Free online samples of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT)-themed ebooks from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.

The Moths by Foxglove Lee The Moths by July 20, 2018 Free! 10,120 words Read a sample
Shay knows her girlfriend Olivia won’t take it well when an old flame dies. All these years later, he still holds a sordid but special place in her heart. When Olivia pulls his moth-eaten sweater from the closet, she feels the past close at hand. But closer still are the moths. They swarm and surround her, quickly taking over her bedroom… but will they take her very life? A lesbian horror story.
I Dream of Tomorrow by Victor .J. Ifemelu I Dream of Tomorrow by July 20, 2018 Free! 18,310 words Read a sample
A collection of short stories about LGBTQ+ characters and the situations they often find themselves in, living in a homophobic country; written by an author who is queer himself.
Whispering Woods Witch by Britany Elizabeth Whispering Woods Witch by July 20, 2018 $2.99 64,170 words Sample 20%
A dying witch passes all of her power onto a young girl, Lena Amsel, including a rare spell she carries that defeats death itself. After struggling with the magic for a long time, Lena finally has full control over herself, and makes a friend of the princess. Things do not stay well when the past returns to haunt her. The kingdom wants to bring her down - but Lena cannot be killed.
Aphelion by Mel Keegan Aphelion by July 20, 2018 $9.99 164,740 words
With the Scorpio 'bust' complete, all roads lead to the homeworlds. Jarrat and Stone can only follow -- to Earth. Mars. Duty takes them to Chicago, Marsport and Jupiter’s incredible skycities … nothing is as it seems. Soon they learn to trust only those they know, believe only what they see, as they and the key members of the Athena’s complement bend the rules to breaking-point -- and beyond.
Stopover by Mel Keegan Stopover by July 20, 2018 $4.99 44,940 words
Jarrat and Stone are aboard the starclipper Pacifica, headed for a tropical resort, but downtime becomes an explosive excursion into an industrial hell-zone. They find themselves making a flight right into Hades -- cut off from NARC, carrier, backup and weapons, they're on their own devices, surviving on their wits. Making it to that island resort starts to look like an impossible fantasy.
Scorpio by Mel Keegan Scorpio by July 20, 2018 $9.99 181,000 words
If the Equinox job presented a challenge, this one is a roller coaster. The assignment is Scorpio, in the colony of Aurora, where corporation and government intertwine and ancient secrets might provide the key to the syndicate's defeat. The investigation takes Jarrat and Stone into the hearts of Aurora's super-cities, but the seeds of rot lie as far away as Mars, in Earth's own backyard.
Equinox by Mel Keegan Equinox by July 20, 2018 $9.99 120,810 words
Angel: a synthetic drug so pervasive and deadly, it has built empires, torn down worlds. Tactical in the city of Elysium -- on the moon of Avalon, orbiting a green-faced giant world -- suspects Equinox Industries of being behind the manufacture of Angel. Jarrat and Stone need their empathic powers as well as twenty-fourth century tech to stay ahead of their corporate enemies.
Death's Head by Mel Keegan Death's Head by July 20, 2018 $9.99 176,410 words
Four centuries from now the designer drug, Angel, is plague. A new breed of hero arises to fight it. Jarrat and Stone are Narcotics and Riot Control captains, concealing their feelings for one another in accordance with NARC regulation -- until both are almost killed in line of duty. Survival is bought at the price of permanent empathic bonding … what price their command rank now?
Breaking Free by Meyari McFarland Breaking Free by July 20, 2018 $4.99 64,980 words Sample 20%
The hottest summer in decades was not the time for starting new things. Padma's life was already nicely settled. She didn't need to date. Not even gorgeous Jaden. But a late Friday night opened a door to… something. Breaking free from the past, Padma and Jaden face down abusive boyfriends, the trauma of moving and meddling bosses in this F/F sweet romance.
