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Beneath the Layers

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Beneath the Layers Anthology

Edited by BJ Toth

Table of Contents


A Linebacker in Lace by Caitlin Ricci

Satin Secrets by CL Mustafic

Backwards and in High Heels by Elizabeth Coldwell

Angels in Delaware by Sita Bethel

All That Entails by E.M. Hamill

After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn

A Secret Shared by C.A. Blocke

Ruffle My Feathers by Asta Idonea


This book is dedicated to all men who are fearless in expressing their unique qualities—and to those who support them.

A Linebacker in Lace

Caitlin Ricci

A Linebacker in Lace

Brent leaned against the crowded bar and watched the Cardinals game playing on the TV above his head. It was the only TV playing his game, which was pretty normal. He’d even had to request that a TV be playing the Cardinals at all. He was in Denver, deep in the heart of Broncos country, and surrounded by a sea of orange and blue. There weren’t even any stools left, so he’d been forced to stand at the bar, drinking his beer and hoping his team won so that he wasn’t there for two hours drinking overpriced beer for nothing.

A guy came up beside him. Cute, short black hair, pretty green eyes. He was at least five years younger than him, and he had a lot less muscle. “You might want to pull your shirt down in the back,” the guy quietly said. He didn’t even look over at him as he said it either.

Brent was quick to do just that. “Thanks,” he mumbled. He was embarrassed that anyone else had seen his underwear. “They’re a…um…they’re a dare. From the guys I work with. You know.”

The guy gave him a sideways look. “Sure thing. Not every day that I get to meet an ex-linebacker in white-lace underwear.”

Brent moved away from him. “It’s been a long time since anyone recognized me.”

He smirked. “If your name’s not Elway, Davis, or Tebow, not many people here know who you are.”

“Then how do you?”

He shrugged and turned around, leaning back against the bar and ignoring the game completely so he could look at Brent. “I went to Arizona State a few years after you did. I’ve seen your pictures and the trophies. It sucks that you got hurt so badly in your rookie year. Sorry about that.”

There were so few people on the planet who knew anything about him and his very short-lived career. This guy had to be one in a million for sure. “Brent,” he said, offering his hand.

“Arliss.” They shook hands and Arliss turned to look back at the TV. “I could watch Fitzgerald catch footballs all day.”

Brent chuckled and came back to his spot next to him as well. “Yeah, he’s something else.” Arliss’s beer was almost empty. “Can I get you another drink?”

Arliss shook his head. “Not right now, but thanks for the offer.” He dug his hand into his pocket and pulled out a business card. “My sister has a boutique for guys like you, assuming that you’re not just wearing them for a dare.” He slid the card across the bar to him, and Brent quickly pocketed it before anyone could actually make out what it was.

“It is just a dare,” he insisted.

Arliss shrugged. “That’s nice.” He definitely didn’t sound like he believed him for even a second.

“Why would your sister want to dress men in…?” Brent couldn’t even say the words.

Arliss scowled over at him. “Because she does. Stop by sometime, and you’ll see what I mean. You might even like something there.” He finished off his beer and quickly moved away. Seconds later he was gone, and Brent was left there feeling more self-conscious and confused than ever before. He kept pulling down the back of his shirt and making sure that he wasn’t leaning over too far in case anyone else happened to notice what he was wearing under his beat-up jeans and faded T-shirt.

* * *

It took Brent three days to get to Tattered Lace, a small store in downtown Littleton. The shop was between a used bookstore and a place selling loose-leaf tea. Brent was sure that he didn’t belong there, but his curiosity had overruled his other senses, and he’d driven over an hour to get there anyway.

He came through the store expecting mannequins in long gowns, but instead he saw a wall of male busts dressed in tight leather corsets that were flat across the chest rather than of curved like every other one that he’d ever seen. He stared for a good five minutes before he realized that the woman at the counter was trying to get his attention. There was something different about her, but he couldn’t quite figure it out.

“Hi, sorry. I was…” Brent shook his head.

She came around the counter to offer her hand, and it was then that Brent realized she might be transgender. “Hey, it’s fine, no worries. I get that reaction a lot from guys when it’s their first time in. You must be Brent. Arliss told me about meeting you. I’m glad you came in. I’m Constance, and this is my little store. Feel free to try anything on, ask me any questions you want, and take your time. There’s a lot to see here.”

“Um…” Brent sighed. “I really don’t know what I’m doing here. I mean, I don’t wear any of this.”

Constance seemed unfazed. “I hear that a lot too. Why don’t you come a bit more into the store, and we can talk about what you might like and what you’re curious about. Or you can talk to Arliss if you’d be more comfortable. He’s ordering inventory right now, but I’m sure he’d welcome the distraction from that dull task.” She took his hand and tugged him along. Despite being two hundred and fifty pounds and six-five, Brent found himself helpless but to trail along behind her as she led him deep into the store where a few couches had been set up.

“Wait here and make yourself comfortable. I’ll go make you a cup of tea.”

Brent didn’t really like tea, but he definitely appreciated the can of beer Arliss brought him a moment later. He sat down on the couch next to Brent. “I heard you when I was in the back room. I’m glad you decided to get your butt in here.”

“Your sister…” Brent shook his head. There was no nice way to ask about Arliss’s sister.

Arliss leaned back against the couch. “Yep. Don’t you dare be mean to her either. She absolutely loves helping guys like you. She used to be like you. Sort of.” He shrugged.

“How so? And I wasn’t going to be mean. I just haven’t met all that many transgender people before.”

