hard for Jackie not to blush when the vision of Mary between her legs licking on her was still so vivid in her mind. Mary clearly was not the straight virgin Jackie had accused her of being. She had gone down on Jackie like someone who knew what they were doing. Jackie had been stunned to say the least.

She had planned to be cool and professional when she entered the law office, but her plan fell apart as soon as Mary turned those blue-green eyes on her.

Mary was sitting at the reception desk wearing a navy blue business suit, with a silk aqua blouse that was open at the neck, revealing a thin gold chain that had a gold M hanging from it. Her dark brown hair was lying across her shoulders. She looked up when Jackie opened the door. Her eyes met Jackie’s. Jackie's first thought was that the blouse accentuated the color of Mary’s eyes. The second thought was that she wanted to run her tongue from where the M dropped in between Mary’s breasts down to her belly button and beyond. Jackie almost stumbled with the box she was carrying. She saw the slight smile that played at Mary’s lips before Mary turned and walked away.

Ashley came out of the back offices just in time to see the look that passed between Mary and Jackie. She gave Jackie a hateful snarl and a threatening look as she signed for the boxes. Jackie chuckled. She knew Ashley was probably worried about Jackie seeing her at the bar and wanted to appear threatening. It was actually funny because Jackie was the one who really held all the cards, but she would never reveal what she knew about Ashley’s sexual activities. Although, it was fun knowing she had something over the little bitch.

Mary watched Jackie leave from the safety of the back office. Just seeing Jackie had made her start burning all over. The memory of Jackie's hands on her and her mouth on Jackie was as vivid as if it had all just happened moments ago. Mary wasn't sure if she would ever be able to face Jackie again without feeling like she was catching fire. She decided to avoid her for a little while, hoping her feelings faded with time. She couldn't allow herself to feel the way she did about Jackie, and she definitely could not let Jackie see how much she affected her. It was too risky.

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