Free online samples of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT)-themed ebooks from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.

Roma by ds Eliot Roma by April 20, 2018 $4.99 30,980 words Sample 15%
During a site-seeing trip in Rome James and Miceal are hit on by an Italian playboy who invites them to a party that very night. At the party James's investigative reporter instincts kick in noticing that most of the party goers are underage. 'Roma' takes on a world of underground human trafficking including pornography, child smuggling and other dark secrets.
Soft Bronze by Megan Slayer Soft Bronze by April 20, 2018 $2.99 17,730 words Sample 10%
Zelus, the god of jealousy, has been imprisoned in solid bronze for the last two millennia. A simple kiss can break the spell and free him from the metal—if his lover is willing to believe. Camden Crowe isn’t a specialist in ancient artifacts, but he does know how to guard them. He spends his days working as a security guard in charge of keeping the bronze statue of Zelus safe.
The Billabong by Robbie Byrnes The Billabong by April 19, 2018 $5.00 67,750 words Sample 20%
At an army barracks in Australia's arid Northern territory, Captain Mark Phillips and Corporal Scott Garnett fall in love. Their only fear is that the army's anti-fraternization rules will force them apart. Then at some stage, their relationship becomes associated with an investigation into the murder of gay servicemen. Consequently, they have to choose between their love for each other and career
Cry for Me, My Little Raven (Lost Shifters #33) by Stephani Hecht Cry for Me, My Little Raven (Lost Shifters #33) by April 19, 2018 $3.99 37,630 words
Kidd just found out he’s a Raven shifter and is barely surviving in this new world with some other stray Ravens. Kidd is out of luck and he has nobody to turn to. Clarkston just moved to the feline Coalition two months before stumbling over Kidd’s group. Immediate attraction between Clarkston and Kidd has nothing to do with Clarkston finding the group. Will these two be able to overcome hate?
The Stroke of Midnight by Ophelia Cox The Stroke of Midnight by April 19, 2018 $5.99 45,860 words
Ellan is a lord turned servant in this gender swapped tale of Cinderella with a twist. He suffers constant abuse at the hands of his step-family, while finding limited peace in his friendship with a mysterious wizard in the woods
Lover by TM Smith Lover by April 19, 2018 $5.49 68,710 words Sample 5%
Lover This is the sequel to Survivor, the books should be read in order. This is an MMM gay Romance menage. Shannon, the free spirited dancer. Rory, the FBI Agent with something to prove. Rand, the Detective that's given up on romance. Only together can the three men love and a chance at happiness.
The Lonely Dragon by Anna Lee The Lonely Dragon by April 19, 2018 $6.99 72,530 words
Banished by his cruel father, Rowan has been trapped on an enchanted mountain for over two hundred years. Unable to leave unless he gives up his magic, Rowan fears he will be alone his entire existence.
Game of Hearts by Jea Hawkins Game of Hearts by April 19, 2018 $3.99 55,210 words Sample 20%
The last thing Tori wants is to live her life by anyone else’s rules but her own. Ever since she left the world of country clubs and debutante balls behind, she has lived free of the standards imposed by others. But something is missing… and that something is Madeleine, a carefree grad student from the same upper class social circles.
OUT: Five Erotic Stories of Gay Self-Discovery by Patient Lee OUT: Five Erotic Stories of Gay Self-Discovery by April 19, 2018 $3.99 67,780 words Sample 20%
A teen donning a prom dress, a divorcé exploring another man, a flashback to a long-ago gay experience leading to a M/M/F threesome, gay men in love, hiding their secret on a crab boat in the Bering Sea, and a mentally challenged teen witnessing men making love make up this collection of M/M tales.
Anna's Enligtenment by Chaz Alexander Anna's Enligtenment by April 18, 2018 $0.99 30,010 words Sample 20%
Anna is asked to join her two male cousins in an MMF relationship. Together, they explore the sexual possibilities available.
Someone Like Her by Elizabeth Andre Someone Like Her by April 18, 2018 $2.99 25,810 words Sample 30%
Nera and Squeak are beautiful African-American women, but that’s where the similarities end. Nera, college educated with a suburban upbringing, makes a good living in health care. Squeak, with several small businesses, grew up in a rough city neighborhood and hustles for every dime. They’re madly attracted to each other, but learn they must embrace differences if their love is to flourish.
A New beginning by KD Rye A New beginning by April 18, 2018 $9.99 61,210 words Sample 10%
There's a quietness, an empty space, that surrounds your life after losing someone you love. Autumn lives in that empty space, day after day, following the same routine, in unresolved angst. She doesn't know how to keep her head above water until the arrival of May, a mysterious dream-like girl who just moved in. Autumn finds refuge in their quickly defined friendship.