Arliss sighed, sounding tired. “This isn’t a secret, so she won’t mind me telling you. In fact, it’s on the website if you go to it. When she was a teenager, she used to work at a department store, and she would buy lingerie for herself. Her friends there used to tease her, saying she was buying it for a girlfriend, but really she would wear it when she got home. When she was eighteen, and officially out, I used to help her lace up the corsets that she’d wear under her school clothes because they made her feel pretty and feminine.” He smiled over at Brent. “I’ll lace up your corsets too if you want to try any on. There’s a black-and-red one here that I think is really pretty. You can wear it under a Cardinals jersey the next time you go to a game.”

Brent looked away from him. He wasn’t into corsets and yet… “You don’t think this is weird at all?”

“Why should I?” Arliss sounded genuinely confused.

Because most men would. “Do you wear this stuff then?”

“No, but I don’t care that other people do.”

Brent grew quiet as Constance came back with a cup of tea, which she put down on a side table nearby. “Hey, you came out of hiding in the back room.” Arliss stuck his tongue out at her. “Careful, someone might take you up on that offer.”

Arliss was laughing as she walked away, leaving them alone together again. “What do you like to wear? Underwear only or are you interested in other things?”

Brent didn’t even like to think about, much less talk about it. He sighed deeply. “I don’t know. I just have the one pair.”

“Are you open to me helping you with some stuff today? I don’t mind, and it would be a nice distraction from the forms she has me going over.”

Brent took a deep breath. He was in the store, and Arliss didn’t seem to mind or care that he sometimes liked to wear the underwear when he went out. He slowly nodded. “Sure. If you think you can.”

Arliss got up and patted him on his knee. “I’m pretty sure I can manage that. Is white a good color for you, or can I show you some things in black too?”

Brent couldn’t even look at him. “Do you have anything in green?”

“I do, actually. That’s my favorite color. Wait here for a second. I’ll be right back.”

He was gone a second later, and Brent tried to empty his mind of all the doubts and insecurities that had been plaguing him for years. He was nearly trembling when Arliss came back. He knelt down next to him, looking comfortable on his knees on a pale-blue rug, as he slid a pair of green silk panties onto Brent’s lap. They were a deep-emerald green, and Brent instantly touched them.

“Tell me what you’re thinking. Please?” Arliss quietly said.

Brent glanced at him and then quickly looked away. “Why do you care?”

“Because maybe it’ll help me get you some things you’ll really like.”

He scrunched the underwear up in his hands. They were soft, and he imagined putting them on. That thought made his stomach flutter. “It’s wrong to want them. To wear them.”

Arliss gave him a sweet little smile. “Who says? I like the look of them. I see nothing wrong with it.”

“Not many guys think like you.”

Arliss surprised him by barking out a quick laugh. “I don’t really care what many guys think. And most of the guys that think like that are guys I used to beat up for making fun of my sister. Do you like this color? We have a bunch like this. Do you like silk or lace more?”

Brent glanced over at him. “Lace. I think. God, I have no idea.”

Arliss got back up, but this time he bent over to kiss Brent on his cheek, startling him. He stared after him as Arliss went back to the racks. He took his time finding a few things, pulling down corsets, and looking at underwear. Some he rejected outright; others he laid over his arm. A few minutes later he came back. A pair of thin, lacy green panties were the first things he held out for Brent to see.

He took them gingerly, not wanting to hurt them at all. “They’re pretty.”

“Yeah they are. I ordered these just last month. This company makes the nicest things for guys. They even have these really nice satin gloves that go up over our elbows. They look stunning with a simple black dress.”

Brent couldn’t even imagine wearing a dress someday. He wasn’t sure that he’d enjoy it at all. But having soft things on, like the underwear—that he did like. A lot. And he couldn’t believe he’d found a guy who was not only accepting of those desires he had, but was also encouraging him to try different things out.

“Do you want to try on a corset today?”

Brent glanced at the bright green-and-black lace corset Arliss had pulled down for him to try. He wanted to put it on. He wanted to touch it and see how much he would love to wear it. He imagined his muscular body fitting into something so feminine, and the idea gave him a thrilling little jolt of excitement. But it also scared him. He silently shook his head. Arliss didn’t seem upset by that at all.

“Maybe another time.”

Brent took the two pairs of underwear into his hands, holding them close. “Just these two today.”

“Sure thing. When you’re ready to check out, go up front and Constance will take care of you.” He took a seat next to him.

Brent eyed him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking a break from forms and budgeting. You coming in was the bright spot of my day. As much as I love my sister, she can be a pain to work for. ‘Everything should have been done last week’ kind of thing. As long as I’m helping you she won’t tell me to get off my ass and get back to work.”

Brent laughed, relaxing a bit into the couch next to him. He sipped the beer Arliss had brought him and then offered him some too. Arliss drank from it as well. The tea was left forgotten.

“How often are you here?”

Arliss shrugged. “Most afternoons, some evenings, very few mornings. I take my son to school, and then our mom picks him up and keeps him for me in the evenings.”

“How old is he?” Brent had assumed that Arliss was gay, but him having a son changed his perspective considerably.

“Ten. Sometimes I bring him in here to help out. He’s good with the customers. They adore him.”

Brent stared at him. “You let your son into a lingerie store?”

“Yeah. Why not? He goes to drag fashion shows with me or with his aunt too. He comes home covered in red lipstick and feather boas on those nights. He’s having fun so I don’t worry about it. You might like him. Most people do. He’s got this obnoxious habit of being adorable, and it makes him kind of hard not to love.”

Even as Arliss described his son, Brent was having a hard time imagining Arliss having a kid. He just seemed so young. “How old are you anyway?”

“Twenty-five. I know what you’re thinking, but I actually just adopted him two years ago. I was pretty crazy as a teenager, but getting a girl pregnant was not one of the things I did. Now, getting drunk; that happened a lot. Not anymore, but I was a lot less responsible then.”

Brent had to ask. “Are you gay?”

Arliss gave him a quick nod. “I am. And I read an article that said you were too.”

