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Une Semaine à Acapulco by Gaëlle Cathy Une Semaine à Acapulco by March 24, 2019 $6.80 103,570 words Sample 16%
Charlie passe Noël 2014 à Acapulco, espérant retrouver la liberté des nuits sans lendemain pour oublier une relation dévastatrice. Alécia fuit Seattle et tous les souvenirs de son grand amour perdu, mais c'est une rencontre importune avec Charlie, qui change le sens de ses vacances. Saura-t-elle pour autant ouvrir de nouveau son cœur, surtout pour quelqu'un qui ne croit plus au grand amour ?
Love Unexpected by S. Stone Love Unexpected by March 24, 2019 $1.50 13,140 words
Follow up to Love Lost, told solely from Kyle's P.O.V Kyle Mills has had it rough, he was beaten by his parents, taken into care for his own safety, bullied in high school. It wasn't all bad though... Kyle had Alan the love of his life, his forever and always. The pair grew close, eventually getting together to forge an unstoppable partnership, or so Kyle thought...
Lo que encontré cuando te perdí by Fabián Tapia Lo que encontré cuando te perdí by March 23, 2019 $5.00 53,210 words Sample 20%
Lo que encontré cuando te perdí, una historia sobre el perdón y la redención. La historia toma lugar en Dinamarca, donde un joven pianista provoca accidentalmente el retiro de los escenarios de un bailarín de ballet —quien pasará a ser su mitad perdida y alguien a quien querrá recuperar a toda costa.
A Wealth of Unsaid Words by R. Cooper A Wealth of Unsaid Words by March 23, 2019 You set the price! 27,790 words Sample 20%
For years, Alex has been worried that someone like Everett—who runs a charity and is never short of romantic offers—would never truly want a man constantly on guard against his own mind. There will never be a time when Alex is perfect. But this is as close as it gets, and he is tired of waiting. This Christmas, all he can hope for is that Everett still wants him.
Michael's Third Kiss by Edua Erasmus Michael's Third Kiss by March 23, 2019 $0.99 9,620 words
Torn between the two guys he loves, Michael turns to Mrs Nell for guidance after an English lesson with a similar conundrum. Who will Michael end up with? John or Michael?
Michael's Second Kiss by Edua Erasmus Michael's Second Kiss by March 23, 2019 Free! 8,900 words Read a sample
Devastated that his first kiss was bad, Michael sets out to find Adam at his college and have a second chance at a first kiss. While spending time inn Fresnay, he receives a message from home that turns his world upside down.
Michael's First Kiss by Edua Erasmus Michael's First Kiss by March 23, 2019 Free! 14,610 words Read a sample
High school can be tough - especially when you're in love with a straight guy. John has been the object of Michael's unrequited love for almost a year, but fate has a funny way of bringing people together when you least expect it.
The Christmas Card by J.T. Evergreen The Christmas Card by March 23, 2019 Free! 2,920 words Read a sample
I assumed it was a Christmas card, even though it was July, not only because of its size but also because of its Christmas-red color. Then I noticed what was pasted in the upper right-hand corner – a six-cent canceled stamp. The cancellation date read 1970. I wondered where in the world this envelope had been for the last forty-six years.
The Wentworth Pack 01 Jory's Destiny by Haley Langwood The Wentworth Pack 01 Jory's Destiny by March 23, 2019 $2.99 64,240 words Sample 20%
Eric can't believe his luck when he meets his fate mate, veterinarian Jory Bradshaw. When Jory's ex-lover is released from jail, he comes for him. All hell breaks loose when they are under attack, and a pack member loses his life. Angels descend, and Jory's true destiny is revealed.
Izzy and the Right Answer by R. Cooper Izzy and the Right Answer by March 22, 2019 $3.99 74,980 words Sample 15%
Izzy, an ace, neuroatypical college junior has no interest in romantic love until he realizes he has a crush on one of his friends. Izzy’s new awareness of romantic feelings force him to finally notice some things—like that he isn’t the only one pining. But brilliant though he is, Izzy forgets that there are more options than triangles. The right answer might be something else entirely.