Leather and Tea by K.L. Noone Leather and Tea by July 19, 2018 $1.99 8,120 words Sample 20%
Secret agent Ben Smith wants to come home to his husband. He misses that smile. And he wants his perfect submissive at his feet, so the world can fall away. Romance writer Simon Ashley misses his husband. Tea is nice, but it can’t tie him up properly. And his family’s been calling. He wants to forget everything, and belong to Ben. Tonight they both get what they want, because Ben’s home early.
Mage of Silence by Edward Kendrick Mage of Silence by July 19, 2018 $4.99 44,410 words Sample 20%
Castien, a mute elven mage, and Theirn, a young half-elf thief, join forces to rid their land of an evil Lord. Their feelings deepen as they travel across the seas to spy on a mage/prince who enslaves his subjects.
Married Ones by Matthew J. Metzger Married Ones by July 19, 2018 $4.99 40,670 words Sample 20%
It's summer break, and for the first time, Mike would rather stay in the classroom. It's wedding season, and Mike is doomed to spend all summer sipping cheap champagne and pretending he likes posh food. Even Stephen in a kilt isn't going to save this one. But there's nothing like watching someone else get hitched to remind him of where he's come from -- and where he's determined to go from here.
Playing Both Sides by David O. Sullivan Playing Both Sides by July 19, 2018 $3.99 32,670 words Sample 20%
Ken struggles with his sexuality, suspecting he’s bisexual because girls sure turn him on, but so do guys. Joel is gay, but is confused after he meets Danielle, a confident young woman who has a number of sexual fantasies that include bedding two sexy guys. With the weight of the world on Ken’s shoulders and confusion over whom to love, can he build a future with them both?
The Gift by A.F. Henley The Gift by July 19, 2018 $6.99 90,920 words Sample 20%
Doren was born with a powerful gift—a gift he's managed to use to put him well on his way to becoming a star. But there is more to that gift than just musical talent, and as careful as Doren is to hide that fact, there are some who know of the power behind the sound, and all the ways they could abuse it.
All You Need is Love: A 3-Book Anthology of Transgender Romance Tales by Amanda Mann All You Need is Love: A 3-Book Anthology of Transgender Romance Tales by July 19, 2018 $6.99 24,110 words Sample 12%
Amanda Mann brings you another anthology of transgender romances! First up, a girl runs into her former best friend turned bully, who doesn't recognize her and asks her out. Next is PJ, who comes out to her parents and the world, one summer vacation. Finally, there's Keri, whose former identity is exposed during a party game and now she wonders if she'll ever get her happy ending. Don't miss this!
Hybrid Reset by Shannon West Hybrid Reset by July 19, 2018 $4.99 58,720 words Sample 20%
“If vampires had yearbooks, I’d probably be listed as “Lucas, the Least Likely to Succeed.” After all, I’m living in the basement of a spooky old house about to fall down around my ears and a blood thrall named Liam brings me the blood of small game, so I won’t starve to death. It all started when some werewolves attacked our coven and killed off all the vampires, except for a few of us who...
The Cabin by Erin M. Leaf The Cabin by July 19, 2018 $2.99 17,710 words Sample 10%
Flynn is having a terrible day—his fiancée jilted him at the altar and now he’s alone on his honeymoon. Going to a wilderness resort by himself was probably not his best idea, but then artist Beau Green arrives to make everything even more complicated.
Born a Queen by Benjamin Medrano Born a Queen by July 19, 2018 $3.99 94,770 words
Created by a supervillain, Lilith Carpenter tries to find her place in the world. A chance encounter leads her to meet two heroines who put her creator behind bars, and the three grow to become friends. Darkness lurks, though, and Lilith's dream of a peaceful life seems destined to fail.
Down with the Queen by Benjamin Medrano Down with the Queen by July 19, 2018 $3.99 104,690 words
Despite everything, Lilith has gained acceptance from Gina and Rachel, and gained a place in their lives. However, good times are rarely stable for supers, and when her identity comes to light, survival isn't guaranteed. Fortunately, now Lilith is no longer alone.
