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Crossed Wires

by Lee Fisher

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of the author.

This book is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes with multiple partners and graphic language that may be considered offensive by some readers.

All sexual activity in this work is consensual and all sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older.

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Crossed Wires

Lee Fisher


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Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

I wouldn't normally have been at the circus on a Saturday night. Well, any time, but especially Saturdays. That wa’s my night to get together with other single guys and bitch about how every good one wais taken or straight.

This was my sister's weekend with her kids, but the hospital she worksed at called her in. So I got to play nanny. And they already had tickets to the circus, so I was in for a night of clowns, elephants, and probably barf.

I didon't really get kids. I liked my little niece and nephew, but I also goet to give them back to their mom at the end of the day. I kneow that as a modern gay man there weare plenty of ways for me to have a child, but it wasn't’s not something I’ wasm interested in, especially without a partner.

The circus was, obviously, full of kids. Kids who were high on sugar and joy and that was great, but I had my hands full and I didn't get to watch many of the acts. My four-year-old nephew, Johnny, seemed determined to jump into the ring with the tigers, and I was exhausted long before the show was over.

The music changed and the lights dimmed, leaving the tent in darkness beyond what light spilled in from the midway and the setting sun. A few of the kids screamed; some real, some playful. A baby started to wail and was quickly hushed.

A spotlight appeared on a platform, high above the ring, illuminating a man in a tight-fitting teal- and- magenta costume. Oh, wow. There was nothing left to the imagination—I could practically count his chest hairs. I wondered if I should cover the kids' eyes, but they weren't seeing the same thing I was. I hoped.

I squirmed in my seat, my pants suddenly too tight, too hot. I reached for my dropped program, settling it discreetly in my lap. Was I some sort of pervert for getting aroused at the circus? I mean, I wasn't getting hot over the acrobatic dogs or anything, but it still seemed a little sketchy.

I realized I was holding my breath, completely focused on the man. He stood there holding a trapeze, standing at such a height and preparing to jump off, trusting himself to a flimsy contraption and a safety net.

After a moment's silence, the music swelled, and the man leapt into the air. I gasped, and I wasn't the only one. He hadn't even done a trick yet, and I was captivated.

The spotlight followed him across the tent, other lights coming up in succession as he swung past them, creating a corridor of light for him to perform in.

At the height of his swing, on the opposite side of the tent from where he had begun, a spotlight appeared on another platform. Another man stood there. He was wearing magenta and teal as well, but his pattern was the opposite of his partner's. He leapt off, holding his trapeze, then flipped himself so he was hanging upside down.

I looked back at the first man, and I almost cried out when he leapt. He didn't even have a trapeze to stop his fall, but the second man had swung out to him. They met at the perfect moment, both their arms outstretched until they met, and then they were swinging together, safe.

There was a collective sigh of relief from the audience—even with the net, it was an amazing feat—and then a rush of applause.

The pair sailed on through the light and music, with darkness above and a fall below.

The first man was smaller, daintier. He was the one being tossed and twirled while the larger and older-looking of the two mostly stayed attached to the trapeze. I wondered if it was a seniority thing—"I'm older, so I get to stay attached to this bar. You can go flying around!"

There was a tug on my sleeve. I looked down, keeping my eyes on the performance as long as possible, hoping I wasn't about to be reprimanded by some indignant parent about my erection. As if I had done it on purpose!

It was my niece, Callie. "Uncle Rory, I'm bored," she whispered. I could barely hear her over the music and the noise of the crowd. "I wanna see the animals or something!"

For a moment, I didn't know what to say. How could she possibly be bored? There was art—no, magic—being performed right in front of her, for her entertainment, and she was bored?

I finally took my attention off the men on the trapezes to look at her. I tried to see the act as a child would. Most children cameome to the circus for animals and clowns. They didon't yet know how challenging the wonders they're being shown to them arewere, the years of training, strength, skill, and trust the men on the trapeze were showing. It probably just looked like two men on a swing, which they could see any old day at the playground.

"Okay," I whispered back, "I really want to see this." I was’m sure there was’s probably some parent law that saidys you shouldn't bribe children. But I wasn't’m not a parent. "If you guys sit and watch this with me, I'll get you another elephant ear each, okay?" I had promised my sister that they would eat only one bag of cotton candy between them, and no more than one deep-fried anything each. She might be pissed at me later, but this was so worth it.