Brent was a bit stunned. No one remembered him, much less that article, or his sexuality, or that he’d been injured in his rookie year. Everything that no one seemed to care about him, Arliss seemed to know right off the top of his head. “How do you know so much about me?”

“I read a lot. And, confession time, I really didn’t like football much before I started fostering Manuel. I didn’t see the point in it. But this kid? He lives for it. He wants to be the next Kurt Warner. To have something in common with him, I started learning about the players from Arizona State. I had just finished my degree and moved back home to Denver, so I figured hey, why not? I thought maybe we’d have something to talk about besides skateboarding, which I also had no interest in. But then he got so invested in the players and the team, and we’d talk about it all the time. Pretty soon we were going to Cardinals games whenever they were in town. He’s crazy about it, and I learned to really love the game too.”

Brent smiled over at him. “I can’t imagine wanting to have a kid at your age. I definitely didn’t.”

“I knew I wanted kids young. But I also knew that I wanted to adopt. So as soon as I was financially stable, and the agency said it was okay, I started fostering. I chose Manuel because he was older. Our parents adopted us as older kids too. Constance was eight, and I was six. We have different biological parents, and she’s from Boston originally, and I’m from Seattle, but she’s my best friend, and I wanted to give some little kid what our parents gave us.”

His heart swelled with the love and pride coming off Arliss. “That’s really special; you know that, right?”

Arliss just shrugged. “I had no part in bringing him into this world, but Manuel’s my kid. People often think he’s my little brother, but I knew within a month of meeting him that I wanted to adopt him. He’s fantastic. And his mom is a nice person too. I’ve talked to her, and she can’t have him back, but when he’s eighteen, if he wants to reconnect with her, that’s fine by me. She was going through a lot, and he made it through, but she needed to focus a lot more on getting better, and she couldn’t do that with a little kid around.”

Constance poked her head around the corner. “Stop bragging about my nephew, and get back to work.” She was smiling as she looked over at Brent. “Why don’t you come over for Sunday night football? The Cardinals are playing; our mom makes these great hot wings, and she rocks the jalapeno bites. You should come. Then you’ll know Arliss isn’t completely full of hot air. Just about thirty percent.”

Brent looked over to Arliss, making sure that would be okay. He did want to go. He hadn’t had anyone to watch football with in a long time. At least not someone who was interested in anyone other than the Broncos. “Would that be okay with you?”

“Definitely. Especially if you bring the margarita mix.”

“Deal.” They shook on it, and Brent couldn’t help feeling like it was a date as Arliss wrote his address down on a scrap of paper for him.

* * *

That Sunday night Brent was nervous as he drove up to Arliss’s house. He realized he didn’t need to be when he saw Arliss playing tag with a kid in the front yard with Constance and a woman who had to be their mother sitting on the porch with drinks in their hands.

He got out of his car and waved to them. “Hey.”

Constance smiled at him, but it was Arliss who stopped playing with the kid and brought him over to meet Brent. “Hey, Brent, this is Manuel.”

Manuel grinned at him. “I know who you are! Can I get an autograph?”

No one had ever, not even once, been a fan of his as far as Brent had known, and here was this kid holding out his shirt for Brent to sign. He felt a blush rise in his cheeks as he tried not to laugh. “Sure, but I need a pen or something to sign with first.”

Arliss wrapped an arm around Manuel’s shoulders. “Go inside and help Constance and Mom out for a bit while I talk to Brent.”

“Are you going to be talking about football?” His eyes got huge.

Arliss shrugged. “Maybe. Maybe not. Go inside.”

Manuel groaned the whole way up to the porch about how utterly unfair life was and how mean Arliss was being.

“Told you he liked football,” Arliss said with a grin. He leaned against the side of Brent’s car.

Brent took up a place beside him. “Yeah. You weren’t kidding. He seems like a nice kid.” For all of the minute that he’d spent with him.

Arliss chuckled. “He is a great kid. I like him a lot.” Arliss got a mischievous look. “Are you wearing them?”

Brent wished he could pretend that he had no idea what Arliss was talking about, but instead, he lifted up his shirt just enough to show Arliss the band of the pair of green-lace, hip-hugging panties he had on. They covered some of his skin, but every bit of him showed between the patches of lace. He shoved his shirt down as quickly as he could, and he caught Arliss licking his lips before quickly turning away again.

“So Manuel is staying with Constance tonight. They’re doing an anime marathon complete with s’mores and lots of junk food. He’s going to be a nightmare for her when he’s on that much sugar, but hey, he’ll be passed out by the time I get him again so no big deal. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that my house will be empty tonight, except for me and, I’m hoping, you too.”

“Tomorrow’s Monday. Doesn’t your kid have school tomorrow?” It was the only thing Brent could think to say.

Arliss laughed. “I just asked you to stay over and have a sleepover so we can have sex, and you’re worried about my kid getting to school on time tomorrow? That’s awesome. Manuel is homeschooled. He doesn’t do well in a traditional school setting, so now he does online school, and he goes to the regular school for sports and other activities. So, are you interested?”

Brent just stared at him. “You don’t even know me.”

“Do you want me?” Arliss asked him bluntly.

Brent swallowed thickly. Of course he did. Arliss was just the kind of guy he normally went for. He was thin and lean, and he walked like he knew guys would have fun with him, all sway and smiles. “Yes.”

“Good. Then we’re on the same page. Want to come inside now?”

What Brent really wanted was to go and find a room in a hotel somewhere to have Arliss right that moment, but first they had a game to watch. “Sure. Thanks.”

Arliss gave him a wink and took his hand. “I know, I’m excited too. I’ve been wanting you since I caught sight of those white ones you were wearing last week. So sexy.”

“Never thought anyone would have been calling my underwear sexy,” Brent muttered.