The White Ship by Victoria Zagar The White Ship by July 19, 2018 $2.99 55,080 words Sample 20%
Arietta Sashrady has dreamt of a White Ship that takes women threatened by the Moral Revolution to safety. Her girlfriend Selesti says it is nothing more than a fantasy to guide Arietta through the pressure of living a double life filled with secrets and lies. When she's sold out to the Decency Guard, Arietta discovers the White Ship is real—and the White Knights are coming to save them.
The lost prince by Alquir Black The lost prince by July 18, 2018 $2.80 54,280 words Sample 20%
If someone told you he is your soulmate, would you believe him? Perhaps a charming personality was enough for him, but being a lonely teenager is harder than it looks, or at least that´s what Aaron thought before he got involved in a deathly situation no other seventeen-year-old boy has ever faced.
Wayworn Lovers by Gun Brooke Wayworn Lovers by July 18, 2018 $9.99 72,320 words Sample 20%
Will agoraphobic composer Giselle Bonnaire and Tierney Edwards, a wandering soul who can’t remain in one place for long, trust in the passionate love destiny hands them?
The Last Time I Saw Her by Kathleen Knowles The Last Time I Saw Her by July 18, 2018 $9.99 81,760 words Sample 20%
Lane Hudson only has twelve days to win back Alison’s heart. That is if she can gather the courage to try.
Take My Hand by Missouri Vaun Take My Hand by July 18, 2018 $9.99 59,120 words Sample 20%
River Hemsworth arrives in Georgia intent on escaping quickly, but when she crashes her Mercedes into the Clip ‘n Curl sexy Clay Cahill ends up rescuing more than her car.
Sparks Like Ours by Melissa Brayden Sparks Like Ours by July 18, 2018 $9.99 84,310 words Sample 20%
Professional surfers Gia Malone and Elle Britton can’t deny their chemistry on and off the beach. But only one can win…
Room Service by Fiona Riley Room Service by July 18, 2018 $9.99 83,330 words Sample 20%
Interior designer Olivia likes stability, but when work brings footloose Savannah into her world and into a new city every month, Olivia must decide if what makes her comfortable is what makes her happy.
Perfect Little Worlds by Clifford Henderson Perfect Little Worlds by July 18, 2018 $9.99 86,870 words Sample 20%
Lucy can’t hold the secret any longer. Twenty-six years ago, her sister did the unthinkable.
Inked Souls by Nick Kove Inked Souls by July 18, 2018 $0.99 19,060 words Sample 20%
It was lust-at-first-sight With a new family who loves me, it’s too much to hope for to find a boyfriend as well. But that’s what I do when I go with my BFF as emotional support to get her tattoo. Only she doesn’t need it. It turns out I’ve been set up with Silver, the tall, fit tattoo artist.
After Words: No Right Words by Nick Kove After Words: No Right Words by July 18, 2018 $0.99 19,420 words Sample 20%
Sometimes it doesn’t take much; only a kind word will do. My sister wishes she’d noticed the signs before our dad hanged himself rather than recognise them for what they were once he was gone. I’m now pretty sure I see the same signs in Alex, a bloke I’ve had my eyes on for some time.
Love on Show by E. D. Parr Love on Show by July 18, 2018 $2.99 16,310 words Sample 10%
Justin Harper plays a gay bad boy on a TV show that’s fast becoming a cult classic, but Justin hides the fact he’s gay in real life. When a new actor is cast to play his TV show love interest, Justin can’t deny the raging attraction he feels for gorgeous Caer Rossi. Caer Rossi makes it clear he thinks Justin is smoking hot.
The Florist by Ezra Dawn The Florist by July 18, 2018 $2.99 12,350 words
This is book four of the Graveyard Shift series and follows the Mortuary's florist.
The Gallery: The Special Exhibits by Megan Derr The Gallery: The Special Exhibits by July 18, 2018 $2.99 21,630 words Sample 20%
Welcome to the Gallery, where you can admire hundreds of beautiful paintings, and perhaps find what you didn't know you were looking for... In these rooms you will find the Special Exhibits, those paintings which remain at the Gallery only temporarily. Their time here can range from weeks to decades—even centuries. But they do eventually leave, so admire while you can...