Callie thought about it for a moment, then nodded. She leaned across me to pass on this news to her brother. He perked up immediately, though he still wasn't watching the trapeze act. He was occupied with a scab on his knee.

With negotiations out of the way, I could return my gaze to...oh. I had missed a few maneuvers while talking to Callie. The smaller man hung upside down from the ropes above his partner, who strained up to meet him, standing on the bar. It was one of the hottest things I've ever seen, and I found myself leaning forward, trying to will them to close that last breath of space between their lips, to finish the movement with a kiss.

At the end of their act, the trapeze was gently lowered to the ground. The smaller one was sitting primly in his partner's lap, smiling and waving at the audience. He sprang off as soon as they were close enough, his feet lifting a little puff of sand as he raced away into the darkness. The second performer waited until his toes touched the sand, following more sedately.

I couldn't be sure, but there seemed to be a bit of a stalk in his steps, as though he owned his partner and was going backstage to ravish him and have kinky, flexible trapeze sex. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking.

The lights came up again, illuminating the entire ring,. and aA lion prowled into the ring, followed by a woman wearing a harlequin-patterned dress and a silk top hat, holding a long black whip. She put the lion through his paces, making him jump through hoops and leap onto a series of platforms, all of which he did easily and obediently. She used the whip to cue the lion, not to hit him, and I was glad, from an animal welfare perspective.

Callie and Johnny were clearly glad the 'boring part' of the show was over, and they clapped and cheered, watching the lion.

I hardly saw the cat's performance. All I could see was those men, their bodies trusting one another completely. If they were lovers, what lovers they would be! How aware of each other's every movement, every nuance, every muscle. The show had been so intimate, so natural, that I felt like a voyeur having watched it. And yet, more than anything, I wanted to see it again, if only so I could keep those lovely, sensual moments in my mind to call upon whenever I needed a little fantasy.

I was awestruck and desperately horny. I wanted to go home to my apartment, shut the cat out of the bedroom, and have some me time. Which wasn't going to happen, at least not until the circus was over and my sister's shift ended.

A few acts later, and the lights came up everywhere. The show was over. At least my boner had subsided.

"Aw, I wanted to see a giraffe!"

"They don't have giraffes at the circus, dum-dum." Callie, two years older than her brother, felt the need to educate him about the world.

"C'mon, Uncle Rory. Elephant ears! You promised!" Johnny was tugging at my sleeve with his sticky, greasy little hand.

I wanted to linger, just in case one or both of the trapeze performers had to come out for some reason, but I might have had a small rebellion on my hands if I didn't fulfill my promise. Quickly.

"All right." I kept glancing back as we left the tent, but the only person in the ring was a man scooping up elephant dung. I pointed him out to the kids, knowing they would like that sort of thing.

Callie said, "Ewww!" but didn't look away.

Johnny had a kind of worrying look in his eye, as though he was wondering just how much he'd have to eat to make poops like that, so I hurried them away, following the sweet cinnamon-grease smell of the elephant ears.


"All right, how many elephant ears did you have?" I quizzed them in front of my sister's house.

"Two!" Johnny cried, sounding very pleased with himself.

Callie smiled and said, "One, Uncle Rory."

"That's right," I said, very deliberately and pointedly for the four-year-olds in my audience. "You each had one." With my butt covered, at least temporarily, I knocked.

My sister came to the door looking bedraggled but grateful. "Hey! Thanks again for taking them, Rory."

I gave her a quick hug around the kids, who were both trying to tell her everything that had happened all day at once.

She gave me a thankful smile before kneeling so she could hear their rapid-fire stories.

I whistled a little as I walked back to my car, until I realized what I was whistling: the song the trapeze routine had been performed to. As soon as the car started, I turned on the radio, trying to drown out the song so I wouldn't fixate on those two men. Between their skin-tight costumes and their acrobatics, I had some very vivid ideas about what they could have been doing to each other at this very moment.

I made it home safely, no thanks to my penis, and forced myself not to run up the stairs.

My cat, Twizzler, let me know that she was out of food. I poured some into her bowl but didn't give her much attention.

I had never given the trapeze much thought before. Why would I? It was just something that happened at circuses, and shows like Cirque du Soleil. It had certainly never drawn my attention like this before. Most of the admittedly few performers I'd seen were women, or a man and a woman. Seeing two men together like that, literally holding each other's lives...and bodies...it was a huge turn on.