Arliss just shrugged as they went inside. “I’ve always thought a guy in lace, especially someone as muscular as you are, is a huge turn-on. Come on, you need to meet my mom next.”

They were still holding hands as Arliss introduced him to his mom, who hugged Brent tightly and kissed both of his cheeks. He’d never had that kind of affection from his own family after he had come out, but with Arliss’s, he seemed to be instantly loved and accepted in a way he’d never thought possible before. It was a blessing, but it was also a bit overwhelming too. Especially as food was shoved into his hands, and Arliss curled up on the couch next to him as if it was the most normal thing in the world for two guys to be cuddled up together to watch football. Maybe to him it was, but to Brent it never had been.

Brent ate his hot wings with one hand and kept the other tightly wrapped around Arliss’s shoulders. It was the best game he’d seen, made largely that way because of the people he was with, especially Arliss, as he lay comfortably beside him.

* * *

That night Brent followed Arliss the three houses down from his mother’s to where he lived in a ranch house with yellow snapdragons and basil in the front yard. “What do you do?” Brent asked him as Arliss let him inside.

“I’m a sports writer for a newspaper,” Arliss answered easily as he went into the kitchen and returned with a beer for each of them. “My degree is in journalism.”

“Mine is in business,” Brent said as he took a seat.

Arliss curled up on the couch next to him, resting against his side. “Do you miss playing football?”

Brent shrugged and wrapped his arm around Arliss’s shoulders again. He was comfortable like that, with Arliss tucked in close against his side. “Sometimes I do. But after I hurt my back, I was told that someday a hit would leave me paralyzed. Maybe not the next hit, or the fifth one, but I was a walking time bomb, and the doctors told me I’d end up not walking again if I kept playing. It was worth me not playing anymore to get to keep walking.”

Arliss nodded and sipped his beer. “I would have made that choice too.” He put the beer aside and slipped between Brent’s thighs.

Brent smiled down at him as he put the beer aside. Arliss stroked his fingers over the front of Brent’s pants, teasing him through the thick fabric of his jeans. “Did you think about the corsets at all?”

Brent couldn’t believe he wanted to talk about clothes right now. “A little. Maybe.”

“I bet you’d look hot as hell in a pair of thigh-highs.” Arliss slipped his mouth over the front of Brent’s pants. He felt the heat through the fabric, and his muscles clenched as he tried to control himself. He wanted to grab Arliss by the back of his head and take control of him, but apparently Arliss had other plans, because as soon as Brent reached for him, Arliss pulled back and nipped at his fingers, warning him away.

Brent leaned back and sighed blissfully as Arliss ran his mouth over the front of his pants, making him hard without ever putting his mouth or hands on him. His pants were growing wet, but he didn’t care. He intended to be at Arliss’s house for most of the night, so he figured they’d dry long before he ever had to worry about walking around with a big wet spot on the front.

When Arliss did end up freeing Brent’s cock, he was practically needy as he dug his fingers into the couch cushions to keep from grabbing him. Arliss formed a tight circle around the head of his cock and began to slowly suck him, making Brent practically lose his mind as he groaned with each long pull of Arliss’s mouth. His mouth was unbearably slow and incredibly warm around his cock, driving Brent mad. He groaned more loudly with each passing second as Arliss never sped up, only dragging out his pleasure for his own sick enjoyment.

“You can go faster,” Brent grumbled, his voice rough with pleasure.

Arliss flipped him off, telling him in no uncertain terms that no, he wouldn’t be going any faster.

“You’re so mean.”

Arliss pulled off his cock long enough to laugh and to run his tongue over Brent’s balls. “I love giving head. Don’t try to rush me on this. You’ll come. I promise, and you’ll love it. You just need to learn some patience.”

Brent didn’t want to learn patience at all. He wanted to slide his cock over Arliss’s tongue and come in his throat. “You’re the worst.”

“I highly doubt that, you big baby. Just sit back and relax. Learning some restraint is not the worst thing in the world. I’ll let you fuck me like crazy later. Right now, it’s my time to enjoy you.”

Brent stared down at him. “You promise?”

Arliss blew him a kiss. “Yes, yes, you’ll get to fuck me. I promise. Now, shut up.”

Brent could handle that. He sighed and tried to relax, but it was nearly impossible as Arliss slipped his mouth over Brent’s hard cock and took him deep. He wanted to touch him so badly, but he knew better than that. So he tried his best to think of anything but how good Arliss’s mouth felt as he sucked him, or how long it had been since someone had been on his knees for him.

He’d almost gotten a handle on his pleasure and some control over his orgasm when Arliss pulled his pants down some more and pressed his thumb against his lace-covered hole. Brent shuddered and stared up at the ceiling as Arliss teased him with his fingers and continued to suck him, driving him crazier with each passing second.

“I need you,” Brent mumbled.

Arliss didn’t seem to care as he kept one thumb against his hole and brought the other to his balls, egging him on. He seemed to know exactly how to drive Brent’s pleasure impossibly higher, pushing him into madness.

Finally, when it seemed as if he couldn’t take anymore, Arliss clamped his mouth over him and brought his hands from his balls to the base of his cock, stroking him until he came over Arliss’s tongue.

He lay over the back of the couch, sated and happy, shaking from his pleasure as Arliss knelt over his lap. Brent barely registered that Arliss had his own cock out, or that he was stroking himself as he kissed his neck and leaned into him. He barely had time to grab Arliss in a rough kiss before Arliss came, dripping his warm come over Brent’s stomach and cock.

“You should have given me some warning,” Brent complained as he held Arliss there against him. They were both trembling, out of breath.