Toggenburg - Book 4 - Autumn Crocus by Michaela Francis Toggenburg - Book 4 - Autumn Crocus by July 17, 2018 $5.95 159,740 words Sample 5%
Rich in drama, humour, and romance, the fourth volume of the Toggenburg saga, filled with Michaela Francis’ much loved characters, is another warming chapter in a towering love story set amidst the glory of the Swiss Alps.
Event Horizon by Mel Keegan Event Horizon by July 17, 2018 $9.99 303,070 words
The immense closing volume of the Hellgate series -- two novels under one cover: over 300,000 words in which Mel Keegan ties off every thread, resolves every mystery from The Rabelais Alliance through Deep Sky, Cry Liberty, Probe and Flashpoint. Colonial War, Zunshu, transspace, Lai’a … Event Horizon leaves no question unanswered, in an explosive, unpredictable and satisfying finale.
Home From The Sea by Mel Keegan Home From The Sea by July 17, 2018 $8.99 98,960 words
Mystery explodes like the storm pounding England in 1769. Before Jim Fairley learns the shocking secrets Toby Trelane’s hidden for years, they’ll face deception, fear, death, in a Gothic tale spanning the globe without leaving The Raven. It’s years since Jim inherited the tavern. He never imagined adventure, romance, danger, would walk up to his door and haul him into a whirl of intrigue.
Judias Grey: 'Heart of Lies' (Vol. 2) by Edwin Betancourt Judias Grey: 'Heart of Lies' (Vol. 2) by July 17, 2018 Free! 15,520 words Read a sample
Picking up right after the events of Vol. 1, Judias Grey and Nathaniel Echoes meet a vain Prince named Ezra who needs help looking for his missing fiancé but instead of hiring the Witch and Knight to find him, Prince Ezra wants Judias to create a love potion-which is against the law in the Magic Realm. Meanwhile flashbacks reveal the day Judias and Nathaniel met. And a familiar face returns.
More Than Human by Mel Keegan More Than Human by July 17, 2018 $8.99 87,620 words
When the Gilgamesh returns from Eidolon, her crew discovers a new regime on Earth, new laws in force. They’re unwanted aliens, with no rights. Their one chance is to get the ship away before they can be seized for dreadful purposes. Government spook Adrian Balfour has his own agenda: soon he’s lying to the authorities in a race against time, as he discovers his own place among the starshippers.
Shadow and Flame by Mel Keegan Shadow and Flame by July 17, 2018 $2.99 30,100 words
The music builds, the audience awaits the fire juggler -- Tai Emreth steps into the lights. He sets eyes on the lord of Murkul-zahd and knows he has made a bad mistake. But this show is the price of his liberty: he must go on despite warnings from a stranger with a cat’s moves, a hawk’s eyes, the voice of the wicked cities of the west. The stranger’s vanished now, leaving Tai in terrible danger.
Shotgun Bastards and Other Stories by Andrea Speed Shotgun Bastards and Other Stories by July 17, 2018 $4.99 47,820 words Sample 20%
A collection of tales filled with monsters, be they human or beast, ranging in setting from dystopia to pitch black noir and even general silliness. From the ludicrous to the frighteningly plausible; from deep space to after the end of the world. There are clumsy werewolves and bloody revenge, monster sleep overs and a dieting fad sure to kill your appetite...
Even in the Grave by L.J Hamlin Even in the Grave by July 17, 2018 $1.99 12,710 words Sample 20%
A trio of spooky shorts... In A Song of the Sea, Jared is working on a new piano piece and unexpectedly draws the attention of a beautiful siren... Even in the Grave, All is Not Lost is the story of Edgar, detective and psychic, brought in to consult on a strange serial killer who steals victims' hearts, and the handsome officer assigned to assist him. And in Off the Beaten Path...