Searching YouTube didn't produce many male/male trapeze acts. I liked Duo XY, and halfway through the first video my hand was down my pants. I eventually gave in and brought the laptop to bed with me, making sure to keep Twizzler out—she hads an annoying habit of pouncing on me when I was’m jerking off, and it really killeds the mood.

Later, spent and naked, with the light off and the computer tucked under the bed, all I could think was, "I wonder if they're performing again tomorrow?"

Chapter 2

I went back to the circus on Monday night, this time without the kids. I needed to see them perform again, to find out if my reaction had been some sort of fluke, or if I really did have a thing for these trapeze...guys.

I fidgeted in my seat through the other acts, hardly paying attention to the lions and clowns and elephants. Nothing else, no matter how fantastic, could impress me as much as those two men on that deceptively simple, swinging bar.

Finally the lights dimmed, and I recognized the trapezists' music. I was glad for the quiet. Even though their performance was about watching, not listening, I felt ready to elbow anyone who interrupted in any way. This was a weekday evening performance, so there were fewer children. Fewer people in general, actually.

And then I was lost, captivated again as they twirled and spun and almost—almost!—kissed in mid-air.

Only when they were safely on the ground, twined together and beaming, did I move again. I'd hardly blinked during the performance. There was a cold bag of popcorn clutched between my thighs. I no longer wanted to eat it, but it was doing an excellent job of camouflage.

After the show, I filed out of the tent with the rest of the crowd, silent and alone, trying to process how and why this trivial circus performance had so thoroughly gripped me.

And there they were.

Walking very close together, almost touching, the taller one leaning in to listen to his partner. They were wearing street clothes and headed for the parking lot like everyone else.

Now was my chance. The circus was in town for another four days, but I would probably never see them like this again, outside the circus.

They kept walking, and I kept silent.

"Excuse me!"

They turned, looked at me.

Oh God. I had spoken. That had been my voice, drawing their attention. Now I had to say something, quickly, or they would walk away. "Ah...impressive performance..."

The smaller of the duo smiled and gave a little bow. "Thank you." His tone was impersonal, but friendly.

It began to rain.

All three of us looked up at the sky, as though anything would happen besides rain getting in our eyes.

"Can I buy you a coffee or something?"

They looked at one another, and something clearly passed between them. If they weren't a couple off the trapeze, too, my gaydar needed some serious adjustment.

"Sure." Again, the smaller one spoke for them.

"There's an okay coffee shop just on the other side of the parking lot, if you want to go somewhere close." I wanted to walk with them, to see if the passion and grace they showed in the air followed them to the ground. "I'm Rory, by the way."

They introduced themselves. The smaller one was Tanner; the larger, Lev.

There was an awkward silence as we made our way through the rain, past the cars, and into the shop. It was warm and dry inside, and soon we all had steaming mugs in front of us. I had, as promised, paid for all three.

"So...have you been together long?" I thought about what I'd just said and immediately regretted it. "I mean...!"

Tanner smirked, playfully bumping Lev's shoulder with his own. "We've been 'together', in both senses of the word, for eight years now." He said it almost defiantly, as though he was used to getting, and expected, a negative reaction.

"That's great. It must be really fun, working together."

"Uh huh. Look, let me speed things up a little. You're here to pick us up, so you can tell all your friends that you slept with the circus freaks." Plainly, something like that had happened before. Probably more than once.

"What? No! Oh my God, no!" All right, yes, I would sleep with either (or both) of them in a heartbeat, but it was more than that. I wanted to know them, to watch them soar and feel, at least for a few moments, that I was flying with them.

Tanner looked at me, expectantly.

Lev had gulped his drink, in case they were leaving right away.

"I, uh..." How could I put this delicately? "It's not that I wouldn't be interested...but that's not why I came here."

Lev nudged his partner, whispering something that sounded like, "Be nice." He had a thick accent that sounded Russian to me.

Tanner relaxed slightly, his shoulders dropping. He had very nice shoulders—nice arms, really. He was all lean, wiry muscle. It was clear he worked with his body and was in peak physical shape, but he wasn't at all bulky.

Lev, on the other hand, was very muscular. His forearms and chest were much broader than Tanner's, and I could see his abs and pecs ripple through his shirt whenever he moved.

I wasn't sure which one of them I found more attractive, and I was glad no one was asking me to choose. Yet.

Seeing his partner loosen up, Lev waved down a waitress and got a second hot chocolate. Hopefully that meant they would stay a little longer.