Arliss nipped at his ear. “What would be the fun in that? Besides you were in no shape to do much for me, which was what I had intended. I liked taking care of you and seeing you almost pass out when you came.” He sounded out of breath, and Brent could do little more than rub his hands down Arliss’s back. He still felt so loose and relaxed, as if all the bones in his body had left him.

“You’re good at that.”

Arliss gave him a wink and slowly slipped off his lap. “I’ve had practice. Like I said, I enjoy giving blowjobs.” He went into the kitchen, and Brent heard him running the water. A minute or two later, he came back with a wet kitchen towel, which he used to clean him up.

“I can’t believe you find a guy like me wearing lace that sexy.” It still felt like a dream to Brent.

Arliss shrugged. “I think all guys in lace are sexy. It’s my curse. I see a guy in thigh-highs and a corset, and I just want to get down on my knees for him. My sister calls me a lace slut because some of the guys who come into her store are so fucking attractive, I just stare at them. She’s taken to smacking me over the back of the head recently.”

Brent laughed, even though he didn’t like the idea of Arliss getting down on his knees for anyone but him and even though they’d only known each other a week so far. “Look, I know this is ridiculously fast, but could we date?”

Arliss gave him a cocky grin. “I thought we already were, but sure. Exclusive and all that good jazz?”


Arliss blew him a kiss and tossed the towel into the sink. Seconds later, he was back on the couch, cuddled up against his side again as they found a movie to watch.

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Caitlin is the author of over 150 LGBTQ romance books including two Rainbow Award winners. While most of her books include shifters, she does write a little of everything. She was first published in 2012 and since then hasn't stopped writing. When she's not writing she enjoys gardening, hanging out with her dogs, and watching movies with her husband. She is a panromantic asexual and she lives in Centennial, Colorado.

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Tonna Saunders, Jamila Lindsey, Morwen Navarre, Christina Quinn, and Pippa Brook for all your help and encouraging words. I couldn’t have done it without you all.

Satin Secrets

Gavin struggled with the five bags of groceries he’d pulled from the trunk of his car. He wasn’t being lazy—just a second trip out into the cold garage seemed like a worse idea than overloading himself to do it in one trip. Once he got into the warmth of the house, he knew he’d hate to have to leave it. He’d forgotten about having to actually open the door to the house to get inside though. He shifted bags from one hand to the other and even hung one of the lighter ones between his teeth before fumbling with the key. He’d worked up a sweat by the time he stepped into the small entry off the kitchen. After kicking off his shoes, he hurried to set the bags on the counter.

“Anyone home?” he called.

No answer meant both his boyfriend, Lex, and Lex’s mother, Jean, weren’t home yet. Not that he’d expected them to be, but with the weather getting worse, he’d thought maybe Jean would call it an early night. Shrugging his coat off before hanging it over a stool, he then put the groceries away while trying to think of something he could throw together for supper. Jean usually did most of the cooking, but she had a sewing club on Thursdays and wouldn’t get home in time to make anything. Gavin decided to order in. Once everything was put up, he went to the bedroom, taking one of the bags he’d brought in from his trunk with him. He wanted to change into something more comfortable than his dress shirt and slacks.

Back in the kitchen, wearing a comfy sweatshirt and flannel sleep pants, Gavin checked Lex’s schedule to see what time he’d be home before calling their favorite Indian restaurant to order supper. He turned on the television in the living room and sat down to watch the evening news while he waited. The doorbell rang just as the weatherman started warning of the storm heading in their direction. Gavin grabbed his wallet from the hall table before answering the door. He pulled up short when the anticipated delivery guy wasn’t the one standing on his doorstep.

“Are you the homeowner?” the uniformed police officer asked in a smooth baritone. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Gavin furrowed his brow. “Yes?”

“And you are?”

“I’m Dr. Gavin Addison, and I’m the homeowner.” The corner of Gavin’s mouth ticked up, but he schooled his expression before the grin could take over. “Can I help you, officer?”

“Mind if I step in out of the cold?” The officer looked out at the falling snow and then back at Gavin, silently making his case for entry.

“Sure.” Gavin stepped back to allow the man entrance into his home. No need to stand in the open doorway, letting out precious heat into the frigid evening. The snow was really coming down. That blizzard the weatherman had mentioned looked to be starting early.

“I’m Officer Turner.” Officer Turner removed his sunglasses and snow-covered hat. His deep-blue eyes swept over Gavin and then took in the room behind him. “We had a report of a suspicious person in the neighborhood, and I’m doing the rounds to see if anyone has seen anything out of the ordinary.”

“Well, I just got home about a half an hour ago, but I haven’t seen anything. Who called it in?” Gavin asked. His house was set on a couple of acres of land, and his nearest neighbor was a quarter of a mile down the county road. The term neighborhood was one the cop had used loosely in describing where Gavin lived.

“I can’t give you that information. Are you here alone, Doctor?” Officer Turner took another step into the room and Gavin stepped back to keep some distance between them.

“Um, yes, I am, but my boyfriend will be home soon, and I’m expecting a food delivery any time now.” Gavin fidgeted under the officer’s piercing stare.

“Maybe I should hang around, make sure you’re safe until he comes home,” Officer Turner said, taking another step toward Gavin, backing him into a corner.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine. Lex should be here any second now.” Gavin’s heartbeat picked up. The cop was only a few inches from him, and though Gavin was taller, the other man was broader and more muscular. He had no doubt the officer was stronger than he was, but why his mind went there, he didn’t know. Surely the cop, no matter how strange he was acting, didn’t mean him any harm.

“It only takes a moment for a home invader to strike. Did you know if someone is willing to rob a residence when the homeowner is present, there’s a high chance that the homeowner will be assaulted?” Officer Turner let his words sink in before he turned and looked around once more. “You’ve got a mighty fine home here. I’m sure it would look very attractive to someone looking to make a few bucks on a B and E.”

