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The Jock and the Gigolo: Pitcher on the Streets, Catcher in the Sheets

Alex Hardin

Copyright © 2017, all rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction.

All characters are 18 or older.

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Zac is leaned up against a tree in the sketchier side of the park. Sketchy because everyone knows what sort of thing goes down in that side of the park, and that the only reason to be there is if you want in. 

He stands with one foot on the ground and one foot propped against to cracked bark of the tree, in a desperate, and failing, attempt to look as nonchalant as possible. He absorbs a cigarette, which has already begun to age him beyond his eighteen years. He's tall, skinny, and very well may have been born with bags under his eyes. 

His hair is jet black, which gives him the excuse to perpetuate his identity of a self-professed grunge kid. He wore his boots, his skinny jeans, and even his faded concert tee's in all black. 

From a distance he sees a boy, maybe 6'2", same height as him, only he probably weighs a hell of a whole lot more than he did, all muscle. He was your typical blond, blue-eyed, all-American boy, with a baseball bat swinging wildly from the duffel bag on his shoulder. 

Zac recognizes the logo on the bag to be one from the school he attends, or did attend before he dropped out a while back. Some things just make better money. 

He expects the kid to veer away, head out to the baseball field or something, but he keeps walking diagonally -- into the sketch. Zac gets it, it wouldn't be the first time some jock tried to beat his ass for no particular reason. He begins to brace himself as the boy steps up, doe-eyed and fidgety. 

Zac takes a long drag of his cigarette just as jock strap speaks up.

"Uh, are you Zac?" he asks, looking from side to side as if someone is going to jump out of the trees at any minute. Maybe he is here for the sketch. 

"Yes," Zac exhales slowly and looks into the boys eyes.

"Um, I was wondering if you could provide me with your… service?" 

Zac stares at the boy stonily, "look, I wouldn't particularly like to have to sift through pieces of my teeth off of the grass, so just leave."

The boy stares, eyes watery, shakes his head and puts his hands up, "I'm not here for that, I promise."

Zac glances toward the baseball bat and a sudden realization overcomes the boy. He shakes his head again, and reaches behind him pulls out the bat, and holds it with two open palms.

"Here, take it. If it makes you feel any better."

Zac doesn't need to be told twice, he grabs the baseball bat and holds it over his shoulder, wrist limp, as he gestures for the boy to lead the way. 

The boy begins walking again, with the same unease as before, and leads the two to a shiny red pick-up truck, four doors. Zac smirks a little, it's the nicest car anyone has ever came to pick him up in, shit, half the time they didn't even have cars. 

"Listen, I'm gonna need you to pay up front," Zac says as the boy stands at driver side door. 

"Oh sorry," the boy blushes and fumbles to get his wallet out of his ill-fitting jeans. As he does Zac catches a glance at the boy’s driver's license peeking out of the clear pocket. 


Andrew pulls out a wad of cash and hands it to Zac. Zac gives him the once over as he counts the bills. He still can't be sure if he's sincere, but he can't really tell with anybody these days. This boy just doesn't fit the profile. He's not sleezy, or married, or ancient. Zac shrugs, shoves his cigarette into the ground and the money into his back pocket. He walks around the front of the car and takes a seat in the passenger seat. Andrew slowly backs out of the spot, checking behind him often: signs of a new driver. 

"Where do you wanna do this?" Zac inquires, still looking into Andrew's eyes for signs of danger.

"Uh, my house, if that's okay."

Zac nodded, silently praising the idea of not having to go into another disgusting motel room

After they'd been driving for a while, Zac speaks, "Do you have condoms? I don't do bareback."

Andrew suddenly turns bright red, as if he hadn't known he'd picked up the other boy to have sex with. 

"Uh, sorry, no. We can stop by the drug store."

"Fine," Zac sighs, he probably won't be getting any other Johns today. 

Andrew pulls into a drug store parking lot. And sits there. It takes all Zac has within him not to shout, "Are you gonna go in?"

Andrew opens his mouth and says nothing as Zac grows impatient. "Fine I'll go buy 'em myself, how big are you?"

Again Andrew says nothing, but now he can see how irritated Zac is, "I want, I uh, I guess it only matters how big you are."

Zac looks at him for a moment and can see the sincerity in his eyes. He smiles again, a John has never asked him to fuck them before. 

Zac raises his eyebrows, and Andrew finally gets the cue and hands him his credit card. Zac stares at the shiny gold and shakes his head. 

"You've never done this before, have you?"

"Been with a guy? No, but I want to, just to make sure."

Zac smiles, "I meant with a hustler, but it's great to know I'll be fucking a virgin. I'll take it slow," he laughs as he exits the door to get the condoms, and for Andrew's sake, lube.


"What do you like?" Zac asks as Andrew sits on the edge of his queen-sized bed and Zac perches his small amount of ass on the dresser.

"Uh, kissing. Is that okay?" Andrew doesn't really know what is acceptable in these situations.

"Yeah," Zac answers, he's never asked, only told.