Jenseits des Ozeans by Keira Andrews Jenseits des Ozeans by April 18, 2018 $4.99 93,550 words Sample 20%
Zwei Männer. Eine einsame Insel. Wird ihre Liebe es überstehen, sollten Troy und Brian jemals der Insel entkommen?
Sleep Sex: In the Arms of Sleep by J Slay Sleep Sex: In the Arms of Sleep by April 18, 2018 Free! 2,560 words Read a sample
In the Arms of Sleep: An experimental therapy has a soldier and his best friend facing more than just their demons within the world of sleep. A 2,500 word Gay Erotic Story
While You Were Sleeping: David & Deacon by Soren Rougarou While You Were Sleeping: David & Deacon by April 18, 2018 Free! 2,540 words Read a sample
David & Deacon A straight teen having a wet dream awakens inside of his best friend, who was awake and enjoying it the entire time. A 2,500 Word Gay Erotic Story
While You Were Sleeping: Marcus & Caleb by Soren Rougarou While You Were Sleeping: Marcus & Caleb by April 18, 2018 Free! 2,520 words Read a sample
Marcus & Caleb A straight jock realizes his very straight roommate and best friend is purposefully tempting him in his sleep. A 2,500 word Gay Erotic Story
Too Much Heart to Run by SL Harris Too Much Heart to Run by April 18, 2018 $9.99 75,530 words
Del and Widow have spent years living up to the expectations of others; can they fulfill their family obligations and find their own happiness, or do they have to choose one over the other?
Minotaur by J.A. Rock Minotaur by April 18, 2018 $4.99 72,490 words Sample 15%
An all-female retelling of the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, set at a home for wayward girls.
Alpha's Beta by Loralynne Summers Alpha's Beta by April 18, 2018 $2.99 15,610 words Sample 10%
For Jordan Dumas, being an Alpha with no responsibility has been a pretty sweet gig. He does as he pleases, and sleeps with whomever he wants to. So when the mating bond is triggered, his world is flipped on its head. His mate is submissive and closeted—two things he's not interested in. Erik Allaire has spent his entire life being trained for a position he doesn't want.
Moonshine Sundae by Camilla Quinn Moonshine Sundae by April 18, 2018 $2.99 21,220 words
Grayson is a lighthearted goofball lucky enough to be dating his best friend and human life-preserver, Kate. Sure, he's inching toward thirty, his vegan neighbor, Felix, is an intrusive jerk, and he's stuck taking care of a moody cat he neither likes nor wants. Still, so long as he can pull the occasional prank of sending a meat lover's pizza to Felix and enjoy a moonshine sundae while his neighbo
Happily Ever After by Jae Happily Ever After by April 18, 2018 $4.99 73,800 words
Award-winning author Jae penned thirteen short stories that range from sweet and romantic to hot and erotic, and from humorous to heartfelt. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find it in this collection of lesbian short stories.
Beast by Jamie Sullivan Beast by April 18, 2018 $3.99 35,050 words
The very last thing Beau expects to land on his desk is the story of the year: the location of the missing scumbag rockstar Gabriel Fletcher. Eager for the chance at a story that could make his career, he heads off immediately for the remote mansion where Gabriel is rumored to be hiding. But the questions he seeks to ask bring answers he never could have expected...
The Music and the Mirror by Lola Keeley The Music and the Mirror by April 18, 2018 $9.99 120,490 words
Anna is the newest member of an elite ballet company. Her first class almost ruins her career before it begins. She must face down jealousy, sabotage, and injury to pour everything into opening night and prove she has what it takes. In the process, Anna discovers that she and the daring, beautiful Victoria have a lot more than ballet in common.
Storms & Stars by Neena Jaydon Storms & Stars by April 18, 2018 $6.99 69,170 words
Villam has always ranked loyalty to the empire, to the Empress, and his career over everything else—even romance and his infatuation with Kardiell, who seems disinterested in making their relationship more serious. Unfortunately, Kardiell's soft spot for Villam is well-known, and in a plot to destroy Kardiell they attempt to take Villam hostage...
The Station by Keira Andrews The Station by April 17, 2018 $4.99 61,450 words Sample 20%
This historical gay romance from Keira Andrews features an age difference, an eager virgin, hurt/comfort, and of course a happy ending.