Truth or Dare by Amanda Mann Truth or Dare by July 17, 2018 $2.99 10,490 words Sample 20%
I wanted to spend one last summer with my cousin, my best friend in the world. She's the one who convinced me to be the girl I always knew I was. But then I met a boy at a party and things progressed so fast... I should have told him, I know. It definitely shouldn't have been blurted out during that stupid kid's game. Truth or Dare...? Truth: Like everyone else, I just want my happy ending.
Of Echoes Born by 'Nathan Burgoine Of Echoes Born by July 17, 2018 $9.99 74,630 words Sample 20%
A collection of queer fantasy short stories set in Canada from Lambda Literary Award finalist 'Nathan Burgoine.
Unexpected Powers by Chris McHart Unexpected Powers by July 17, 2018 $2.99 66,750 words Sample 15%
Ash’s life hasn’t been the best so far. Mated to a man he hates, he resigns himself to his fate of being abused. When his mate kidnaps the highly pregnant Alex, they become friends, and to Ash’s surprise, Alex’s rescuer saves him as well. Now he can start a new life, but it’s going to be a lonely one, due to his visible and invisible scars.
Thief of Hearts by Ruby Moone Thief of Hearts by July 17, 2018 $5.99 73,920 words Sample 20%
The year is 1806. Jewel thief David Lambert has few rules but they’re shattered by a footman with a secret. Jeremy Naylor thought he found the man of his dreams, but when his dreams are destroyed, he’s forced to run for his life. David and Jeremy are flung together to escape the hangman’s noose and passion burns, but will what lies in their hearts lead them to the shadow of the gallows?
Imperfect by Casper Graham Imperfect by July 17, 2018 $4.99 36,160 words Sample 20%
David has had the worst crush on Tobias, but Tobias sleeps around too much. Tobias has been infatuated with David for years, but grows frustrated and furious after being repeatedly rebuffed. That’s why he enjoys arguing with David. It’s the only time David will pay any attention to him. Can the two men work through their issues and find their happily ever after with each other?
Elements and Elephants by H.D. Nels Elements and Elephants by July 17, 2018 $4.99 50,340 words Sample 20%
Jack Bisson and Willem de Vries become infatuated with each other. Misunderstandings caused an unfortunate split. Eventually persistence and love forced them together. Jack and Will both had issues with family that may become resolved because of the character of their partner or maybe not. Willem disappeared once but the next time may be a matter of life or death. Can Jack deal with either?
Doggone Love by Deirdre O'Dare Doggone Love by July 17, 2018 $1.99 12,340 words Sample 20%
Rancher Damon Carhart expects to spend the rest of his life alone. Then an injury to a beloved stock dog sends him to the nearest veterinary clinic for help. Once he entrusts his canine friend to veterinarian Eric Vann’s care, everything begins to change. And once desire gets a bite on him, what can he do but go along for the wild ride?
Car Wash by Shawn Lane Car Wash by July 17, 2018 $3.99 23,770 words Sample 20%
Kevin Flaherty works at the car wash where Michael Bennett brings his Maserati in to have washed. Years earlier, Michael was Kevin’s dream. But when Kevin made his move, Michael rejected him because he was too young. Now Michael’s interested, but his take-charge, bossy way rubs Kevin the wrong way. Things look dismal for Kevin, unless he can show Michael the true beauty behind his sass?
The Tiger's Bet by Zarvelle Grace The Tiger's Bet by July 17, 2018 $2.99 25,840 words Sample 10%
Andre: Ex-military. Tough as nails. Don’t ask about his PTSD. Preston: Crossdresser. King of candy & air kisses. Dom. After losing a bet, Andre is Preston’s sub for thirty days. But what scares him most isn't submission. It's falling in love.
Vincent by M Tasia Vincent by July 17, 2018 $2.99 44,690 words Sample 5%
Tristan thought he’d found a safe home when he moved to Brighton, but his past stalks him at every turn and his newfound love, Vincent, will risk everything to keep Tristan safe.