"Okay," a small smile appears on Andrew's face and his shoulders drop a bit, "I want you to kiss me, and touch my body and everything. Then take my pants off and-- what's it called when you lick someone’s asshole?"

Zac laughed openly, "A rim job."

"Yeah," Andrew smiles, and then his face falls, "only if you want, like if you think it's gross--"

"Trust me, I've done grosser," Zac cuts Andrew off. He suddenly has a small sense of actually wanting to get this boy undressed. 

"Okay, so do the uh, rim job, and then we go all the way."

"Oh, and if you could say my name it would be nice. It's, uh, Andy."

Zac smiles, Andy suits him. "Do you wanna do this, Andy? Look you're a good looking guy I'm sure you could find some repressed jock out there who's willing to do this with you."

Zac couldn't even believe his own words, why the hell was he trying to talk his way out of money and not having to get ass fucked by some nine-incher for it? 

But Andy only shook his head, "I just, I really want to do this. I want to be sure I'm not wrong."

Zac shrugs, hops off the counter and begins to climb on top of Andy. 

"Wait," Andy says, and moves Zac's legs so that he's sitting down next to him. 

Andy looks into Zac's eyes for a moment, and kisses him slowly, and softly. He's making deliberate movements, trying to derive and drive as much pleasure as possible. It's not like the pushed, desperate, teeth shattering kisses Zac is used to. It takes him a moment to adjust, but he does. For a moment he realizes, this is what kissing is supposed to feel like. Their tongues flirt, and a rippling sensation rises in both of their chests. 

Andy stops for a moment, and opens his eyes to see Zac's are still closed, and starts again. He knew he didn't need to convince himself of anything. Kissing this boy he didn't even know felt amazing; it was sending him to the moon and back. He was running his fingers through Zac's hair when he wanted to kiss more of him. He kissed his cheek, and his neck, and put his hands up his shirt in order to get as much skin as possible.

Zac opens his eyes the moment Andy takes his shirt off and kisses his collar bone. He doesn't know where to put his hands. He blinks and wonders why this is so hard for him. People have changed the game before. He puts his hands in Andy's short blond hair and remembers that his services mean he has to play the part. He moans, and even surprises himself in its sound. It's light and airy, not guttural like he's used to. He shakes it off and pulls Andy away from his nipples gently, and takes his shirt off as well. He kisses Andy the same way Andy kissed him, only he doesn't stop. He kisses a trail down his toned chest and pulls at his buckle.

Andy helps Zac take his pants off, along with his underwear. As much as he wants to savor this he wants every inch of his skin to be touched by the other boy’s skin. His eyes are closed, and he jolts as a cold hand wraps around his penis and a warm tongue works around his anus. He hears Zac giggle as he gently strokes and he gently kisses. Andy arches his back and grabs fistfuls of sheets. His body tenses and if he wasn't hard already he is now.

Zac flicks his tongue around Andy's asshole, thankful that's it's smooth and tasteless, a night of firsts. He strokes Andy, and is slightly thrilled to see he's having this effect on him. He stops suddenly as he feels his own penis enlarging slightly. Andy catches his breath and Zac starts up again, trying to keep composure as a million thoughts run through his head. He's never gotten hard from a John, ever. He's never needed to, they all bend him over, and then it's thank you, cum again.

Andy moves slightly and pulls Zac up to the head of the bed, and rolls him onto his back. He hovers over him for a second and looks down at Zac's half-cocked penis. 

"Do you mind?" Andy asks, and Zac shakes his head vigorously, enthralled with this newfound idea of permission. Andy crawls down and puts all of Zac in his mouth. He isn't an expert, the teeth hit Zac a couple of times, but Zac doesn't even notice. He's euphoric, he's in a state of elation and allowing himself to fully take in the pleasure. Why not? He'll never get this type of treatment again; he'll never expect this type of treatment again. 

He moves Andy's head gently and guides him up towards his own, then lays him on his back. He takes the box of condoms he placed and the night stand and tears it open smoothly. He goes to put the condom on himself and does so less smoothly, he's never had to do this to himself before. Andy notes this hesitation and takes the condom from his hands, and applies it the way he must've seen in a porno, or a sex ed class. 

Zac moves Andy's knees forward, so his legs look like his about to give birth. He can't quite see his point of entry so he takes one of the pillows and props up Andy's ass to give him a clear view. He takes the bottle of lube and puts some on his penis and Andy's ass. He puts the end up to the hole, warm and tight, he can tell. He puts in the tip and watches Andy's entire body shudder. He feels like he's hurting him, he stops.

Andy opens his eyes and reaches his arm out to grab Zac's neck and pulls him in close. He kisses Zac's cheek and whispers in his ear, "It is okay."

It's okay if it hurts a little, it's okay for him to be inside of him, it's all okay. Zac looks at Andy's eyes, and fluidly, but not forcefully, slides his entire penis inside of him. Andy gasps in what Zac can't differentiate between agony and delight, but knows to keep going when Andy begins to move his hips in a forward motion.

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