The Beast Slayer by Rin Sparrow The Beast Slayer by April 17, 2018 $2.50 55,850 words Sample 20%
Warrior Wulf is a straight-spoken man of Truth, a man honored by the people and Blessed by God. He has faith in his skills to kill, but navigating an unfamiliar, licentious court is a struggle unto itself. Now, burdened with a heart in mourning and an unwanted bed slave, he will face a new menace, a voice from the shadows enspelling and seducing him toward his doom.
Making a Tinderbox by Emma Sterner-Radley Making a Tinderbox by April 17, 2018 $7.99 109,000 words
The impulsive Lady Elisandrine ‘Elise’ Falk doesn't want to follow dusty old conventions and marry the boring prince. However, it isn’t until she meets Nessa Clay, a shy farmer’s daughter who wants to chase her dreams in the big city, that she decides they should both run away from their respective homes.
Love for all Seasons by RJ Scott Love for all Seasons by April 17, 2018 $2.99 65,640 words Sample 10%
True love always deserves a happy ending, whatever the season. MM Romance charity anthology with all proceeds split between The Matthew Shepard Foundation and The Albert Kennedy Trust.
Hush by Lynn Kelling Hush by April 17, 2018 $7.99 80,140 words Sample 20%
Rune Tooby is a smartass rebel and closeted gay biker with The Born Soldiers motorcycle gang. Rune’s life centered on casual sex and less-than-legal employment, until a truck full of homophobic white supremacists rammed into his bike, destroying his hearing and shattering his life. Learning to live deaf and silent overwhelmed Rune, sending him to the rich and powerful Dominants of the Manse. M/M/M
A Private Gentleman by Heidi Cullinan A Private Gentleman by April 17, 2018 $4.99 89,320 words Sample 20%
It's difficult enough for a stammering noble recluse and a bookish male prostitute to fall in love, but when Albert finds out his father is the one who sent Michael down his road to ruin, their road to happily ever after beomes even rockier than ever.
Don't Fight It by Lisa Oliver Don't Fight It by April 16, 2018 $4.50 53,880 words Sample 15%
Lasse, son of Poseidon, has looked for his mate for a long time. But when he meets Jason he has to wonder if the Fates have made a mistake. Jason is an ancient shifter with a soul full of anger and bitterness. But Jason's sour mood isn't Lasse's only problem. Cerberus is walking the earth searching for Hades and seems to have an agenda that includes getting rid of Jason.
Level Up by Nikki Karma Level Up by April 16, 2018 $7.99 39,680 words Sample 10%
When two sisters who earn careers as criminals but heads after one wants to leave the game to be with her girlfriend, these siblings find themselves in a dangerous situation.
Change by Lisa Massimilla Change by April 16, 2018 $0.99 24,630 words Sample 20%
On their way home from the movies Jace and Luka find Axel, a young man near death after being attacked by a vampire. Unwilling to let him die, they take him to Celia, a mystic healer. She performs a cleansing ritual that heals Axel but fails to fully remove the vampire taint in his blood, leaving him a dhampire.
Quench by Xondra Day Quench by April 16, 2018 Free! 5,130 words Read a sample
Lost in a post-apocalyptic world where water is scarce, Bryan is desperate to quench his thirst in more ways than one. When an old friend suddenly reappears, Bryan realizes there is hope for the future. Old memories of a once lush world help to ignite long buried emotions. Can love survive in this dry harsh world?
Kalgoorlie by ds Eliot Kalgoorlie by April 16, 2018 $4.99 52,010 words Sample 15%
James takes a job as a reporter. With his partner, Miceal, they hook up with the ‘dark web’ to solve James’s assignment. Dead-end. They get to the Australian Prime Minister. Informed he sends them to solve the assignment. Canberra National Pistol Club introduces Alice, a pistol carrying sixty year old lesbian lass. Enter General Knowles. Twists, turns and intrigue bring the scandal to a head.
My Husband's Dirty Secret by CJ Edwards My Husband's Dirty Secret by April 16, 2018 $2.99 5,380 words Sample 27%
Gareth and I had a pretty open marriage. There were ground rules though and right at the top of the list was trust – never behind the spouse’s back! Now my husband had broken that rule and with his PA of all people! I was fuming and determined to get my own back on both Gareth and Jennifer. And there was only one way I knew how. I would seduce the girlfriend! Hot lesbian erotica.
Come to the Rocks by Christin Haws Come to the Rocks by April 16, 2018 $2.99 20,950 words Sample 20%
Linnea’s only safe place is a spot on the rocky shoreline where the water can be rather vicious. It’s here where she meets, and falls in love with, a mermaid named Mren. As their romance blossoms, the escalating harassment from Linnea’s ex-boyfriend Mikey threatens the secret relationship.