“I always keep the windows and doors locked, even when I’m home.” Gavin relaxed when the officer took two more steps back, putting some distance between them.

Officer Turner turned back to Gavin. “Is that so, now?”

“Yes, I’ve had experience with someone breaking into my home before. I take the necessary precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Gavin said. “I think I’ll be fine until Lex returns.” Gavin went to the front door to make his intentions clear. He would show the officer out and go back to his news program until either the delivery guy or Lex showed up. He turned to tell the officer just that, only to find the man standing right behind him.

“I think I’d rather wait with you. Make sure. I’m sure your boyfriend would appreciate the gesture.” Officer Turner set his hat and glasses on the side table and unzipped his jacket. He stepped into Gavin’s personal space, and when Gavin took a step back, he realized he was about to be pressed into the door by the muscular man in uniform.

“I…um…” Gavin’s words failed him as Officer Turner pinned him to the door.

“Tell me, Doc, what would your boyfriend say about you letting a stranger into your home?” Officer Turner shrugged out of his coat and tossed it to the side.

“But you’re a cop!” Gavin had seen the state police vehicle in the driveway. Unless this man had robbed an armed officer of the law, stole his uniform and his truck, all of which was highly unlikely, Gavin was certain the man pressing into him was an actual cop. A cop who looked to be staying a bit whether Gavin wanted his company or not.

“State trooper, not a cop.” Officer Turner chuckled. “But are you sure about that?” One thick thigh pressed between Gavin’s own, spreading his legs and fitting their bodies more closely together.

“State trooper, cop, same thing, and y-yeah, I am.” Gavin gulped as the officer’s obvious arousal pressed against his hip. “What do you want from me?”

“You might want to watch what you say. Some troopers would take offense at being called a cop.” Officer Turner’s eyes danced with mischief. “But as to your question, that’s a loaded one, isn’t it? Hum, what do I want?”

Gavin’s mind raced with the possibilities. The man was attractive enough, but he shouldn’t find the officer’s strong-arm tactics so arousing; not to mention he had a boyfriend. “Please, I’ll do anything if you’ll just leave. Do you want money? I have some cash.”

Officer Turner laughed, his whole body shaking with mirth. Gavin could only stare and wonder what was so amusing. “You trying to bribe me? That’s against the law. I think I may have to place you under arrest and take you to the station.”

“I didn’t do anything! I was only trying to get you out of my house. You’re the one breaking the—” Gavin was turned around so quickly it cut his words off and he grunted. With his face pressed against the smooth wood of the door, Gavin couldn’t see what the officer was doing behind him, but it made him nervous and he whimpered.

Once again, Officer Turner molded his body against Gavin’s. His breath was warm as it ghosted across Gavin’s ear. “I’ll read you your rights here in a moment, but I’ll remind you of the right to remain silent right now because I wouldn’t want you to say anything that could get you in deeper trouble than you’re already in. Now, I’m going to frisk you to make sure you don’t have any weapons on your person—arms above your head, hands on the wall, feet apart,” Officer Turner commanded as he stepped back.

Gavin nodded, following the instructions by raising his hands and pressing them against the door slightly above his head. He kept his lips pressed firmly together. He didn’t know why this was happening to him when he’d done nothing wrong and in his own home even. He wondered where his family was and why no one had come home yet before he started praying someone would show up soon.

The officer’s strong hands gripped Gavin’s wrists and pulled his arms up higher on the door before they worked their way down to his shoulders, all while the fingers probed at him through the material of his hooded sweatshirt. Gavin’s breath sped up when Officer Turner’s hands found his sides and then wandered over his chest and down his abdomen.

“What’s this?” The cop fingered the silky material peeking out between the hem of Gavin’s sweatshirt and the waistband of his sleep pants. Gavin’s cheeks heated. He didn’t want to have to explain his choice of clothing to this man, but it looked like he may have to when Officer Turner lifted Gavin’s sweatshirt higher and chuckled. “This is an interesting development.”

“It’s just an undershirt.” Gavin’s hands left the door, and he tried to pull his shirt back down to cover his secret.

“Hands back on the wall unless you want me to cuff ’em,” Officer Turner growled. Gavin’s hands landed with a smack as he quickly obeyed the command. “Now, I guess I’ll have to take this off you since your actions make me think you’re hiding something under this shirt.”

“There’s nothing, I sw—”

“Did I ask you?” Officer Turner interrupted. “No, I didn’t. Now, I’m going to slowly remove this sweatshirt, and you’re going to keep quiet while I do, do you understand?”

“Yes.” Gavin’s voice trembled, not in fear, but in embarrassment of having something so personal about him revealed to this man.

“Good.” Officer Turner grabbed the hem of Gavin’s shirt and inch by painfully slow inch he revealed the emerald-green, satin camisole Gavin wore underneath. The clingy fabric hugged Gavin’s torso, accentuating the lines of his slim but toned body. Officer Turner pulled the shirt up and over Gavin’s head but left it hanging between his raised arms. His hands trailed slowly back down and over Gavin’s bare shoulders to the thin straps. “This color looks good against your skin.” He plucked the straps before continuing his journey down.

Gavin rested his forehead against the door and tried to steady his breathing. As scary as the situation was, it was also exhilarating to know the man behind him found his choice of undergarments sexy. Gavin blamed his arousal on the adrenaline coursing through his body instead of the rough hands now sliding down his back.

“I wonder…” Officer Turner paused to run his hands around to the front of Gavin’s body. Gavin gasped when those wandering fingers found his nipples. “Are you wearing a matching set?” Gavin shuddered. He wasn’t telling, and he hoped the cop wouldn’t decide to check for himself. His eyes darted to the front window and the driveway beyond, but still no help had arrived, and it was getting dark.