Grandma Rose by J.T. Evergreen Grandma Rose by March 21, 2019 Free! 4,440 words Read a sample
The funeral for Nama was very boring. I was standing with my parents at her graveside when I noticed someone standing at a distance from us. It was an elderly woman who looked vaguely familiar. I assumed it was one of Nama’s friends. She saw me watching and threw me a kiss. I saw the woman again as we drove away. This time she waved to me. I returned the greeting and wondered who she was.
The Priest Who Never Was by J.T. Evergreen The Priest Who Never Was by March 20, 2019 Free! 7,160 words Read a sample
It was seven years since they met when Pat told Charlie he was leaving. His explanation centered on his devotion to God. Charlie listened but did not understand. God had won and was ripping Pat from his life. And then Pat was gone and Charlie was alone. It was a typical foggy, cold morning when Charlie stepped onto the main span of the Golden Gate Bridge to put an end to the pain of being alone.
Home For The Holidays - A Non-Shifter MPREG Romance by Ashleigh Lyons Home For The Holidays - A Non-Shifter MPREG Romance by March 20, 2019 $2.99 41,020 words Sample 7%
Kyle is a small town Omega. Ryan is a big city Alpha. When Kyle returns to his home town for the holidays, he finds himself falling hard for a stranger at a party. Ryan finds himself falling just as hard for Kyle, but Adrian who's in the middle seems to have a crush on Ryan. This is a MPREG romance with explicit intimacy and language intended for adult readers.
The Hollywood Collection by Jae The Hollywood Collection by March 20, 2019 $19.99 311,830 words Sample 20%
This box set contains three lesbian romance novels and one erotic short story featuring amazingly down-to-earth actresses. If you are in the mood for romantic stories with characters you’ll fall in love with, get the award-winning novels of the Hollywood series all in one box set and save 30%. At a total of 800 pages (315,000 words), this series will keep you reading for days!
Forbidden for Two Bears by Kelex Forbidden for Two Bears by March 20, 2019 $4.99 111,380 words Sample 5%
Can Chase and LJ—with the help of a whole community—keep Zach safe from harm and prove to him that not all shifters are monsters? And can Zach let go of his past and embrace his future?
Blood and Marriage by Megan Derr Blood and Marriage by March 20, 2019 $2.99 19,030 words Sample 20%
Morrin has waited a long time to claim his throne, and even longer to have a real family. It may not be a conventional family, consisting of his closest friends, his brother Istari, and Istari's spouse and children, but it's one he loves and is proud of. No odious brothers, no abusive father, no cowardly mother. The very last thing he wants is to upset the balance by taking a wife...
In Distress by Katey Hawthorne In Distress by March 20, 2019 $3.99 33,490 words Sample 20%
Hopeless romantic Eddie Kim acts out his favorite 'rescued by the white knight' fantasies through weekly D&D campaigns, but has almost given up hope of ever getting a real one. Then Callum, a mysterious redhead with freezing superpowers and a memorable kiss, saves him from a house fire before promptly disappearing...
Spring Break by Cameron Beyrent Spring Break by March 19, 2019 Free! 13,840 words Read a sample
Spring Break takes you on a wild ride through the unreliable memory of author Cameron Beyrent. After being forced to spend his first Spring Break in his “white-bread munching” hometown, our narrator quickly falls head-first into an unexpected circus of bat-crazed characters, proving that you can still have the best night of your life—even if you’re stuck in the last place you want to be.
DeLuca by L.J. Diva DeLuca by March 19, 2019 $5.99 92,880 words Sample 20%
The next instalment of L.J Diva’s Porn Star Brothers Series continues in DeLuca… Gay love is not appropriate in the ’50s, let alone ’60s and ’70s, but Stephano finds a way, more so after his separation from Connie. While she finds passionate sex with a Greek Australian on Mykonos, he finds it with a multitude of lovers across the Mediterranean. Until one fling puts an end to his philandering ways
Clean Break by Erin McLellan Clean Break by March 19, 2019 $4.99 84,310 words Sample 20%
Travis and Connor do not like each other, but after being paired together in Entomology 101, their mutual hostility explodes into secret after-class hookups and unexpected feelings. With graduation looming near and their careers taking them in different directions, they’ll have to decide if a future together is worth adjusting their to-do lists and letting go of their carefully laid plans.
