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A Summer Cottage Secret Story

Cammie Cummins



Published by Cammie Cummins

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Part of the Summer Cottage Secret Series

Saturday morning, Mallory Cooper woke up breathless and flush from a sex dream.

She glanced over at the clock on the nightstand. Red glowing numbers told her it was ten-thirty-five. The sunlight streaming through her bedroom window told her it was morning. The window was open and room was filled with a warm yellow glow. A salty sea breeze stirred the curtains and swept through the room.

It took a moment for her to remember where she was.

Oh, right.

The cottage her mom and Mrs. Swanson had rented for them for the summer. With them was Mallory’s best friends Sue Swanson and Whitney Townson. The three month vacation was to be a present to the girls, their last summer together before going off to college.

After a week, you’d think she’d been used to waking up there. She blamed her being a bit off balance on her sex dream. It had been rather intense.

With a quilted blanket draped over her, Mallory’s naked body was coated with a thin sheen of perspiration. Her skin was flushed. She stared up at the ceiling with a smile on her face, lounging in the afterglow of her sensual dream. As she did, she gripped one of her fleshy big boobs and ran her other hand down between her sticky legs.

There was a wet spot on the bed. “Jesus, I must have made myself come.”

Suddenly her bedroom door burst open. “You up yet, girl?”

Whitney Townsend stood in the open doorway looking like a dark-skinned, plus-size runway model. She wore a white, palm-print, sheer tankini and navy blue, mid-rise bikini swim shorts. Her ink black hair was pulled back in a tight, small ponytail at the back of her head.

She cocked her hip and planted her fist on it. With her other arm across her body, she clasped her wrist. “Well, damn, girl.”

“Don’t you knock?” Mallory asked with no malice in her voice.

The quilt draped over her body had slipped down to her hips. That left her full, creamy white boobs hanging out, completely exposed.

It wasn’t like the two girls weren’t comfortable seeing each other naked. They’ve been best friends since the first grade. Over hundreds of sleepovers, and years of JV and varsity soccer, they’d taken plenty of group showers, had dressed and undressed in front of each other more times than either of them could count, nor even thought about.

But, somehow, this felt different. Intimate. Erotic.

More so when Whitney’s full mouth spread into a wide smile. She pushed the bedroom door closed behind her. It closed but didn’t latch. She came over to the bed and sat down.

Mallory pushed herself up into a sitting position and rubbed sleep from her eyes. “Morning, I guess.”

“Barely. We all thought you were gonna sleep the whole damn day away.”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Mallory said. “It’s only ten-thirty. Considering what time I got in last night, that’s pretty good.”

“Yeah, maybe usually, but I’ve got a secret,” Whitney said, “and I’m dying to share.”

“A secret, huh? What?”

“Just like that?” Whitney teased. “No foreplay.”

“You’re the one dying to tell me.” Mallory knew her friend too well. She shrugged her freckled-covered shoulders like she didn’t care. “I don’t care.”

Whitney smiled wide and leaned in closer. “You’re full of shit.”

The girl was freshly showered. Mallory could smell the scent of her apricot shampoo and the fresh mint of her toothpaste on her breath. Her friend lowered her voice, conspiratorially. “It’s about your mom.”

“What about her?”

Whitney pinched a strain of Mallory’s sweat-damp red hair between her fingers and twisted it. “She got laid the other night.”

Mallory wiped grainy sleep from her eyes. “What? With who?”

“That Kelly girl,” Whitney said. “The one we met. She’s renting that blue cottage a couple of houses down the beach. The pretty brunette. Gotta say,” Whitney added, with a mischievous and approving grin, “your mom’s got some might fine taste. That chick’s hot.”

“Wait. Stop. My Mom!” Mallory shook her head. “With a…girl? No way. You’re making that up.”

“Cross my heart, hope to die.” Whitney crossed her heart and shrugged. “She told me all about it.”

“Who did? My mom?”

“No, silly. The girl, Kelly. I ran into her at that dive bar you left me and Sue at when you went off with that guy. How’d that work out, by the way?”

“It didn’t,” she said, disappointed. She’d really wanted something to, which probably explained last might’s sex dream.

“Anyway,” Whitney said, getting back on topic. “That girl can’t hold her liquor. Once she got all shitfaced, she couldn’t shut up about how she met your mom at the bonfire the night we arrived. That your mom invited her back here, and seduced her.”

Mallory closed her eyes and shook her head. “Wait. My mom seduced her?”

“That’s what Kelly said. And that you’re mom had been with women before.”

“No way,” Mallory insisted.

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