“Please.” Gavin tried pleading, thinking maybe he could sway the cop if he appealed to his humanity. “Please don’t hurt me.”

Officer Turner tweaked both of Gavin’s nipples through the thin material, making him whimper. “Does it look like I’m trying to hurt you? I’m just trying to make sure you’re not a danger before I take you in and book you for trying to bribe me. You better hope there’s not some big bad criminal in the holding cell when you get there. I’m sure this outfit would go over really well on the inside.” One more sharp pinch and the cop’s hands spread to cover more area on Gavin’s chest, the fingers once again probing at Gavin’s scantily clad upper body until they reached his pants.

Gavin shivered at the thought of being seen dressed as he was in only the camisole and his low-hanging flannel pants. In a small community like his, word would travel fast, and soon everyone would know his shameful secret. What would people think of him? His reputation would surely suffer if people knew he liked the slippery feel of such feminine garments against his skin.

Officer Turner’s hands proceeded down one of Gavin’s legs and then up the other, resuming the guise of a pat down until a finger hooked into Gavin’s elastic waistband. “No, please, don’t,” Gavin begged for just a bit of mercy.

“Sorry, it’s procedure. I felt a suspicious lump. Could be you’re hiding a gun.” Officer Turner made short work of Gavin’s pants, pulling them to his ankles in one smooth movement. Gavin swore the cop’s soft whistle was one of appreciation instead of the joke he tried to make it into when he changed its tone to resemble the old catcall. “Well, look what we have here. Is that lace?”

Gavin cringed when Officer Turner ran a fingertip over the lacy accents around the legs and up the hip of the matching boy-short panties he was wearing. Gavin had spent some time looking at himself in the mirror and knew the stretchy spandex in the satin let the material hug his body in the most enticing way. Officer Turner’s breath puffed out against the small of Gavin’s back, making his flesh feel too tight for his body as it pimpled with goose bumps.

“What are you doing?” Gavin asked.

Officer Turner grasped Gavin’s hips, pulling him until his back arched and his ass stuck out lewdly. “Making sure you don’t have anything you could use to stab me.” His hands groped at Gavin’s ass and then around to the front. Gavin bit his lip to contain the moan trying to escape when a large hand gripped his hard cock through the silky panties. “Is this a lethal weapon, Doc?”

Oh my god, Gavin thought, as the hand on his cock gave a few firm strokes. How was he supposed to answer when his brain was misfiring with each touch of the cop’s hand? He swallowed hard over the lump in his throat. “Yes, but it’s registered.”

A moment of silence from the cop, and Gavin wondered if he’d misspoken. Certainly, this was no time for jokes, but the deep chuckle from Officer Turner proved he’d hit the mark with his off-the-cuff retort. “You got papers for it, then?”

Gavin didn’t get a chance to answer because the officer spun him around. His arms were still tangled in his sweatshirt, and his legs in his pants, and he almost fell, but Officer Turner’s strong arms around his waist steadied him. Gavin looked shyly into clear blue eyes that stared back at him. The cop leaned in and Gavin thought he might be forced to kiss him, but instead, the officer whispered, “You sure do look sexy in those underwear, Doc. I wonder how you’d look out of them.” He jerked Gavin’s sweatshirt from his arms and threw it away from them.

“You can’t do this to me. I have rights, you know,” Gavin protested. He had rights and he had a boyfriend who would go ballistic if he saw the way Gavin was being treated. Speaking of Lex, he should have been home already. Gavin hoped the weather hadn’t taken a turn for the worse, leaving him stranded on the side of the road somewhere.

Officer Turner hummed, bringing Gavin’s attention back to the man standing before him. “Yes, you do, and I believe I apprised you of one of those, but you keep flapping your jaw. I may have to do something about that.” Gavin opened his mouth to protest, only to have it covered with the cop’s. The officer’s stubble scraped his chin as his tongue dove into Gavin’s mouth. The buttons and badges on Officer Turner’s uniform dug into Gavin’s chest as he pressed his body closer for more contact. The kiss was dizzying. Gavin felt like a wanton whore, dressed as he was, his body enjoying the contact even though his mind knew he shouldn’t.

Officer Turner pulled back, breaking the kiss before Gavin was ready for it to end. “Why did you stop?” Gavin gave voice to the question before he could stop himself.

“I have other plans for you, Doc.” Officer Turner returned to running his hands over the soft fabric on Gavin’s chest. “I bet your boyfriend enjoys seeing you in these frilly little panties. Does he rip them off you and bend you over the minute he walks through the door?”

Gavin averted his eyes and lowered his head, too embarrassed to look at the man who’d kissed him and now was staring intently at him. “It’s the first time I’ve worn them. It was supposed to be a surprise for him when we went to bed tonight,” Gavin admitted. He felt like such a fool as he made the admission in front of the cop.

Officer Turner lifted Gavin’s chin with one finger. “Your boyfriend is a lucky man.” The next kiss was almost tender, and Gavin melted into the cop’s arms. Gavin was the lucky one. He’d never dreamed of finding a man like Lex, but there he was, living the dream. Kisses trailed down Gavin’s neck and to his shoulder as Officer Turner took advantage of Gavin’s pliant state. The cop’s lips trailed over the strap of the camisole before he pushed it off Gavin’s shoulder and continued down to Gavin’s chest.

Gavin moaned and pushed into the kisses. His hands found the cop’s short brown hair, and he twisted his fingers to get a grip on it. One of the officer’s hands stole up under the satin, skimming over the skin of his stomach to Gavin’s nipple. Pleasure-tinged pain radiated out from the small nub as Officer Turner first pinched and then twisted the small nub, and his questing mouth found the other through the shimmery garment.

“Oh, God, yes,” Gavin murmured.