I Can See You by Lisa Oliver I Can See You by March 18, 2019 $4.50 69,060 words Sample 15%
Artemas, son of Poseidon, didn't want a mate, even while other family members around him fell prey to the curse. Unfortunately, the Fates didn't consult him about their plans and while trying to secure a special book, he bumped into the one man who could make him change his mind. Contains mpreg elements, but not the focus of the story. MM True Mates. Reading previous in series is advised.
Queer Ghost Stories Volume One by Foxglove Lee Queer Ghost Stories Volume One by March 18, 2019 $4.99 30,970 words Sample 20%
Who needs sleep? Not you! You’d rather stay up late reading these spine-chilling ghost stories. Queer characters meet with fates beyond their wildest imaginings as they are confronted by spirits from all walks of life… with shocking results. Dive into four tales of the paranormal by Foxglove Lee! Foxglove’s fiction has been called SPECTACULAR by Rainbow Reviews and UNFORGETTABLE by USA Today.
Step Up with Me by Kris Jacen Step Up with Me by March 18, 2019 $5.99 42,940 words Sample 20%
It's either step up together or fail. Tank and Jack have been dancing around each other for months until Tank takes a chance and kisses Jack at their friends' wedding moving their slow dance into a heated bump and grind. Can these two survive the changes coming their ways together or will all the changes break them apart?
The One Ring Special Edition by Sean Kerr The One Ring Special Edition by March 18, 2019 $0.99 5,130 words
A naughty, funny short story about a lazy Sunday afternoon in bed!
The Perfect Shine by J.K. Hogan The Perfect Shine by March 18, 2019 $6.49 81,450 words Sample 20%
Jackson Meade was a shy, awkward kid just trying to survive a high school with too many bullies and too few friends. Now that he’s in college, his eyes have been opened to a whole world of possibilities, especially those regarding love and sexuality. However, he can’t enjoy any of it since he’s been separated from his best friend.
Time Taken by C.B. Lewis Time Taken by March 18, 2019 $6.99 124,920 words Sample 20%
Time travel is a precarious business at the best of times, but when Qasim El-Fahkri’s mission to the past ends in violence, it has a ripple effect through every level of the Temporal Research Institute.
The Billion Dollar Alternate Reality: A Gay Billionaire Romance by Reanna Pryce The Billion Dollar Alternate Reality: A Gay Billionaire Romance by March 17, 2019 $2.99 82,530 words Sample 20%
Sebastian Marchand, talented musician, reluctant billionaire and even more reluctant CEO of Marchand Records, is convinced that no man could ever be interested in him for anything other than his bank balance. When he meets employee Charlie MacGuire, Seb vows to do whatever it takes to keep Charlie from finding out the truth of his identity. He just didn't count on falling in love...
This Time Around by S. L. Danielson This Time Around by March 17, 2019 $2.99 43,330 words Sample 7%
Can two lonely souls finally get a second chance on getting it right?
Ice Fairy 3: Coming Together by S. L. Danielson Ice Fairy 3: Coming Together by March 17, 2019 $2.99 55,550 words Sample 7%
With Olympic Gold in his possession, Sam is the newest darling of the skating world. Brett does his best to be supportive but the brighter the light shines on his boyfriend; the more he is left in the shadows. Cracks appear and the relationship begins to break down.
Attendants to the Masquerade by Kaysee Renee Robichaud Attendants to the Masquerade by March 17, 2019 $2.99 10,750 words Sample 20%
Jerry arrives in 1898's San Antonio on the trail of a vendetta tied to a mysterious community on the eve of their quasi-occult gathering. However, guilt is a tricky creature, and before he solves this mystery, Jerry will reveal plenty of erotic and criminous secrets about the underground community members and give up some of his own.