It was raining harder now, making us much more willing to remain indoors. Through the rain-streaked windows, the circus tent and its outliers were just blobs of bright, primary color. I tried to imagine living like that, always on the move, never having a permanent, fixed address. Though traveling with one's significant other must have helped.

"You really liked our performance?"

I nodded.

"You're not just here to offer us money to sleep with you?"

"Oh my—Hhas someone actually done that?"

Lev snorted. "More than one."

"That's really...I'm so sorry." I wasn't sure who I was apologizing for—random circus goers? The entire human race?

Tanner shrugged. "It comes with the territory. You find out pretty quickly that the real freaks are outside the ring, in this line of work."

"I was here the other night with my little niece and nephew, and I couldn't get your performance out of my head. I came back tonight to see it again." I felt, now that I knew why they had been so suspicious, that I needed some sort of explanation for my behaviour.

"All right. What do you want to know?" Tanner asked. He smiled at Lev and squeezed the larger man's hand. They were clearly in love, and it was beautiful.

I laughed. "I know nothing. I wouldn't even know how to start."

"Well, I'm the catcher…" Lev began.

I coughed into my coffee, almost choking. "C-catcher?" For someone who had basically just accused me of being a John, that seemed awfully intimate.

Tanner grinned wickedly. "Oh yeah. See, there are two kinds of trapezists in a flying trapeze act: catchers and flyers. I'm the flyer; Lev's the catcher."

I was dying to know, but it was none of my business.

"...and in answer to your other question, no, those aren't our roles in bed."

I had suspected as much, but hearing it confirmed brought up very vivid images of the two of them, twined together like they were on the trapeze. I had seen them in spandex, and I knew they were very flexible and athletic. It wasn't much of a stretch, no pun intended.

Wow, did I need a change of topic. "So... how did you two meet?"

They exchanged a definite 'couple's look', reaching under the table to hold each other's hands.

"We met while performing, in Paris. We were actually from different acts, but my catcher broke his collarbone and I borrowed Lev while he recovered...and neither of us ever went back. We started out just as partners, and then we became...well, 'partners'." Tanner added air quotes.

"Wow, Paris." I wondered, but didn't ask, how two trapezists who had worked in Paris had ended up working in this small-time, touring circus.

Tanner must have seen the question on my face. He gave his lover's hand a gentle squeeze. "We were performing with Cirque du Soleil, but Lev had an injury a few years ago. We weren't able to work at all for a while, and now we're slowly easing back into it. The routines for this circus are very basic, but they're a good way to build up our strength and timing again."

I shuddered. Just the thought of the horrendous injuries that could happen at those heights and speeds...I was amazed that Lev was still alive, never mind still performing on the trapeze.

"We got lucky," Lev added, quietly.

We were all quiet for a moment, until we were interrupted by the waitress delivering Lev's second hot chocolate.

Tanner flashed a brilliant smile at the young woman, making her cheeks go red as she hurried away.

"Not nice, Tan," Lev chided.

"Sorry. I get so used to giving a huge smile for the crowd, I sometimes forget to tone it down when I'm on the ground." He turned that smile my way, and I felt just as stunned as the waitress.

Lev took a long, slow sip of his drink, regarding me over the rim of cup. "You asked us here because you want to sleep with us."

Tanner smirked, but stayed quiet, his hand resting on Lev's thigh.

I was no longer blushing;, I was molten. If I had pressed a napkin against my face at that moment, it would have burst into flames.

The two performers exchanged another look and began downing their drinks more quickly. They clearly intended to leave as soon as possible.

I only had one shot at getting this right. "I'm interested, sure, but that's not why I wanted to meet you."

Lev's eyes were very blue and very cold as he scrutinized me, brushing a stray strand of dark hair off his forehead.

Taking this as a good sign, I continued. "I was really...really moved, and impressed, by your performance. Yeah, it was hot, but I'm sure you hear that all the time. I wanted to meet you, speak with you, just to tell you how in awe I was."

"You didn't just want to sleep with the circus freaks?" Tanner stretched briefly in his chair, showing off how very, very flexible and limber he was.

I shook my head, feeling as though I were presenting my case before a jury or something. Either they would stay, and we would talk, or they would leave, shaking their heads yet again about how strange townies were.

Tanner set down his cup. After a moment, Lev did, too.

I scrambled, trying to come up with just one question from the thoughts tumbling through my head. "Aren't you afraid, way up there?"

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