The Burning of Arbor by J.L. Brown The Burning of Arbor by April 16, 2018 $6.99 101,870 words Sample 20%
Evangeline Clarion is a fiery artist and elemental witch. She dreams of opening a gallery in her small town of Arbor, but Eva’s embrace of her own power and sexuality offends the pious sensibilities of the devout Arbor citizenry.
The End by M. Rose Flores The End by April 16, 2018 $6.49 80,980 words Sample 20%
After more than a year on the road, Cate has found three things to be true. One: Zombies are a thing now. Two: Not all zombies are just zombies. Three (the game changer): Cate is immune to the infection.
Soulmate by Erin M. Leaf Soulmate by April 16, 2018 $4.99 57,200 words Sample 10%
Guy Keaton doesn’t want a hookup or a soulmate or anything in between. When he lost his wife to cancer, he knew he’d be alone for the rest of his life. He has a grown son, and his woodshop, and in a world where those born with powerful gifts are few and far between, that’s all that really matters.
Fighting for You by Megan Derr Fighting for You by April 16, 2018 $3.99 35,040 words Sample 20%
A man tired of fighting, two men in desperate need of a champion.
Skating on Air by Elizabeth Andre Skating on Air by April 15, 2018 $2.99 26,400 words Sample 30%
Gigi, a beautiful African-American physician, has reached her early 40s with a fabulous job and a bevy of nieces and nephews who love her. But her life is incomplete. She wants a special woman to love who will love her in return. Her life changes when she meets Lyndsey, a much younger skateboarding instructor with pale white skin and eyes the color of amber.
Romancing a Space Ranger by A.M. Halford Romancing a Space Ranger by April 15, 2018 $0.99 21,560 words Sample 10%
Lieutenant James Wright has been put in charge of new arrival, civilian architect Martin Black while he's on Genus Nine. Their attraction is immediate, but they don't see eye to eye. With alien threats, meddling exes, and their own prides in the way, can Martin and James find love together?
The Beauty Queen Called Twice by Elizabeth Andre The Beauty Queen Called Twice by April 15, 2018 $2.99 19,600 words Sample 30%
All Lauren wants is to be the best journalist ever. The gorgeous redhead with pale white skin and hazel eyes wants the story and nothing else. When an editor tells her to interview the African-American CEO of a successful cosmetics company, Lauren realizes she has met the woman before and this could be her second chance for love.
My Name is Karma by GA Hauser My Name is Karma by April 15, 2018 $3.99 55,740 words Sample 10%
As a deadly game of cat and mouse is played over the course of nearly a decade, Yves struggles to keep his lover from a crash course with destiny…and destiny’s name is KARMA.
Parting  Truths by J.C. Owens Parting Truths by April 15, 2018 $5.99 43,340 words
Exiled by his king, his love, Peyton could not have imagined the joy he would discover upon this new, and very different world.
Chicago Blues by Jeff Stookey Chicago Blues by April 15, 2018 $3.99 85,670 words Sample 20%
Chicago Blues tells the story of jazz piano player Jimmy Harper and his adventures in Chicago where he descends into the jazz underworld and becomes entangled with a sinister mob boss and with a Negro drag performer. Chicago Blues is Book 2 of Medicine for the Blues, an LGBT historical novel trilogy based on extensive period research of the 1920s.
A Taxing Situation by Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk A Taxing Situation by April 14, 2018 $2.99 12,650 words Sample 20%
Science fiction author Joan Howell's whole world is consumed by interplanetary visitors. When she needs her taxes done, she meets Darlene Rogers, a very conservative CPA who doesn't believe in extraterrestrials. The women soon find they have even more divergent points of view. Will Joan's quirks pull them together or force them even farther apart?
Beholden by Kris T. Bethke Beholden by April 14, 2018 $4.99 40,550 words Sample 20%
Julian Thomas became Beholden and is top scryer for the Department of Extranormal and Magical Affairs. Which why Investigations Agent Wes Caldwell goes right to Julian for help locating a missing person. Magic is increasing in the world, and no one can figure out why. Can the love between Julian and Wes be enough to get them through what's to come?
Nevermore, Dude by L.J Hamlin Nevermore, Dude by April 14, 2018 $2.99 12,180 words Sample 20%
Jamie's unhappy he has to share a room with football jock Chris on a family vacation. But Chris is immediately attracted to Jamie, and must find a way to break through the stereotypes they both have of each other. When the vacation comes to an end and they have to go back to their separate universities, will they be able to manage a long-distance relationship?