Amori Maschili a Terra d'Argento Volume 3 by Barbara G.Tarn Amori Maschili a Terra d'Argento Volume 3 by March 17, 2019 $6.99 69,970 words Sample 20%
Una collezione di racconti più o meno lunghy di amori maschili a Terra d'Argento.
Hear Them Roar by Gayle Keo Hear Them Roar by March 16, 2019 $0.99 10,440 words Sample 20%
How far will you go to save the life of your sister? When Lelani disappears in the blink of an eye, Luna is forced to find out. She is confronted by this cold fear and she is pushed to the very limits and beyond what she thought she could do. She is forced to seek help from werewolves. She is determined to use her magic to win them over. Only Rodney can help her get her sister back.
An Offensive Tactic by Gayle Keo An Offensive Tactic by March 16, 2019 $0.99 9,620 words Sample 20%
A hunky, star hockey player for the New York Rangers walks into the wrong bar one night. He quickly realizes that half the people in the bar are transsexuals. He turns to leave, but he suddenly locks eyes with a blond-haired, green-eyed woman, who just happens to look a lot like his ex-fiancée. There's instant chemistry between them. After a few drinks and lots of flirting, things get
For the Melody by Julie Fritz For the Melody by March 16, 2019 $0.99 11,490 words Sample 20%
Living in Georgia most of her life, Melody Quinn thought she had it all figured out. Move to the big city, meet a nice guy, get married, have a family and get a great job… not necessarily in that order. But things don’t always go according to plan. Greeted with a horrible job, a terrible roommate, and zero luck with her dating life, Melody feels like nothing is going right. When
The Reality of Falling in Love by Julie Fritz The Reality of Falling in Love by March 16, 2019 $0.99 11,650 words Sample 20%
When Matilda “Tilly” Birkeland takes on a trauma surgeon position at one of New York City’s busiest hospitals, she hopes the new job is a fresh start to a life that has been spiraling out of control. The demanding hours leave little room for dating but that is okay with Tilly. And, besides, it’s New York City, with plenty of lesbian women to choose from. Faigy Rosner, widow and mother of one
Kris T. Bethke's Something Like Box Set by Kris T. Bethke Kris T. Bethke's Something Like Box Set by March 16, 2019 $7.99 133,240 words Sample 20%
All four stories Kris T. Bethke’s best-selling contemporary series combined into one box set for the first time! Contains the stories: Something Like Hope, Something Like Trust, Something Like Peace, and Something Like Want.
Rescued by Love by Deirdre O'Dare Rescued by Love by March 16, 2019 $2.99 13,470 words Sample 20%
Garrett hates to put Mandy at risk but knows they must pay forward. After SAR training, their first big challenge is in the storm-torn high plains devastated by tornadoes. Can they save a victim from life-threatening danger and then from the horrors he has fled?
Because of Sam by J.D. Walker Because of Sam by March 16, 2019 $1.99 11,570 words Sample 20%
Martin Wesley leads a stressful life, but when he suddenly becomes the caregiver for his only niece, Samantha Wesley, something has to give. Daycare worker, Ryan Gentles, is a lifesaver, and as he learns how to be a parent, Martin finds his heart being pulled in two directions. Now, he has to choose between his job or a love and family he never thought possible.
Barter System by L.J Hamlin Barter System by March 16, 2019 $1.99 8,170 words Sample 20%
Willow was born in one of save zones built after the world was destroyed by war. Jay is a traveler, a man familiar with the dangers outside the safety of the settlements. Will they be able to move from a steady friendship to budding romance while exploring the dangerous ruins? Can Willow learn to barter with Jay and earn the love he craves?
All I See by Nell Iris All I See by March 16, 2019 $0.99 5,040 words Sample 20%
Theo and Kieran have been together for five years. They’re very happy behind closed doors. Theo accepted from the start that Kieran isn’t out to his conservative parents and has a lot to lose if they find out about his sexuality. But a moment of sadness at a wedding changes things. Theo is faced with a decision: live the rest of his life in secret or break it off. Or is there a third alternative?