“You like this, don’t you?” Officer Turner stopped the tantalizing teasing of Gavin’s nipples. Gavin nodded. He did. He really, really did. “Are you going to be a good detainee, or do I have to handcuff you before I continue?”

“I’ll be good.” Gavin could be good if it meant getting more of the cop’s touches and his mouth on more of Gavin’s skin.

“I’ll take your word for it, but if you put up any resistance, I won’t hesitate to handcuff you.” Officer Turner gave Gavin a stern look to show he meant it. The cop dropped to his knees. Gavin’s eyes went to the little black pouch, which held the handcuffs, and the threat of being rendered helpless made his knees weak. “Lift your foot.” Officer Turner tapped Gavin’s left leg. Gavin lifted his foot and let the officer remove his pants. He did the same with the other leg.

“What are you going to do to me?” Gavin asked. It was better to know than to be left in the dark anticipating the worst.

“Don’t you worry about what I’m going to do because I’m going to do whatever it is I want, and if you don’t want the whole town knowing that you like to wear ladies’ underpants, you’ll just sit back and try to enjoy it,” Officer Turner said.

Shame flared hot in Gavin’s chest, and he almost… But he didn’t. He could do this. He could deal with the shame of one man’s derision if it meant keeping his secret. “I can’t promise I’ll enjoy anything you do to me.”

A crooked grin graced the cop’s handsome face. “Oh, I think you’ll enjoy this plenty whether you promise to or not.” His hands grasped Gavin’s hips, and he buried his face in the silky panties. The stiff whiskers on his chin poked through the material and into Gavin’s skin as he ran his cheek along the length of Gavin’s cock. “You look so good. So goddamn sexy in these, it’s almost a shame to take them off you.”

“You don’t have to. You can leave them on.” Gavin said the words, but he didn’t mean them. He wanted the cop to strip them off his body, wanted nothing between them, not even the thin flimsy material of the panties. He didn’t care how good they felt against his skin; it was nothing compared to how the man on his knees in front of him made him feel, his hot gaze almost burning Gavin with his desire.

Officer Turner slowly peeled the panties down and then out and over Gavin’s erection. He didn’t take them completely off, just freed Gavin’s cock and balls. The cop stared at what he’d revealed and licked his lips before bending his head to lick the tip. Gavin gasped. His hips bucked without warning. His cock poked the officer in the cheek. “I’m sorry.” Gavin was quick to apologize for his misstep, but Officer Turner just chuckled.

“You did warn me that it was registered as a lethal weapon, but I think I’ll take my chances anyway.” He gripped the base of Gavin’s cock to tame the wild beast. He inclined his head, but Gavin reached out to grab a fistful of hair, stopping him short of his goal and making Officer Turner look up at him. Their eyes met, and Gavin felt an understanding pass between them. The cop nodded and smiled softly at him.

Then there was nothing to do but feel as the man took Gavin’s cock into his mouth. Gavin let his head fall back against the door. His eyes closed as he concentrated on the way the officer’s mouth and tongue caressed his stiff, sensitive flesh. The warm gusts of breath against his lower stomach and the gripping fingers that held him in place grounded Gavin to the here and now. This was real—it was happening, but it still had a dreamlike quality to it that kept Gavin off balance.

The suction increased, and the cop’s hands crept up Gavin’s torso, over his satin-encased stomach to his nipples. The added stimulation helped to push Gavin toward the edge, but he was left teetering there. Gavin opened his eyes. He stared at the ceiling, trying to get out of his own head and not knowing why he couldn’t come. He jerked his head forward to watch the officer take him deep. Gavin groaned. That was it, all he needed. He reached down and grabbed the cop’s hair. He expected some resistance to his taking over. But Officer Turner let him set the pace, a pace that was sure to make him spill sooner rather than later.

When the familiar tension that had coiled in his stomach finally reached critical mass, Gavin’s hips bucked recklessly. Then sweet release found him. “Oh, fuck,” he hissed as he came in the man’s mouth. His knees buckled before the cop had the chance to fully remove his mouth from Gavin’s cock, but somehow, he still managed to catch Gavin before he fell to the ground.

Officer Turner sat back, pulling his bent legs out from under himself and cradling Gavin in his lap. Gavin wrapped his arms around the officer’s neck and buried his face in the warm, sweaty flesh.

Officer Turner kissed Gavin’s temple. “How you doing, Doc?” he asked.

“Mm okay,” Gavin murmured.

“Want to grab a shower before we eat?”

Gavin pulled his face out to look at Lex. “I forgot about the delivery guy. Do you think he got stuck or something? You know how bad County Road Ten drifts over.”

“Shh, calm down. He was right behind me on my way here. I paid for the food, and it’s in my car. We might have to warm it up, but the delivery guy is probably safely back at work,” Lex said. “And Ma is spending the night in town with one of her friends.”

“Oh, I wondered if we were going to get interrupted. I kept thinking it sounded like a setup for a bad porn movie. I sort of figured you’d have taken care of Jean. She wouldn’t want to drive in this weather anyway.” Gavin shifted and the velvety softness of the camisole reminded him of what he was still wearing. The heat crawled up his neck, and he hid his face once again in Lex’s neck.

“Oh, don’t you go getting all shy on me now. I want to know about this new development.” Lex ran a hand down over Gavin’s side, letting him feel the heat of his palm behind the satin pressed into his flesh before he shifted and pushed at Gavin. “Get up. Let’s go shower.”

Gavin stood. He pulled the panties back into place. He had to admit they fit him much better when his cock wasn’t so fucking hard. He held out a hand for Lex and pulled him up. “You go get the food. I’ll get the shower ready.” Gavin turned and took a step toward the stairs, but Lex grabbed his hand.

“Don’t take that off before I get back.” His eyes swept over Gavin’s body. “I want to talk about it, and I’d like to look at you in them for a bit longer.”

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