A Blessing in Disguise by Casper Graham A Blessing in Disguise by March 16, 2019 $3.99 34,250 words Sample 20%
Javier Gisbert and Hugo Romero are stuck in a hotel in Saint Louis due to a blizzard. It’s cold outside, but their mutual lust at first sight keeps them warm and sated. Can they sustain their passion once they return home to San Francisco? Or will the heat fizzle away into nothingness?
The Kiss by Wayne Mansfield The Kiss by March 16, 2019 $0.99 2,460 words Sample 20%
Who says love is only for the young and handsome? Everett Peterson and his life partner Charles would beg to disagree. After meeting in 1947, they are now in their twilight years, still together and still very much in love. But when Everett finds Charles on the floor beside the bed, the ambulance is called. Will it arrive in time? If not, how will Everett cope with being alone?
Never Give Up on Love Box Set by Erin E. Keller Never Give Up on Love Box Set by March 16, 2019 $5.99 80,850 words Sample 20%
Erin E. Keller's three best-selling gay romance stories in one box set! Contains the stories: Elias, His Scar, and Silent Night.
Go to Him by Terry O'Reilly Go to Him by March 16, 2019 $1.99 5,890 words Sample 20%
Following a vivid dream in which a voice repeatedly instructs Trent Hardy to “go to him,” he’s led back to his long-lost lover, Dean Pennington. Dean is delighted their love has survived the long separation. But is all as it seems? Can Trent hold onto Dean, or is it too late?
Catastrophe by Deirdre O'Dare Catastrophe by March 16, 2019 $2.99 18,950 words Sample 20%
The cheetahs at the zoo fascinate Carlton. Then he meets Zyl, a mysterious stranger who is evasive about why he’s in the zoo -- nude and after hours! Zyl is a member of the ancient shifter tribe, or Were-Kind. When he tells Carl there’s a cat inside him wanting to get out, it sounds crazy, and the suggested way to make it happen even crazier ... but exciting.
Looking For Ms Right by Jade Winters Looking For Ms Right by March 16, 2019 $5.99 53,020 words Sample 20%
Four friends, one quest. To find Ms Right... Kemi's standing on the precipice of her twenties, terrified that she will never meet 'The One', best friend Chloe has a plan that just might turn Kemi's life around. Laura, the incurable romantic is stuck in a loveless relationship with husband Mick. Maddie has the 7 year itch and wants to get scratching. Will the four friends really find 'The One'?
Blind Rage Clearnight Haven 3 by Maggie Walsh Blind Rage Clearnight Haven 3 by March 15, 2019 $4.99 48,210 words Sample 10%
Silas is overjoyed to find his mate. He knows B.B. wants him but is scared to fully commit. When Silas’s brother Jasper gets kidnapped, guilt fills him and he devotes his time to finding his brother, but when B.B. also gets kidnapped by the same human traffickers, the fear inside him becomes too much. Can Silas find B.B. and Jasper in time before they are sold and disappear forever?
Touching Divinity by Benjamin Medrano Touching Divinity by March 15, 2019 Free! 11,780 words
Siane has dreamed of attaining the dark queen Callai’s hand for most of her life. Callai is a mystery, and she holds many secrets, some of which involve Siane herself.
His Surrogate Omega: An MPREG Omegaverse Story by Kelex His Surrogate Omega: An MPREG Omegaverse Story by March 15, 2019 $4.99 109,870 words Sample 10%
Without an alpha, Gray knows he has little means to support his orphaned nephews. The only choice he can stomach is to become an omega surrogate. The minute Gray meets Jamie, who desperately wants a child, he senses a bond. Gray decides to carry his and his alpha's child. When circumstances change, Gray is faced with new challenges. And maybe there's an alpha out there for him after all...
A Night Claimed by Domina Alexandra A Night Claimed by March 15, 2019 $9.99 66,710 words Sample 5%
Bonnie Collins had plans. And being a werewolf wasn’t one of them. Attacked by a rogue who was out to claim her, and facing what she now has no choice of becoming, Bonnie can’t let go of her human life as a Paramedic. The last thing she needs is more challenges. However, Rikki, the Alpha of Mill City will be just that. Finding her to be possessive and ruling, Bonnie begins challenging her.